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I was wondering if anyone could help me with my beauty insider account. I am a VIB and have points from shopping in store but my online account says I have 0. How do I get my points and status to show up online?
Hi! I made an in-store purchase Friday night and it has not shown up on my account. I just made another purchase in-store this morning and this has shown up. Can someone help me get the other points on there? thanks!
i need help linking my online account and my BI card from in store can someone help me?
Can I put my 100 reward in my own shade? If so, how
I just realized that my account have the incorrect birthdate, I am not sure how that happened as it's been correct for the past years. It says jan 1 right now as my birhdate but my actual birthdate is feb.18. Would anyone know how to correct this? thanks.
After placing my order it said there was an error. Yet, sephora took out the total amount from my bank account!!!! I looked on my previous orders to see if it was in there & nope- nothing. So why are you guys taking money out of my account if you did not send my order? This is a lot of money im spending & should not be taken lightly. Is my order on its way? Or is my money going to be refunded??
my order says unsuccessful authorization even tho I've been charged I want to know the problem It's my first time ordering too please help
Spoiler (Highlight to read)     Why does my order status say "Unsuccessful Authorization" when they payment was immediately taken from my account after confirming my order?
I received an VIBR code V436CB for 10% off. Can I use this code at Sephora store?
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The search bar on Sephora,com doesn't work. No matter what I type in to search for the response is the same. Below is an example of the result I got after searching for "hourglass":  
i just placed an order and forgot to add samples! Is there a way to go back and add them in order?
I ordered YSL Fusion Ink foundation on 12/3. I've only used it a few times and each time it is leaking out the top. I've decided the seal has to be broken for this to keep happening, I have never had this happen before with this product.   I received a faulty product (broken seal on lid). I request a refund (no replacement, I already repurchased something else) and I can try to ship it back in a bag so it doesn't leak in the shipping container but I don't want to be charged for a leaking product. Please help, thank you.
Thanks Sephora...    in 2015 I attempted to place about 5 orders online. All cancelled. Reason: Unsuccessful Authorisation.  On perfectly good credit cards, that works at every other online store and physical store. I used the same credit card at the Sephora store and they magically work. But No not the online store.   WHAT THE HELL?!   Finally December 2015 I was able to put through an order. I was so glad. I place an order for something special, but the order was cancelled AGAIN. Is there a limit to how much we can order online or what?   Whats the deal Sephora? I would really like to move from my VIB status to VIB rouge, but if you don't want me to purchase from the online store. Surely you can just send an email and say so?   Does the online billing / authorisation team play games with which orders to approve? Please do not say they do it for security blah blah... I work in IT security this kind of inconsistency is ridiculous.  
I placed two orders using 4 egift cards (2 each). One order was successful and the other one had an "unsuccessful authorization" - which I wasn't notified about! I had to open up my order history! I was wondering why shipping was taking so long and much to my surprise, my order didn't go through WITHOUT ME BEING NOTIFIED. So I placed the same order. AGAIN, UNSUCCESSFUL AUTHORIZATION. THIS NOW THE THIRD TIME I AM PLACING THE ORDER. THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS. Can anyone assist?
I am beyond upset. held back. exception, returned to center, will redeliver monday. this package was supposed to be in my hands on the third, i ordered it since last month 30th. it got held up. yesterday i had to spend hours on the phone to finally get them to redeliver today. then what do i get? the ups guy in front of my house and taking hte freaking package back.    what do ups cs and sephora cs say? oh, that there were updates in the account and now yadadada? the update was done by the ups agent who so kindly helped me out yesterday and told me it was there but it wasnt sorted at the place for pickup, even though before that i was told i would get an email of the time to pick up the freaking package.    okay just enough is enough. refund my money, take your package back since ups still has it, and i'm pretty sure i'm going to get more freaking bs about it not being able to be delivered. i'll just order it from the website itself and hopefully they use usps or fedex. this is freaking ridiculous. f your 250* points. They mean nothing if this ups service is crap. For all I know, that 70 dollar bottle is broken by now. 
I placed an order yesterday. Today I received an email that the package has been shipped. That's when I noticed it is going to my old address and I won't be able to receive the package there!! The tracking link isn't available yet. Is there any way to have the package returned or rerouted to my correct address? please help!
While checking out it said my billing information wasn't correct so I refreshed it and tried again, it said it did not go through but my credit card was charged twice. It is still pending but the money was taken out of my account. I talked to my bank but they said until it completely goes through they can't do anything. 
My sephora card has points on it that don't show up online. Need help linking my card to my email!  
