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Hi,   Can someone please help me? I've been trying to contact Sephora through both email and Facebook since the 21st of April but haven't heard from them. I am based in New Zealand so I have to use package forwarding service to get my orders sent to me. I anyway have put in the wrong address for my recent order which is the old forwarding company I am with. It means that if any parcel is sent there it will be disposed since I no longer have a virtual mailbox with them. I also contacted UPS. They won't let me change the address but got the shipment on hold for me until the 1st of May for Sephora to submit a request to change the address. What do I do now as I can't get in touch with Sephora and can't even imagine my hard-working $200 worth of make up going into the bin like that PLEASE HELP!
I made an in-store purchase and exchange a couple weeks ago but the points from the purchase made that day aren't showing up. Help please?
I got the confirmation e-mail 3 days ago for one of my orders that has been shipped but when I click on the tracking number link there is no canada post tracking number. The order I had placed after this order has a tracking number. Can someone help?
I ordered online but I received an email saying my order was cancelled, and I can no longer order online. please help I want to continue to order online and use my points ?  
I want to know what does one billing cycle means ? Like how long does it take if I am waiting my refunds on unsuccessful purchase? Is it 1/2 days or 15 days ?     
im seeing a difference of 54 points depending on which page I'm on. Can you clarify how many points I really have?
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Hi, I usually make my Sephora purchases in-store, but I am trying to place an order online and wanted to link my VIB # to my online account before I make the purchase but am unable to do so. Please help. Thank you.
I registered for a beauty insider card and can't find where to add it to my account. 
Hi, I attempted to check out earlier today, but I recently changed my address that was associated with my card and forgot to change the billing address that's saved to my account. As a result, my transaction wasn't completed earlier today, and I completed my transaction later tonight with the right card info. However, I looked at my banking statement and I was charged twice -- once earlier today, and once just now. Help!
Are some things ineligible for points? I have a couple of things that didn't count or show up on my purchase list  while others from the same receipt are there? for example a clarisonic, and a peeling gel? I still have my receipts just wasn't sure if it was a mistake or just the way it is. 
Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 5.39.18 AM.png
For the past few months I've noticed that when I go to my BI account summary page, even if I haven't made a purchase in several weeks, there will be a point amount as "Earned Today" and then an updated total. Such as:       However , the banner at the top and ultimately my actual points balance doesn't actually change with this amount. Then the next day, the amount "earned" for that particular day will be a different amount and with the same error. Such as:         It's really strange. Could someone clarify what is happening here? Am I supposed to be getting these daily points for something? Today it says 93 but the other day it said like 46 and then other day it said 113,etc,etc  
Could a mod please PM me? I'd like to update my points from the sale. Thank you.
Hi   I visited a Sephora located within JCPenney and received excellent service.  Where can I completed a customer service survey for the employee?
I returned something in store a few days ago, without receipt, but the SA was able to locate it in my purchase history and it was well within the 60 day return window. I was a bit surprised when she said she needed to give me a gift card, but not bothered, because I planned on purchasing something else online.   However, when I went to place my order last night I discovered I was given a store credit, which apparently can't be used online? This is a problem as my local store does not carry the brands I need.   Is there a way my store credit can be transferred to a gift card, as this was the SA's error? I'd really appreciate it.
Was I supposed to receive the VIB gift bag with my last purchase?  I got the 15% discount, but there wasn't a bag with my order.  Was that only for VIB Rouge? 394804?skuId=1696269 So it's early morning on April 25 and I was looking at Formula X polishes and saw this Estée Lauder fragrance under this brand. Anyone else see this?
Hi I just wanted to ask on when can I expect to be refunded for this order? It was cancelled by sephora and the amount has not shown up in my account yet. Please advise on when can I expect it.
I was so excited to see my VIB Coupon in the mail today. So I logged in, put some items in my cart, and when I went to checkout, the code wouldn't work. That's when I realized that the coupon I got today in the mail was actually for 4/16-4/21. I don't know why I got it so late, but I'd love to have a different code to get the same benefit. Thanks!
I made 2 purchases at a JcPenney Sephora a few days ago and neither of the points showed up for them?
hi, can someone please adjust my points for my online purchase today? I was awarded 87 points when it should have been well over 100. 
Hi, I just receive my package, but I'm missing an item. Please message me asap, I was REALLY looking forward to that item!    Thanks
 i recently made a purchase at sephora but i noticed i didn't receive points for one of the product. The product is also not on my purchase list but I do have a receipt with me. what should I do?
I can't help but notice that the size of the rollerballs is 0.75oz each, which seem awfully large. Could someone please confirm the size of this set? Thanks!
Hello! i made 6 orders last week. I received it all but... no samples in any box... so sad because i'm in the united states for vacations i was really happy because finally i can buy in sephora and receive all my cosmetics almost inmediatly (i live in Venezuela, so i allways have to wait for some relative travel to bring me my products... i really wanted try all this samples while im here... to buy the products i like from the samples... whay can i do? (sorry my bad english... i speak spanish LOL)   Thanks.