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A few days ago, I recently shopped at my local Sephora, but when I checked my online account, I noticed that I did not receive any points. Should I go back to my local Sephora to rectify the issue? Or could I contact customer support online?
I usually order from when I really like a sample. From last month to this may, I placed more than 20 orders, and half of them came with wrong samples that I didn't choose! I know sometimes samples are out of stock and they replace one of 3 samples to another. I was ok with that when it happened sometimes. But half of more than 20 orders are not "sometimes"!!! I am mad now since I got two wrong samples again today! I really wanted to receive Dr.Brandt Skincare Oxygen mask and placed two orders for it, but I never got it! I called Sephora today to complain, because me getting wrong samples is not second or third time, it happens almost in every 3 orders. But the assistant said that she cannot do anything for me and that was it!! I'm so disappointed to Sephora costumer service.
Hello, I ordered some items which  are more then $50 less than 100$ then i found  the order " unsuccessful authorization"  I payed and put the right informations, and now i'm worried what happened?   could you help me?
I really wanted to get the Soko to Tokyo set and the Instaglow promotion which was briefly in stock today. I placed an order and several hours later see that it shows 'unsuccessful authorization'. I have already checked with my credit card and they did in fact authorize the charge so it was not an address mismatch or typo. I called customer service and they told me that a supervisor needed to talk to me.   Can a mod please contact me?
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I'm trying to place an order online and I was given a gift card that I'd like to use but there doesn't seem to be anywhere for me to enter it. When I enter it in the promotion box it says error. 
I just placed an order and then received a notice that the buxom set was out of stock. My order is still in progress can i either cancel the order or receive one of the other promos? If it is out of stock it shouldnt let me add it when i place my order
The website has me defaulted to Canada (even has flag at top) so I am unable to order. Also, anytime I go to a product page on an device a blank square pops up and covers most of the info. Next to the square it is telling me to sign in or sign up, although I am already signed in. I can't add anything to my cart.
I was applying for an account and I accidentally put the wrong date (30th) as my birthday and I was hoping someone could change it. Thank you!
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Just tried to place an order online including a 100-point perk. Got an error message when attempting to confirm the order. My points balance is inexplicably now down to 37 from 110 (see screen cap of my points/status page), even if I empty out my cart and refresh.   Help?    
This is my experience and I hope this post is not deleted and if so hopefully some will have read this.  My only hope is that "someone" in "corporate" will read this.     I bought the Becca JH eye pallet in store 1 to 2 days before it was pulled. I spent over $200 on that one trip.  I have called Sephora, Store, emailed "client services", and struggled for an answer from StephanieBT on this forum. I live 30 miles from my closest Sephora and online they were making the returns without having to send the pallet back.  I did not feel I should have to drive 30 miles to return a product they pulled because it was "Sephora's Policy".  In dealing with this for over 9 days I have never received so many automated and vague answers from a company before. I have worked retail so i very rarely complain, but this was a unique situation.  It was not my fault.  Basically all the answers from everyone were "sorry this is policy.  Is there anything else we can help you with?.  My emails were returned only after I posted on this forum.  They were all signed "client services".  I was given a number to call which was the original number I called when I began this process.  In my dealings with StephanieBT after struggling to get a reply from my first post i reposted our conversation.  I was accused of spamming by StephanieBT.  I am 52 years old and I don't even know how to spam lol.  After she removed the thread, and we replied back and forth a few times, I was nice but told her I was dissatisfied and asked for her supervisors email.  The response was the email to "client services".  By this point it was almost becoming comical because she was aware I had emailed them numerous times.  It is not an actual person.  So no I was never given a supervisors email.  Unfortunately I understand how "corporate" works.  They want their employees to give vague answers on policy and hope the customer will go away and I am sure they do not want their employees forwarding things like this to corporate.  THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE IN CORPORATE THAT CAN HANDLE UNIQUE SITUATIONS.  I was dissatisfied that I as a customer had to drive 30 miles when online they were not asked to return the pallet to keep them from being inconvenienced but because I had bought in store I had to drive 30 miles. I have emailed becca about this issue and advised them they should also do launches with Ulta.  I received a prompt reply with promises to send me a token of their appreciation.  After dealing with this for 9 days I drove the 30 miles to return my pallet and another item i had purchased just because i was irritable at sephora.  I also need to add that when I made my original purchase I bought 2 of the hourglass powders and when I got to the car checked the merchandise and one of the powders was broken.  So i returned both never having bought these powders a little concerned about how they would hold up but I chose to keep one to try.  The color I wanted to keep was the one that was broken.  I also used my ViB 10% on this purchase.  So on my receipt it stated return/exchange.  Didn't look at the receipt again until I went back to make the eyeshadow pallet return and the powder showed returned for the amount with the 10% but for the exchange I was charged full price.  The store manager did make it right, but had I not noticed there would have been a circumstance that I would have been taken advantage of.  I'm sure the computers are set up that way.There are other outlets to buy these products.  I finally went online and was surprised there were so many forums that related to bad customer service regarding Sephora.  A lot of the complaints were that their posts were deleted from Sephora's website. Which i did have that done by Stephanie BT.  I did not post on these sites as this is not my goal.  My goal was to be acknowledged by someone who understood the situation.  They make you feel you are special once you reach VIB and VIB Rouge. It is all a marketing tool. I am VIB and not far away from being VIB Rouge.  No one was outright rude except for StephanieBT to accuse me of spamming when all I wanted was a reply. Thanks for reading and hoping if any of you ladies have a problem it is taken care of in a more personal manner.            
