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I have a beauty insider card and need to link it to the account i just created that gave me a new one with a balance of zero. Thanks!
I recently went to New York and that was the first time using the account, but after looking at my purchases it says I used my card in Pittsburgh where I have never been. 
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Are. You. Ready? We’re launching our #WantItWinIt Sweepstakes, which means: 7 opportunities to win 7 different prizes!   Enter for your chance to win by following @SephoraCollection and mentioning a friend in the comments of our @SephoraCollection Instagram post that would dig this spread also. Winners will be selected randomly every day and we’re not stopping ‘till we get enough (ok, it ends August 28). NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER. Odds depend on number of entries received. US residents only, excludes Rhode Island, age 18 or older (and age of majority). 1 entry per person per day. Enter by 11:59pm PT each day. One prize awarded each day. See below for official rules.
I just created an online account, however all the points I have accumulated in the store are not showing up in my online account. Can you please help me link the accounts?
I just posted a review for Hourglass's Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick, and I'd like it deleted so I can post another one. My original review did not disclose that I received a free sample and was otherwise a bit incomplete. Thank you!
I'm super disappointed that Sephora US has changed their website from allowing 4 gift cards to only allowing 2 to be used per transaction. Can we get it changed back?
Hi!   I made a purchase at Sephora in New York, but I don't have a beauty insider card, can I add the purchase onto my beauty insider account so that I can get points for that in-store purchase? It was for $120.85.   Also, can I request a beauty insider card that's linked to my account since I don't have one yet? Are they international or if I get one in the US, it's only valid here? What if I make purchases abroad?   Thank you!
I got a beauty insider account card in store and made an online account but there not linked can this be done?
You asked, we delivered. Now you can use Gift Cards to shop! Enter the Gift Card Number and PIN in the payment section at checkout.   Q: Where can I use my Gift Cards? A: You can buy Sephora Gift Cards that are valid in Canada from our Canadian stores. These Gift Cards are redeemable for merchandise purchases in U.S. and Canada stores, on our website, and on our mobile app.   Q: How do I check my Gift Card balance? A: By Phone: Call 1-888-860-7897. In Store: A Cast Member can check the balance of your Gift Card (if you have a print out or your mobile device).   For more info, please visit:
I need to change my Sephora play shipping address for May. It says the only way you can do it is to call... but I waited on hold for 25+ minutes. I'm hoping there is an easier way! Most subscriptions boxes let you change it yourself. 
I want to link my VIB card to my online account.  How do I do that?
I made a purchase at sephora 2 weeks ago and still haven't received my points
 i have recently order with a e-gift card and two days later my order status is that, im not curently in US, i need to solve this problem, and i cant use again the e-gift card cause says that already been used
Hi, I've been having trouble with my BI account and points. The problem is that online, my points seem to be "stuck". Whenever I make a purchase it doesn't appear on my online account and neither do the points. When I go to the store, sometimes I'm told that I have a certain amount of points (which correlates with all the purchases that I've made) and sometimes I'm told another (which is the one the appears on my online account). Recently I was told by one of my local Sephora employees that it appears that I have two accounts. I'm very confused because I have only ever made on account with only one email. So it's almost as if my account was somehow "split" if that makes any sense. I've already called customer service like I was told to in order to have my points merged, but to no avail. No one seems to be able to help me with this problem and I don't know what to do. My BI card is linked to my online account, so that doesn't seem to be the problem.  I'm extremely frustrated with this whole ordeal and I just wish to have it fixed. 
Hi! I made a purchase of $95 in store but I can't receive the points in my account.
Hi! I've been having trouble with my BI points as none of my points/purchases are showing up on my account online. I recently went to my local Sephora and was told by one the employees that I have two accounts and that I should call to have the two merged. However, I did so and was told that it was impossible to have two accounts under the same email. I have only ever used one email so I really don't know how I could have two accounts. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem and actually obtain my BI points? I would really appreciate your help!
Hello! I recently checked my account and realized the points from one of my purchases were not added. The purchase was in-store and I still have the original receipt, but it is from the middle of April. Can my points still be added to my account? Thank you!
For some reason I have two BI accounts, and I want to transfer all my BI points from my old account to my newer one. Is this possible?   Additionally, I think I've lost my old BI card, and I only have my log-in email and password...
  I didn't put in my real birthday when signing up!! My real birthday is November 11th... Thank you!  
I made an online purchase and i was supposed to get 3 sample items and when I received my package I didn't receive 2 of the samples. I s it normal to not receive  samples  ?
Tarte is currently having their friends and family sale for 30% off. Can Sephora price match this? I'd rather purchase at Sephora than Tarte. Thanks!
I forgot to redeem my birthday gift, it was almost 2 months ago.... Can I still redeem my gift?
Hello, I received my order today but I saw that 3 items were missing from my order how can I solve this problem
I want to make a purchase online, but my VIB card is not linked to my email. How can I link my VIB card to my email?
I had change email address a while back for my sephora account (more than a year ago!) but now I'm getting all my emails to my old email account.    Is there anyone who can help me with this?   When I click on changing my preferences it shows my new account, but the emails are sent to the old one.   Thanks in advance!    
Hi, my local Sephora employees told me there is a new Sephora flagship store opening Aug 26th.  Will there be a special grand opening give away, like some stores do the gift card for the first 100 customers?  Will there be an event for VIB Rouge members?  I'd like to suggest something special for VIB Rouge members for the grand opening since there are many of us in Chicago.     None of the employess know anything about when the official grand opening will be, other than the store actually opening on Aug 26th.   Thanks in advance!
Hi, I chose three samples for the points I earned and I received my purchase but got three completely different samples that I didn't ask for. I usually wouldn't be so picky, but two of the samples I received were men's cologne I don't even like the smell of instead of makeup samples I've been curious in trying. Is there any way I can get the original samples I chose?