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I received an order today and none of my samples were included in the shipment, even though it says they were on the packing slip. I specifically ordered these items online in order to have the samples for travel next week. What happened? Is there something I can do? I'm a regular shopper and this is very upsetting.
Now that we can double check our points against your system, I was just checking the spreadsheet I have against your records in my beauty bank. For some reason I have a 190 point discrepancy.   I also noticed that a large purchase I made at at SiJCP didn't show up, so maybe that is the problem?   Can a mod please PM me about this when you have a moment?   Thank you!
I received my Sephora order today, and 2 of my 3 samples were not included I specifically order my items online instead of going to the store so I can try these free samples. What's going on? I'm very disappointed.
Can I still get the points from the products I purchased before I became IB?
Will Sephora ever offer to have paypal as another source to purchase their items? thank you
Hi, I returned a Naked3 palette at a Sephora in a JCP and got store credit. The girl never told me I could not use it at a Sephora store. If I knew that I would have retuned it at a Sephora store. The product that I want is only available at a Sephora store not a JCP one is there anything I can do? 
I ordered something online from Sephora about half a year ago and haven't used it until recently. When I finally used it, my skin had a bad reaction to the product, and I broke out in a rash. I'd like to return it, but the problem is it was bought awhile back, so I no longer have the receipt. Am I still able to return the product? I can print out the original order, but it isn't the actual receipt, so will a Sephora store still honour the return? I'm also worried that perhaps it is past the time frame in which I am able to return! Help!
I recently qualified for VIB Rouge and received the welcome kit with my last online order, but I didn't get the Rouge card. I went into my local store today and told them (thought it may be an in-store thing) and was told they couldn't help me with that  =\   Is there not a Rouge specific BI card?
Hi!   I returned something by mail using the pre-printed label about a month ago and I haven't gotten a return confirmation. I've filled out the return slip and made sure that I packaged everything nicely in original packaging and even with the packing paper etc. Items were completely unused (the packaging came very beaten up so I couldn't give them out as gifts, which is why I returned them). It just seems to have taken much longer than usual (usually I get a return confirmation in less than 3 weeks, but it's been more than 4 weeks this time). Is it possible to have a check on the progress?   Thank you in advance!  
First of all, I have a very sensitive skin, I barely find the product that I can use and I bought a dior skin care, Pro youth sorbet creme, 2 months ago. The first time I tried it was fine, my skin was soft but two days later I got rashes all over my face and quite bad. I stopped using because I wasn't sure what caused that. After my skin was healed, I applied it on again  in the morning and night, then again I had rashes come up all over. I stopped again for the second time but telling myself it wasn't dior creme because this is the second time I bought it and the first one I bought back then worked fine for me. And again I tried after my skin got better and a day later my skin started to be irritated, itchy with rash all over again so I think it might be it. The thing is, when I purchased this the second time, when I opened it I kinda felt like it didn't look like the first one that I had before, so i'm not sure if I accidentally purchased the wrong one. And my concern is it's been used a few times and I threw away the receipt as I thought I wouldn't be allergic to it, in this case will I be able to return this product and exchange it with any recommend moisturizer that good for sensitive skin?
My husband went to Sephora to return a few items for me. He had a receipt along with the brand new, unopened products. The sales associate decided to tell him that not only was he not allowed to return products purchased online to the store but that it was unethical because it takes away from their daily sales. Let me tell you that woman should thank her lucky stars that she didn't wait on me with that attitude. I'm now considering returning EVERYTHING I have that is unopened with a receipt just to prove a point. I buy enough to make up for anything I would ever return and then some. But now I feel like perhaps I should really mess with their days if they're going to treat my poor husband like garbage. Obviously knowing how the returns work in Sephoraland, I told my husband what to say to get them to do the return, but I can't believe how terrible the service has been at Sephora lately.
Hi there, I just want to inform that I haven't received any refund from that failed purchase, and it's nearly 1 month since August 31st. Could you please figure that out? Has or has not Sephora refunded that amount of money to my bank account? Thank you!  
I just had my Beauty Insider card linked to my account and now when I login it just shows past in-store purchases, not my recent online orders. I want to check the status on my current order and don't know how to do this now. They showed up on my account before the link happened. Any help? Thanks. 
I am looking for help linking my account with my Beauty Insider card. Thanks.
Hello there,   I thought I was reaching VIB as I spent over 400$ since May, so I looked at "My Points and Status".   I notice that the amounts under "Qualifying Spend" don't add up. It says "† You receive one point for every dollar spend on merchandise (excludes the purchase of egift certificates, gift cards, taxes and/or shipping) online, in Sephora retail stores or in Sephora inside JCPenney locations".   For my last purchase, I spent 78,50 on merchandise, so according to your written policy, this should equate to 78$ in qualifying spend, yet I only had 65$ according to the page.   There seem to be some discrepancy for the previous order as well.   Could someone look into it? Is it a mistake or is the policy misleading?   thank you in advance,   Nancy
Just received my Laura Mercier mineral powder from Sephora and the jar is almost empty😳 after paying 39$ shouldn't it be full? has this happened to anyone ?
hi princess am in the uk and heard a lot about your fantastic foundation but don't know my shade so if you can pls send samples of the foundation to me so that I will know which one is the correct shade for  am mac shade NC50 hope to hear from you soon thank you mercy
I have 2 beauty insider cards and want to combine them into one. Is this possible without having to call in? 
I would like to write in an email to Sephoras Canadian head office, specifically to the store Director of Sqauare One in Ontario. Please advise how i can obtain an email address to send in my comments to. I visited the store yesterday with my bestfriend and it was nicely renovated. The best part is that we were just really impressed with the service we received from one particular product consultant - Izza. Majority of time i always had great service at Sephora but the one from yesterday deserves  to be recognize for what an outstanding job she did. We are so happy with our purchases and could not wait to come back for our next visit during the holidays. I already filled out the survey but i would like to write in further to express how appreciated and special we felt being there and got serviced by such a lovely lady. Izza....if your store ever get to read it...keep up the good work. Thank you for so much and we left your store yesterday feeling so beautiful and happy! You are Amazing!!!!   
Hi,   I realized that I did not get any points from the online purchase I made. However, I did get the correct amount of point when I I purchased from a physical store.   Can someone help me to look into this? Thanks.    Here shows the points I have, and where they come from.     Here shows the purchases I have made, including the online purchase on 08/28/2014, which did not count toward my total point.  
Lately, I have been getting random samples (not the ones I select at checkout and completely unrelated to my shopping history and favorites).   This time my package arrived with no samples at all.  This is a bit disappointing, normally I wouldn't care, but the order is a gift and I wanted my friend to try a few new things.
I've been really curious about this for awhile now. My mom plans on purchasing my Christmas present from Sephora and she doesn't have a BI card. If I gave her my card to get the points for the purchase, would Sephora not allow her to use my card because the name wouldn't match hers, which would let the employee know that it is not her card? 
I just received my package. i only got one sample. What happen to sephora? Last month, i had a package with none sample.  
My online order on August 31 (3090904807) was cancelled due to some errors in confirming payment information (must be some problems with my visa card). However, I was charged the whole cost of the bill before the cancelling mail came. Until now, I HAVEN'T received any REFUND to my visa card account. Could you please explain the reason why it was held that long?
    Here is the pic, they are pretty good size, but the serum cap is broken and it is leaked, hair spray also leaked a bit, but i'm happy i received this promotion. I hope sephora come with these types of promo codes in future