After a rough day at the office, I was looking forward to my Sephora packages today.  I had placed two orders with a $200 giftcard I got for christmas, I thought it odd that one was being delivered by UPS and the other by OnTrac.  I prefer UPS as the driver leaves the packages tucked nicely on the side of my entry way whereas, OnTrac, literally tosses it and usually leaves in near my front entrance.  I've never had a problem until today.  My package from OnTrac showed that it was delivered, my husband and dog were home, didn't hear anything, no barking, no sound of a vehicle in front of our house.   I immediately call Sephora customer service, while on hold, I cut up an avocado made some guacamole and enjoyed a snack while waiting, as I continued to hold, I changed out of my work clothes, shoot an email to the first mod I found that has helped others, look at the time, it was over 20 minutes, I decided to use my other phone and call OnTrac directly.  Well they tell me the package was delivered and that I should call Sephora, I let her know I've been on hold with Sephora and let her listen to the hold music.    End of conversation, she noted that I called.     At the 30 minute mark, a sephora rep finally gets on the line.  By now, I'm clearly aggrevated but the rep was calm and nice, put me on hold to call OnTrac, fine do what you have to do, find my package.  She gets back on the line only to frustrate me further, I will have to wait 8 days while an investigation goes on.  Investigate that my package was delivered to the wrong address, how will they know that?  While our call was coming to an end, my door bell rings and guess what it's my other package being delivered, I yell to my husband is it UPS or OnTrac????  Wishful thinking, it was my reliable UPS guy.  Sephora rep says let me look up your other order, I told her I don't need her to look up my other order, it's here.  Find my other order. No reassuring I'll get my goods or at least my giftcard funds back?  What about the 30 minutes of holding?   The stellar service I got for my time and frustration was compensated with 100 pts.  and a 8 day waiting period.  My husband clearly seeing my frustration promises to order me my goods and ship it to the office.   For those that have had missing packages please tell me the money or goods actually get back to you.....  Sorry for the Rant.
Will I get my order soon? I also ordered Yves st Laurent babydoll mascara yesterday and that also says sent to warehouse. What does this mean?
Hi guys, let me explain to you (step by step) my ordeal with Sephora.   January 27, 2016 -  {First order} I spend $123 - Spend 100 points on the Lancome Cils Booster Mascara which ISN'T in the package, instead, I get a seriously small sample of a Bumble and Bumble serum I didn't even ask for. Great, that's such a perfect replacement for my Lancome mascara.   January 30, 2016 - {Second order} I spend $282.49 - My $40 Peter Thomas Roth correction pads are missing. MISSING.   February 2, 2016 - {Third order} My  Nars powder is straight up OPEN.    What is this. I sent Sephora Customer Service SIX emails and the only response I got was "We'll add 125 points to your account for the Lancome Mascara" which STILL AREN'T in my account. That was three freakin' days ago.    Sephora, please get it together. I'm not paying hundreds of dollars for such awful service. I work for a big company and we will go above and beyond to make our customers happy, especially our LOYAL ones. I pay you, do your job. I expect to get the service I'm paying for. Please contact me at , which is the email I used to write to you a million times. I really to sound mean because that's just not the person I am but I honestly have had it. I work really hard and I don't have time to write to Sephora three times a day wondering where my products are and where my money goes.    Thanks!  
okay. I am annoyed at the lack of options here.  Yesterday I picked up a package t hat I had ordered the day after, same brand as the one that's being stalled. Both arrived at my city at the same time, why were they in two different vehicles? I have no clue, guess that's the way ups works, anyway. They didn't leave the package in the ups store along with the other and then I was told that it'd be delivered to my home, fine, I waited til 11 pm and nothing (even though i have ups deliver straight to a ups store). I contacted costumer care and they informed me it'd be delivered yesterday or today if not to file a claim. Today came and obviously I have no package since I'm venting out my frustration here. This whole time I've not received a single update informing me where my package could be, only 'in transit' has been in play since yesterday morning. So I contact costumer service again and inform them of this and they say I can pick up my package in mcallen which is a city away , bout 20 minutes sans traffic (lol), which is completely out of the way. I asked why they couldn't deliver it to my nearest ups store which is where i always request stuff to be delivered, the answer was not satisfactory. Like, what, just because there's not enough parking space they can't deliver? really? okay. so I say fine i'll go pick it up in the other store to get it today otherwise i have to wait until tomorrow. this is skincare and i'm out of the product that this one is replacing. but that's beside the point.  so note before i live chatted, i also emailed just to cover my bases, no word from the email as of yet and my package is still being shown as updating. And now if I want them to make a redeliver to my home, they're charging me.  So fed up with freaking UPS, I've had so many situations like this that this is just the last straw. I wish the store would carry this product so I didn't have to order online anymore because this is too upsetting.   the chat was from last night
I need help linking my beauty insider card to my online account
I need help linking my beauty insider card with my online account
Hello,   I purchased a Chanel perfume on 2/01 and did not receive my triple points. Would someone please look into this for me.    Thank you! Katherine Keely  
I have been a VIB Rouge for months yet all of my emails are still coming to me as a VIB. Furthermore my VIB emails have had the same points and requalification amounts on them for over a year. Also when I hit VIB status again this year (as a Rouge) I didn't even get an email acknowledgement. Please help.
How can I link my VIB card (points) to my sephora account?