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What is up with the free samples lately? Got an order last month that didn't have any samples in it and today's order arrived today with only one sample.   
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  Kik app:    Kik point auctions are a piece of cake. Here’s how it works: Place a bid—the minimum starts at 205 Kik points. The minimum bid will increase with every bid placed by fellow auctioners. If you get outbid, simply place a new one for a higher amount. Because winners never quit. The Benefit Cosmetics ka-BROW! Kik points auction ends July, 25 11:59 PDT, and the top 100 highest bidders will be selected by Sephora in its sole discretion to take home the brow-enhancing sample (color may vary). If you are not selected to win, any Kik points used to bid will be re-credited to your Kik account.  Good luck! Open to US residents only, age 13 or older. Limited quantities available. One sample per individual winner.  Samples have no monetary value (unless required by law) and cannot be transferred, exchanged, sold, or returned.  Sephora is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged rewards.  Sephora and its brands are not responsible for any taxes incurred.  Sephora shall not be responsible for service interruptions, loss of data or errors caused by Kik or other reasons outside of its control. Rewards are subject to change, alteration, substitution, cancelation, suspension, or termination by Sephora in its sole discretion.  Offer valid only on Kikfrom July 21-25, 2016 and not on or at any Sephora store.  Void where prohibited by law. 
I was just wondering if I can use a Visa Gift Card as a payment option? I have a balance of 43 cents because I was short that amount after entering my gift cards and I don't really want to have to put 43 cents on a credit card. That's all, thanks!
Someone please help me! I made quite a big order (almost $700) and my shipping status showed 'unsuccessful authorization'. I called in and a representative told me that this was because I accidentally put down my address twice...   However, my bank card has been charged!!! I was told I had to wait 45 days for this to be reversed... How are you able to take money out of my account within minutes of me ordering something, but I had to wait 45 days for it to come back to me?! I'm not going to even receive my items! Someone respond ASAP as this is not a low amount of money and I need it back immediately.
I used my email address to sign up for beauty insider when I was purchasing online for the first time. Serveral months later I got a VIB card in store, but the assistance did not ask for my email address or my phone number. When I tried to log in again I found out I my account astatus is still beauty insider. I was wondering if i have multiple accounts? Can someone help me to link my VIB card to my email address (original accounts) and transfer the points into one account? Thanks.
Okay so almost a month ago I bought the Skin Wonderland set. It comes with about 11 different skincare products. I've been playing around with the products and the majority of them irritated my skin (my skin is sensitive) so all the products are still almost full, except the mask it came with. It came with a one time use mask, which I used obviously. Would I be able to return this still? I have all the other products and the original packaging or would I not because one of the products were used? Or is it at the discretion of the store?
This is what I got. This is what I saw when I opened my box. It is becca highlighter I got through promo code Instaglow. I don't know how can I claim for damages. Please help me feel better about this.        
Tarte is currently having their friends and family sale for 30% off. Can Sephora price match this? I'd rather purchase at Sephora than Tarte. Thanks!
VIB Rouge Concierge confusion:   What happened to the VIB Concierge team? I had to contact them for a serious issue and the first day I spent 30 min on the phone trying to get through a language barrier with the woman who answered and could not conceptualize my issue. I finally out of frustration asked to recontacted by a supervisor (who hopefully understood english and contextual issues) only to not get a call back. I then had to call again the next day and find out she'd put in the system notes "great detail" to my "issue" which was NOT even my issue! I then had to spend an additional 30 min on the phone with another concierge who also could not understand nor conceptualize my issue and also had great difficulty understanding english and her phone line sounded like she was on the opposite of the planet earth. Turns out, no joke, she was because I ended up getting a call back finally IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT from Switzerland and a second call then (because i was using the bathroom) Chec Republic! What is going on here? 1000k a year annual spending gets me a call center across the planet for which the persons cannot even understand english nor concepts? Also both times the person left a vm saying in a menacing tone "you are on a recorded line" as if I was in talks with law enforcement or the IRS for gosh sakes?!
Hello   I am missing points from a purchase I made inside my local mall. I'm just wondering if it's possible the cashier entered my email address wrong or something.. I have the receipt and everything.   Thank you for any responses.
Have the free samples on checkout been discontinued or is it just my local outlet that has dropped the ball? The last few times (3 or 4) that I have been to my local Sephora outlet there were no samples offered, and yesterday when I inquired about them I got a blank stare and then told that there were none but she could maybe put together some fragrance ones if I really wanted. If I really wanted. What?  Did I miss an announcement about this?
When this first came out, it costed around $50. Now, it's on sale for $29.99, and it's new normal price is cheaper than what I originally spent. Is there any way to get my money back? Its too late to get a refund.
How can I transfer points I have from one account onto my my main account? 
I need to change my Sephora play shipping address for May. It says the only way you can do it is to call... but I waited on hold for 25+ minutes. I'm hoping there is an easier way! Most subscriptions boxes let you change it yourself. 
Hi, I have had my Sephora Beauty Insider card for some time now, and just recently opened an online account. I would really appreciate it if someone could assist me in linking my card to my account, if possible. Please and thank you!
Hi,   Last time I was at Sephora I had well over 200 points on my Beauty Insider card. I declined the rewards because I wanted to keep saving. I went to Sephora today  and now I only have 62 points...this is completely inaccurate as I am a frequent Sephora shopper and have no used any towards a reward. Is there anyway to tell what happened to my points or get them back?
I have the silver VIB card that I use in stores and I was needing to make a large online order but it shows I have no points. I just wanted to make sure I get the points for this order before I make the order. Any help would be appreciated!
I recently reviewed a coupl of products for Kat Von D's beauty products but I accidentally forgot to add important information in my review. Is there any way that I could possibly edit my review to add more important information? 
Hey i was charged for an order which i did not place. It said i missing information on my card several times while trying to order. So I ended up just not placing the order. Now I see I'm being charged... for what? I didn't purchase anything. Is there someone that I can speak to, to get this figured out?
hey! My birth date on my account is not the real one, I don't know how and why it is in May but my month of birth is July! How can I change that? 
I've never had a problem with any of my orders but today was the worst day ever. I checked the status of my package it said it was delivered but I checked my front door(porch area), NOTHING. I walked around my neighborhood, asked my neighbors if they've seen a Sephora package and they said no. My neighborhood has no thieves or never has been an incident where a package was stolen.  I'm really upset because it was a birthday gift! I don't know what to do. Sephora is an amazing company, never had issues with them. 
How can i link my rewards card to my online profile? 
My package was sent out through Canada Post and the tracking says it was left on my front door and there is nothing there. Checked the mailbox, my neighbours basically anywhere it could be and its no where to be found. Even called canada post and they dont know either. Help would be appreciated!!!
I placed an order about 5 minutes ago and just realised I entered the wrong address. Please help me and let me know how to fix it asap, as I chose the 2 day shipping option!  
Hi, I have had my Sephora Beauty Insider card for some time now, and just recently opened an online account. I would appreciate it if someone could assist me in linking my card to my account. Thank you!