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I went to shopping at sephora and earned a VIB status,I got the VIB card.But my online status was still beauty inside.How can I merge account?Is any one can help?THX
Hi, can you help me to link my Sephora card with the online account? Many thanks.
I was wondering if there was any possible way that I could earn points without spending money
Hi, I've been a VIB for two months now and I have not once receive a promotional email.    I know I've missed out on quite a lot of promotional etc. and I have yet to see the benefits of being a VIB.   I had send an email earlier in September 20th  #8748-442 383896-674 2 and had made a phone call regarding this issue just last week.    I had two accounts with sephora. The first one "A" I had always used. I signed up for the second one "B" and never used it so all my points are in "A". When the email I used for "A" stop working I cancel my email subscriptions and account from "B" and change the email in "A" to the email address in "B". Since then I have not receive a single promotion emails from sephora even when I resubscribe to the newsletter portion and even when I send email and call asking about it. 
Hi, I would like to combine my accounts. I have a VIB account in store, and I made two online. How can I combining those accounts? Will my points be combined as well?
Can I add beauty insider points from past online purchases? The purchase is in my purchase history but the points aren't since I made my purchase and did not realise I had to sign up for the beauty insider separately. Therefore the purchase was done before I joined beauty insider. Can I still add the points?    
Could a mod please PM me please? Looking for a solution to update my points since they've been calculated in USD not CDN, and I've gone though my purchases to figure out the difference I'm missing.   Thanks!
Hi:   I found out from my friend that there is an upcoming VIB sale, but I'm not getting the email despite my VIB status. In fact, I never receive any promotional emails from Sephora. I checked my email address and my subscription settings, they are all correct.    I checked my mailbox and junk mail and still nothing.. 
i've heard people say in reviews that they've tried something & didn't like so they will be returning it. so.. you can return a product once you've used it? does sephora just toss it then?
Can any of the MODS tell us if there is any chance for these products to come back in stock or they are gone forever. Thanks   1: cheers to FAB ( First Aid Beauty) 2: ABH Tamanna palette 3: Too faced melted kisses 4:  L'OCCITANE L'Amour Shea Butter Travel kit    
Hi, I received double of face creams on my birthday, and a gift-box set all from Sephora on my birthday this week. I decided to return one face cream and the gift box. The value in total was $130 ($60 + $70). I went to Sephora yesterday morning, and the only thing I was seeking was a replacement head for my Clarisonic, which was $30. I asked the girl at the counter if I can swap it, and she told me that there was a difference, and I still had $100. I told her I did not want to purchase anything, because I got a lot of beauty care for my birthday. She told me she could not process the transaction because I MUST purchase something in order for it to go through. I asked her if I could get credit, she said with the "new policy" that was in effect in September, she could not do it. I told her I did not want to splurge $100 on just 'whatever' just to get rid of it. I shop at Sephora, but very rarely (I have a total of 950 beauty points starting from 2010, a span of 4 years, so I do not shop a lot there). I only shop at Sephora when I really run out of something, and I make sure I use up all my product before I purchase a new product. She told me she will process the $60 return (giftbox) for the Clarisonic head ($30, which I had to get another one to even it out ot $60), and for the other item ($70), she told me to hold onto it and whenever I need something at Sephora, come back and return it since gift receipts don't expire. I told her I probably won't be purchasing something from 6 months to 1 year, as you can tell from my purchase history, and she said that is fine. I explained to her that having this item in my room rotting for a year, when someone who needs it could have purchased it makes no sense. She kept assuring me that it is okay but it made no sense for me. Can someone confirm to me that there is a new "return policy" that does not issue store credit? And do gift receipts really do not expire? I mean, she is right, I can come back in one year with my gift set and gift receipt and she will happily accept my return... but I mean, I hope they do not re-sell that item. Sorry for the long post, hope someone can clarify this.   I forgot to mention I am from Toronto, ON.
Hi there    So I bought a nars foundation a few months back for contouring purposes, but then ended up using their bronzer for contouring (it worked better too) Anyhow I dont have the reciept for the nars foundation but I wanted to exchange it for another product....would I be able to do it? I bought the nars foundation in store and also this is the very first time i'm returning/exchanging something at sephora as I pretty much fall in love with all their products and never have to return or  exchange them 
Is the mask going to be sold individually any time in the near future?
Hello. I'd submitted an order #2990934100 at  August 7, 2014 and recieved the following email from Customer Service a fer hours later:    "Hello Svetlana, Thank you for shopping at Your order 2990934100 has been cancelled. For your own security and protection, we have cancelled your order because we were unable to confirm your payment information."   I'd checked all the payment information in my profile and I was right. I also made some orders before and everything was ok.  The money I'd paid for this order were blocked and I couldn't use them to resubmit the order. The status of the order in my account is "U nsuccessful Authorization".  Please, help me. Is there any opportunity to retry to authorize the order?  
