When there isn't a item in stock, how long does it take to be restocked?
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For me, it has taken anywhere from a couple of days to never becomes available (product discontinued, either by Sephora or the manufacturer). Sometimes there is a place next to the CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE button that you can sign up for an email notification when the product becomes available. Otherwise there isn't much else to do except keep checking back.

If you post what product you are looking for here, sometimes the BT moderators can check when it might be available again.


Hope this helps

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Hi Mya143.  It depends on the product.  If there is an option to sign up for email notification, that is always a good idea.  That way you can be notified as soon as it is available.  Is there a particular product you are interested in?  I will be happy to check the status for you. Smiley Happy

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