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Silly me- in taking a mini hiatus from my makeup (*cough* Sephora *cough*) addiction, I forget to stop in store to pick up the NARS birthday gift last month.  I have placed 2 orders during the VIB sale and for the life of me can't figure out how to get the b'day included in my orders.   Arrrrg!   Any suggestions?
 I signed up for an account online a few months ago, and made my first Sephora purchase over the weekend. The cashier helped me sign up for it, but when I check my online account it says I have 0 points? I may just be missing something, because this is new to me, but I just thought I'd ask! Is there a way to link my card to my online account?
Do you have to re qualify to be a VIB member?
Hello!   I just requalified for VIB for 2016 in store this past week and did not receive my VIB welcome package.  I did not receive it via email either.  Could you please make sure it gets sent to me?   I also never received my VIB Rouge welcome package when I first qualified for Rouge at the end of 2014.  My store was out of them, and it was not available when I made an online order either.  I am not sure if there is something wrong with my account, since it has happened twice now?   Thanks!
I swear it seems like i have just gotten really let down by my local SiJCP lately. Which has made me sad. I went in yesterday, with all intenetions of spending the $200 that I had alloted for the sale. I was honestly the ONLY person inside the store. Other than 2 SA's, That is it. I wanted to invest in some skincare ( i am tired of using up my samples lol ) and also look for a new eye shadow pallate to replace me Naked that i have been using forever. Not only did I get zero help from either of the SAs while i was in there, ( they were too busy putting on their makeup since it was almost closing time. One of them had a date and she actually should have been gone 30 minutes before. I learned all of this by walking around ) but when I tried to ask questions about the Boscia luminizing mask, i got zero help, as in she WALKED AWAY when i asked about it. I ended up walking out and spending exactly $6 on lip balm. That was it. Has anyone else had anything like this happen? I guess my irritation is coming from this is the exact same store that I have to call CS in order to get my points added because for whatever reason, they either only partially show up, or don't show up at all. And when i do that, if i don't have my reciept, I end up only getting the points, and not the $$ amount spend, which would push me closer to rouge. Hence why i went and cashed in all my points a couple of weeks ago.
My order was delivered to the wrong house by OnTrac three days ago. I didn't find out until now b/c OnTrac online tracking wasn't working. Can I do ANYTHING? My insider beauty bonus (Nars lip pencils!!!!) was in there.
I recently made a purchase in-store and used the VIB 10% coupon card. The cashier didn't scan my BI card because she said it wasn't necessary because I had the coupon card. Is this correct? I usually buy online during the sales so this was my first time buying in-store during the sale and I wanted to make sure my points/$ amount shows up on my account because this purchase would push me to next level to become a VIB member! Please advise, thank you! 
Hello, my order was cancelled, because of "unsuccessful authorization". I wanted to know if they have refund the money back to my credit card ? What am I supposed to do, for my order to be shipped ? Am I supposed to reorder again ? Before I reorder I just wanna make sure that no money was taken off my credit card from the first order, as it had been cancelled.  thank you for your answer
I did not receive an invitation (snail-mail or email) for the Spring sale. I seareched online for the dates at the beginning of the month but there was no info. I found out the sale started a week ago when I randomly visited my local store. I missed the private VIB rouge event, and much of what I wanted is now sold out. I received weekly Sephora emails, but nothing regarding this sale. Is there a reason? For years, I have received invitations in the mail and online, as well as online reminders during the sales  
I'm a VIB in store, however it only shows that I'm a Beauty Insider when I try to access online.  
Hello!  Last week I made some purchases at my local Sephora inside JCP.  While the majority of the items are showing up in my purchase history, one item is not showing up.  It was a Lorac Pro face tutorial kit.  Is it because it was on sale? This is not the first time this has happened, so I was curious of sale items at a Sephora inside JCP do not count?
I had 44 points and placed no order, but I have 45 now.  Next time someone wants to give me a bonus, I would love to see a couple zeroes after the number.  Or, you can keep giving them to me one at a time for the next 5,000 days.  Then, I can use a big point perk in about 14 years.   Seriously though, thanks for the point.  Did anyone else get a bonus?
I've tried to purchase with my debit card for three times during these days, but the status always turn to "unsuccessful authorization", it's said that the information I provided is not match to the card, but I'm pretty sure what I've entered was right. I don't know why it's keep happening even after I tried to pay with another card.  
I ordered a lipstick at a store, on the 12th. I haven't gotten it yet though. I checked on my account to track it however the tracking number doesn't seems to leed anywhere? How do I know if it's on its way or not?
Hi, I signed up in store today for the Beauty Insider program. The clerk told me I had 55 points because of my purchase, but I don't see any points in my account.  Help!
I created an account and it says I have zero points in it. I went to the store and they found out they spelled the email incorrectly so all the points are under that wrong email. Can you merge the accounts together and fix my email? Thank you.
Hi, I've been a VIB member for a while now but I noticed my online account still hasn't been updated to VIB status. Can someone please help or explain how I go about doing this? Thank you.
I did not receive the electronic receipt for an in-store purchase and I didn't take a paper copy because I had requested it via email. How can a I get a re-print of the receipt for this transaction? 
Hello, I'm hoping someone can tell me how I link my VIB card to my online account so I can take advantage of the sale and receive the points? Thank you!
My email address was spelled incorrectly in the store so all of my points are now under that email.  I am also not receiving emails due to this. I created an account under my correct email not knowing that the misspelled email was the problem.  I need them merged and to have my correct email please. 
A couple of days ago I purchased some items in the store at Sephora but the points were never added. Can someone help with this? 
hi,I can't link my VIB card to my account,can you help me link my card to my account,thank you!
I have just opened a online account and I want to connect it with my beauty card get in store. But I don't remember if I have regestered or not. how can I combine my beauty card point with the online account?  
I want to take advantage of the sale but my accounts aren't linked.. HELP!
I ordered foundation a few hours ago - using my card in file, to be mailed in a business address that I've used before. Minutes later, I get an email that my order was cancelled for my security -- because Sephora couldn't verify the billing address. If the card is on file -- and have been used for previous purchases -- I don't get why the billing address can't be "verified".   There was also an instance last Black Friday that my whole order has been cancelled because one or two items were sold out. It's annoying that Sephora has to cancel the whole order - instead of sending the rest and giving me a partial refund on whatever's sold out.
Hi!   I placed an order at April 6. And I used the 10% welcome VIB code. It's like the most expensive order I every made. But the UPS lost it!!!!I file a lost package claim at April 8, they said I have to wait 8 days. Now they get me an positive results saying the package was delivered at the front door. This is really ridiculous!!I already ask all my neighbors and they didn't see it. They UPS driver didn't even contact me!!!I contact the customer service yesterday they say they will start an investigation. Another 8 days!!! All I want was my package or the refund. If they can't find the package or give an refund. I'll never shop at Sephora again!!. I mean it!
My account says I have 0 points; could I get help merging my account and my beauty insider card?
Hi, I was hoping someone could help me answer a quick question.   For this current VIB sale, can you bring a friend to share your 15% off during the entire sale? For example, can I bring a friend to use my coupon tomorrow (Saturday)?   The coupon I got in the mail is kind of confusing and I am not sure if sharing with a friend was limited to one day (Thursday) for the VIBs.   Thanks!
Hi, my order status says "STATUS: Unsuccessful Authorization", but I had an email confirming my order, what should I do now?
Hi, can someone help add on the points I am missing from the CAD to US conversion? Thank you!