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What does Sephora do with return items?
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What is Sephora's policy on returned merchandise?  Do they just throw away items that have been used and returned or do they resell them? 

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I never worked for Sephora, but I have worked for L'Occitane and Williams Sonoma. 


With L'Occitane the associates kept the returned used products. Gross... but they would clip the lipsticks or clean the moisturizer openings ect...


At Williams Sonoma, if something was dented, or a pan was already used the associates also got to take them home.

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Actually many cosmetic products do have expiration dates.  By the way, the FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration; makeup and skincare testing is not within their jurisdiction. 


Hi everyone!  Sephora damages out returned products and send it back to the manufacture.  We DO NOT resell used products to anyone.  I hope that helps clear up the topic :smileyhappy:


xo, Mia

Yes Sephora throws them away! It doesn't matter if its gently used. Honestly even if it isnt used I still would not want to buy it because you never now where it's been. It could have been in someone's over heated car! People are so spoiled by the insanely generous return policy here in the USA stores. In Hk for sure you can't return anything you eat/ consume or appy to body as this is for basic personal hygiene and safety reasons. This also means less reckless buying then returning. And all high end beauty items are cellophane wrapped so neither the sales associate nor customers will open it before paying. This is much better because once the item is exposed air the expiration clock starts. And they also put expiration dates and sometimes even manufacturing date on all their products whether high end or low end. The USA makes a big deal about FDA but rarely do you see high end beauty item with expiration date here. Its like they want to keep it a secret from customers.
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Sephora destroys all damaged or used returned merchandise.

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One of the BT moderators posted that the returned items are sent back to the manufacturers.

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it will resell to those countries that are not eligible/easy to return. I live in Canada and I bought one product from Sephora online. When I open it, it was definitely used by other ppl (it is a lipstick and you can even see the lip print!) 

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i heard they throw it away but correct me if I am wrong

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Thanks, prettyinpa -- I always wanted to hear the official answer on this topic. I've often wondered if they sterilize them and make them into testers (that would make sense). When I returned one barely-swatched blush once, the cashier said, "You know we have to throw these away, right, if you've used just goes to waste..." so I've wondered!

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