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Hi all,   I received the delivery confirmation for my latest Sephora package days ago, but the box itself never appeared - it was either delivered to the wrong location or stolen! My neighbors don't have it and I've looked everywhere. I posted about this two days ago and received a very helpful PM from a mod (MariekeBT, who was lovely,) but she said to contact another mod for faster help because she was going to be away - I don't know another way to find a mod, tried reaching out directly but didn't hear back. Is there someone who can help me get this package redelivered?? Please!
What does Unsuccessful Authorization means? Why is my order being cancelled? How can i solve it? Do i need to reorder or something??
I keep getting subscribe from email.  Called twice customer service they subscribe me but it goes back to unsubscribe.  I keep subscribing but it changes back.  Need this problem resolve not getting my order confirmation, tracking, promotions, etc. Need problem resolve.  Thanks
What does unsuccessful authorization mean?
I made an order from Sephora 3 days ago, and I just wanted to see how the order was going by checking the tracking process and it said "Undeliverable - Need Gate Code" and it said Burbank, CA. I just want to make sure I understand that my order isn't being delivered to Burbank since that's not the address I ordered my order to be delivered to.   (Note: I ordered something else about a month ago with no problems about it being delivered, so I just want to check that there isn't anything going wrong with this one given what it says currently.)
For some time now I've noticed that I rarely receive all or sometimes any of the specific samples I request with my orders.   I would totally understand if this was always due to the simple issue of them running out of stock, but I've paid close attention recently and that doesn't seem to be the cause; take a recent order I placed   as an example:   I requested a sample of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pressed Opal (which I was really looking forward to as I love Becca products). I received this package today, and it did not include this sample; it was replaced by something else which I have received before and really don't like / will never use. However, I know this sample is still available because I went to place another order today for something I forgot, and the sample was still available to select - 3 days after I originally placed the order below.    I also didn't receive the Replica "At The Barber's" scent sample, though that one is still listed as an available sample on your website today too. I think the order below may be the second one I've requested that particular sample in, and still have yet to receive it at all.    Can you please investigate as to why I don't seem to receive the right samples anymore even when they are still in stock? Is it a processing issue you have that affects more customers than just myself, or somehow something specifically wrong with my account?   In case it's relevant, I believe this started happening around the time that we were able to select 5 samples for an extended period. However, even once we changed back to only receiving 3 samples, I'm still not likely to get the ones I request.    I definitely appreciate that samples are a free thing and Sephora isn't obligated to provide them, but it's a bit damaging to the overall experience of being a loyal Sephora customer to have this keep happening, especially when it used to be so much better. Plus, it's defeating the point of giving us samples to get us to buy more things when you don't send what we're clearly interested in.    Please let me know if you need more information from me to help resolve this. Thank you!
I just received my package thinking, "Oh! There's a product that I received a sample for that I'm dying to try but haven't decided if its worth the money. I can finally try it!"   Wrong! I opened the box and did no find  any samples that I picked out at all. This isn't even the first time, but this time I'm really upset about it.
Hi there,   I'm trying to apply as an affiliate. I already have an account with rakuten but when I search for Sephora, it doesn't bring it up. Any suggestions? Thank you
My boyfriend bought me a gift and didn't want to use my account because it was a surprise and didn't want me to see. So the lady told him I can add the points later. I just can't figure out how to add them to my account now.
I placed an order on Nov 8th. The order number is 22****4719. On Nov 14th UPS noted that they delivered the package to a woman but actually I didn’t receive it and didn’t know who she is. My husband reported to Sephora and the customer service helped us to file a claim to UPS to invest this case a day later. It needed 8 business days to process. We understood and trusted Sephora would help us figure out the issue. We were too naïve. Nobody gave us any feedback until my husband call them again. The result was that UPS said they have delivered the package and Sephora can’t refund or resend the package again because it is worth $640.67. We requested Sephora to open a new claim to UPS again. It took another 8 business days and we didn’t received the call from Sephora for the resolution. Called Sephora again to ask update on Dec 11th, they said UPS stated that Me and my husband acknowledged that we received the package and Sephora won’t responsible it and won’t submit the claim again. My goodness, it was ridiculous and unreasonable. If I had received the package, why I still make noise here?? We called the UPS directly, they always asked us to contact the shipper. I am so disappoint and angry. Sephora phone customer service didn’t take care of me and didn’t help anything. Sephora and UPS passed the buck each other. Who cares about my package? It has been a month since I made the order from Sephora, I still haven’t received my package or refund the lost. I am really frustrated about this shopping experience on Sephora online. What should I do now to get my lost back?
I just signed up for the Play box subscription Feb 17th. Will I receive the Feb box since they haven't been shipped out yet or will I have to wait until the end of March to receive a box?
I have been eagerly awaiting my latest box from Sephora and was excited to see it had been delivered yesterday in the early afternoon - however, when I checked it was nowhere to be found? I looked everywhere, and checked with my neighbors as well, but no luck. I don't know whether it was delivered somewhere else or stolen. What can I do in this situation??With the items I bought, plus some rewards points I redeemed and samples, there should have been 12 items coming, and I would still very much like to have them! 
I get emails about my VIB points and rewards to use them online but it doesn't work. What do I do?
How can I link my online and insider accounts?
