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Customer Support
I placed multiple orders a few days ago and noticed that two of my order's status changed to "Unsuccessful Authorization". I called customer service and they said they'd send me an  email . Lo and behold I check my email and for some apparent reason I've violated the terms of use? How? Which one? What about my order(s)? are they canceled? I was really looking to getting these in the mail especially from my favorite brand, but I'm not quite sure what to do anymore.
Hi. I just made a purchase but forgot to use my vib card. Can you add it to my account if I give the receipt #?
#VIB perk alert: your #Skinstant Transformation can be found in one convenient sample bag   I received the VIB Skincare Sample bag with my recent online order . There are SEVEN (7) samples out of 10 listed in the bag. Missing THREE (3) samples?   This has NEVER happened in the past. I usually buy in-store. The only problem I've encountered with past  VIB Sample Bags is that Promo Supplies ran out, which I can understand.   I made the online purchase specifically for the " #VIB perk alert: your #Skinstant Transformation.   Does this mean that the THREE (3) samples were out of stock or part of the *Disclaimer: "This offer is subject to change, alteration or termination by Sephora at its sole discretion at any time."       Also, does this disclaimer above mean the advertised 10 samples can be reduced to SEVEN (7) samples without notice or not replaced with similar product samples?   NOTE: I'm not referring to the THREE (3) extra samples you choose, I got those, three fragrances. I'm missing THREE (3) of the VIB Skinstant samples.     Please let me know if I must write directly to a different department or call customer service. I do not wish to post this on the Facebook site for assistance.    The image as well as the list of samples show 10 samples. The VIB Skincare Sample Bag includes the following samples: Algenist Algae Brightening Mask (0.1 oz), Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask (0.13 oz), Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask (0.1 oz), GLAMGLOW BRIGHTMUD™ Eye Treatment (0.35 oz), First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask With Red Clay (0.27 oz), Kate Somerville ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment (0.07 oz), Bliss Micro Magic Spa-Powered Microdermabrasion Treatment (0.07 oz), Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Peel Original Formula (1 set), Bliss That's Incredi-‘Peel’! Spa-Strength Glycolic Resurfacing Pads (1 peel), and Lancome Visionnaire 1-Minute Blur (0.1 oz).          
Hi I placed an order about 2 weeks ago that included my free birthday gift. The order never came, and Sephora refunded my order and told me to reorder, however now i can't get my gift? I'm a bit bummed out as i've been wanting to try more of the make up forever brand. Thanks. 
Just curious because I've never had this happen previously but I just received my most recent order yet all of my samples/gifts weren't in there & no substitutions. Has anyone had this happen before ?  I was missing the Red/White/Blue gift which was the eye pencil and the   Soy eye makeup remover by Fresh and 2 of the 3 samples you get with each order not in the box.  It's a little frustrating because I do look forward to trying new things & get a few goodies with my order.    Is is this a normal occurrence ? What can I do to get the samples or just chalk it up to a loss
I would like to link my beauty insider card to my online email account, and there isn't an option in the sephora website that allows me to do so. 
I just wanted to mention that I didn't receive my third sample. (In other words, I only received two.) Luckily this has never happened before, but I thought I should let CS know.
I got VIB at the store. However, when I register online, there is no field that I can put my number so my account be only Beauty Insider. Please advise.
Hello! I hope I'm posting this under the right board...    So I have been a VIB member for quite sometime - couldn't tell you how long because I just started to keep track of my points this year, but recently I noticed it said "Mary, enjoy VIB status until 12/31/15..." What does this mean exactly? I have a hard time following store reward cards but, will I lose all my points and go back to the regular Beauty Insider status? Or what will happen after 12/31/15?   Also, another question, when I get to VIB Rouge, will I only be a member for a year or will that be my permanent status? I have a tendency to never use my reward points unless it's something I find fitting enough to give as a Christmas stocking stuffer. 99% of the time I buy and buy and increase my points. So I can't imagine ever losing my high status ever, hence why I'm confused about the notice of "Enjoy your VIB status until 12/31/15."   Thanks for any help!
Hello I just placed my first online order. However I'm already a beautyinsider member. how do I add my points to my existing membership?
hello, im sakura and I'm a vib and have been for a while but on my account it says that i need $20 dollars to be a vib... but I'm already a vib.
I have an online account and it says I have 0 points [I've never bought anything online] how do I add my beauty insider card to my online account so I can use those points?
