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Hi, I would like to link my beauty insider card to my online account! please help, thanks!
I have been trying to place an international order for about an hour now and keep receiving the following error - even though my payment details are correct.   We're sorry but we are unable to process your order with the information provided. Please verify your billing information and try again. For assistance please contact Customer Service at 1-877-SEPHORA.
I just ordered online and I was charged twice. Both charges are still pending but it just worried me a bit because this has never happened to me before on here, and I order on Sephora quite often. If any one has had this problem or knows how to help it would mean a lot. Thanks!
I was wondering if there was a way to figure out which email is set up to my VIB card so I can access it online?
I have beauty insider on my online account but the cashier at the store could not seem to find mine when making a purchase. I have not received a card or anything and would like to transfer my recent in-store purchases into points. Please help!
So annoyed that I was waiting for certain products to arrive this week and my order arrived today missing 2 items. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and Shiseido Eyelash Curler pads. The only thing that made it into the order was Beautyblender Blotterazzi and some samples.   Is this a normal occurrence? How do they go about addressing this?   I took a break from shopping from Sephora VIB Rouge and started shopping at Nordstrom, Saks, Bergdorf's and Neiman Marcus due to better goodies, GWPs, and service. Wondering if I should just permanently stop after several bad Sephora experiences.  
My order status is unsuccessful authorization.  what should i do??
do you accept visa debit cards?
I earned 150 insider points from the beauty shake-up game and im not sure how to use the points online. I clicked the link on my email, but when it takes me to the website my insider points balance is 0. Im not sure what to do, plz help!
 Is there a way to add Beauty Insider points from a recent purchase?  I wasn't asked for my phone number/account information at checkout.
I've tried playing the Beauty Shake-Up game twice and both times was given an error message saying something went wrong. Since we're only allowed one play a day I've been unable to try it again. This has happened on two separate devices. I haven't received any codes to my email either. Any idea what might be causing this?
I had an older Beauty Insider card, but I was upgraded to VIB a couple months ago. Neither the original Beauty Insider card nor the VIB card are connected with my online account at the moment, and I wanted to fix this if I could.
I just bought 3 skin care items on Sephora Yorkdale, but on my past purchase it only showed up 2 items! I bought skincare product during this week because it's double the points. Can someone help me with this issue?
I forgot the email I used to create my beauty insider card in store, I was wondering if there was a way to figure it out.
Hi, my order says unsuccessful authorization, I would like to know what is going on?
I recently bought an eyeshadow palette on the little clearance cart and tested it out last night, but I wasn't really happy with the way it looked on my eyes. I still have the receipt, but I was wondering if I can return it. Also, if possible, please give me some reccomendations for a champagne/nude palette that's affordable for an unemployed highschool student, my homecoming is in two weeks! Thank you!
Hi,   Is there any way we can request sephora to carry a brand? Specifically...Paula's Choice? It would be amazing if you did!  Thanks
There seems be 2 items from the collection active and live, and 2 that are not. Were these 2 items just not released online for sale yet or have they already been sold out?
Hi, i just recently purchased 50$ worth of product and added the promo of 150 beauty points from the beauty grab bag, it said it would be awarded after checkout and it still has not been awarded.
I recently visited the Sephora store in Millbury Mass. I have been a customer there since the store opened. Ive had a few bad customer service experiences, but nothing like my most recent one. I quickly stopped in from work to pick up a few items. While I was shopping I stopped by the front desk and asked the lady in the register if I they had a bathroom. She ROLLED her eyes at me and asked another associate over the headset "can this lady use OUR bathroom" there was a pause and few seconds later she ROLLED her eyes again and said "I know" she then looked at me and said "no you can't use our bathroom, there is one at barnes and nobles about 6 stores down" then without allowing me to answer took the customer behind me. I then approached a manager and asked for help with a color, she told me I had to wait because they only had one makeup artist. Yet she was having a conversation and trowing small boxes playfully with 2 other girls. So now I have to use the bathroom, can't use theirs, but have to wait because the manger and 2 other staff members are playing around talking about their weekend and trowing boxes at each other. I left the store and called customer service who basically took my information and said the manager from the store would call me. I simply requested an apology and wanted an opportunity to discuss my dissatisfaction. The lady on the phone told me all she could do was take my information and offered me 25 beauty points. Excuse me ? I didn't call looking for a gift nor is 25 beauty points going to make my experience better. I would like an apology and I wanted someone higher up to know exactly what "management" does and what they allow. It's been one week and still no phone call. Either they get that many complaints and they need more than one week to call or they are ignoring me. Needless to say I am boycotting Sephora until someone cares about my experience. Treat your customers right. 
I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that there should be a way to cancel an order, and even when I call to get a reason why I can't cancel an order instead of just "We can't cancel an order.". It's 2015. Almost any major website allows cancelation of orders. At the very minimum I just wanted to switch the card I put the transaction on, and that wasn't even allowed. For a large purchase, that's just insane. 
My order said it delivered October 1 & then I never got it so I waited 3 days like Sephora said & Still nothing so I sent emails & emails to sephora but I have got nothing back in return it's been days now!
I bought the Lash Stash to go becauseI thought it would be a great way to try out some new mascaras and see if I liked them or not & then be able to get a full sized product when I narrowed down my choice. On the front of the package it even says " Exchange enclosed mascara voucher in Sephora stores for a full size featured mascara" so when I made my choice I went to my local Sephora store & got told that I can't redeem it there.  Why you might ask? Because it can only be redeemed at a stand alone Sephora. ...meaning I can't even redeem it a either.I am none too happy about this because there are not any stand alone stores anywhere close to where I live so this voucher is essentially useless!!!    I really feel that the packaging is misleading and that I wasted my money. Yes I got to try 5 different samples to see what I liked best but that is not the point. I was all happy & excited to get a full size version of the one I liked and insteas I have a useless voucher! Boo on Sephora for this!
Hi, my order just shipped but I've found out that there is no street number in address! Please help me, I don't want it to be lost!
I am just noticed that my order was in status of unsuccessful authorization. I called to cancel my order. It is really disappointed! Please let me know exactly know what's going on. I want to know the reason. I don't expect that will happen again for the next order.
I recently purchased some products from Sephora without using a card. Is there a way to redeem the points from the receipt?
Placed my first online order with Sephora. Order arrived with no samples. I'm confused as to why they weren't included with my order. I spent time researching and selecting my samples, and received nothing. The samples were why I chose to buy from Sephora over other options. Why are free samples advertised if they aren't distributed?