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hello. if anyone can assist me. I just realized that my past purchases in-store never showed up on my account even though I gave the my email/ my beauty insider card when I made my purchases. Only my online purchases show up in my feed. Is there anyway to fix this? =[
Hi! I recently made a purchase at Sephora and used my Beauty Insider Card. However, when I check my account online, it says I still have zero points and no recent purchases. I made my card in store and perhaps somehow made another account using the same email online. If possible, could someone help me merge my accounts or help the points show up online as well? Thank you so much! 
I recently purchased something online and I'd like to return it. I don't have the order summary or the return form. How do I go about returning this?
I just went to Sephora and I signed up, but when I went online I realized that already had a different account in which my points are not in. What do I do to get my points?
I made an online purchase last night and no points were added to my beauty insider card. How do I fix this? Please help!
Hello, can someone please help me merge my Sephora card with my online account?
I think I may have gotten a bad tube of Pout.... I got the smaller more vivid one in last years give me lip set (I just started using it) but the one I got in this years seems like it has hardly any pink pigment and just seems... Lame.... Or did Smashbox redo the formula since then??
I am not sure what to do.. my previous transactions do not show up and my online account says I have 0 points and I am a VIB so I know I don't have 0 points.. I haven't redeemed anything either. 
Hi, can someone please help me sync my points / sephora card with my online account? I'm hesitant to make any online purchases now. 
I recently bought something at sephora and I checked on my account and its not showing my points or my purchases. When I bought my product the cashier told me how many points I have but I don't remember. Help
Hi! I'm totally heartbroken that Korres volcanic mascara has been phased out and that we (people with the mascara in their purchase history) weren't at least given any kind of warning =\. Maybe in the future you guys can let people who've bought a certain product know before you get rid of it in stores.   What is a good alternative to this mascara?
I have a VIB card, but I have idea how to connect it with my online account, can somebody help me?
I need help with a return. Every time I get a chance to call the Sephora phone number it is closed
Hey, I just made an online purchase of 94$ not including taxes, but i only got 79 points added to my VIB account?
I'm really disappointed to see that Canadians are not offered the discount on the new Makeup for ever eyeshadows. We already get charged so much more. Even though the colours are great, I will not be buying from this line because Canadians are not getting the same discount. Please forward this to whoever deals with this and hopefully it can change.
I forgot to give the cashier at Sephora my beauty insider card, the points would have brought me up to a VIB, and called customer service. They said because it was over $100 I had to email a picture of the receipt to I enclosed the picture along with my issue. This was several days ago and I've yet to receive a response. Can someone just add these points on for me already?
Hello,   Can someone help me sync my VIB card with my online account?
How do I sync my VIB sephora card to my beauty insider account online?
I just got my VIB welcome 10% off coupon. It says on the card that this coupon will expire after 30 days of my VIB qualification date. However I have heard that this coupon actually can be used within 90 days from the date I became VIB. Is this true? I want to save this for Holidays items coming in November.
I got a Beauty Insider Card in June when I made my 1st Sephora purchase (Sephora in JCP).  About a month or two later I finally created an account online.  Was there a time limit for the purchase and points to "transfer?"  Ever since I created the online account nothing has showed up and I've been too busy to stop in and ask about it.  I no longer have the receipt, but I purchased the Sephora Favorites Frangrance Sampler ($22 - $37 value) and an additional free fragrance with coupon.  My friend made a similar purchase (same sampler, different additional fragrance) and her purchase and points are showing for her.  Did I do something wrong?!
as described on title. I am placing an order and it hasnt offered me my two gifts for my birthday day month? How do i access it to my order?
Hi,   Is there a reason that the Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2 eyeliner set is showing up in the sale section on the Canadian site, but is still regular price on the US site?  This seems very strange to me to list an item for sale in one country but not another, as it is still the same company selling the same product regardless of the location. Thank you! 550631
I forgot to use my BI card on my recent purchase. Can I still get my points added to my account?
I was charged twice. I attempted to order the V1 palette yesterday from Tarte. But my internet was acting funny so I wasn't sure if the order went through. I checked my bank account and discovered i was charged but I had not received an email from Sephora and my purchase history said nothing was bought. So I just ordered the palette right now. Will I be able to get my money back from the first purchase? Even if I never got a confirmation email from Sephora
I see that lots of others have had the same trouble with missing samples. I hardly ever shop at the Sephora store just because they never have any samples at all.  :-(   So I order online especially to try out new things. Some of my favorites have been discoveries I've made only because of samples, e.g., Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Aventure: Once I tried the sample, I couldn't wait to buy it! (I actually got it at the store, because I couldn't wait!) So it is just so, so disappointing when I don't get the samples along with my order. It happened again today. I tore apart all the packaging and the paper filler and everything, just couldn't believe my Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation sample wasn't in there, especially since it is listed on the packing slip. But it's not there. I could understand if they ran out of a particular sample and replaced it with something else, but that's not the case. This is not the first time it's happened, either. I've always felt like, well, it's a freebie, I shouldn't complain, but now it's happened again and I do feel like it shouldn't be offered if it's not going to be fulfilled. My customer experience: Not So Good.
I just logged on to ebates, and I no longer seem to be able to find Sephora? Is this actually happening?