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Hi, I literally just placed an order online and got billed twice, can a representative please help me resolve this
Why deos it say i have 0 points on my online account I just recently became a VIB too but it won't update any of my info 
Has anyone noticed reviews missing on products? I have clicked on various items and noticed that the overall stars are 3-4 stars, and when I go to read all the reviews, only 5 star ones remain.  I personally do not like this, nor do I understand it, as I use these reviews to determine whether I want to try a product or not.  Also I have seen many posts saying "this is my second review since my first was deleted" on some products.  How do you all feel about this?
Is there anyway I can transfer points? My boyfriend went to sephora today, bought everything on my wishlist but didn't want to use my account to get the points because he didn't want me to see the purchases on my account. The lady at the store said that the points he got on the beauty insider card he got could be transferred to my account but when I called to do it the guy from customer service said it wasn't possible to transfer points /: I could've sworn I've heard of people doing it. Can you do that?
My order status is unsuccessful authorization? and I'm sure my billing address information is correct. What do I do???
I am unable to travel to a physical store to get it and I did ask for an email alert, but I was just wondering how long it would take, given that it is quite a popular item. Thanks!
Yesterday I went to the Sephora located in Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I want to clarify that I went to Sephora, not the Sephora in JCPenney's. I walked in with my sisters, and I was immediately greeted and handed a basket. I have been looking over Sephora's website and had a large number of items I wanted to purchase. I started to put products in my basket when a very large Sephora employee started to stand close to me and my sisters. I didn't think much of it at the time, I just kept shopping. However, this woman kept following me wherever I went, and it was quite frustrating having everyone in the store eye me down when many other people were in the store shopping at the same time. I was simply trying to shop in peace, but that wasn't possible with the pushy sales associate stalking my every move. I ended up spending only over one hundred dollars, a fraction of what I was planning on spending, but I couldn't continue to shop being disrespected in that manner. I don't know if this is how Sephora trains their employees, but if so I will no longer be a customer. I will simply buy my beauty products online directly from Benefit, Urban Decay, Bliss, etc... Shame on you, Sephora.
Will Sephora ever carry the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo/Conditioner in the larger bottles (i.e. 24 oz)? I adore this line and only Ulta has the larger bottle (but does not ship to Canada) or Amazon. I know there was a 24 oz available at Sephora for a different line within Living Proof but I have not seen PHD.
hi  I was trying to log in my account on my laptop and somehow my password is not working so my account got locked.  it's weird because I got logged in from my ipad hence this post. I changed my password from my ipad just now but since my account is locked I can't log in using my laptop. Can you please help unlock my account?  thanks a lot xx
Hi  My name is Kim Jihye Recently,I bought one Urban Decay Naked 1 pallet from  But I found something strange. The place of URBAN DECAY spells is different with the picture of Sephora.   Please look at these pictures that i attached. First one is my Naked pallet that I bought from and second one is the description picture of I'm afraid it is fake one. Please explain why it's different.   Best wishes   Kim  
Good morning.  I love Sephora and have been a customer for years.  Recenlty, I ordered Lancome's Brow Expert Le Crayon Pudre in Natural Blonde as part of an online order and the empyt box for the product arrived with the rest of my order and without the brow pencil.  This has never happened before.  Would you please send me the brow pencil, since I have already been charged for it?  Many thanks.  Patricia Gottesman
Hello,   I need help with an online return that I made several weeks ago that still has not been processed, can an admin please PM me, thank you!
I ordered the SEPHORA COLLECTION Get Into Shape Contour Custom Brow Kit and picked out my eyebrow pencil and when I received my order they never added in the eyebrow pencil! How do i go about getting it?
I've made an order online on Mar 22, but the order status is  Unsuccessful Authorization. Is that means my order couldn't process and I have to reorder again? 
Hi there,   I reside in South Africa. My sister is arriving in Florida on Friday, the 27 March till the 01st April 2015.   I would like to place an order on the 26 March.   When will the package be delivered. How long does it take?   Will it arrive at her hotel by the 01 April 2015?   Thanks,   Michele Perumal    
Last year one of the admins kindly adjusted my points to reflect the Canadian dollar amount instead of the US, but it seems to have reset in the new year as I made an $80 ($90 after tax and duties) purchase and only got 74 points. Can one of the mods help me do this for 2015 please? thank you
I purchased a 10 day CLINIQUE skincare set 2 weeks ago. I'm not impressed with the results. The 10 day supply of toner is empty, the cleanser is 1/2 full, and the full size moisturizer is almost full. Will sephora allow me to return the set in stores? I have the packaging and receipt.
I have been VIB for several months but have never received a so-called seasonal gift? 
All of the items from the Soap & Glory line is on sale.  Is Sephora planning on not carrying this brand in the future?
So let me start off by saying I never posted here before but after yesterdays horrible experience I didn't know anywhere else to go.  So yesterday I went to sephora on 34th st herald square. This store is known for its bad customer service and rude employees, its like that every time I go. No one can ever help you because the employees are always talking to each other and if you dare ask for help they always have an attitude as if you're bothering them.    I went to the store to buy a tria laser which Ive been wanting to buy for a while. As Im browsing for 30 minutes looking for it (no one has offered help nor can I even find someone to help me) I eventually make my way upstairs and finally I find it. As soon as I get near the tria laser I get this nasty look from an employee with glasses ( too bad I didn't get her name). So Im looking at the tester model and grab a box and she tells me with a nasty tone "you can't open that". I choose to ignore her since I wasn't opening the box and she knows that and nor were those my intentions. As Im holding the box and looking at the information on the box she rudely tells me in a horrible tone "its the same as the model except white" and then she rudely yells at me with a condescending tone "don't open that" once again, at this point I'm shocked at the way she's speaking to me that all I can say is "I know that". I was with mother and she too was shocked at how we were treated and spoken too.   The entire time she was staring us down as if we were gonna steal something or do something illegal. It was unbelievable. She was spying us on. She even followed us to the cash register. Even though at that point I felt like leaving and not buying anything or ever returning back the whole point we even went to sephora was so I could buy the tria laser. I did buy it but I felt really bad afterwards. Even when we were at the register she kept giving us dirty looks. I will say the cashier evangeline was nice to us.   Ive had bad experiences before but nothing like this. This tops the cake. Im not even excited to use my tria anymore since I can't help but think of the horrible way we were treated talked down to and looked at. I felt horrible walking out of that store. Im a paying customer so why am I being treated this way. I have been a customer of sephora for years and spent so much money, but never again. It really saddens me to say but I'll just take my business else where, where Im not treated like a criminal just because of the way I look. I really hope sephora fixes this so It doesn't happen to anyone else. 
I have two insider cards and I want to combine them so all they points are on one card and under just one email address. How do I do this
Hello, I recently went to sephora and made a purchase. I was looking at my receipt today and realized that they charged me twice for an item. Is there any way I can get my cash back?
They have the incorrect birthday on my account information and I was wondering if I could correct it?
I'm a VIB in store but the it shows the beauty insider status online.
I had ordered the Kat Von D liquid Lipstick in Lolita. When I got it the color was way off from the original color. I wrote a review about how it did not like it. Yesterday I got a new lipstick that Sephora sent me because I has in fact gotten a batch of the lipsticks where the colors where off to the original. I love the replacement that they sent me and i want to write a review on how I am head over heals about it.
I'm a little embarrassed to say when I signed up online, I just put a random birthday! I was going to see if I could change it to my real birthday some how?  I can't remember if I had change it or not?!?!
Hi! I was travelling last week and visited a Sephora store in Paris - back home in the US now. Can I get VIB points for that purchase? Thanks!