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Is there a survey I can take for the CS dept? I have been receiving excellent customer service here, on fb and over the phone. I just hope there is a survey for them like the one we take for our store experience. The CS dept deserve kudos/props too.   For now, (since I don't know how to give my feedback for the excellent customer service I received) I would just like to say, "Props to Miabt and Zannabt!"
I've never known that this was an issue until I searched it online and apparently it is(but I didn't think I'd have to go through it).  I'm missing 2 of 3 samples associated with my order.  I didn't even receive any substitutions.  I'm not sure if the samples were out of stock or what but it would've been nice to have been able to choose something else even if they were.  It sucks expecting something new to try and to not have it arrive.
Hi,   I've just recently made VIB rouge status but for a whole year I've been VIB, I never once received any notification about events\promotions. I know I'm not having email issues because I always confirmation emails when I place orders online. I didn't even receive an email notification for the VIB sale that just passed. Can someone please assist?   Thank you
Hello,   I placed my first online order on 11/24 and it all went smoothly. Today (11/26) I decide to place another order online, and the order gets cancelled due to "Unsuccessful Authorization" when I've used the same card, billing and shipping address. My card still works for other online purchases at other websites. My CC company even confirmed that there is a charge from Sephora for the amount of the cancelled order, so why does Sephora state that it was unsuccessful?   Should I attempt to place the order again? I'm scared I will get charged twice and not receive my order.   Thanks.
Hello Sephora!   My question, is regarding product number 1387323 (Billionaire Boyfriend Perfume).  I am interested in buying the perfume, but is this product being discontinued soon?  
Hi! I just recently made a little shopping trip to Sephora, and purchased a few items, at the time I was making an exchange too so the lady did not ask for my rouge card. I assumed that the barcode from the return paper would have it, but I guess it didn't! Can i get my points added from that purchase? Also I want to make sure that my new rouge card is the one linked to my account! I recently lost my rouge card and just got a new one, however I'm not sure how to check if thats the correct one linked? Thank you!
I'm getting ready to place an order and there is no option to add the Rouge welcome kit.  Does it get automatically added or should an option pop up to add it to my cart?    Thanks Stephanie
    Hi,   I placed an order on the 23 of April, and payed  with a credit card, and shipt it to my friends location, but the order states is: Status: Unsuccessful Authorization   So what does this mean???????
I had a few NARS shadow singles in my basket, waiting to check out, as well as saved to my Loves list, and I had the Pulp Fiction palette saved to my loves list too, and this morning they are all gone from my loves list and I can't even find NARS shadow singles on the site anymore...   Were they discontinued (unlikely) or is this some sort of weird system glitch?
I spent over 350$ in a Sephora store, allowing me to reach VIB status, however, it won't show on my online account!!! Help please.
I just reached Rouge and called to schedule my Free Make over and was told I could only get a Free Mini Make over which was free when I was BI and VIB. I clearly see on the website it says Free Full make overs and the other one that $125 is also free for Rouge so why am I being told only a Mini make over is free for rouge? I will be super *******  if I spent $1000 and I can only get Free Mini Make overs because I got those free when I was a VIB. I have read Sephora also cancels orders if you place alot of small orders using the free shipping offered to Rouge members which is **** if you ask me. Can someone clear this up for me? Are we only offered free Mini Make overs or do we get Free Full make overs also?
I just received my most recent order that was placed online as of Nov 10, 2014. I am missing 5 Sephora fabric masks from my order. And there was no packing slip inside the box. This is the first time it had happened to me with all the online orders that I had. Can someone help me?? I would really appreciate it!
I placed on order on November 14th, and received a shipping notice a week later. However, whenever I check my order status online, it still says in progress? I am a VIB Rogue, and I know you guys have had an influx of orders but I would expect that when I get a shipping notice that there is a tracking number. And that the order would not take more than a week to arrive since I live just outside of the Toronto area.
