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I wrote to on August 20, and received an auto-response that night saying they were looking into every case and I should expect a response by September 1st.    It's now August 31st 3:20 pm ET, and still no response. I have to say I'm pretty disappointed, because I did say in my email I would've still purchased all my things at Sephora, but I moved up my purchases to coincide with the points event, and use them for the epic rewards.   Could someone please get back to me?
Hi, I recently bought an eyeliner 4 days ago and I gave my beauty insider card to get scanned at the register but I didn't get the points for it when I logged on here. What can I do to get the points and what can I do in the future to prevent this? 
Please help me with this.. I received my package this evening, only to find that the perfume roller I ordered arrived completely damaged! The glass was broken and perfume was spilled all over the other contents in the package. There was certainly enough bubble wrap in the box so I'm unsure as to how it happened. I also believe that the damage occurred days before it arrived because the box and the other items in it are already completely dry. Will it be possible to return this item at a local sephora store and exhange it for a new one? Many thanks.
A recent order arrived with the Kat Von D Sinner palette destroyed as shown in the photo. Unfortunately the black shadow covered everything in the box including the Kat Von D Saint palette and the three cologne samples. The only thing that escaped the mess was the sample of YSL Tint-In-Oil because it was in a plastic bag. I actually made the mistake of opening the box while it was sitting on my bed so I even have a big blotch of black eyeshadow on my bedspread but that's my fault for ope ning it on my bed. Packing this up to return will be a real mess so I wanted to know what you want me to do. Thanks!
Sent my email 8/14 and a follow-up email 8/24 as that was the 10 days. NO RESPONSE to either email. As they said they would reply to all people by 8/31/15 whats the deal. I am still unhappy with Sephora for all of this. The fact that I have to post in a public forum to get a response is crazy. Especially since every time I post I just get snarky comments from other users and no help from Sephora.
  I've been trying to make a purchase online but it keeps saying " We're sorry but we are unable to process your order with the information provided. Please verify your billing information and try again." yet I have been charged for it 3 times on my bank account. How can I complete my purchase and remove those transactions?
I'm so disappointed with flash shipping.  I paid 10 bucks under the guise that flash shipping meant actual 2 day shipping.  I ordered something on Friday and it won't be delivered until Thursday.  Why did I shell out money for this supposed perk, if it's taking even longer than free ship?  I love Sephora but this is seriously a dud.  Taking out the weekend that's still four days!  Ridiculous.  Sephora needs to sort out their shipping if they're going to charge for this supposed perk.
Hi, my order says unsuccessful authorization, I would like to know what is going on?
Hello, I am a professional make up artist and VIB ROUGE member.  I was excited when I found out about the quadruple points and epic rewards, so much so that I spent about $3000.00 online stocking up on items for my professional kit.  I knew the date of the epic rewards opening up to the customers (VIB members and Beauty insiders) and called in advance asking for the specific time that they would start offering the rewards.  I literally stayed up for 24 hours, thinking that they might open it up at midnight.  I called and got their voicemail saying what their business hours would be, and that is when they would be available to talk to an actual person.  I called the minute they opened on two separate phones, to insure that I spoke to someone ASAP.  I got through, I again asked what time they would be offering the rewards.  I was told that it would be somewhere between business hours and that an email would be sent out.  That's fin, ok.  I am obviously signed up to receive sephora emails and my phone alerts me every time I get an email, the same way it would if I receive a text.  I literally had my phone in my hand ALL DAY.  Around 6 p.m. I called the VIB rouge phone number to see what was going on.  I got the message that all epic rewards were gone.  I spoke to a woman and she CONFIRMED, that they "FORGOT to send me an email."  I told her that was fraudulent and that I had received emails from Sephora that day about new fall lipsticks etc.. that it didn't make sense.  She again confirmed that she did not know why the email just simply was not sent to me.  So I was not even given an opportunity to participate.  This is completely false advertising.  I am curious if this has happened to anyone else?  I also expect this to be made up to me, of course the supervisor never called me back, like I was told.  I also coincidentally did NOT  get the email about receiving a $50.00 credit as an apology.  I have given Sephora so much business over the years.  I have worked internationally as a professional make up artist, I have worked with numerous celebrities, photo shoots, tv shows, runway etc.  I have literally done several clients make up and given them a face chart with every item used, written down and told them to go to Sephora, where they purchased EVERYTHING!!!.  I even have a beauty blog where I write about my favorite products and let people know that they are available for sale at Sephora.  I feel completely unappreciated as an excellent customer, and am absolutely livid!  I would like to hear about other peoples experience with the epic rewards program?  And who are these people that actually received one of these alleged rewards, as all I have heard is people writing about their experience of calling in or ordering online immediately only to be told they were all gone.  How many so called rewards did they actually have?  One of each?  It sounds extremely suspicious to me.  Thoughts? I can give you my website if you like.
