VIB Welcome Kit?

I keep reading about this VIB Welcome Kit (email/coupon) and I got VIB status a few weeks ago, but I have yet to receive an email welcome of any sort.  Are they no longer doing this?  It makes me wonder if I will be missing other VIB emails about sales/perks/coupons...

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what is this VIB Welcome Kit? I obtained VIB status for several months now, and have not received anything in the mail, no coupons, nada. My cousin just got her VIB and she showed me the package that came in the mail: has a membership card, some coupons, and a mirror. Why didn't I receive one???

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@SmellofLife this is a brand new offer that just began about 1 month ago and is only available in store. It sounds like you qualified for VIB before this offer began which is why you did not receive one. You are welcome to visit your local store to ask for a new VIB card and the special welcome kit if it is still available. Enjoy!
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