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Hi, I lost my beauty insider card, so when I went to make a purchase I asked an employee to issue me a new card. Along with that, while my previous purchases show up online, the purchase I made (when getting a new card) does not show up online. Is there any way I can redeem those points?    Thank you!
I ordered the Tarte 12hr foundation and the shade I got is not a match. I only tried a very small amount. Will I be able to exchange for right shade at a local store or do I have to return via mail?
Hello, I am a VIB member and I have the card. I want to use the free shipping card I got, and my VIB status is not shown on the website. Please help!
I completed the email survey on 11/21/14 and never got the 100 points promised.  Please help!!!
I have store credit but I like to make purchases online due to the wider selection - could I use my store credit to purchase a gift card which could be used online?
I tried to use my $25 holiday rewards today as I had only received it 10 days ago.  The guy at checkout told me it was no longer good and I couldn't redeem it.  Nothing I have indicates an expiration date.  Help please.
I ordered from Sephora and even talked to customer service twice to make sure that I received my order in time before I leave for my trip on the holidays. But when the order arrives it is missing an item. How can I secure that I receive this item before my trip on Monday?
I bought a brush set in store, and six days later I see that it's 50% off, on sale, on the website. Can I be refunded the difference? To return the brush set from the store, and purchase the on sale set where I'd have to pay shipping/handling fees would be very inconveniencing.
I recently purchased some products from Sephora without using a card. Is there a way to redeem the points from the receipt?
Hi!   I had an issue with a recent order that I placed on December 9th. When I received the order on the 12th, I realized that it was incorrect and immediately contacted customer service via email. The online customer service representative couldn't resolve my issue satisfactorily, so I called the customer service hotline the next day. I was told that I could expect a call back from a supervisor within 48 hours.   Two days (about 52 hours) later, I had not heard from a supervisor. I called customer service again, and was told that my order had been refunded (?!) and again, told that I could expect a call from a supervisor.    It has been a week since my initial contact with customer service. I still haven't heard back from a supervisor, and although my order has been marked "returned and paid" in my online order history, I have not received a refund on my credit card. Has anyone had a similar experience?   This was only my second order from Sephora online and I'd really like for my problem to be addressed in a competent and efficient manner. As it stands, I may not ever become a regular customer. In fact, I may never make another purchase on the Sephora website again. Is there some way to get Sephora customer service to stop blowing me off?
Hi! I just received this email, which perfumes qualify for the bonus points, and which ones don't? How will I be able to tell I'll receive the bonus points in the future? It doesn't appear to show up in your cart at checkout..   Thanks! -C
My order was canceled twice due to unsuccessful authorization what's the problem ?
I just reached Rouge and called to schedule my Free Make over and was told I could only get a Free Mini Make over which was free when I was BI and VIB. I clearly see on the website it says Free Full make overs and the other one that $125 is also free for Rouge so why am I being told only a Mini make over is free for rouge? I will be super *******  if I spent $1000 and I can only get Free Mini Make overs because I got those free when I was a VIB. I have read Sephora also cancels orders if you place alot of small orders using the free shipping offered to Rouge members which is **** if you ask me. Can someone clear this up for me? Are we only offered free Mini Make overs or do we get Free Full make overs also?
Hey I bought a Stila 'In The Garden' palette and the colors did not flatter me, and I tried using it once or twice at the most. I went on vacation and came back and saw that my mom had accidentally thrown out the Stila box the palette was in. I still have the receipt for this product.   Would I be able to get a refund for this at a Sephora inside JCP? Or would it have to be a store credit/exchange?
I would like to link my online account to my store card? Can someone tell me how please
I forgot to give my beauty insider card at checkout when I went to Sephora today. Is there anyway I could still get the points?
So ever since getting vib rouge I have stopped receiving emails... this is upsetting because I live for those codes and events... please help? S.O.S
...and she only paid for one.  I know it sounds dumb, but it's the holiday season and she thought the right thing to do was to call Sephora and let them know (keeping in mind however that whoever processed the order may get in trouble, and that they probably will end up throwing out the returned product).  In the end she did it for a clear conscience.   The customer service agent asked my friend to return it in a different (smaller) box after taking down the order number and product name and said that she had to return it (in a nearly threatening way).  My friend is scared if she doesn't get around to return it she will be charged for it.  Will she be charged?  It was a makeup product, not an expensive hair tool or something.   Couldn't find an inquiry on what to do if Sephora ships you extra products that you didn't pay for (I wonder why!).  Hopefully it doesn't get to be a lose-lose situation.     Thanks!   Spoiler (Highlight to read) There is no spoiler here.  I thought this was a smiley face menu! There is no spoiler here.  I thought this was a smiley face menu!
Hello, I recently purchased a few lipsticks from the Sephora website, before that, I only ordered perfumes and such. Today when I got home, I noticed that one of the lipsticks is missing from my order, so I'm not sure if it is missing or it will get deliver separately like when I usually order from Macy's. I'm not sure who to contact, so I'm posting ti here, hopefully I will hear something back soon!
My cousin ordered me a naked pallet for christmas but gave them my beauty insider rewards number but they didn't put it on the order so I didn't get any points?
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Tracking says my package was delivered and I called Ontrac and they say it was delivered. However, no package was received?? I urgently need my package because it was supposed to be a christmas present. What can I do?? Could someone have stolen it?? 
Has anyone noticed reviews missing on products? I have clicked on various items and noticed that the overall stars are 3-4 stars, and when I go to read all the reviews, only 5 star ones remain.  I personally do not like this, nor do I understand it, as I use these reviews to determine whether I want to try a product or not.  Also I have seen many posts saying "this is my second review since my first was deleted" on some products.  How do you all feel about this?
  Does anyone have an experience for unreceived package before? How long does it take them to investigate and get the refund ? It has been 10 days since I've called and filed a claim. The man I spoke on the phone said I'll receive full refund from Sephora within 7-10 days but I haven't received refund and any notification or email. I just want to make sure how long does it take. I repurchased same products at my local Sephora so I'm just waiting for refund of my missed online package.....I spend over $50 for an unreceived package so I'm really frustrated.
I ordered online on december 15th and got my package today. When I opened it I saw that they forgot to include the Nars digital world coffret I ordered. The item is on my receipt and I was charged for it but it was missing from the box. What should I do now?
i made a purchase in store today and handed the associate my card. She mentioned how many current points i have but i guess she didnt add my card to the transaction. I am usually able to see the purchase and points online within a few hours. Please help
I just recently returned an item and was issued a refund by having it being placed back on the card that I used. However, after checking my statements online I see that it still has not been placed back on the card. How long does the refund process usually take?