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I have not checked the store availability of all the holiday sets but UD vice3 and Too Faced sets are not showing to be available in canadian stores....WHEN are we going to have them here in stores. I don't feel comfortable ordering the products online for which I need to check the shades. Can a MOD check it for us Canadians.
Hi, got a free birthday gift if I order and have one ready to go but the link isn't working?  Can you resend or tell me what I can do here? Thank you. Roxie
So this morning, the Tarte Blush palette came out and added it to my cart. $178 order placed. About an hour later received RougeHair promo email. Said nothing could be done. Had to place another order. Did so. Got a Sephora box today damaged as well. I guess today just isn't my day. Shouldn't they be able to cancel orders if they haven't shipped yet, it was within an hour....
I was hoping a mod might be able to help me out.  I just received my Sephora order today and when I opened it up I realized that my OCC Pagan Lip Tar is without it's handy little brush.  Lip Tars are pretty much impossible to apply without a brush.    If a mod can help me out I would really appreciate it!     Thanks!
I want to use my beauty insider card to make a purchase online but I don't see where to do so. Also, if I can use it online, will I be able to get the rewards too?
Hi, I changed my mind on some product reviews and I was wondering if there is a way I can delete them? I use my reviews as reference for repurchases  sometimes and I don't want to see reviews on products I no longer like. Thanks in advance
I had over 3600 points this morning...I spent close to $100 today at Sephora - didn't buy a point perk, and have less than 3600 points now. Does anyone know how that could happen?   Also, is the only way I can accurately track my points, to manually calculate per order what I should have?  I cannot find online where the points are noted, other than the overall tally at the top of the page.  I have kept every receipt since 2008 so counting would be time consuming, but possible...I'd rather not though!   Thanks for your help!
Hello! I've been a Beauty Insider for quite some time now and I have always used my beauty insider card towards in-store purchases. However, I recently made an online account but my reward point balance shows up as zero. I know I have many  points accumulated on my card and I would really like to use them online. May someone please help me with this? I'd greatly appreciate it!
So I got one of my orders today, and all the samples (including the one that needed a code) was missing. It clearly shows on my packing slip I was supposed to get them with this order. Anyone else have this happen?    I figure my best bet is to contact customer service, but I'll be bummed if I don't get the deluxe sample since its OOS now. 
I've went to 5 different stores in NYC for ink liner eyeliner (not tattoo liner)   this one is so much better than the tattoo liner, it had a gel finish, sturdier tip and helps me make cleaner lines.   tattoo liner is flimsy now that ive gotten ahold of ink liner.    why are they taking it off the shelves???
Issues with sephora's billing software, double pending charges. Called customer service and I was blamed (so rude and also wrong). I'm so sick of issues like this. Fed up with sephora.
Hello,   I recently was I was in a store and purchased a hair dryer and some make up.  I thought I used my 10% VIP welcome discount code. I noticed yesterday that it was not applied in the store. Is there a way that it can be applied now or a credit applied somehow here?  I do not want to go back to the store and deal with it there.  Please let me know.   Thank you very much.
I have a Beauty Insider card but the site kept telling me that none of my emails were linked to it (though I'm fairly certain that I just logged in with one the other night) Had to make this new account. PLZ HELP, you lovely people!
Hi, so I purchased about $200 during the past week in the Sephora store that I usually went to. The staffs were courteous and responsive, and quite proactive. I used some points to exchange for samples after the purchase, I can't help but notice that all samples I received are only half-full. The half-full samples are as below:   Lancome  Advanced GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activating Concentrate : 100 points, HALF-FULL. I exchanged for this twice, and noticed both bottles are only half-full.   LIVING PROOF Instant Texture Mist deluxe sample (a girl at the cashier offered to give me for a try): HALF-FULL.   Tom Ford perfumes samples: HALF-FULL. I asked for two Tom Ford perfumes samples, and the staff was quite courteous and filled two sample bottles immediately. They are half-full.   I was wondering whether this is the new sample policy of Sephora? Thanks!    
I noticed someone on Facebook post about Sephora no longer being on, I checked as I wanted to place an order too,  and there really is no sephora on there anymore.  It was 8% just the other day,  what's going on? 
Hi everyone!    Okay so I went to my nearest Sephora today which is an hour away! They had a Lancome special at the store today and I figured to have them put on one of their new foundations, Nude Miracle. I told the girl I loved it and would like to purchase it. So she got my shade and I proceeded to check out. I got home and wanted to read up online about it more and noticed she gave me the wrong foundation! she gave me the Teint Idole ultra 24H. So my question to you is, Do I have to return it to the actual Sephora store where I got it or could I possibly return it to my JC Penny Sephora (If they have it?)  I would hate to drive a hour away to return it!! What should I do?! 
Is the Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette gone for VIB Rouge members? It will not let me add it to my cart. The add to basket button is grayed out.
will the hourglass ambient lighting blush palette become available to anyone besides the the vib rouge members?  if it will when should I start looking for it?  it is a horrible tease to show something so wonderful and not let me buy it
Hi there! I am having trouble linking my new online account to my BI card. Can someone message me please?
I messaged Candance, but I need this resolved asap. My roommate accepted the Nude face wash that was sent out and UPS charged him 36$! I would like a refund because there is no way I would have wanted this "free" product if it was actually going to cost 36$. Really upset about this.