Hello, I have been making several purchases at my local Sephora. I have realized that the purchases I make and the points don't add up to the amount I am told in store. I am 'VIB' now, but my online account tells me otherwise. I am not sure whether I have two emails signed up to the account. BUT i really want to have this fixed! I want to earn points when shopping online and in-store on the same account! PLEASE if someone could help me out. That would be great! I want my proper points/and purchase history to show up on my online account! thanks so much xo
I want to place an order as a gift for someone travelling to the US for Boxing day shopping. I really want to send her the fragrance sampler with voucher as she will be able to redeem it. Is there anyway I can get this shipped to Canada from a Sephora in the US?
  My VIB account was supposed to be linked to my account once I signed out and signed back in like I was told to have it show up my old account is completely gone. I have since then made a new account and I need to link it to my VIB card before ordering online. 
My significant other had purchased the OPI Gelshine system two weeks ago and not too long after there was a price drop. Is it possible to get a price adjustment and have the difference refunded? I feel that within such a short time frame this is a reasonable request. I sent an email and was told that this was not possible, but I do not understand to as why this is the case, especially since the credit card was only charged yesterday for the purchase due to a delay with shipping. This will really save the hassle from having to go to my local store. I hope for a positive reply. Thank you in advance.
I recently got a Beauty Insider card when I made a purchase at Sephora and then made another purchase a few days later and neither purchase is showing up on my account here.  Do I need to link my card to the account somehow? 
I'm so mad that there's no concrete answer to my questions. I've placed an order on October 31th and already paid it 2 1/2 weeks ago. Sephora didn't dispatch the order or cancel it.   Once I got the answer that there's been a preapprove to that order for the returned items??   I didn't return anything and I'm not willing to wait for 45 Business days to get a refund. I never received an E-Mail that Sephora cancel the order and will refund it.   Sorry, this is poor. If you don't want to solve this problem I'll call VISA and handle it myself.   I will never order or shop at Sephora ever again!  
I'm going to buy the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, but I want to see how they would do my brows for me. I'm wondering what I have to ask after I buy this product. Do they charge extra if I ask them to use the product? Also, will they take off the makeup I already have on?
Good Morning. I didn't receive any samples with my most recent order.  why is that?
Hi, I have a VIB card, and two other accounts that say that I am not even a BI. I would like to find my VIB card account information, i.e. linked email address and physical address. In addition, I would like to transfer points form my other accounts into my VIB account. How would I be able to do that, and delete the other two accounts?
The eyeliner I ordered is listed in the packing list, but it's not in the box at all!! I am so disappointed as this was my first online purchase.  How do I get what the product I paid for!..??!
Hi, I would like to combine my accounts. I have a VIB account in store, and I made two online. How can I combining those accounts? Will my points be combined as well?
I just received the package for an order I placed during the sale and I noticed that it is missing one item, yet I was still charged for that item. How do I go about getting that item actually being sent to me?   Or is it possible to go to my nearest Sephora and ask for it? (asking this because I will be out of town soon and don't want the item sitting on my front door for an extended period of time)
They were sold out really quickly, and I'm wondering if they'll ever be back in stock for Christmas ?
Hi,   I had re-qualified for VIB for next year a few weeks ago during the sale. I am wondering if I am going to be sent a kit (similar to the welcome kit when you first qualify for VIB) or promo code for re- qualifying?   So far I have not been contacted or emailed any info about this.   Thank you
Hello - I placed an order on the 19th and received an email saying my order was shipped on Friday. I looked at the tracking and the UPS site says that the label wasn't created until TODAY and the order still has not shipped. I also don't appreciate not being informed of the shipping/delivery delays until AFTER I had placed my order. If I knew about the delays prior, I would have selected a faster shipping service to ensure I would have my items before I left for the holiday and would also have changed my shipping address. As it is now - My items are going to be shipped to my office building when I will not be there. WHEN can I expect my order and WHY has only a label been printed after almost a week after I placed my order?