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I have a Beauty Insider card and have had one for a while, but have just made an online account. Is there a way that I can link my existing card to my new online account?
I need help linking my Beauty insider card to my online account.
Everytime i go online it shows the wrong amount of points!
I recently became VIB rouge.  I got this great nars blush in a color I love.  I tried to purchase it but I am not able to.  Can anyone help me?  
Hi! I recently made a purchase at Sephora and used my Beauty Insider Card. However, when I check my account online, it says I still have zero points and no recent purchases. I made my card in store and perhaps somehow made another account using the same email online. If possible, could someone help me merge my accounts or help the points show up online as well? Thank you so much! 
How do I add my Beauty Insider/VIB card to my online account? I've looked at similar questions here, but everything seems to be responded with a PM.
I got an email today saying I am eligible for a spot in Sephora Play. I've gone through the steps to subscribe multiple times with multiple cards and it does not work. I get an unknown error message. What might the issue be? I would really like to subscribe while I have the chance.
Please somebody help me.. I'm trying to shop online but I wanna see my points 
How can i link my vib rouge card to my online account?
Hi i ordered from sephora last week and my package was suppose to be delivered this past saturday (the 24th at 1:32 pm). But the package wasn't at my front door or mail box or anywhere. I literally looked everywhere i possibly could & asked people on my floor in the apartment complex & nothing. Im concerned, this is my first time ordering from sephora & i didn't get my package even though ups tracking said it was delivered. Im truly upset, please what do i do?
Hi - when I checked into my order I saw it had been labelled unsuccessful authorisation - this is a gift for my sister, who's birthday is tomorrow, What does this mean and why isn't an email sent to alert you?    
I placed an order online about 20 minutes ago and found out that I was charged 3 times for the same order. I did not receive any confirmation emails, nor was I informed by your website that my order went through. I was stuck on the checkout page for 45 minutes trying to figure out why my billing information was incorrect and kept attempting to submit my order, but your website kept telling me to go back and verify my information. I demand a FULL refund for the 2 out of the 3 orders that were charged, and want the order I placed. This makes me very upset and I will make sure I call your services first thing in the morning, if I do not see a reply from your offices.
My order status is unsuccessful authorization. What does that mean and what do I need to do?
Hi,   Im just wondering what's going on with the AB Modern Renaissance palette restock? I've been waiting for almost 2 months and there is still no information on its restock. -Thanks
I would like to delete my Beauty Insider account and regular account.  How can I go about doing this?
This probably gets asked a lot, but how can I link my physical BI card to my online account? I've never order anything from the website before so I had to make an account, but I've had my card for years. 
Hi, when i went to Sephora yesterday I was rather SHOCKED to find out i only had a little over 100 points, considering the previous time i was there i had well over 300. I was even upgraded to a VIB the last time i bought something, which was just a little over a month ago. Today when i got on my account, I checked my "purchase history" and noticed a large amount of my purchases made this entire year are not showing up in my purchase history. The only purchase that is showing up is yesterday's purchase. Please help. I don't want to lose all of the points I've been saving up
I made my first purchase a few days ago and made several purchases yesterday. Everything (billing etc) went fine and my credit card has been charged. However when I checked  the purchase history, it was empty! I sent an email to the CS and they told me that all of my orders was cancelled because they  are unable to ship to the shipping address I have provided as it is associated to multiple people. Said it was a business decision and they are unable to make an exception. As a matter of fact it was actually a private address and I have never purchased any makeup except for an online brand and the transaction went successful multiple times so I don't know why the Sephora transactions was always cancelled.
(Sorry if this is in the wrong area I've never used this before) I keep getting this message whenever I press place order.. We're sorry but we are unable to process your order with the information provided. Please verify your billing information and try again. For assistance please contact Customer Service at 1-877-SEPHORA. The billing address is the exact same one as the one on my bank account, so I don't see the problem.
It has been a week since I lost my package. I made multiple complaint through email, but never got any response back. It is infuriating because it said that a rep will contact me back within 24 hours, but that is a lie. It has been a week now, still nothing. I made two purchased, one on Sep 8, 2016 and Sep 10, 2016, it was really concerning because I received the second purchased, but not the first one. At this point I just want my refund.
recently became a VIB when I went shopping at my local Sephora, but my VIB status isn't showing up on my online account-my online account only says that I'm a Beauty Insider. Is there a way to update my online status?
The Pure Color Sculpting Matte lipstick. In the shade Shameless Violet ( Item 1731546)
Hi! I recently made a purchase at my local Sephora and my points card was scanned, but the points do not seem to be reflected on my account online. Nor does it say I have any recent purchases. Any idea how long it takes to update and/or if it still will be updated despite the time?
I wanted to exchange a brand new mere $14 item, which was bought in store. I did not have receipt but I know you can always check my purchase history via my Rouge card. But cashier was not able to find it and refused to treat me and ignored me, while I stand there, confused and puzzled. I said, I can exchange it. I have never exchange anything in my life without receipt....never ever...I have been treated well in drug stores, where I rarely spend any money.    Thats why I dislike this specific store but there is only one Sephora in our tiny little city.    p.s. I have only returned 5 products, (3 were brand new sealed) in over 2 years of buying over $2000 worth of items. So I am not a 'bad returner'   
Hi, I was planning to buy the Foreo Luna Mini in store yesterday but people there told me Sephora don't sell it in store and i must purchase it online. However, my plan was to actually "feel" the foreo luna before i actually buy it. So now since I don't have this chance, and I'm scared that my skin won't like this cleansing device since there are mixed reviews on this product. Can I return the used foreo luna (or any cleansing device) in store? I heard some people told me that I can't since it's not a Sephora's brand. Thanks for your time
on my account, I still can't see what I'm getting because it's not shipped yet. Why it is coming so late when everyone else got their box already?
Hi, I purchased $198 pre-tax in-store yesterday which meant I would finally get to VIB (woo hoo!), but this morning I noticed they weren't showing up online, like they normally do.  The sales assistant scanned my BI card but obviously something happened.  Through the Chat service I've had the points added, but the purchase dollars haven't appeared so my YTD spend is missing the $198.  How do I get it added on?  Thanks!
I would LOVE to see a spot added for notes. For example, let's say I heard that a certain lip product was especially good for layering under lipsticks, but it wasn't stated anywhere in the summary/how to use/etc. It'd be great to have a little spot where you could add your own note about that. Or if you had read about a certain product via a specific website and wanted to note where you had found the review...   Just a suggestion!