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What happened to Stella McCartney's Nude fragrance?  I haven't seen it in a while, and it was a favorite of mine.  Same with Kenzo's Parfum D'Ete. 


Is there a list or anything that is kept up-to-date with discontinued products, and info on when the product was discontinued and why it was discontinued? 



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Sephora doesn't seem to have a list of discontinued products, I think it would be great too!

Often fragrances are limited edition- Stella McCarthy Nude was issued in 2009, and it was discontinued from the manufacturer, though you can still get it on Amazon and various fragrance sites. Same with the Kenzo fragrance, it was issued in 2002, and was discontinued by the manufacturer also. I hate when I find a fragrance that I adore and the fragrance house discontinues it, then I have to start searching all over again! Smiley Sad

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