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I tried to get help over the phone, and they messed up my email address a bunch of times which is why I think I never got an email. Then today I tried to get help in store, but I was out all day and didn't get home fast enough to get on my email, and click the link that the sales associate sent. So now I'm trying again HAHA.. Please please help. :]
Hi,   I recently (about 2 weeks ago) ordered the "Ole La La Glow From Head To Toe Blockbuster Set" by Ole Henriksen. There are quite a number of items in the set so I didn't check all of them right away. Today I took out the "Truth is in the Eyes" tube and realized that it is leaking from the bottom of the tube - pretty unusual!  And it left a spot on the cardboard box where it was glued to also (please see photos), which I thought was just the glue before.   I realized that I could return the whole set, but the set is now sold out so I don't think I can repurchase it (all the other items in the box are fine). Is there a way I can get an exchange for just the "Truth Is In The Eyes Vitamin C Peel Concentrate"?   Thanks!
My online account and my Insider card is under the same email but the points I spend in store do not show up on my online account. How do i make it so it is all under the same account?
I just discovered that an Armani foundation I recently bought, does not show up on any e-receipt, my purchase or point account?
I can't seem to link my card to my account but I think my card might be linked to another account but I can't sign into my old account and I tried everything. All I really want is to know how many points I have and and to put my card on this account so I don't forget it again.  Thank You
I bought a "Urban Decay" iconic eye shadow from Sephora in a jcpenny and its not showing up on my purchased items or my points, im like 3 points away from 100 and not having that item is 18 more points towards my account.
Hi, you have cancelled my order and said "we have cancelled your order because we were unable to confirm your payment information." Can I know what is the problem and how to solve it? Please help detail answer. ((
I just canceled an order as it was incorrect.  If possible, would you kindly look into whether the cancellation has been accepted by the system yet?  I would like to place a nearly duplicate order (and am afraid an item might sell out) but don't want to do so until I know the original order has been confirmed as cancelled.  Thank you for your assistance.
For the first time ever I ordered some items online as a birthday treat to myself (I usually shop in stores since there's one close to my work). Well I opened the package today and the summer crushes set was missing :,( it's on my bill though, is it possible it's shipping separately? I was billed for it so what are my options?! 
I have 2 regular beauty insider accounts and one VIB all under the same email and I can only access one of the beauty insider accounts, and I'd like to combine my points too! Thank you!!!
I placed an order on and after my online account was linked to my store account I dont see my order number anymore? I have my order number and proof of payment, but the order isnt showing up on my profile. HELP???
I understand that numerous brands will not let Sephora send their products to the UK. I'm okay with this. I can buy them this side of the atlantic.   However I've always used Sephora brushes (as have my daughters), and when I tried to purchase some, I was told at checkout they couldn't ship to the UK.   Fortunately I'm back in Dubai in ten days, so I can pick them up there IF I have time, but it is a nuisance, as I won't be back in Boston till Christmas.
I bought a powder foundation a while ago and it definitely was not my shade. I want to return it but I don't have the receipt or packaging. I do have my beauty insider history that says that I purchased it. Can I still exchange it?
I need help connecting my Beauty Insider card to my online account? Thank you!
I want to link my VIB card to my online account/e-mail. I had trouble signing up with my e-mail in the store. I think they just went ahead and registered me without it. They couldn't find that I had an account -- but when they put in my e-mail it would come up as a duplicate. 
  I bought a hair straightener back in June online, recently it has stopped working.. Can I return it in stores if I don't have the receipt?
I went to sephora yesterday and forgot my beauty insider card. So the cashier asked me what's my email and she told me I have three accounts. I want to delet the two and only keep the one that has my updated info but I don't know how to login in to that. I need help!!
My husband made a purchase and saved the recipt so I could add the points to my VIB account. Can I do that online?
I don't know if my card is not linked properly to my profile or what the problem is. I still have the receipt, though.
Is Smashbox Masterclass III really sold out?  I have seen products that are "no longer available" come back in stock, and I would really like to know if this is the case with this pallet.  If it is I hope you can tell me when so I can scoop it up!
 I heard through the Grapevine that Sephora is discontinuing Dior's Crème de Rose Lip Balm ???  PLEASE tell me this is NOT true !!!  Many Thanks in Advance for Responding
ive been trying all day to find out how to ship to my canadian address but for some reason on the sephora website i "cant" ship to a canadain address its strictly american how can i change that?
I was so excited to get my Tarte foundation that was on sale for only $19 but when I got it it was expired for a few months. I threw the receipt paper and everything out already and the only proof of purchase I have is in my account and emails. I really want this foundation but I just want one thats not expired.
When I buy items online sometimes it doesn't work out, I usually return it in stores. I've never tried to return an online order by mail and I was wondering if Sephora charges the purchaser for shipping? I know some other stores provided a shipping label, but will deducted from their refunded amount. So if I bought a shirt for $20, I use their prepaid shipping label, they will deducted the $5 from my return so I really only got back $15 even though I paid $20 for it. Is Sephora like that or does the cost of returning an email by mail fully paid by Sephora? I am asking because I am looking into moving and may not be living as close to a Sephora anymore.
 Hello, I need to know  why am I getting an 'Unsuccessful Authorization' status?  Is there a problem with my order? Because the payment has been already authorized and confirmed by the bank and is on my credit card bill !    
hi, I'm not able to receive any email from sephora because the email id i provided has been blocked. can i change my email address for the same card? i don't wanna lose my VIB
Hi last year I purchased a the sultra seductress flat iron. I absolutely loved the iron. This morning when I went to turn it on it started beeping and making all sorts of noises and would not heat up. I do not have a receipt or box anymore unfortunately. Is there anyway I could still exchange it ?