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Did not get my points.
I recently shopped at Sephora but I didn't get my points, even though the employee supposedly looked me up and gave it to me. But my profile shows the points were not given to me. I have my receipt. Please help me get my points.
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danicharlie / NEWCOMER / replied
Hello , the same happened to me. Anything I can do? see post
Still no response to my Epic Rewards email
Hello,   I sent an email regarding the epic rewards on August 12 (15 days ago) and received back an automatic email saying I would receive a response within 10 days, which obviously has not happened. I sent a follow up email the other day, but I'm not sure what else I can do. I still want to love Sephora but this lack of customer service is making it very difficult. Others are saying they received $50 gift cards, which I think is awesome, but I'm not sure why I haven't even gotten a reply yet. Could someone please look into this? Thanks!   Best, Allison
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HMPCH / NEWCOMER / replied
I wasn't aware that Sephora reaches out via these forums, and I just found out yesterday from a Sephora rep at the store that the cutoff for emails was August 24th.  I h... see post
Out of stock / points rewards
Why are so many items out of stock on the Canadian site? Not to mention the very minimal sample choices! I know the Sephora team is working hard but it's super frustrating when we Canadians have to play the guessing game on if items we saw 1 day will be in stock the next day!        On a side note,   how often does Sephora have the 2X, 3X, 4X rewards promotions? I always end up missing it!
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Linking BI Card to Online Account
I need help linking my BI card to my online account.
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Hello Isetta,   I'll send you a PM now so I can link your accounts together!   Always, Danee see post
unsuccessful authorization
I've placed an order on the 12th and I didn't receive any email regarding my tracking number. So I checked my sephora account and it states that my order is "unsuccessful authorization" and my credit card bill was pending its transaction but the process never went through a week later when I checked. Should i reorder my products to try again ?
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Hi angiefrenchie,   I'll be happy to look into your order. I'll send you a PM shortly w/ more info!   Always, Danee see post
Do you ship to nz
Do you sip to nz?
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Hi Wifey351925,   To place orders successfully on our website, shipping addresses must be based in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Norway, Neth... see post
Have not received response to epic rewards
I realize that the window for Sephora to respond to me hasn't passed, but I am upset as I have not received a response.   I emailed on Aug 11 within minutes of the original post from Sephora on BT. I have been Rouge since close to its inception and I have over 7000 points.    To send the gift cards to so many makes me feel as if that will be all that will be sent out and is off putting.    I thank you in advance for my gift card, but please continue to put thought into how information is conveyed, relayed, and distributed.    A very alienated customer.
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Hi BlushHoarder,   I'm sorry you have not yet received a response from! As our responses are being sent in batches, you should receive a resp... see post
VIB to VIB ROUGE Status Update
Hi there- i was hoping someone can help upgrade my account status.  According to the total amount of my purchases I have already reached VIB Rouge status. A couple of my purchases, a SA forgot to log in my account so I had to call the customer service number to add them but for some reason unless manually totaled it doesn't recognize it. According to my purchases I have already spent $1061 prior to taxes. Please help. Thanks!   nhel 
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can anyone help please? see post
Hi, my order says unsuccessful authorization, I would like to know what is going on?
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Heno / NEWCOMER / replied
Same Problem!!!  see post
how do you add points from a in-store receipt purchase?
I recently bought products at a Sephora store and I forgot about my Beauty Insider card. The cashier said that I can go online and use my receipt to get points from my purchase, but I can't find a link or a way to add the points. Does anyone know how to redeem points from a receipt?
