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I was not credited the points from my in-store purchase from yesterday. I am finally *supposed* to be a VIB Rouge member, and was expecting to have the associate acknowledge that and give me a new card with the other benefits, just as they had done when I became a VIB member. However, the store was especially busy and the associate took me beside the counter and used a handheld device to ring my purchase. She seemed very rushed and a little flustered; the machine was giving her some problems. She scanned my VIB card and I knew that my purchase was more than what I needed to become a Rouge member, but she said nothing. She mentioned my previous amount of points so I assumed that my card was credited and I didn't want to question her because I knew she was feeling busy - I worked retail for years, I can empathize! Now I wish I had pressed the issue.   I called customer service today, got my points added but had to fill out a form to be sent to someone else to "approve" my Rouge status, which may take up to TWO WEEKS! And she said that they will ask me to send in my receipt! Who has time for that? Keep in mind that I have had to spend over $1,000 to become a Rouge member and I chose to buy 2 pricey Fereo products at Sephora because I wanted the additional points. I could have purchased them elsewhere.   I'm so disappointed that I have to wait just to have someone address my problem, and then have to send in proof when it could have been handled correctly at the time of purchase. This is a warning to future customers that don't want to inconvenience anyone else! You're the one that's inconvenienced in the end.
I used to receive promo emails before my beauty status changed to vib.  my sister has been receiving emails, but I have not and do not understand why.
When I was entering my Birthday information I accidentaly put in April 8th instead of February 8th.  I can't find the place to change it. Is there any way to fix my mistake?
today is my birthday. But I want to go Sephora next week.  Even if I visit next week, Can I get birthday gift?? Until when is it possible to get birthday gift? Thank you .
I have been a VIB member for years. however when i buy online I can't add my VIB account information 
I hadn't received any emails other than shipping/order confirmations since I went Rouge. I have missed out on a lot of promos and new product memos because of this  Can I get any help to get the promo emails back? Right now, I have to rely solely on the generosity and kindness of the other beauty insiders on BT for promos, news and codes.
Hello. I've actually been a VIB for a while just didn't know what it meant or that it came with anything. I have 1600+ points. And I see there's free seasonal gifts and stuff, which I've never received, I don't think I've even got a birthday gift so I'm a little upset come to find out there's all these perks which no one explained and I've spent so much money. how do I get these seasonal gifts and can anything be done on all that I've missed out on?
I bought something in store, and i use 200 points to get two clearer toner. However, I saw the online record they don't record my purchase, only reduce my points to -124.
Hi, I recently bought some products and I wasn't able to get a member card in store because I was told you were out of them. The lady at the desk told me I could redeem them online after, but I can't figure out how.
I had a horrible experience at the Chestnut Hill, MA location recently. Infact, I left the store in tears and went and cried in my car. I called to book an appointment for a complimentary makeover, because I renewed my VIB status for 2015. I arrived on time for my appointment. When I entered the store an employee asked me if I needed help, I told her I was here for my free makeover and she immediately became defensive. She said that they don’t take walk in appointments. I told her that she misunderstood me, and that I did have an appointment. She rolled her eyes and called for the manager. The manager was polite and told me that nobody scheduled my makeover, but she implied that she thought I was lying about making an appointment and pointed that the girl who was working on the day I booked was currently working and SHE SAID she received no calls for an appointment today. I was sat in a chair with another employee. The first thing she said is “you know, you really need to make an appointment”. I made an appointment. It’s frustrating because I know all the employees were talking about me and clearly telling one another I was lying about the appointment that I made.   I told the associate helping me that I wanted a natural full face of make-up and also wanted to be matched to a foundation. I told her I have dry skin and the first two foundations recommended to me I had tried and disliked. She told me she had no idea what to pick. Your employee has no idea? I explained to her that I previously had cystic acne (so I have some pigmentation on my skin from scarring) and that typically my skin was dry. She kept telling me that we can’t really do anything unless the skin underneath the foundation is clear, and that you have to treat the underlying cause. I did treat the problem (acne) now all I have is dry, flakey skin and your telling me that no foundation is going to work on it? She made me feel so hideous and felt like I’d never be beautiful, even with make-up. She kept messing around and just staring at me, asking me what I’d like to do, seeing as she couldn’t think of a good foundation. I said I heard Nars might be good. She applied it on my skin. It looked okay, she put two different powders on each cheek, both made the foundation cake up in my T zone. At this point, she wasted 35 minutes telling me that my quest for perfect foundation was useless because I have an incurable problem. She then told me I had only 10 minutes left, and didn’t offer to fix the foundation. She quickly applied some neutral shadows, eyeliner and a swipe of blush. I still had the nasty cakey foundation on with two different powders. She didn’t even bother to put mascara, fill in my eye brows or a swipe of a lip product. I looked like a clown. I mentioned the mascara, and she said oh I thought you had some on. I had no mascara on and my eyelashes were caked in white eye shadow from her application. I felt so ugly and she rushed me away. I left the store, and burst into tears when I saw myself in my car. As a VIB insider I do spend a lot of money, and I was willing to purchase foundation and other products going into the makeover. But according to your employees, I am a liar and I have horribly incurable dry skin that foundation won’t fix. I am deeply disappointed with my service and think it is inexcusable that three of your employees didn’t treat me with respect. This makeover is supposed to be a treat because I spend so much money, what is the point of offering it if your employees think it’s a chore?   ON TOP of this I wrote an e-mail to your customer service department and received a response that my complaint was received and it would be forwarded to the correct contact within Sephora and I would receive a response in 5-7 business days. On Monday (the 8th business day) I wrote a reply email and have yet to receive a response. Tomorrow marks 13 business days from my original email. Will I ever get a response? I am not asking for the world here. I do not want free store credit or anything else. I just want another make-over, properly done and the employees to understand that it is not okay to lie and make the customer feel this horrible. The employee that did the makeover needs a serious lesson in customer service and clearly should not be doing make-up and the whole store needs to not talk behind the customers back. How can you treat someone who spends so much money in your store that way?