I ordered 2 Soko to Tokyo ($50) sets, a L'Occitane hand lotion ($12) and flash shipping ($10) but the 10% off code but it only applied to the hand lotion? Only an addition $1.20 was taken off my bill. Can I get it applied to all other items please? 
I was missing a very small item from my last order, the Sephora Look Sharp sharpener. I checked the box thoroughly including taking every sheet of paper out individually, but it wasn't there. I sent an email inquiry about this  but a day later still haven't received a reply yet. I have another purchase waiting in my basket but wanted to wait for the resolution of this before I move ahead with it.
I placed an order earlier this week, and one of the items was missing from my box? The order was for the CLINIQUE Pep-Start sampler set, but it appears that mine is missing the eye cream? What do I need to do to get this fixed?      
I haven't received my June 2016 Play! box yet and I haven't gotten any shipping info. Is it likely that I will receive it before the month ends in 2 days? In the Play! FAQs it says that they normally get sent out the third week of the month. Thanks!
I bought a concealer and opened up a Beauty Insider account, but when I made an account online, it says I have 0 points. Is it because I need to sync my online account and my card somehow? I still have the receipt and can provide any information that is needed.
There is a discrepancy between the points that I have on my online account and on the card I use in stores. Is there a way to fix it so that my points will be the same on both accounts?
Every time I try to clock on my basket or my past orders I get the following message:   Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit. Cookie /n   Apache Server at * Port 443   
There is a likely Canada Post lockout/strike to occur starting July 2, 2016. Does Sephora have a contingency plan in place to deal with this strike? How will orders be shipped?   Thanks!
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I've just placed an order to be shipped to the hotel I'm staying at, but got a cancellation email 10 minutes later. " For your own security and protection, we have cancelled your order # because we were unable to confirm your payment information. We have included the order information below so that you can review the details of your order."   I can even see the pre-auth payment for this order on my credit card account, which means there are no issues with my card. Could someone look into this please? Thanks.
I was wondering if anyone could help me with my beauty insider account. I am a VIB and have points from shopping in store but my online account says I have 0. How do I get my points and status to show up online?
Part of the reason I order online is because I can always get samples to try out before deciding on a full priced item. I was excited for the samples I was supposed to get with my order this time but none of them showed up? I frequently order online and paid for flash shipping because of that. If this is going to be a thing that's going to keep happening there's no point to ordering online for me
Just some feedback - I went to the Sephora Store in King of Prussia yesterday to get new foundation. When I went in I was approached by a saleswoman who had on a Sephora/Lancome branded apron (there seemed to be a promotional Lancome event going on - there was a sign in the front of the store and lots of small signs around promoting a Lancome lipstick). She asked if she could help me and I told her I was looking for a full coverage foundation to help hide my melasma and that I was looking at CoverFX, Tarte, and KatVon D because I wanted a cruelty-free brand. She immediately walked me over to the Lancome aisle and began telling me why the Lancome foundation was really the best option. I let her do her pitch and then again told her I preferred the cruelty-free options, but I was willing to try them all. We sat down and she then began telling me why I needed to buy a brightening serum for my melasma. I had already told her earlier that I see a dermatologist, have chemical peels, use retin-A, and have even had light therapy - and the melasma still is there. I was at Sephora because this had not worked and I simply wanted foundation to help cover. I told her that in my case, I doubted it would work when light therapy didn't even help. She started to argue with me. I just let it go and she then put on the foundation.   She then said, look how much better it looks! When I looked in the mirror, I could see a clear difference in color between my face and my neck. I told her it looked orange and that it actually made the melasma darker. She said, "Yeah, I can see how you might say that." And....she just sat there. So, I asked AGAIN if I could try the cruelty-free CoverFX and Tarte. I just wanted to know my shades. She began packing up her Lancome products and said "Sure, I'll get someone else to help you with that."   Another employee then came over and was very helpful and respectful of what I was looking for. I was unable to purchase what I tried on because they were out of it, but she gave me a good sized sample to take home until I could purchase.   The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I come to Sephora because of the wide variety of brands and because you offer a variety of cruelty-free/vegan options. I felt as though the first salesgirl was there to pitch Lancome - and that goal came before serving me as a customer. When I saw her with another customer, she was again using all of the Lancome products.    Just not a good experience. 
Hi,   i placed an order under the wrong address and need the address to be changed asap. I already contacted emailed sephora but they have not gotten back to me yet. One of my order says that it already had shipped but I also still have a few more order where I'm trying to change the shipping address before it gets shipped out. Please help!
Hi, I've purchased items from September 2015 but it was the first time I purchased anything and forgot I made an account before. Can I still redeem my points to my account? Thanks!
I forgot to give the cashier by Beauty Insider card when I checked out. Is there a way I can add those points to my account?
I ordered the GS eyeshadow palette online last week & noticed it has dropped in price. Would I be able to get a price adjustment?
Hello,   I made two separate purchases in my local Sephora store today and neither purchase is showing up on my purchase history or in my Beauty Insider points. Is there any way this can be fixed?   Thank you.   Grace
I bought a product, now it's on sale is there any way to get the price difference? Do I need my receipt or is there a way to prove that I bought it from my beauty insider point system?