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My order has been cancelled ,they sent me an email saying they were "unable to confirm your payment information" . iam outside the country therefore i cannot call to see what is wrong with my order . money is still deducted from my credit card ,can anyone please help to make the order proceed ?!?! i have used the same credit card with my previous order .
I received a shipment from sephora today, and when I opened the box ,the receipt listed out all the items that I ordered, but what came in the box are totally different. I would really appreciate if someone can contact me..and let me know what to do...
Hi There,   I recently signed up and was approved for Sephora's Affiliate Program. The process led me to signing up through LinkShare to get started. The only issue is that I cannot for the life of me find Sephora US or Sephora CA in the program list.   Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've only been able to find Sephora AU and I really don't know what I'm doing wrong.   Thank you!   Danie
I have been making online orders. So far a couple of my orders have been missing samples and rewards. Today I got a package and it was missing my 250 point reward. The order before that was missing my samples. I'm getting really annoyed that it tells me on my order sheet that I got these items but, I never did. Please help me figure what I need to do to get my points back or something. 
Hi, Never thought that I would experience such unlucky case right before Thanksgiving. My order showed delivered at front door at 1pm on Monday but I checked around 2pm didn't find the package. Now I am waiting for UPS investigation resolution-but for God's sake UPS never help. Guys, would you suggest what I shall do? I have no idea how long it is going to take and BTW I need the cosmetics products in my order for thanksgiving!!!!!! Now my mood of Thanksgiving shopping is totally ruined up.
Hi, I received my package on time but there was one item missing from my order (Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 PA++). Please help! What do I do to receive my item? Thank you.
Hi I was wondering if somewhere here can help me. My order  came and the wrong item was sent to me. I ordered the hourglass ambient lighting edit and the josie maran perks but I only got a Philosophy Hope in a jar lotion and some samples. Such a weird mix up. 
I called in and sent an email but have not received much help so far.  It seems to me that the packaging centre needs work for online orders as I have experienced carelessness with the orders I have received thus far this season. To prepare for Christmas I have placed three online orders. The original order I placed was supposed to have been all that was necessary but 11 items were missing from my package and I was forced to re-order losing the 20% VIB discount I had waited for. My 500 pt Urban Decay reward was missing the eye primer sample in the first order and my black with Gold Sephora Clutch was missing entirely from the third order I made. In attempting to deal with the issues I did call in to Customer Service and was disappointed with the attempt at resolution.  The agent informed me that he was unable to simply re-ship the items.  He stated that we would need to refund and then reorder.  I was on the phone for 45 minutes to re-order the missing pieces and we were not able to accomplish this as after he refunded my missing pieces because he could not find the product numbers for the items to reorder them.  At this point I had to go as I was late for a party and I found myself re-ordering things online later which caused me to lose the discount.  I understand as a company that likely doesn't bother you as you make more but as a customer I was very frustrated. I deal with many online companies and have never had this level of frustration.  Please look to Amazon, Indigo or the Gap as shining examples of what a good customer service experience can be.  Please also train your staff to provide quick quality care when people take the time to call in.  Also if people email please respond.  These are simple things that can keep people happy.  
I ordered a few items online on November 13th. I finally received the package this Monday the 23rd. I redeemed my reward points for the 100 pt belif moisturizer and the 250 pt D&G Light Blue perfume. Everything was in the box, including samples, except for the belif moisturizer. The points show as redeemed on my account and the belif cream was checked off on the packing sheet. I assume the product was sold out, so why did I still have the points redeemed?
recently became a VIB when I went shopping at my local Sephora, but my VIB status isn't showing up on my online account-my online account only says that I'm a Beauty Insider. Is there a way to update my online status?
I ordered stuff online in October but i never got any beauty insider points for that purchase. Is there anyway to get my points to show up?
How do I link my online account to my in store account? I have a card but I just registered online and I don't see any of my points. Not sure how to link them.
Good Morning. I didn't receive any samples with my most recent order.  why is that?
