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hello , i bought over $400 in store on Friday, become a VIB,  but not try order online yet, today i wanna buy more through online, but my status not VIB,  how can link my VIB card with my account online ?
Hello, could someone please help me with linking my VIB card to my online account? The online account is not linked to my old beauty insider card either.
Every time I try to log in with a password I know is correct, it takes me back to the loin page repeatedly with no message indicating what is wrong. This happened when I tried to check out on my computer thievery time i clicked log in it took me back to my basket. I was able to check out on my phone. What's going on?
How do I change my birthday on Sephora? I signed up for a play subscription and did not change the default. My real birthday is Oct 5
I made a purchase yesterday in store and it's not showing in my points or recent purchases. It was a good amount so I would like to get those points. My Rouge card was used, I was able to get the 20%. Thanks.
I  purchased something in store today and asked the cashier if I could receive samples with my purchase. She did not seem okay with this. She rang up my purchase, gave me my receipt and told me to have a good day.
I placed my order on April 19 and i still did not get anshipping confirmation. Some items in my order are already out of stock i am afraid they won't be fulfilled in my order. Can i know if my order is cancelled or shipped ?
ive contacted customer service via email a few times and never recieve a response re why the website is suddenly unusable on my iPad.    The menus overlap, or are unclickable.  Products are listed in one line down the page, but scrolling is impossible, as you eventually run into an ad.  What is going on?  I'd love to start Christmas shopping.
Hi, I just found that the bite lip kit I purchased 2 days ago dropped price (from C56 to C45). It is kind of confusing, would you help me adjust the price? Thanks.
I recently got upgraded to VIB status in store, however my online Sephora account still shows that I'm a beauty insider with 0 points! Could someone guide me on how to link my accounts?
Hi, It says on my order status that there was an unsuccessful authorization but my credit card was still charged anyways. Can someone please help me clarify this situation please? The sale is ending in a few days and I still want my order! Thank you
One of the items I ordered Tuesday is the Clinique Crayola Chubby Stick Crayon set of 8. It was full price on Tuesday but today I saw that it has gone down in price by about half. Is there any way I can get a price adjustment?
Hi. I placed my order on Friday (5 days ago) and just checked the order and says "Status: Unsuccessful Authorization".   I have ordered in the past without any issue however my previous credit card expired and this is my first time using the new one on Sephora. I haven't changed my Billing or Shipping address.   Do I need to open a new account? I don't want to loose my VIB Rouge status
Hi. I placed my order on the 18th and just checked the order and says "Status: Unsuccessful Authorization". I would like to know what is going on? Do i have to reorder again?
Hi, I am a Vib but in online it still shows me as a beauty insider online. What can I do?
Hi , I am a VIB but it shows that I am a beauty insider online. It also doe not show the correct amount of points that I actually have. How do i fix it ?  
Hi! How do I delete my Sephora account. I have another one that I use as my main one but for some reason this one is on my main email. I cannot change my email because this one is already taken. Is there a way to delete this account since I never use it?
Hi,   I've gotten the VIB card over a year ago but it online it still says my status is Beauty Insider. I'd like to take advantage of the 15% off. Please help. Thank you
I forgot to redeem my birthday gift, it was almost 2 months ago.... Can I still redeem my gift?
Hi,  I have a store credit card with almost $140 on it, but most of the things I want to purchase are literally only available online ( Nest Midnight Fleur Travel Spray with Refils is one of them--only available online). Is there a way the credit can be transferred onto an e-gift card so that I can purchase the items I want.  Thank you.
how does sephora not pay attention to thier clients. i went to an in store to return a foundation and was not given my full payment. they did not give me my tax money back and asked them why not instead the manager was very rude and just said in passing they is nothing she could do. yes there is give me my full refund. i have been calling sephora nad hoenstly not helpful at all like its like no one cares. we work hard for our money. honestly im hurt because its very unrthical thats like someone stealing money infront of you. i hoenstly cryed.
When will my order be shipped? I ordered on the 19th and have yet to receive any shipping information.   Thank you!
I rarely get the samples I have selected, and I understand substitutions are occuring. I cannot help feeling disappointed when it happens all of the time though. I really want to try things I am interested in, not what the warehouse employee filling my order decides to toss in the box. My substitutes are not even comparable to my selections, and include two fragrances that I already do not care for.   I selected these:     And received these instead...  
Hi I was wondering if you can help me transfer my points from an inactive account to my new one, thanks!! 
Hi, I would like to link my card and my online account, but not sure how to do so. Im buying with both now. Thank you.
Hi there,    I recently found my beauty insider card i thought I had lost, and was hoping to merge the points onto one of my two cards. Can you help me? Joshua