On May 20th I bought two 500pt perks. I have since received (and loved!) them. Only problem is that the 1000pts haven't been deducted from my total. I thought it was just being slow at first. I made another purchase recently and thought maybe my total would be corrected, but it hasn't. I don't want to use my points without knowing what's going on with them! 
Hi! I'm from Russia, working makeup artist, would very much like to make orders through you, whether there is such an opportunity?  Who can help with delivery? Spoiler (Highlight to read)      
I recently got upgraded to VIB beauty insider & I'm trying to inscribe it into my account. I had to make a new account because I can't seem to find the solution myself. I want to add the vib beauty Insider account to this account so I can receive my points given.
Enter for a chance to win a Little Black Book Of Bronzers from Too Faced! This limited edition collector’s item contains the brand’s entire line of eight different bronzers. On July 9, one lucky Twitter follower will win this coveted wardrobe!   To enter, make sure you follow @Sephora on Twitter. Between July 8 at 12pm PDT and July 9 at 12pm PDT, tweet us your favorite Too Faced bronzer []. Don’t forget to include #SephoraSweeps in your tweet. All valid entries received within 24 hours of the sweeps entry time are eligible to win. The winner will be selected at random from the pool of correct entries. Watch your Twitter feed on July 9 for a chance to win.   See official rules below>
Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.21.35 PM.png
  What gives, Sephora? This tiny jar of face cream used to be $10, then you increased it to $17 and now it's at $24, two weeks after it was at $17.    What the #@!& $24 for 0.5 oz?
So I bought the Bite Lip Kit and I'm missing one of the lipsticks, the box looks battered, and they look swatched/used.   Seriously!? WTF? Do they not check for used/missing products before they resell? Thoroughly disappointed because this item is now permanently out of stock.     
Does anyone know if Sephora will be restocking the Anastasia Beverly hills contour palette? 
I had placed an order on May 9 and I used the elle subscription code, I know it says to wait around 6 weeks to get my first issue but it's been more than that and I haven't received an issue yet and I don't know where else to check if I'm going to receive one, any feedback is greatly appreciated. 
Hello!   I'm trying to place an order online but I can't, it says that I should check my credit card and my billing information, but everything is ok with them. I don't know if it might be a problem with the sephora page or what else could be happening?   I really want to place the order today or tomorrow because I have a VIB discount of 10% that expires on July 8th and I don't want to miss it. Could you please help me or tell me what can I do?  I've never had this problems before and, as I told you, I've already check my information and everything is fine with it.    Regards!
I decided to take advantage on the VIB 20% sale to do some x'mas shopping for my friends. I placed 2 orders on different days, both ordered with the gift wrapping satchel. When the first package came in, it didn't come with the satchel. I contacted Sephora stating they miss the satchel in my order. They replied saying I didn't select the gift wrapping option on my order, and suggest me to check to make sure everything is right when I confirm my order next time. I was 100% positive I did select the gift wrapping option and when I looked at the confirmation email they sent us, apparently the gift wrapping: satchel was selected!!!!!! I mean.. Sephora, I understand you guys were really busy with the VIB sale orders, but do not blame your customers for your mistakes. I was told that I can go to the store to get the satchel if I want to because they do not send gift wrapping alone without any merchandise from the warehouse. Then my second order came in today, AGAIN, MISSING THE SATCHEL SECOND TIME. like really? There's a reason for me to do online shopping, not everybody get time to go to the store just to get the satchel because you guys forgot to pack it in my orders. I am really disappointed!!
I'm $400 away from maintaining my VIB rouge status and have a $300 worth store credit card. Is it possible to use the store credit card to compensate for the amount of money I have to spend. 
My points show up correctly in the store but my balance is shown as zero when I'm viewing it on the app or the website. Can this be corrected?
I was excited to order the lip kit when it came back in stock but I think I was just sent an item that was returned by someone else. Several of the lipsticks look dirty or used, e.g., one has a black spot on it, some have little fibers/hairs on them, etc.  Normally I would just return an item if it looked used, but one of the lipsticks is missing entirely! I got 3 double ended tubes instead of 4.  I'm afraid if I return this I will be accused of taking the item and not be able to get my money back. Please help.
Will Sephora be getting the too faced rock n roll palette? 
Am wanting to buy a clarisonic Mia2 - wonder what the plug on the charger is? Thanks, Ekaete
My mia clarisonic wont charge, it pulses while on the charger. Any Advice?
Hello, the reward points that I received from the purchases that I've made in my local Sephora store did not show up when I signed up online. The only reward points that are showing up are the ones that I have made when i purchased items online. How can I fix this?   *I would like to combine my in-store and online reward points. Please Help.