Hi, So my aunt bought me some stuff online that are going to be gifts, and I forgot to have her log into my account. I was wondering if there's anyway of adding the points for that order to my account, if it can be done online that would be helpful. Thank You!
I ordered three different Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid lipsticks. One of the tubes is filled less than the others and I noticed the wand doesn't have the same fit in the container as the others when you screw the tube closed. It looks like it was opened before. When I hold it up to a light, the tube has about a quarter less lipstick than the other 2 colors. Refund please? It looks like someone tried it, returned it and then it was re-sent to me.
My status says unsuccessful authorization. WHATS going on there? Can I get a refund for that?
I was in my local sephora today doing a couple returns, and the sales associate told me the return policy will be soon changing. It will be a 30 day return policy and no more returns without receipt. She told me everyone would be getting an email about it. Has anyone else heard anything like this? That being said, my local sephora has terrible customer service. I can't even get a simple hello when I walk in. So maybe that was just her way of trying to deter me from doing returns? Who knows.    Anyone heard anything? Sephora can you confirm or deny this?!
Hi! Do you know if the ko gen do aqua foundation will be available to Canada? If so, when? Thanks.
I made an order on 11/23 and according to the bank I was double charged for the same order. When I was trying to place the order the first time, there was an error and it said the order didn't go through or something, so I re-placed the order. I only have one order on its way but two charges. When I called customer support the guy who took my call said it did look like I was charged twice for the same order but I'm still confused as to if/when I'll get that money back or something?
I placed an order nov 16 and the status for the past week has stated "sent to warehouse." I have spoken to Customer Service multiple times and all they have told me was the were sending a form to the distribution center and they would email me what was going on with my order. I have yet to receive a response from the distribution center and it's becoming rather frustrating wondering what is going on. 
I emailed customer support 6 days ago and still has not received a reply. I ordered 2 of the YSL Volupte Tint In Oil in color #5 Cherry My Cherie and received only 1 with my package. Can someone please help? Thanks
Hello, My girlfriend currently bought me some gifts and since she didn't want me to see what she purchased she made an account, is there a way I can transfer those points to my account?
What do I do if i did not receive my samples with my package? Everything else is checked off except for the samples.
Hi there.  I placed an order on November 18 and was getting worried because I never received a tracking code. I logged into my account to see that my status was: "unsuccessful authorisation". I've been reading other posts with people having the same issue. I find it very disconcerting that nobody from Sephora got in contact with me to notify me that a) there was an issue and b) what was going to happen to sort this issue out?    The money has been taken from my account. I have received no communication from Sephora to indicate whether this will be solved. I want to know when I am getting a refund and if this is an automatic process, or something I need to contact someone about? Or better yet, if this is an issue that can be fixed so I can still receive my products? But again, no communication so how am I supposed to know?   I understand that mix ups happen, but a little communication should not be too much to ask. Especially when money is taken from my account and I am expecting an order that never arrives.   Thank-you in advance, I look forward to your reply.
Hi, I am having troubles linking my VIB account from my instore purchases with my online account. Please help!
Can someone help me add points from a past purchase into my beauty insider account? I have been hanging onto a receipt for a few months and just found it while cleaning out my purse!
I have  a VIB card i use but online it says I am still a BI. i don't know if i am using the wrong e-mail or something . Is there any chance i can see which e-mail i am using on this VIB card?!
Hi! My beauty insider points online have always shown 42 points, even though when I make in-store purchases my points are correct. How can I link my in-store purchases with my online account. Also, I just became a VIB member tonight. Will my online account recognize my change of status? Is there anything I need to do to set it up online? Thanks so much for your help!
OK, here is my question: I ordered and purchased yesterday, then you successfully took my money away and I received the bank bill already. However, I searched the order status later, and found the status shows me UNSUCCESSFUL AUTHORIZATION? Then I checked my POINTS & STATUS, and I found you cancelled my order and took all my points away, but you didn't give my money back. Actually I don't want to cancel my order, I just want to let my order succeed.  Could someone help me?