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I just received my first Sephora Play box and am missing the Verb Leave-In Mist. I was particularly interested in receiving haircare products so I am disappointed not to have received it. Did anyone else have this issue? Is there anything that can be done about this?
I just made a purchase and when I try to create a beauty insider account it says, " Create BI Account failed" can someone fix/help me with this?
I understand samples can become OOS from when we placed the order to when it actually ships. However, I've been shopping in Sephora for 5+ years and the OOS samples usually get replaced with something else. However, my latest order arrived with no samples at all.   I've had replacement samples, and points added for damaged promo samples, but today there's no packet samples in the box at all. It's misleading when you advertise 3 free samples and don't bother with it at all. Ordering this year has been particularly sketchy compare to past years, with missing samples and different spending requirement for same Rouge promo. I'm disappointed, Sephora.
I need to change my birthdate. It says January 22, 1800. and I want it to say January 22,  2000
I'm a VIB Rouge in store, but for some reason when i try to access online, it only shows that I'm a Beauty Insider. Anyone know how  to fix this?! 
My review shows the wrong star points and incomplete review, so I want to edit it. I'm not sure how this happened, so can someone please help?
Only after my birthday came near, I realized that my birthday is set as April 23rd, not Feb 23rd, and I do not seem to have an access to change it...Can anyone help me???
How can I change my birthday to my actual day of August 30th? I guess I wants paying attention when putting in my birthday!! And slow how many points are needed for the free gift?? Xo
Since Sephora sends out 2 versions of the PLAY! box, it would be nice if there were two versions of the unboxing video.  I've gotten the alternative box twice in a row, so half of my products were different.  It would be nice to get a video on how to use those products.  
Hello, imhave spoken to three different people, all told me that they would get back to me and never have. I have tried to place numerous orders, all are now showing as unsuccessful authorization. Is there a resolution to this issue? If not how do we expedite the release of the successful authorization American Express is showing, should I open s claim with Amex?
I'm already a Beauty Insider, but I need help linking my card with my online account. Thanks!
Hi My birthday comes in October. I would like to receive the Sephora birthday gift. I was wondering how can I apply for my Birthday gift. I made purchase at Sephora online 2 days ago and I was unable to add my birthday gift while checking out. please let me know asap.   Kind regards
I recently made a purchase and my points aren't showing up can anybody help me?
I just ordered something a couple hours ago from this site and it said it was successful and that i'd get an email shortly about it. I never got the email, should I be concerned? Is my order still coming?
Hi! I didn't get any of my points from my purchase today. I'm wondering if there's any chance of getting those points? I'm so close to becoming a VIB so it'll help! Thanks!
So I placed an order couple of days ago and my order finally shipped today. I opened the box and 2 out of 3 samples are missing! I went and checked on my email confirmation, and 100% sure the 3 samples I picked were listed in the order details. What happened here, Sephora???
Hello,    I lost my VIB welcome coupons and never got the 1 time free custom makeover. I went to the store and they told me to call 1800-sephora to get a coupon mailed. But when I called, they told me to go to the store and ask for one.    What is the correct answer?    Is there a way I can still get this free custom makeover?    Thank  you!
Hello,    I was wondering when the codes for the friends and family sale are being sent out. I was expecting to receive one this year but i have not yet. Can you please insight to when they are being sent out ! my cart is waiting haha
Has Sephora considered implementing a recycling program? Even if it's something like "5 empty beauty containers for a free sample." I think you guys need to consider it because it would greatly influence my coming into the store!
Someone redeemed my birthday gift four days before my birthday. I went in the store yesterday to find out I could not redeem my gift. I logged into my account to find that someone had also bought some lip gel using my my Beauty Insider account in a town I have never been to in my life and did not even know where it was until I looked it up. My birthday gift was redeemed at my local store which makes me concerned that it is a staff member who is using my account. This literally makes my stomach sick that someone is accessing my information and has the gall to wait until my birthday month to start using my account. I just want to bring awareness to this and see if anyone else has or is experiencing it.    The staff I spoke with yesterday told me that they do not have access to the accounts but I find it highly doubtful that anyone else would know where I shop and go during my birthday month to redeem my gift. 
I've placed countless orders in few months and ONE TIME only, one single time it arrived with samples I have actually picked. I've gotten one that had zero samples, I've gotten like 3 benefit brow things that developed just loathe about the product I toss it into trash bin upon seeing and never want to see that product ever again (bad advertising on your part) Today I even gotten men perfume sample that was ripped out (so it was empty sample LOL) HOW IS THAT ACCEPTABLE FOR SUCH A COMPANY LIKE SEPHORA?    I mean, screw up once, twice, but not get it right ONCE, when is it the time you will do something about it? I'm just done ordering online. There are other places that can take my business and not screw up the most fun part of purcase. 
I keep getting two emails for my account - one VIB and one Beauty Insider. The beauty insider one never had points until today, so I'm wondering how there's two separate accounts and where these points came from? Is there any way to transfer the points to my VIB? I even tried un subscribing and re-subscribing and still had the same problem :/
How do I add my new sephora beauty insider card to my online existing account?
Hi, I just added my Beauty Insider Card to the online account.  My points are not added online, but I should have points already.  How do I link the points to my online account?
How do I fix this so that I can reorder and cancel my unsuccessful order as it says that it is pending?
I have made a purchase in stores, and do not see my rewards added to my account, how do I get my points?
ive contacted customer service via email a few times and never recieve a response re why the website is suddenly unusable on my iPad.    The menus overlap, or are unclickable.  Products are listed in one line down the page, but scrolling is impossible, as you eventually run into an ad.  What is going on?  I'd love to start Christmas shopping.
Hello - I am missing the Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick from my October Play box; I really wanted to try the product. Also noticed I had not gotten my Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick from last month's (Sept) box. I'm super disappointed that I haven't been getting the full 5 products that are promised in the box for the past 2 months... I was never notified of the situation and I'm not satisfied that there wasn't a comparable replacement sample. 
Hi - I redeemed for the Kate Somerville set a couple weeks ago and when I went to use it last night, the eye balm was completely dried out and peeling away from the tubing and the cleanser is also separated.  I noticed others mentioning the same issues with their point perk.   Am I stuck with these products or is there anything I can do?   Thanks.
How do I add my Beauty Insider/VIB card to my online account? I've looked at similar questions here, but everything seems to be responded with a PM.