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i received the order I placed on 5/1/15 but all of the samples were missing (Chloe eau de parfume, guerlain meteorites baby glow, and Estée Lauder advanced night repair). Not sure what happened
Hi, so I'm trying to add this item to my cart. akeup-kit-P393980?skuId=1642925 It says that "  Each item will display separately when added to your basket for a total price of $47 ."   The problem is that it does add it to my cart, but for a total of $55, not $47. See screenshot. I'm in canada. Can I get the promo price? Thanks!
Hi I just placed an order of $75 but when I check my points I was only credited with 63 points. Shouldn't it be 75 points? What should I do?
Hi,   I was wondering if this product will be restocked.    LAURA MERCIER Face Illuminator Powder ITEM 1677731 SIZE 0.35 oz COLOR Indiscretion   Thanks!    
I used to buy all my LORAC items from Sephora but then suddenly it got discountinued. Why did Sephora stop selling this brand is beyond me and i'm sure many die hard fans out there are wondering the same I really don't want to give my business else where as i do all my beauty shopping at Sephora since it is the only store that carry many unique brands from both skincare and makeup. I'm just so sad that i can't buy LORAC there anymore, and i know the rest of beauty addicts out there understands how fraustrating it is to find it in Canada! LOL  Buying it online from Nordstrom and shipping from the states is just too costly. I really hope Sephora would start selling LORAC again in the near future...or at least make it available online for us.
Are some things ineligible for points? I have a couple of things that didn't count or show up on my purchase list  while others from the same receipt are there? for example a clarisonic, and a peeling gel? I still have my receipts just wasn't sure if it was a mistake or just the way it is. 
I recently purchased some products from Sephora without using a card. Is there a way to redeem the points from the receipt?
I have a Sephora card that I got from the store and I have an online account but they're not combined.. is there any way for me to make an account for my card , get a card for my online account or even combine them? THANKS!!!!
Hi, I've had a sephora rewards card for about two years. Now that I want to create an account online I'm not sure how it works. I think I made two accounts by accident and both of them have 0 rewards in them. Can someone please help
I made a purchase yesterday and although I handed the salesperson my VIB card it seems as though she forgot to run it through and I did not receive my points. Is there anyway for me to redeem those points? I still have the receipt and everything.
Hey Sephora Friends, I recently purchased the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night oil. Does anyone know if it's meant to be used every night? How often should I use it?
I was told I could add my purchase online since I didn't have my card in store.  I can't find anywhere this could be done.
I tried to link a youtube video and it gives an error. Watch the linked youtube video and you can read the error for yourself.
I am a VIB and i have not been getting any emails. I already added but even that has not helped. Please help me!
I just got a VIB card but it's not showing online
I started this thread but no one is moderating it. I sent a private message to the mod but didn't get an answer. rouble-getting-the-right-price-on-the-EST%C3%89E-L ...   I want to order the kit, can you please help me? Thanks.
why was the thread regarding the points deleted ?? That seems very sketchy.
I have never received VIB emails. The only ones I get are when I have  made purchases and if I want to be notified if a product in in stock. I didn't know that you could save your points. I thought 500 was the limit on rewards. 
My mom gifted me a Foreo Luna (Ultra-Sensitive) - I didn't realize until after I'd begun to use it that it wasn't the right one (Sensitive/Normal) that I'd wanted.  I don't have a the receipt and would prefer not to let my mom know I'm returning it.  My local stores only have the mini, how can I exchange it for the correct one?  Could/Should I just exchange in store for the mini?
I placed an order on April 30th, and it still has not shipped yet. I expected my order to be here today (May 5th), but it hasn't even been sent out yet. I chose the free, 3 day ground method, and this is the first time that I have ordered from Sephora online. What is going on?
I have signed up for an online account on Sephora but can't find where I can link my VIB card to my online account. Please help.
I made a purchase in store about a week ago and I have not received the credit toward yearly spending or the points from my purchase. Can I please have help correcting this issue?  Thanks so much!!
Hello My debit car was charged twice, but it shows i only made 1 order. How can I get the other charge canceled?   Thanks
I have a Beauty Reward card, and have made purchases, but it does not say i have any points online, while they said i did in the store? i have never logged on before, and decided to today. 
Hi, I've just realised I have item missing from my online order number, the fresh firming overnight mask, I'm devastated 😓😓😓
Do you offer store pick up for online order?
Hi, I just created a beauty insider card online but I can't seem to link my actual beauty insider card with it! PLEASE HELP?!
I finally went to a Sephora store to get all the stuff in my loves list. When I went home and opened my new bottle of the Josie Maran powder exfoliator, I realized it was almost half empty! Is it supposed to be like this??
How do I do this so I can order products online and still add on to the points I already have on my VIB card?