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SVee / NEWCOMER / replied
Can someone help me do this too? see post
OMG..... I'm very very very disappointed in Sephora! You can't possibly imagine how furious I am right now. After multiples attempted to place orders and got cancelled and phone calls to rouge line a million times I still got my order cancelled.   The last phone call the CS told me as long as I correct all those problems my orders won't be cancelled. So I corrected my shipping address,my billing address and my credit use and I can't really think of any other reason sephora should cancel my orders, but NO, somehow they still cancel my order and I will have to wait until the working hour of the hotline to call and ask AGAIN! for the FIFTH time!   Seriously it takes $1000 to requalify for rouge and making a large purchase is violating the terms and conditions for personal use or whatsoever?  I didn't order 10 of each product. Sephora website said naked 3 palette is limited to two per person but I don't get to order even the promised quantity of two? Or did the terms and conditions said rouge cant order during sales period, that my $1000 purchase has to be made during non sales period ?I mean if sephora offers 15% off every month I won't have to make large purchase that may, in your terms, violating the terms and condition! I see rouge here requalifying for the rouge status in Feburary and I know many of us are holding back on our purchase becox we are waiting for the chic week. So is Sephora cancelling everyone's order or they just hate me?   I'm super disappointed after all the phone calls and amendments and I still have my orders cancelled.   No compensation or whatsoever is ever offered after all the trouble I have gone through. It's not my fault Sephora decided not to ship to a forwarding shipping company address (where my frd works and it's a tax free address) despite I actually have successfully placed an order sending to that address before and I have no trouble sending things to that address with other company. And now I have to send the items to another frd's address that means I have to pay tax and extra shipping so I can get the items to the address they were supposed to be sent to. So I respect it's your company's policy but you should have told me when you first cancelled my order instead of saying "it's for my safety since its not a residential address" and when I confirmed its ok over the phone and placed another order to that address, which was cancelled again of course, and call the hotline that I know it's becox you don't ship to that address at all!   And the third time is becox the billing address of the credit card doesn't match.For the record I have been using the same credit card information for all my orders in the past year and more than 20 of them had gone through without trouble. I dont know Wht has change but you know Wht makes me mad? I have been using the same credit card when Sephora cancelled my very first order and I have been calling to ask why my order was cancelled and the CS could have told me one of the problem is becox the billing address doesn't match.   And when I finally fixed the billing address my orders got cancelled again! And this time is becox my sister is using my credit to pay for her account (she doesnt have one) and it violate the terms and condition! She was using my credit card when the orders are cancelled becox "the billing address doesnt match" but NO, they didn't tell me at that time she can't use my credit card to pay for her account.   So basically I got cancelled FIVE rounds, and I had called FOUR times, (the FIFTH time tmr morning), each with DIFFERENT problems, when problem 1,2,3 can be solved in the FIRST phone call, and problem 4 can be solved on a SECOND phone call.   I have been trying to place order on 2 April and now, I still got NOTHING but emails of cancellation of orders! And some products are OOS!   I think I deserve a really good explanation! So much of being a ROUGE!  
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I have tried to place the same order ( in which I order four different items, for the record) twice now, three days apart. I get the confirmation email, then nothing. W... see post
Missing Item
Hello! My order number is 3791669054 While placing this order I put 2 of The Original MakeUp Eraser® In my cart. Yet when I received my order on Aug 26th I only received one of them. The rest of the items and samples arrived fine. I was going to return the extra makeup eraser to my local sephora anyway so is there a way to just get a refund on the missing makeup eraser?  I send in a request two days ago but haven't gotten a reply so I thought I would try the forum. The incident number on that request was 493383215   Thanks, Sarah
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Promo Flyer
I received a spear promo and it had lots of things I was interested and my husband threw it away. Is there someplace that I can look at it on line? thanks becky
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One of my samples is missing from the promo code.What do I do now? Is it possible to get them?
I used the promo code to get the free sample which one the Dr.Brandit exfoliater. 
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Status: Unsuccessful Authorization
    Hi,   I placed an order on the 23 of April, and payed  with a credit card, and shipt it to my friends location, but the order states is: Status: Unsuccessful Authorization   So what does this mean???????
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Tylerkroeger28 / NEWCOMER / replied
I placed an order about a week ago as a gift to my girlfriend and i paid extra for the one day shipping because her birthday is coming soon and i still haven't got the p... see post
Account Deletion
Hello! I happen to have 3 accounts by complete accident, and I was wondering if I could delete the 2 accounts that I do not use. Thank you!
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Order Missing 1 Item
Hello!   i received an order today, but am missing one of the items listed on the packing slip. What's the best way to handle?   Thanks! 
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Epic Scam Epic Rewards
Hello, I am a professional make up artist and VIB ROUGE member.  I was excited when I found out about the quadruple points and epic rewards, so much so that I spent about $3000.00 online stocking up on items for my professional kit.  I knew the date of the epic rewards opening up to the customers (VIB members and Beauty insiders) and called in advance asking for the specific time that they would start offering the rewards.  I literally stayed up for 24 hours, thinking that they might open it up at midnight.  I called and got their voicemail saying what their business hours would be, and that is when they would be available to talk to an actual person.  I called the minute they opened on two separate phones, to insure that I spoke to someone ASAP.  I got through, I again asked what time they would be offering the rewards.  I was told that it would be somewhere between business hours and that an email would be sent out.  That's fin, ok.  I am obviously signed up to receive sephora emails and my phone alerts me every time I get an email, the same way it would if I receive a text.  I literally had my phone in my hand ALL DAY.  Around 6 p.m. I called the VIB rouge phone number to see what was going on.  I got the message that all epic rewards were gone.  I spoke to a woman and she CONFIRMED, that they "FORGOT to send me an email."  I told her that was fraudulent and that I had received emails from Sephora that day about new fall lipsticks etc.. that it didn't make sense.  She again confirmed that she did not know why the email just simply was not sent to me.  So I was not even given an opportunity to participate.  This is completely false advertising.  I am curious if this has happened to anyone else?  I also expect this to be made up to me, of course the supervisor never called me back, like I was told.  I also coincidentally did NOT  get the email about receiving a $50.00 credit as an apology.  I have given Sephora so much business over the years.  I have worked internationally as a professional make up artist, I have worked with numerous celebrities, photo shoots, tv shows, runway etc.  I have literally done several clients make up and given them a face chart with every item used, written down and told them to go to Sephora, where they purchased EVERYTHING!!!.  I even have a beauty blog where I write about my favorite products and let people know that they are available for sale at Sephora.  I feel completely unappreciated as an excellent customer, and am absolutely livid!  I would like to hear about other peoples experience with the epic rewards program?  And who are these people that actually received one of these alleged rewards, as all I have heard is people writing about their experience of calling in or ordering online immediately only to be told they were all gone.  How many so called rewards did they actually have?  One of each?  It sounds extremely suspicious to me.  Thoughts? I can give you my website if you like.
