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Hi there, I recently made a purchase at sq 1's sephora. I returned my smash box contouring set and got the lancome blush subtle palette as well as a make up forever lipstick. This was on Friday October 17th, 2014 and it has not updated. Just curious when I can expect both the bag and the points will be updated. I did give my beauty insider card at checkout. I paid an addition $19 as a difference. Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I recently ordered from Sephora. I just received my parcel. There are two mistakes: 1. They sent me the wrong color for an item 2. I am missing one item from my order.   Please advise how to handle the 2nd part as they never shipped the item yet its on the packing list.  
I ordered the Bare Minerals Main Attraction set for my sister since she loves their products. It comes in a little vanity box with a mirror. The mirror on mine was completely shattered. Luckily it had tape covering it or the makeup items might have been damaged as well.   it was my first time calling the Rouge customer service line. I was surprised at how quickly my call was answered. The rep was able to offer a reshipment of a new set and explained how I could send back the one I have.    I thought about what I've read here lately about Rouge members wanting to feel more special and receive more bonus items, and how Sephora staff has instructed us to ask for extra things.    So I crossed my fingers and asked if I could add the ROUGEDIOR deluxe sample palette to my replacement shipment. She said yes! I was very surprised and glad I made a request!    Thankfully I'm waiting to give this as a Christmas gift and don't need it immediately. I'm excited to have the mini Dior item for my trouble. 
I know this topic has been brought up already, but with F&F & all the other Beauty Insider discounts coming up this holiday season, I'm starting to feel some kind of way.. Are our voices being heard? If not, where can I go to make these suggestions?   I don't think it's fair that we can only use 1 promo code per order. I want to be able to use discount codes along with promo codes for other beauty treats. I don't want to have to make a decision between the two. I think we should be allowed at least 3.   Also, gift cards. I don't understand why we can't use more than one per order. I get several gift cards from different apps that I use, surveys I take, etc. I don't understand why we're limited to only one. I know we have the option of calling in and doing it over the phone (or so I've heard), but I like to earn points with ebates, swagbucks, etc. for my online purchases, so that kind of defeats my whole purpose.   Can someone tell me if they're at least considering these things? I know people have been complaining about it for forever. Seems Sephora is so behind the times when it comes to these issues.
Hellllo! I just wanted help deactivating my sephora account, because I already have another one. Thanks!
i've heard people say in reviews that they've tried something & didn't like so they will be returning it. so.. you can return a product once you've used it? does sephora just toss it then?
The other day I went shopping at sephora in jcpenney I didn't have my card with me and use my email instead. I'm not sure if the girl put it in right or not but I don't see the points showing up in my account or purchase history. I went back to buy something else yesterday and this time I got my card on me and scanned it. The points from this purchase shows up right away. So I'm not sure what happened to the earlier purchase from sephora inside jcpenney. Perhaps the checkout girl got the wrong email. Is there anyway for me to fix this I still have my receipt. Thank you so much. 
I made my first purchase at Sephora yesterday and I forgot to give them my email. Is there anyway possible I can receive my points with my receipt?
Is the mask going to be sold individually any time in the near future?
I recently tried to purchase an order, but my card was not being accepted (most likely because it was a debit card, and I realize that error on my part).   The problem is, my bank account was charged the money, and while it is only in pending, it is still frustrating that I am unable to use this amount of money for a failed order attempt.   I was hoping there is a faster process to getting this order perhaps cancelled or what not to expedite the process of getting the pending transaction cancelled.   Thank you.
Hi, I was wondering how to transfer points from one of my accounts to the other?
Hi, I received a VIB card but um.. I was wondering why it's not showing up on my online account.
Im from Canada, and when i went shopping at Sephore in the US i didn't receive my points, Is there still a way i can receive points for my purchase?
Is this item ( Item 1642404 ) out of stock permanently or will it be restocked?  Could it still be available in stores or was it online only?
Hello - i was just wondering - I live in Australia and am currently on holidays in the state of which i am making the most of the many Sephora stores - spending nearly $1000 in 3 weeks! I have signed up to Beauty Inside after all these purchases were made, i was wounding is it possible to add the points would have earned anywhere online? I have my receipts still. And when Sephora eventually opens in Australia will the points be able to be honoured there? I really don't know much about the whole program!  i Signed up mainly to ask questions to the sephora community! any advice you could offer would be great! thank you!