I'd really like to benefit from the points and still have my receipt... is it possible?   Also could I get a new card sent out to me? Mine went through machine and dryer and is a bit wonky now.    Thanks!
Can I pay for my order with a gift card and put the balance on my credit card?
I recently received the UD feminine palette that was on sale, and found the case bumped like this. The shadows are still intact, but packaging is very important to me when it comes to palettes! Is there a way to fix the bumps? I really wish the palettes in the sales section were better quality.
I was at a store, but didn't have a card with me to give during checkout. Still have the receipt, but I'd like to redeem the points.   Much thanks! 
I have a question regarding a damaged order could someone from CS get back to me?Thanks
Hi, I just received my online order and all the samples were missing! The main reason I shop online versus in store is so I can try out new products. And my last order was missing an actual item I purchased. Is this becoming an issue or did I just get unlucky both times?
I'm having trouble connecting my VIB card to my online Sephora account. I want to access my points but it is my first time ordering online. Help!!   S
hi Sephora team,   I see that a Canadian order requires a minimum $75 for free shipping and a US order is only a $50 spend. Why is there such a big discrepancy? The prices are already higher on the Canadian site so I fail to understand why I need to spend more on the actual products AND on my overall order to get free shipping. I am tempted to ship to the US and have my friend interoffice to me to save the money.   Is there a reason for this difference?   Thanks in advance...
You can now add your Beauty Insider card to Passbook on iPhone! We're excited to try the new features - how about you?       Passbook FAQ Q: What is Passbook? What all can it do? A: Passbook for iPhone and iPod touch is a feature of Apple iOS 6. Passbook has a variety of passes including gift cards, loyalty program cards, coupons, airline boarding passes, and event tickets. See for more info. Add your Sephora Beauty Insider card to Passbook to earn and redeem points in store, instantly view your Beauty Insider point balance and receive notifications about qualifying rewards. Add your Sephora gift cards to Passbook to easily store your gift card information on your mobile device. As you use your gift card, the balance will be updated to reflect your current balance.   Q: How can I add my Beauty Insider card to Passbook? A: Update your iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 6: 1.    On your iPhone, Go to Settings > General > Software Update to upgrade to iOS 6. 2.    From the Sephora To Go App for iPhonehttp:// or, tap the top Passbook banner on the home screen or tap the bottom Passbook banner in any Sephora email. 3.    Sign in or sign up to be a Beauty Insider. 4.    Follow the steps to add your Beauty Insider card to Passbook. Now you can easily access your Beauty Insider card and view your real-time Beauty Insider points in store, plus see upcoming perks and benefits on your iPhone.   Q: I don’t know if I am a Beauty Insider. How can I get an account? A: Go to and follow the steps to sign up.   Q: I have added my Beauty Insider card to Passbook, and I have made a purchase, but I don't see the points updating. How do I get my points to update? A: Click on the link or banner on the back of the Beauty Insider pass, then sign in.   Sign in to Sephora to Go App for iPhone or to trigger your points balance to update.   Q: How can I add my Gift Card or eGift Card to Passbook? (eGift Certificates cannot be added to Passbook.) A: First, Update your iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 6: 1.    On your iPhone, Go to Settings > General > Software Update to upgrade to iOS 6. 2.    Follow the instructions to upgrade to iOS 6 Once you have iOS 6, you can add any physical Sephora Gift Card or eGift Card with a 16-digit gift card number and 8-digit PIN to Passbook.  1.    Get Sephora to Go App for iPhone or, and select “eGift Card” from the home screen.  2.    Select “Add Now.” 3.    Enter the Card Number and PIN from your gift card.  4.    Enter your valid email address.  5.    Select “Add to Passbook” when your gift card is validated. 6.    Select “Add” in the upper right corner to set up your eGift Card in Passbook when the Passbook preview of your gift card is displayed. 7.    Exit the Sephora to Go app and open Passbook to view your Sephora Gift Card in Passbook   Q: I have added my Gift Card to Passbook, and I have made a purchase, but I don't see the balance updating. How do I get my points to update? A: Flip the Gift Card pass and drag down on the card to refresh your gift card balance.   Q: Can I add a plastic Sephora gift card to Passbook? A: Yes, you can add physical Sephora gift cards and any eGift Card with a 16-digit gift card number and an 8-digit PIN to Passbook.    Q: Can multiple people save the same gift card to their Passbook? A: Yes, the same gift card can be saved to Passbook on different phones. Note: Your gift cards have cash value and should be safeguarded as such.   Q: I want to purchase a Sephora Gift Card that can be added to Passbook. How can I do that?  A: You can purchase an eGift Card that can be used in store, online and via mobile from the Sephora to Go App for iPhone or 1.    Tap the eGift link from the home page of the Sephora to Go App for iPhone or 2.    Select the gift card design, amount, write a message (optional), then provide your gift recipient’s email address to email the eGift Card. 3.    When the recipient receives their gift, there will be an option to Add the eGift to Passbook. 4.    Tap “Add to Passbook” to easily view your current gift card balance and use in store, online and via mobile. Note: Sephora Gift Cards, eGift Cards and eGift Certificates have no expiration date, cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash and are only available for merchandise purchases within the United States or Canada (in store only).   Learn more>