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I'm trying to place an order on sephora, but I cannot click to enter in my information under billing. I've tried it during different times, different days, and on different browsers.   Specifically it wont let me enter my State/Region or City. A little red circle with a slash through it appears when I hover my cursor over it. The boxes are greyed out and say "Enter Zip First" despite it being entered already.   Thank you for your help!
Status of my recent order is unsuccessful authorization, could some one tell me what has happened?   I paid the order by Discover card, is that mean Discover is not acceptable? What should I do now?   Thanks for any help!
I have a VIB card in store and have never logged on to sephora online before. I'm not sure how to use this card on my account. Please help! I want to make an order soon and want to gain points on my card. Thanks
Will Tony Moly products be available to purchase in the US again?   I love their sheet masks and need to purchase more, but I get a message that says their products are no longer sold in the US.  
So I got an email from Play by Sephora notifying me that I was finally off the playlist. When I went to redeem my subscription, which was about 2 hours after the email came in and put a card for payment it wouldn't let me take the last step to redeem my play membership. The email said I had 8 days to redeem my membership. So seeing that for some reason I couldn't complete the last step because of an error message I sent an email to customer support. It sent me a message saying that it might take longer for them to respond to me, to which I had no problem. I just received an email from them which honestly sounds automated because they didn't address my issue nor did they even take the time or even care to read my email in detail. It simply gave me an automated response telling me that Play by Sephora has a waitlist and I have to add myself to the waitlist and it explained what play by sephora was. The person that responded to me didn't even take the time to respond any of my questions. This infuriated me because I waited 3 days to get a response which was a colossal waste of time since it didn't answer or address the issue I was having. When I tried using my invitation to Play by Sephora it told me that I was put on the waitlist again. Which frankly is dumb because I have been waiting all this time to finally get off the waitlist, which I did, just to be put back in and get my invitation until who knows when. The customer service support was lacking in various areas and honestly I don't feel like I'm being valued as a costumer. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this or if it is just me, let me know your stories or input to this by writing down below.
I just made a purchase and when I try to create a beauty insider account it says, " Create BI Account failed" can someone fix/help me with this?
I tried to order something last weekend, but I never got a shipping confirmation so I checked my order status online and it said that it had an unsuccessful authorization.What does that mean?
3 weeks ago I mailed the Hourglass foundation purchased on store. One of Sephora representative told me that they would not process the item purchased on store.( I didn't know they would not accept item from the store) I asked her if I can either get back my item to be able to return on store. And she told me that she will notify me later. I talked to her 2 weeks ago and yes... I still don't know if it has been proceed or not. So I emailed to customer service about this issue and they didn't reply me back. I don't know how long I suppose to wait. I have 1 month left to refund by cash so I really don't want to miss that chance.
First off, my apologies if there's already a convo thread on this and I'm starting a new one for no reason...   Is it "just me" or has Sephora Customer Service been atypically TERRIBLE lately????  Not trying to start a hate-Sephora rant here, but I'm a loyal beauty ("goo") junkie who has had the not-Sephora experience in recent months.  Store associates are disinterested, the hold time to call Customer Service is, well, FOREVER...and NO ONE ever responds to emails.  Captain Hurt Feelings over here, hearts my heart...We love you Sephora, where did you go?
I was missing an item from my order, and wrote to you guys about it 4 days ago and still do not have a resolution.
I need to change my Sephora play shipping address for May. It says the only way you can do it is to call... but I waited on hold for 25+ minutes. I'm hoping there is an easier way! Most subscriptions boxes let you change it yourself. 
Hi,   There is a clearogen 3 step kit which I am looking to try. However, the 3 step kit contains step 3 benzoyl peroxide. There is a sensitive skin option in which step 3 is the sulfur lotion. How come this option is not available? Is there a way to purchase the clearogen kit with the sulfur lotion instead of benzoyl peroxide lotion? Thank you.
Will there be a Sun Safety Kit this year? If so, can you share a release date?  
A while ago, I made a beauty insider account but then forgot I had it and made a new one, so now I have 2 accounts with points on them. Can I transfer points from one to another? Customer service told me at some point that that wasn't possible, but I've seen responses on other posts here saying it is. Thanks!
