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Being a rouge member I was lucky enough to get invited to a after hour event but I wish Sephora would send out notices in advance. By the time i receive my postcard yesterday on the event I logged on and all my stores near me were full. Was I the only one that experience this?
I recently made a purchase at a Sephora located inside JCPenny's.  The points from that purchase were never added to my account, even though I gave my card to the employee.  Any help would be wonderful, since it was a significant purchase.
Hi, I was just browsing the Sephora website looking for products and I noticed my points were gone. I logged into my account to see if i could look at the purchases and possibly recognize the products but they were not mine. I did not use those points and I did not buy those items. Could someone have taken my points? I was almost at 500. I had 452 and now all of a sudden I am at 100. Please help. How can I get this from not happening again?
Hi, my order says unsuccessful authorization, I would like to know what is going on?
It has around 470 points, how do I go about this? Do I ask for a new card and would they transfer my points over to the new card? Or when I buy my items do I just give them the email to put the points in?
Hi, I tracked my order online and it says it as delivered yesterday. I was not home at all yesterday and the description says handed to customer?? Please help
I recently received a gift card by email, so I was just wondering how I can save it to my phone to make it easier? Thank you!!!
Is anyone else having problems with there orders? I've recently placed an order and it was approved and received with no problem, a couple weeks later I tried to place another and it keeps saying authorization unsuccessful... So I called and spoke to someone and they said I needed to call my bank and confirm my address and call back I did as told and one order went through and my second on didn't . So I tried again and it says in progress..I'm getting very impatient and it is such a big inconvenience. Makes me not want to purchase from here anymore.. Please help
So I bought a couple items in store two days ago and i never got my points added. I don't have the items because i bought them as gifts but i have my original receipt. How can i get my points added now?
I just opened my delivery and I only received 1 of something I ordered and paid for 2 of ('Champagne Pop' Becca skin perfector). There is no paperwork or summary in the box. I am very upset about this as I ordered one for my sister and I paid a lot of money for the product and the international taxes! I have emailed customer services but cannot call as I am based in the UK and is too expensive to call. Please help. Thanks.
I have a vib card but its not linked to my online account , i would like to link them to check my points but i cant find where
I just received my online order and found that the product I got is not the product I bought. I purchased the bareMinerals Get Started Complexion Kit in Light ( P394977?skuId=1605310&country_switch=ca) and what I got instead was bareMinerals Ready To Go Complexion Perfection Palette (R230) ( mplexion-perfection-palette-P394981?skuId=1628791)   I recently checked the page for the product I originally ordered and it seems that the item is "out of stock". This obviously wasn't the case when I put my order in.    I'm a regular online buyer from Sephora and while this is the first issue I've had, it does make me a bit more cautious about buying from the site in the future.   What can be done to fix this issue?    
I had an older Beauty Insider card, but I was upgraded to VIB a couple months ago. Neither the original Beauty Insider card nor the VIB card are connected with my online account at the moment, and I wanted to fix this if I could.
Hi, my beauty insider card when I signed up I gave the cashier my email and they got it wrong. So when I went back to Sephora I told them and they had said they fixed it. I've checked and my card is still with the wrong email and I'm not receiving my points. 
After I added all my rewards in the basket, I couldn't check out. it shows  Merchandise, excluding gift cards and eGift certificates, must be included in your order to qualify for Beauty Insider offers.Why is that? 
 I signed up for an account online a few months ago, and made my first Sephora purchase over the weekend. The cashier helped me sign up for it, but when I check my online account it says I have 0 points? I may just be missing something, because this is new to me, but I just thought I'd ask! Is there a way to link my card to my online account?
I have Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer in my basket and try to use promo code for a sample product. It Is not being accepted as the price is shown in £ and it says i didn't spent qualifying amount in $ which in fact I am about to spend. What am i doing wrong?
I bought the too faced Born this way foundation not too long ago and the sephora cashier didn't ask for my sephora card.  Can I still redeem points for my purchase?
I just made a purchase and my beauty insider card wasn't scanning off the app and they were unable to look my account up. I still want the points added to my account, is there anyway I can add the points with my receipt? 
I missed getting my birthday gift this year and was wondering if there is anyway to get it now.  Thanks!
Hi..thanks for sending out the order quickly..but I did not receive my samples..none of them. can you please look into this?