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Order cancelled
Hi, you have cancelled orders and said "we have cancelled your orders because we were unable to check your payment information" Can i know what is the problem and how to solve please?
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Birthday Gift, never received
Hi, I went to Sephora recently and it was noted I got my birthday gift in my receipt, but I never actually got it in my bag at check out. Is there a way to fix this so I can pick it up?
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Damaged Eye Shadow
My eye shadow arrived damaged. I understand it can't be replaced (it was a sale KVD that is out of stock). Can I get a refund?  
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Hi Tirah,   Sorry about that! I'll send you a PM shortly to get a little more information to assist you further with this.   Take care, Stephanie see post
I have some returns...
Since I live a ways from an actual sephora. I've pretty much been left to ordering online only. I have some returns from two different orders. Would I be able to pack the returns into a single box, glad bag them separately with their own slips tucked inside and mail off a single box instead of two?  Thank you in advance. 
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Shipping to Iran,Middle East
I realy like to buy direct from sephora,could you send my order to Iran country? Plz answer my question
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I ordered theTARTE Park Ave Princess Contour Palette a couple days ago when it was on sale and the price went from $34 to $26, I went to check on it and it says that the products is now out of stock and that my order was sent to the warehouse....Am I still going to receive it because I ordered it before it was out of stock.. My order number is :36575783
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How to link VIB card to my online acount?
I'm a VIB member but none of my purchases or points from that account are showing up on my online account. How do I connect the 2? 
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Genoveva82 / NEWCOMER / replied
Me too add my VIB see post
Lancome Energie de Vie #SephoraSweeps on Twitter
If you could never grow tired of radiant, dewy skin…then our latest sweeps was made for you! Lancôme’s latest É nergie de Vie collection was specially formulated to revive dull skin for a glowing, dew-soaked complexion, and we’re giving the entire line of products (worth over $300!) away one to lucky winner.   To enter for a chance to win, follow @Sephora on Twitter. Between August 25 at 12 pm P D T and August 26 at 12 pm P D T , tweet the following sentence and fill in the blank: “Hey @Sephora, _____ gives my life energy. #SephoraSweeps”.    See rules below>    
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Jln4787 / NEWCOMER / replied
@Sephora, Fall colors give my life energy. #SephoraSweeps see post
Status: Unsuccessful Authorization
Hi,   A few days ago I tried to make an online purchase, and somehow my credit card was charged but I have received an e-mail saying that my order was cancelled. I checked the status of my order, and it was changed to Unsuccessful Authorization.   Then I tried again with a different credit card, but ended up getting the same message and the same order status. I'm pretty sure that the balance on both cards was enough to make the purchase and I have not experienced a problem like this with Sephora before.   Could someone please help me how to solve this?
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hnoo / NEWCOMER / replied
hi  can you help me i order 23 -8 -2015  and my STATUS: UNSUCCESSFUL AUTHORIZATION and i called sephora customer and told me i have to put address for one person in U... see post
Placed an order from the UK to be sent to my Auntie in America revived a confirmation email then another email to say my order has been canceled but my debit card has been charged im unsure what to do as I can't phone from the UK does any one have any ideas please?
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Question re magazine subscription promo
I just used the MCMAG promo code on an order but it doesn't show up on my order or confirmation email. I've never used a magazine promo code here before, is this normal? Will the magazine simply be sent to my address on file?
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saraaz88 / NEWCOMER / replied
Hey. Will you be kind enough to do the same for me? I have the same issue with a recently placed order. No confirmation if the promo code request for the magazine went t... see post
paypal and sephora
Will Sephora ever offer to have paypal as another source to purchase their items? thank you
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MsNatattakk / FRESH FACE / replied
Thank YOU!!!!     see post