I need help linking my beauty insider card to my online account
How can I like to link my online account with my card? Thanks!
i tried to order the sale UD lipsticks this morning. Each time I tried I got a message saying unable to process your order with the information provided. I tried two different cards and neither worked. Then afterwards I checked my bank account and my debit card was charged FIVE TIMES and my credit card once. Yet, I still did not get to order the lipsticks. So I called the rouge line and the agent was extremely unhelpful!!! He told me the money has not actually been taken from my account, but it's a "hold" THAT WILL TAKE 1-7 BUSINESS DAYS to be returned!!!! Now let me tell you. The $200+ is DEFINITELY missing from my bank account t and I have rent to pay in two days!!! I need my money back! This is absolutely ridiculous and the agent on the rouge line was so so so unhelpful. He basically said what do you want me to do, I can't send you an oos product but here, have 100 points and maybe a deluxe sample will make you feel better? Like no!  He told me that my billing address is blank and he has no idea why. I have not changed my billing address on my account, I order from Sephora VERY frequently and have never had this issue before.  So basically - I tried to order the lipsticks. I didn't get them, they ones I wanted are OOS now and I am without $200 for 1-7 business days. That doesn't include the amount charged on my credit card too! That is just the amount taken directly from my bank account!! 
Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to put my problem, but I can't get help somewhere else. So I hope I can get help here. Last wednesday I went to the Sephora in Rivoli (Paris) to buy the Armani corrector in number 2. I asked a employee for it, but she apparently gave me the wrong product. Even though I showed her twice which product I wanted and asked her to dubbelcheck it. The problem is that I live in the Netherlands and wednesday was my last day in Paris. I bought it like one hour before I left to the Netherlands with the train. So I couldn't go back to exchange the product. I mailed my problem to the customer service of the french site, but they mailed me back that I can echange the product in the country I bought it with the receipt. It was like they didn't even read what I wrote. They also gave me a number, that doesn't even work. I send them an answer back and told the situation again. I even send photo's of the product, the receipt and my train ticket. But their answer was nearly the same. I'm pretty sure they ignoring it or don't understand it. This time they gave me another number. This was the number of the store where I bought the product. I called them, but they couln't help me either. They gave me the number of their webshop. I called them to, but the girl who took my call, didn't spoke english. So she coulnd't help me either. She asked me to call again tomorrow, because a college of her speaks english and she works tomorrow. The problem is that I don't believe she can help me and the costs of this phone calls are getting higher and higher. I already waisted 40+ euros for a product I didn't want and can't use. The customer service acts like I regret my purchase, but that's not the case. They gave me a wrong product. It's not my fault, but nobody's helping me. I hope I can get help here or at least get in contact with someone who can help me. Im really upset about this. Ik really wanted the corrector for so long, but we don't have it in the Netherlands So I was very happy to buy it in Sephora. Now I didn't get the corrector and waster my money. Sorry for my long post and mistakes. My English is not so good, but I hope my problem is clear. Can someone help me? Thanks!
i just created an online account but there was no link to add a number just to join beauty insider. I clicked that link but my points I have in store are not shown. Please help
Hi, I tried to sign up for BI but it keeps telling me "Create BI Account failed." Could anyone help me with this? Thanks.
Though i see that the double charge is due to a failed order attempt i still do not understand why i need to wait for up to 7 business days for this charge to drop off of my account. It is as though , until the charge has been taken off of my account that i spent over $100 dollars... if i was looking to spend $100 dollars instead of $50 i would have. This is something i feel Sephora needs to change, i see a lot of unhappy people on the boards due to these double charges. I don't think i will be shopping online with Sephora after this. 
I am disappointed that we cannot STILL use gift cards online for Canadian Sephora Online.  I’ve read posts from like 4-5 years ago which ALL of us Canadians are waiting for it to start up online.  For people who do not live close to a Sephora and lives hours away…it is so inconvenient!   When will this process start?   Also, can you use your CDN Gift Card on the US site? Does that work?
Hi there,   I ordered a foundation on March 2nd. After trying really hard to like the product, it's just not working for me. I not longer have the packaging, and my only form of showing I purchased it is the online info that was emailed to me when I bought it. Can I still return this? Thanks!
Hi, my order says unsuccessful authorization, I would like to know what is going on? And if it has been cancelled I want my money back as it has already been taken.  I ordered few products 2days ago, and when I checked my bank account today, the amount of payment was paid properly, however, my status is "Unsuccessful Authorization".
I got a beauty insider card in store last week and made an account on here today and it says I have no previous purchases/points. How do I fix this? I have my beauty insider card and my receipt still also.
Hi, my order says unsuccessful authorization, I would like to know what is going on?