Hi I made a purchase this week, and I forgot to show my beauty insider card. Is there a way I can still receive the points for my purchase? Thank you
my purchase total.jpg
It's shipping to Ontario Canada and should be 13% taxes, which should be C$9.88 instead of C$12.18. Also I only got 62 points for my C$76 purchase.   Can anyone help me solve the two problems above? Thanks.     
why are we no longer able to use multiple gift cards online? i used to do this so i know it was possible at one time. what prompted the change to one card only?
I just became VIB So excited!!! Not sure if I am signed up for email Can you check for me? Also I cant seem to get into the chat when I click the advice tab at top of screen I am getting in today through an email that was sent with my order Please help me I enjoy reading all the chats but I am denied access
so sephora pack my package wrong. They sent me somebody else order along with their recipt. I've been having issue with sephora twice this month. First they ship my order to someone else house. Now they ship me someone  else order. Ive call them already. They're going to send me my correct  order. But I'll have to wait for 3 TO 4 days again. I have to ship the wrong item back. What happens if I fail to ship it back because they should just let me keep it for messing up my order twice  in a row?just a thought because for giving me such a hard time they should at least offer me with a dicount on my next purchase  or at least ship my stuff 1 day shipping.  I'm still waiting for the supervisor to contact me back.... and I haven't got any responses  back yet.
The tracking number from Sephora's website which links me to UPS does not work. 
I purchased Nars light reflecting pressed setting powder couple of months ago, and used it for about a week. However, now when i go back to use it - i can hardly see any product on my brush. I feel like its not doing its job since i can't even see it being transferred on my skin let alone on my brush. I rather exchange and return it for a different setting powder (any suggestions?)   What is sephora's return/exchange policy when these kind of things happen?    Please Advise.  
Hello, so recently I was going through my old receipts and I noticed I didn't get points for a MUFE translucent powder. It's not showing up on my points but the other 2 items I purchased did. How is this possible?
Hi i read various comments about sephora "flagging" and cancelling orders of those who places multiple orders in a day or a few days span. is it true??  if so, why did sephora even make a free shipiimg perk and free samples perk in the first place if they were to punish their customers? i just find it so weird and would like to know if it is true or not. i love cosmetics and i tend to place multiple orders, dont get me wrong though, i dont make multiple orders to leach off the perks. however, sometimes after i make an order and find products that i like later the same day of the first order, i would go ahead and make another purchase.  let me know if this would make me a "flagged" customer.
hello I want to buy the to faced melted kissed Christmas set but it says its out of stock how do I buy it? thanks
The main email address that I used with Sephora appears to no longer be active. My order confirmation and shipping notification were not received. I have another email address to which I would like to switch for Sephora emails. However, it seems I signed up with the other email address at Sephora a long time ago. How do I consolidate the emails so that I maintain my points and receive my emails?
Just got a package today and the E&J Nirvana White card thingie was in there, but no perfume.  Many others have complained about this, it should not keep happening.  I have Rouge status, (not that it's ever gotten me anything extra), but this is a basic, given to all service that Sephora can't fulfill.  Why am I spending so much money with you in return for lousy service?  Very, very annoyed.
Hi, I am currently a VIB but i never get any emails from sephora! I want to start receiving emails from sephora.. Can someone help me!   (FYI in my setting I am subscribed towards the sephora newsletters)
I am trying to order something from Sephora using the Canadian checkout and for the first time ever, I noticed that my taxes were not calculated correctly. This has never happened in the past and I have no idea what triggered it this time.    However, I played around with my checkout and I found that I could remove/add items and every time, the taxes and duty amount rate would be different. In other words, sometimes it would be 15 percent and sometimes it would be 16 percent.    Duties aren't that complicated to figure out. It's usually roughly 18 percent. If I am being charged for duty, then the number is still too low. If it isn't duty that I'm being charged for, then it's just random extra money I'm paying on top of my province tax rate.    What's going on here? What are your experiences?