OMG..... I'm very very very disappointed in Sephora! You can't possibly imagine how furious I am right now. After multiples attempted to place orders and got cancelled and phone calls to rouge line a million times I still got my order cancelled.   The last phone call the CS told me as long as I correct all those problems my orders won't be cancelled. So I corrected my shipping address,my billing address and my credit use and I can't really think of any other reason sephora should cancel my orders, but NO, somehow they still cancel my order and I will have to wait until the working hour of the hotline to call and ask AGAIN! for the FIFTH time!   Seriously it takes $1000 to requalify for rouge and making a large purchase is violating the terms and conditions for personal use or whatsoever?  I didn't order 10 of each product. Sephora website said naked 3 palette is limited to two per person but I don't get to order even the promised quantity of two? Or did the terms and conditions said rouge cant order during sales period, that my $1000 purchase has to be made during non sales period ?I mean if sephora offers 15% off every month I won't have to make large purchase that may, in your terms, violating the terms and condition! I see rouge here requalifying for the rouge status in Feburary and I know many of us are holding back on our purchase becox we are waiting for the chic week. So is Sephora cancelling everyone's order or they just hate me?   I'm super disappointed after all the phone calls and amendments and I still have my orders cancelled.   No compensation or whatsoever is ever offered after all the trouble I have gone through. It's not my fault Sephora decided not to ship to a forwarding shipping company address (where my frd works and it's a tax free address) despite I actually have successfully placed an order sending to that address before and I have no trouble sending things to that address with other company. And now I have to send the items to another frd's address that means I have to pay tax and extra shipping so I can get the items to the address they were supposed to be sent to. So I respect it's your company's policy but you should have told me when you first cancelled my order instead of saying "it's for my safety since its not a residential address" and when I confirmed its ok over the phone and placed another order to that address, which was cancelled again of course, and call the hotline that I know it's becox you don't ship to that address at all!   And the third time is becox the billing address of the credit card doesn't match.For the record I have been using the same credit card information for all my orders in the past year and more than 20 of them had gone through without trouble. I dont know Wht has change but you know Wht makes me mad? I have been using the same credit card when Sephora cancelled my very first order and I have been calling to ask why my order was cancelled and the CS could have told me one of the problem is becox the billing address doesn't match.   And when I finally fixed the billing address my orders got cancelled again! And this time is becox my sister is using my credit to pay for her account (she doesnt have one) and it violate the terms and condition! She was using my credit card when the orders are cancelled becox "the billing address doesnt match" but NO, they didn't tell me at that time she can't use my credit card to pay for her account.   So basically I got cancelled FIVE rounds, and I had called FOUR times, (the FIFTH time tmr morning), each with DIFFERENT problems, when problem 1,2,3 can be solved in the FIRST phone call, and problem 4 can be solved on a SECOND phone call.   I have been trying to place order on 2 April and now, I still got NOTHING but emails of cancellation of orders! And some products are OOS!   I think I deserve a really good explanation! So much of being a ROUGE!  
hello I have a question regarding shipping to the UK. Does my card have to be from the same country? For example like should I use a UK card to ship to there?    Thank you 
I do not understand why! I have placed 3 orders after each other and each time they email me about 30 minutes after telling me they've cancelled my order for my safety! I don't understand why i have ordered from Sephora before using the same card details and billing/shipping adress and it still doesnt work! can somebody please help me! I really want to make an order and I can't!
So this is my situation, I had been waiting for the re release of Kat Von D's everlasting lip colour in Lolita. As soon as I got the email from Sephora saying it had been restocked, I clicked on the link only to find it had sold out already.  So I waited patiently for the new shades to come out thinking, I'll buy a few at once. As soon as it came out, the shades I wanted (typically) had sold out. So I signed up to get notified as you do. And not long after they were restocked again, but low and behold SOLD OUT. So I live in the UK and I'm thinking is it the time difference? Am I recieving the emails too late in the day? It's quite frustrating because what I'm seeing is people buying huge batches of the most popular colours and then reselling them for extortionate prices.  Does anyone have any tips for me? And better yet, does anyone know when the next restocking will be? Maybe there should be a limit at to how many people can buy at once? 
Hi! I was wondering if a Mod could please tell me if/when a few Make Up For Ever items will be back in stock? I am interested in the “Multicolored White 3” Glitter-item number 920611, the “White Violet 4” Glitter-item number 1009117, and the Diamond Powder “White Mauve 3”-item number 810143. If you could please let me know when these are expected back in stock I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
I bought an eyebrow pencil in September 2014, never used it and have misplaced the receipt. Is there anyway I can exchange this without the receipt? 
I wasn't sure whether to post this question here or in the "Canada Site Update Thread" but I was wondering when we could expect to see either the re-emergence of previous promo codes (now US only) or the synchronization moving forward between the two sites of promo codes? I've gone through the thread we have on BT but the majority of them no longer work for us. 
I have received many Sephora eGift Cards through time and I am wondering if I am able to transfer them all onto one?