I received my Sephora Play box in the mail today and the Too Faced Lip Injection is missing from my box. 
Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 5.45.42 PM.png
When clicking on the general tab names "makeup, skincare" etc, or the subdivisions within them (palettes and value sets, face, eyes) to see general categories of products, my webpage does not load, and gives me the logo at the top of the page and the rest is white. This also happens when I search a product in the search bar, and this has been going on on all different computers i've tried, and all different wifi networks i've tried. I've been reduced to knowing what I want, and searching the name of the product with "sephora" after it in a google search, which finally displays the product page for me. Anyone else having this problem? I'd like to just simply browse the "what's new" section among others on the website. I've noticed that the site has changed... maybe that can be attributed to this issue i'm having?
Hey Sephora,   What is the point of selecting specific samples in your order when you are just going to send random samples anyways?
Hi !   My payment got rejected by Sephora and in the email it says that Sephora was unable to confirm the payment information, but when I check in my BOA (Bank of America)  account, my money got deducted.   Also I spoke to BOA representatives and they said nothing was wrong with my card and payment. Payment received (I made online transaction while talking to BOA representatives and they confirmed that my payment went through.   But like 15-20 minutes later, Sephora sent me an e-mail and said it got rejected. Anyone experiencing with this? FYI my BOA card is a debit card.   It's really frustrating because I've tried to make my purchase like 5-6 times and the result was still the same.   Ps : I am a VIB rouge member.
I used a gift card in my last order (january 20) and the status of the order is:  Unsuccessful Authorization (the status in every item is canceled). How can I get the money in the gift card back if I don't have the card anymore?
It appears I have 2-3 accounts. Two on email and one on my card. My card has the most points and I thought it was linked to my newest email account but I guess it's not. I want to shop online but not if I can't add them to my highest points. Help?
Hi! I made a return on January 22nd that still hasn't shown up on my credit card and I'm worried! I have misplaced the reciept I was given at the time of refund. Can someone help with this? Thank you!
Hello, I just got my sephora white card about a week and a half ago. Apparently, there is a welcome gift, and the lady at the store said that I will receive an email about my welcome gift, I haven't received anything yet.
i have had a card for a year but never made a password. do i still have points and if so how do i make an account with that card
Hi PLAY! by SEPHORA subscribers,   Some of you have been wondering how we curate each of our boxes, so we wanted to let you know how it works!   Every month, our team of beauty experts determine a selection of products around a theme or trend. We then take these products and create different box versions. Because we want you to love all of the deluxe samples you receive, we then choose which version would work best for you based on the answers you provided in your PLAY! PROFILE. This way, the products you receive are appropriate for your beauty needs.   Still have questions about how we determine what goes into your PLAY! by SEPHORA box? We want to hear from you! Check out the FAQs and chat with us below.   Q: How does PLAY! by Sephora decide which products to send to subscribers each month? A: PLAY! By Sephora curates a selection of products every month that align with a particular beauty theme or trend we’re loving. From here, we develop box versions – which vary based on different beauty preferences like skin tone and hair. Then, we target these box versions to each subscriber based on his/her PLAY! PROFILE. We always try and send you the box that we believe is best for you.   Q: What if I don’t like the products I received in my box? A: If you’re not sure about why you received a certain product in your box, we encourage you to take your PLAY! PASS to your local Sephora and ask for a personal, one-on-one consultation with one of our Beauty Advisors. This is one of the many perks you get with PLAY!. In-store, a Beauty Advisor can help you find a similar or complimentary products. They will even make you a custom sample so you can try it out at home. OR, if you can’t make it to a store, you can always call or shoot us an email us: 1-844-PLAY-HLP or   Q: What is the PLAY! PROFILE and how do I update my information? A: The PLAY! PROFILE captures your beauty preferences and concerns. We use your PROFILE answers to determine which box version is best for you each month. To update your PLAY! PROFILE, first go to My Account and then click on the My Information in left navigation. From here, you can your PROFILE information like hair type, skin concern, and skin tone.   Q: What if one of the products in my box is broken, damaged or missing? A: If you have a problem with your box, you can always call our PLAY! phone extension at 1-844-PLAY-HLP or email us at We’re here to help!  
I didn't receive any of my free samples, which was the primary reason I placed the order online.  I really wanted to try a couple of the products offered as free samples.  This was my first order on Sephora, so Im pretty disappointed.  Don't say you offer free samples if you aren't actually going to follow through with it.  
I had ordered 3 samples along with my order and they sent me 3 completely different ones than I selected. Has this happened to anyone else? This is now the third time they have done this and I'm starting to get a bit mad about that.
I've also called customer service directly for assistance.   This is the 5th time that an order has switched to unsuccessful authorization without an email or notice to me that my order was "unsuccessful" and cancelled.    What is going on here? I thought this was resolved last time when my last order was pushed through.   I do NOT have multiple accounts, and I don't know why your system thinks that I do. The new order number that was switched to unsuccessful is .    This is ridiculous, please resolve the account from being suspended.
I made a purchase with a gift card online but returned it in store, but I was issued store credit which doesn't make sense, especially since I can't find a way to use the credit online. Is there anyway to make it possible to use the store credit online? I don't live close to a Sephora so I am rarely able to go to one.