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I placed an order on February 12, 2016. Only three hours later I was sent a shipping confirmation email, which seemed unusually fast. Even more unusual is when I clicked on the tracking number it tells me that my order was delivered on September 3, 2014, to a completely different address in a completely different state.   Obviously this is the wrong tracking number, but I am concerned that this may cause a problem with my order because if I am seeing that this order was delivered, maybe the warehouse is as well. The money was taken out of my account the day after I placed the order.   Just want to make sure my order is on its way!
Hello anyone that wishes to help me, I have ordered items from sephora on Thursday and I received a confirmation email on Thursday and not a shipping conformation email which I usually receive the day of or day after I order something,but it is now Sunday and when I checked my account, the status was that it was sent to the warehouse and then i saw that one of my items was sold out, but wasn't sold out when I ordered it could this have anything to do with my delayed shipping email and is it at all possible to get my items before this Thursday as I am leaving on a trip
I've tried to get my insider card synced to my online profile but got no help from customer support for that so eventually I gave up and placed an order anyways. The order got cancelled so I tried to make another one but that got cancelled as well and when I was about to give up on that I noticed that it still got withdrawn from my credit card.. Both times! What's going on, why isn't this working?
I was wondering if anyone could help me with my beauty insider account. I am a VIB and have points from shopping in store but my online account says I have 0. How do I get my points and status to show up online?
 one of the mods see this? Thanks. I placed two separate orders and I ordered the 100 points Fresh black eye cream. Both creams seemed to lack ACTUAL cream in them. Can I get my points back if I sent this creams back or go into the store? Thanks! I ordered them online. Pics included
I have an email showing 600  points but my points aren't reflected when I log into my account online. Please direct.
Hi, I am a Canadian customer and qualified Rouge at the end of December There wasn't any Rouge qualifying gift available at that time. I contacted Customer service and was told I can pick it from a store or place an order over phone and get it included in order. I went to my nearest store two days ago and they haven't received theRouge gifts so far. Is it currently available through phone orders? 
I have made numerous purchases from Sephora over the years.   As with most of my online purchases, I usually request the gift satchels.  From the Order email to the Shipping email, they are clearly listed so I know I have been selecting them.  However, they never seem to arrive.   This has been an ongoing nuisance as I request these gift satchels so that I can use them to hold the Sephora products which I give to others as gifts.   I have contacted Customer Service on several occasions but this problem has never been rectified.  Does anybody even check the orders before the leave the facility?
I placed an order and did not get a confirmation email or confirmation number. The order doesn't show up on my history. But, the amount is charged on my bank account. I just wanted to know if my order went through or not. It's been a day and I've gotten no confirmation at all. I'd appreciate it if you can help me. Thank you.
Hi!! I became a VIB rouge in January but never received my welcome of 10% off? Not sure what to do please help!!
my order status is "Unsuccessful Authorization", I haven't found anything wrong with my information and my card was charged and and i had an email my order is confermed and they take money from my card , I've emailed sephora and got no response, I do not now what os wrong with my order ?!
I always shop in store and always give my email add so i can get points. But everytime i check my sephora account its always 0 points while the beauty advisor at the counter said i have points under my name. Could it be that its under a different account? Help pls.
My points aren't transferring into my card. Whenever I checkout, the people would tell me the total of my points, and it would be more than what it says on my account online. For the last 2 purchases I've made at Sephora, the points aren't going to my card. They were big purchases too!
I made a purchase from the Toronto Eaton Centre store today to receive VIB ROUGE status however the points and pirchase history on my account have not updated. I was hoping to use the points I got from my purchase today to add some samples in an online purchase I will be making next week as there were things the store was sold out of. Except the points aren't history doesn't show the purchase and my account still says VIB status...can anyone help me with updating my account..? I have the receipt both in my email and the print out from the store if that helps....
so I made an online order this afternoon and received an email that my package has shipped this evening. but when I clicked on the tracking number number it says: Delivery date Tuesday, Sept 2 DELIVERED 11:09 AM Philadelphia, PA     whaaattt? delivered? sept 2? 😖😑😑😑
I want to add my Beauty Insider card to an already existing online account. Can you help?
Hi everyone,    I'm in Toronto and received and email today about the above event. The number on the email is incorrect (1-888-317-3349 states that the number is not assigned). I called the Rouge line and Brandi advised that the number is 1-877-317-3349 which is still incorrect.   Does anyone have the correct number?
I got my BI card a few years ago in store & I followed the instructions for it online but it wouldn't work! I now have two different accounts but it didnt really bother me till now cause I never really order online. But Im now VIB and I don't receive emails or anything when theirs a VIB sale with a discount coupon  and I would really like to see how many points I have! Does anyone know how to fix this?
I got my online order on Wednesday, and the Cover FX foundation I ordered wasn't in the box. My shade isn't sold in stores, and I was hoping to use the foundation for Valentine's Day. I emailed customer service right away, but it's been 2 days and I haven't heard back from anyone. Is there someone else who can help? Thanks!
Whenever I make purchases in store and use my beauty insider card the points and purchase history don't show up on my online account so I don't think they're synced together please help me sync them 
Hi, I have not received any emails from Sephora or for vib rouge for months now.
I got a new card and purchased two items a couple weeks ago but my points have not shown on my account. 
I just graduated form Empire beauty School and I get my license in cosmetology next month.I really just want to be a makeup artist.I live in Chicago.The fashion and beauty industry isn't that major here.Any advice     -Up&Coming
Hello! I made a purchase two days ago at a Sephora and the insider points have not been added to my account. I still have my receipt. Is there any way to get these points added?
When I signed up, I must have accidentally said my birthday was october 29 instead of july 19 (my real birthday). I can't change this on the website. Is there any way to fix it? Thanks! (:
As part of my VIB welcome pack I received a card for a free makeover what does this entail and how can I book my appointment? & can this card be redeemed by someone other than myself?
hello i would like to know its free sample plus free birthday gift .. can i contact talk to person to send it to me a mail its so simple.. please let me know if they can send it to me free sample and  birthday gift.. thank jody