What is sephora's return policy on used items?

I have a tube of philosophy help me that I bought back in October and used maybe 5 times before my Derm told me that I needed a prescription strength retinol so I stopped using it. It was expense, $45 and now it's just sitting. I got it online. Can I return it to a store?

Also almost a year ago I but a MAKEUP FOREVER waterproof makeup seal that I used only once. Way to messy and pointless. I bought it in store but I don't have the receipt. Can I still return it?

Neither product still has its original box. 

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Give a call to your local store and ask them how they would process your return, there seems to be different policies with different stores after the 60 return period is up. Here's a link to the store locator to get their phone number:


Link- http://www.sephora.com/help/stores/index.jhtml

Hope this helps!

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Prettyinpa is exactly right.  Thanks Prettyinpa!  @Kati00 Definitely give the store a call to see what they will need for your return.

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