Hi. I just bought clinique clinical dark spot corrector . It said on the product description that it comes with a free sample of their best selling foundation.  I didn't receive anything like that. Could you lmk if their is anything I can do? Thank you!
Approximately  a week ago I purchased an item to try out . I am pretty new to Sephora so I was not aware that the price was such a good deal . After trying the product and doing as little research I decided to go back and get a few more of the skin care sets .  They are limited edition sets and were ringing up at 18$ . When returning to the store they were ringing at $35 , so I decided to wait and check online . The item is no longer available online at all. It does not even show up . I can see it when I click on my online list of purchases but the link is dead . It seems to be discontinued , and I have called allover the various Sephora stores nearby to try and see if it is also ringing up at the higher price but no one has this item .  My question is >>  what is the usual procedure for Sephora when an item is discontinued  , and was previously listed as  being on a clearance type price then suddenly drops off the face of the earth but pops back to the original price . ??
Hi,, I purchased few items in store and earned points. Now I created online account to purchase few items. But hoe do I merge in-store points online ? Is it possible?
Recently ordered a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow, swatched it, didn't love it and was wondering if I could return it to a SiJP even though it was purchased online and they don't carry Bobbi Brown?
Hi, i bought 6 things at the sephora retail store, and 2 of them are not showing on my account, what should i do?
I recently purchased some products from Sephora without using a card. Is there a way to redeem the points from the receipt?
I recently made a purchase at a Sephora and the cashier forgot to swipe my VIB card. Is it possible to still obtain the beauty insider points if I have kept my receipt?
I have used the tarte Best In Faux Lash Extending Fibers. I have had it maybe 2 weeks ago. Whenever I use this product my eyes burn and get super red. Can I take this product back? I have the box but it is opened. I also ordered online and don't know where the package sheet is (most likely thrown away). What can I do?
I bought a blush a couple of years ago used it once and didn't like the color so I never use it. Can I still return it or exchange for a different color?
I made a $20 purchase on 1/26/15 at my local SiJCP, and the transaction shows up on my Purchases page, but the points aren't showing up. Any help?
So I bought my Clarisonic Mia 2 in April 2014 and now its broken. The on/off button doesnt seem to be working properly...when I press it it doesnt turn on and sometimes it would turn on automatically when its laying around undisturbed...also it keeps vibrating when I charge it. I bought mines at Sephora and did register it on the Clarisonic website. I called the Canadian Clarisonic toll free number to open a claim and was told to try charging it continuously for 24 hrs to see if it would fix the didnt.    I'll be calling them again tomorrow but I'm just wondering if any Canadians have had any success in getting a replacement for their Clarisonic of if I will be getting the runaround. 
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Hi, I have a beauty insider account and upon figuring out in store (a store associate told me) that I have two accounts somehow (no wonder my points didn't seem to grow and most of my purchases were not being counted) I called the customer service line. First dealt with rude rep and then called back and all they could do was "link" my accounts and add my latest purchase which I still had the receipt for (which wasn't showing up). She went ahead and linked and added my last purchase (and told me that some other person was linked to my account, which meant they had probably used my points). Now I just spent close to $200 and it's not appearing AGAIN. Not sure what is going on but I know I should have waaaay more than 300 points in the last year. Something isn't adding up. help!
I received gifts from Sephora for Christmas. My mother called to place the orders and was told that the beauty points could be added to my account if she wanted, she said yes. However, they have not been added to my account. My mother doesnt seem to have the receipt anymore either, so I am not sure what to do about this mix up. Again, during the purchasing of the products, my mother was told the points would be added to my account, and they were not. Is there anything that can be done?
I had bought the ABH Contour Kit close to a year ago now I think, or whenever it came out, and it just doesnt work for me. I cant seem to find the receipt for it but I was wondering if I can do an exchange?
How can I opt out of these without opting out of all emails? I am spammed with these all the time but would like to continue receiving promo emails.   Additionally, I've written 4-5 reviews... NONE of which were approved (which blows my mind as they have ranged from 1 star to 5 star) and I'd rather contribute my reviews to a website that isn't obsessed with censoring 
             If i do not like a product, can i exchange/return it, even though i don't have a receipt and the box is open? 
When will I receive my double points for my skincare purchases? Thanks