Hello Sephora,  one of the things that I like so much about Sephora is that I can (usually) return any item, no question asked. I never return anything that has been opened, but I buy a lot of gift at Sephora so it's good to know that if it doesn't work, I can return it.   Fast forward to yesterday. I had to return two items, Benefit 3 Scoops O' Sexy and a Sephora Sharpener. Both items are in their original packaging, never been opened. The first item was for a gift, I sadly didn't receive it on time, and the second item I though I could sharpen smaller pencils with it, but I couldn't. So I went to the store in Dix30, to return the items.   First SA tried to help be but she wasn't familiar with returning items ordered online so she called her manager. I'm not sure it was the manager though. She first asked me a lot of details about why I wanted to return the items, and tried to convinced me to keep them. She then told me that that my online receipt was no good, because it didn't have a price on it (it's the receipt that comes taped to the box, they never have price and it's the only physical receipt that I get, except for the one that they send me by email.), so I gave her my rouge card so that she could look it up in my order history, but she couldn't be bothered.  Also, she said it was really complicated to make a refund because I had ordered from the US website, not the canadian one. And she argued with me that I had to go to the canadian online store next time. I tried to explain to her that there was no such thing a canadian website, it's the same, except you can switch the pricing, she didn't get it and was still arguing with me. I know that I am right about this. Then, the box (Benefit item) has the US price on it (the store had the Canadian price on the box), so she told me that she would refund me the US price ($42), because that's what I paid, not the Canadian price ($50), because I had ordered from the "US" website. I had to argue, again, that I had paid the canadian price, + taxes and duties, so please, can you look up my receipt with the price on it so that you can refund me the correct amount? I had to dig the receipt into my inbox to show her. I shouldn't have to do that. Once again, I know I was right. Last thing, she said they can't do refund anymore and that she would give me a store credit. I had bought the items maybe 10 days ago, had received it the day before and they were brand new, never been open, in intact packaging. So no, I don't want a store credit. Had to argue one more time.   Oh, and one more thing. That one is not her fault though. They didn't have the BareMinerals sample for Rouge and VIBs, even though I received the email 2 days prior to that. Bummer. It's always like that. How in the world, do I know more about Sephora's website and its return policy? If returning an item is going to be like that from now on, I'm out. And why do the staff has to argue with me? Can't they just look it up or ask someone else if they don't know?   That was rude, impolite and seriously ridiculous.    Bye.
I ordered a palette from Sephora, and it was never included with my order - I'm located in Canada, I called the CSR and said they were refunding me, but I have not seen any updates or an email regarding them refunding my refund processing?
hello, i made an online order yesterday but the current status is: Unsuccessful Authorization. What does it mean? i call my bank and the payment went through so i don't understand what the problem could be. Thank you Camilla
I placed an order on 20-Oct,   I had no problem checking out and everything went smoothly. I got a confirmation email telling me that my order had gone through, and the money have been taken on from my credit card. But 2 days passed I haven't receive the shipping email,  therefore I logged in to check the order status, and found that it says unsuccessful authorization. Pls check where's the problem, because the billing address is correct and I use in all other online shop it works.   Pls help me to slove this. Thanks for your kindly help.
I placed an order yesterday and got an email today saying that my order is cancelled, and it says " Unsuccessful Authorization " on the payment status.  I have used this credit card for online shopping multiple times before and it never happened. So could anyone help me please?
I just tried to purchase the Everything Nice palette because I didn't want to risk it going out of stock if I waited for the sale, and it's already OOS!!! Please tell me I didn't wait too long, will Sephora get more in stock?  The closest store is about 2 hours away, so I get 90% of my Sephora purchases online.  
I need your help with my order 3038446412
Hi, the current birthday listed on my account is September 19th, but my birthday is on November 14th.  How would I go about changing this? Thanks
I just received order 3166259*** which I had ordered item: 1623685 in shade: I736 MUFE shadow and only thing in the box was my 3 samples and NOT the shadow!!! I guess I should be thankful that I got my samples as I never get them all. After calling the Rouge Hotline and being put on hold for 10 minutes!!! Yes, 10 minutes while they looked into this matter the girl came back online and ask me if I was sure that it wasn't in the box, yes, I am sure it isn't in there, if it was I wouldn't be calling. She then tells me that someone would have to get back to me as they needed to call the warehouse to see what happened!!! Is this Sephora's practice that if an item is missing that they need to call you back? Believe me if I was trying to get over Sephora by getting a dup of a product it sure wouldn't be a 21.00 shadow (that I might mention that I waited about a month for it to come back into stock)!!!
Could you tell me the email address about Sephora store at Garden State?thank you
Will Sephora ever offer to have paypal as another source to purchase their items? thank you
I know this topic has been brought up already, but with F&F & all the other Beauty Insider discounts coming up this holiday season, I'm starting to feel some kind of way.. Are our voices being heard? If not, where can I go to make these suggestions?   I don't think it's fair that we can only use 1 promo code per order. I want to be able to use discount codes along with promo codes for other beauty treats. I don't want to have to make a decision between the two. I think we should be allowed at least 3.   Also, gift cards. I don't understand why we can't use more than one per order. I get several gift cards from different apps that I use, surveys I take, etc. I don't understand why we're limited to only one. I know we have the option of calling in and doing it over the phone (or so I've heard), but I like to earn points with ebates, swagbucks, etc. for my online purchases, so that kind of defeats my whole purpose.   Can someone tell me if they're at least considering these things? I know people have been complaining about it for forever. Seems Sephora is so behind the times when it comes to these issues.