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I sent my e-mail on August 12, 2015 with my beauty insider number, and e-mail address included but I haven't gotten a reply. It said that they would reply within 10 business days. It is now August 31, 2015 and I have not received any response than the automated response.
i placed an order about a week ago. i got an email saying that my order was received and money was taken from my account. i have not received a shipping email nor has my order been cancelled, yet my order status says "unsuccessful authorisation". i would like to know what is going on. i have sent multiple emails to sephora  and have not had any reply
I recently visited my closet Sephora (45mins away) and was very disappointed. There were no 500 pt perk sets available at the register so I asked the associate to check in the back. She did & found a L'Occitane set that I took. However upon opening the set only 2 items were in the box and maybe a small handful of the shredded black filler. It was almost like a return that items were missing from.  Also on the trip I renewed my VIB Rouge status & was told there was no renewal gift.  As a VIB Rouge customer I find this totally unacceptable that you wouldn't reward your loyal customers with a renewal gift?  I walked out very disappointed. How is it we spend $$ into a company we love but I personally sure didn't feel very much love in return. 
Hi,   I've sent out the package and it was received within 30 days of purchased, but I didn't get any email or anything since then. Can anyone help me take a look? Is there anything I can do now?   Thanks!   Moira
I had just decided to use my $50 Epic Rewards credit on an MUFE foundation, but every single shade of every single liquid foundation they make is sold out! Does anyone know if MUFE is discontinuing them? Or if Sephora is just not stocking them anymore?   So sad, because I had finally found a great colour match in the HD foundation :'(
I got a 500 perk from a physical shop last week on vacation but have since returned home and realized the perk made me break out badly even though the sales associate said it won't! Can I return it online and get my points back? Please help!
Why are so many items out of stock on the Canadian site? Not to mention the very minimal sample choices! I know the Sephora team is working hard but it's super frustrating when we Canadians have to play the guessing game on if items we saw 1 day will be in stock the next day!        On a side note,   how often does Sephora have the 2X, 3X, 4X rewards promotions? I always end up missing it!
Hi there- i was hoping someone can help upgrade my account status.  According to the total amount of my purchases I have already reached VIB Rouge status. A couple of my purchases, a SA forgot to log in my account so I had to call the customer service number to add them but for some reason unless manually totaled it doesn't recognize it. According to my purchases I have already spent $1061 prior to taxes. Please help. Thanks!   nhel 
Hello! While placing this order I put 2 of The Original MakeUp Eraser® In my cart. Yet when I received my order on Aug 26th I only received one of them. The rest of the items and samples arrived fine. I was going to return the extra makeup eraser to my local sephora anyway so is there a way to just get a refund on the missing makeup eraser?  I send in a request two days ago but haven't gotten a reply so I thought I would try the forum. The incident number on that request was 493383215   Thanks, Sarah
I used the promo code to get the free sample which one the Dr.Brandit exfoliater. 
I received a spear promo and it had lots of things I was interested and my husband threw it away. Is there someplace that I can look at it on line? thanks becky
Hello! I happen to have 3 accounts by complete accident, and I was wondering if I could delete the 2 accounts that I do not use. Thank you!
Hello!   i received an order today, but am missing one of the items listed on the packing slip. What's the best way to handle?   Thanks! 
I realy like to buy direct from sephora,could you send my order to Iran country? Plz answer my question
I ordered theTARTE Park Ave Princess Contour Palette a couple days ago when it was on sale and the price went from $34 to $26, I went to check on it and it says that the products is now out of stock and that my order was sent to the warehouse....Am I still going to receive it because I ordered it before it was out of stock..
Placed an order from the UK to be sent to my Auntie in America revived a confirmation email then another email to say my order has been canceled but my debit card has been charged im unsure what to do as I can't phone from the UK does any one have any ideas please?
i've heard people say in reviews that they've tried something & didn't like so they will be returning it. so.. you can return a product once you've used it? does sephora just toss it then?
How does the affiliate program work? I signed up ages ago but could never figure it out. I was approved for it, and when I went to the LinkShare site again, I still can't figure it out. Help!
Hi,   how can I link my beauty insider card to my online account?   Thank you