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Hi! I recently became a VIB member but I do not have an online account. I want to place an order online with my VIB 10% off promo, but when I signed up online with an email there was no way to link the VIB card. As such, when I tried to place an order, the promo code was declined, saying I wasn't eligible. Could you help? Thanks!
I've been a VIB for a while and wanted to redeem a free-shipping code I received from when I upgraded to VIB but it says I'm still a beauty insider and currently have 0 points in my account which is false. I wanted to know how to link the accounts. 
Hello,   Can somebody please help me understand why my orders are getting cancelled?   The billing information I provided is accurate.   Thank you, Sara
I just realized that my birthday is wrong on my account, it says its June 17th but it's actually April 17th. Is there anyway this can be changed?
Hi,  i just placed an order and got charged an additional 4 times for the same amount. Can a Mod please help me out!    Thanks!
I just realized my birthday says November 22 on here but its suppose to be April 10th, 2002 can someone help me change this ??
I am with linkshare and I see you have two affiliate programs available, however they are not for the US.    Do you have a US one and if so, how does one join?
How can I apply for a sponsorship with Sephora for an event I am doing?
My Birthday is listed as May 5th, and it is May 4th. Is there any way this can be changed? 
My points weren't added to My account 
I've tried to place an order four times at Sephora Play with a valid PayPal account, yet I'm getting unauthorized authorization for this order even though my information, my address and my credit card are right. I've already tried live chat several times, and it was so useless and annoying. I don't get why Sephora has to make things so difficult. It really makes me want to spend my money elsewhere. Has anyone else had this resolved?
Hello! I have placed an order on June 19 and didn't receive any emails that payment didn't go thru. I checked my account and there is a message of "Unsuccessful Authorization". Will you please help? I am sending this to my sister in Canada and she is moving to Brazil and I need this to be delivered by July 8th.   Thank you!
i have ordered few items today n got an email that my order is cancelled due to unauthorzation even my bank has charged me money i have never faced any such issue with any of my purchase before kindly resolve the matter and i need all the thingsi have already bought. i have sent emails too kindly reply
File Jun 19, 7 27 16 PM.jpeg
My package arrived with a strange pink substance on one of the products.  I checked all my items and the samples to see if they were the source, but everything was properly sealed.  I have no idea what this substance is.  As a result, I have to pay money to print a shipping label or travel to a Sephora location via public transport.  I don't understand how this happened, considering everything in the order was fully sealed.
I forgot to redeem my birthday gift, it was almost 2 months ago.... Can I still redeem my gift?
Hi, my order was "unsuccessful authorized" I wanted to get my birthday gift because I'm unable to go during this month. Can I get it later
I recently purchased some makeup as a gift and added the option of adding a gift box for a charge of $4, however I didn't receive one with my order.   
Hello,   I have tried ordering from Sephora a couple of times already but the status updates to Unsuccessful Authorization.   Can you please help?   Thank you!
Ive tried ordering four times already and I get a Unsuccessful Authorization status. Why?
My latest order was canceled two days after I placed it because the item became out of stock. I'm really upset because the item was in stock when I placed it, and I don't expect to have it canceled without any notification. 
What has happened to Sephora's customer service? I order online all the time, and 2 of my last 3 orders did not contain samples I had chosen and another order arrived with NO samples at all.  Then today I place an order so I can try the Tom Ford lipstick only to be sent an email a hour later and told you are now out of stock.  I should be AT LEAST be given the option to select a new promo that is in stock.  Finally, why do I rarely actually receive 2 day shipping?? My last order supposedly shipped on Saturday but I did not receive it until Wednesday.  I am extremely disappointed in Sephora lately.  I will not even go into how I was treated when I visited a Sephora store while traveling recently.  I would like to know how Sephora plans to resolve these issues, especially the Tom Ford promo issue, this apparently happened to numerous customers.  
I've been a VIB for a while now and wanted to order online but I realized that it say's I'm still a Beauty insider instead of VIB. I wanted to know how I can link the accounts since I do have a couple points accumulated on my online account. 
It was my very first online order from Sephora and I was so looking forward to it. I am happy with the products, but unsatisfied with service.   My deluxe sample(classic glamour fragrance bag) was canceled because it was out of stock and I got nothing. I totally understand that it can go out of stock, but I think it has to be substituted with another deluxe sample that's available.   Also, I picked three free samples for first order but only one came in. For second order, only one free sample among three came in and it wasn't even what I chose.   I can't believe these happened in a row, and thus I feel like it's very unlikely to be a simple mistake. I am very disappointed in Sephora after these first two orders.
I think it kinda sucks that I didn't get the chance to get points from beauty baazar as I just purchased makeup for over 300$, didn't know any better and didnt get the chance to register my birthday before after I purchased my makeup. It would've been really lovely to get a little extra makeup as I payed 100$ for only shipping (Norwegian).
I have always been happy with Sephora but lately the quality of service has been going down. I usually buy things in the store but when there is a weekly special or perk (buy something for $25 or $35 and you get a deluxe sample) I will buy online. Today there was a promotion for buy $35 and get a Tom Ford mini lipstick or perfume. I purchased something and the lipstick went in my cart. I thought allows well because usually when Sephora is out of a promotion the website will say (sold out or no items available).   That is good because you can decide to cancel your order. This time the lipstick was processed with my order.   Later Sephora sends me cheesy email telling me that my order was modified and they canceled the Tom Ford lipstick .  I called the customer service line because #1 a perfume was offered and they could have substituted it for the lipstick.  #2 if they were out of the deluxe sample why didn't the website say so before I clicked "complete order" #3. I feel deceived. I only made the order so I could get the special.  Even had to look twice at terms because I was not really sure I even needed what I was buying. Then I cannot even cancel the order.  I was not offered anything else either. Just sorry.   So is this just something Sephora does to raise sales and then you do not keep your end of the bargain? I used to be VIB Rouge with you until your quality of service went down and then I started shopping more at the skinstore which has far ore discounts. I am really thinking of complaining to the BBB.
ive contacted customer service via email a few times and never recieve a response re why the website is suddenly unusable on my iPad.    The menus overlap, or are unclickable.  Products are listed in one line down the page, but scrolling is impossible, as you eventually run into an ad.  What is going on?  I'd love to start Christmas shopping.
Earlier I went to the sephora store and purchased a few items. They are not showing up on my account, it worked last time but not this time. I have the receipt and everything
Also, can my birthday be updates to June 25th? I didn't realize when I first made my account that the birthday mattered. I think I have it in as a date in February?
I've tried to place an order twice with the same card that I used for my sephora play box, yet I'm getting unauthorized authorization for this order even though my last play box went through. I've tried calling, and it was so useless and annoying. I don't get why sephora has to make things so difficult. It really makes me want to spend my money elsewhere. Has anyone else had this resolved?