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I became a VIB a few months ago and only have ever received on 10% off coupon about a month ago.  I never get emails about upcoming events, special products, or promotions.  I also never get any samples with my purchase in the store.  I have spent over $1,000 within the last 7 months and feel like I should get more than one 10% off coupon.  I do get my 100 and 500 point perks but never anything else.  I have spoke to other people who say they are always getting emails with coupons or free items in the store and I'm beginning to think I'm the only one.  I have spoke to customer service at Sephora twice and have "refreshed" my email information and still nothing in my email or regular mail.  I also just saw that their is a Friends and Family 20% off.  I had no idea about this sale.  When did it start and is it only good online?  I was wondering if anyone else was having these issues....Thanks!

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@Phillygrl and Kbhj Sorry to hear you aren't receiving e-mails.  Give us a call at 1-877-SEPHORA and choose menu option 2 to speak with a Beauty Advisor who can refresh your e-mail subscription settings.

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You'r not alone I never get any samples in store and I have seen them giving them out but I have never recived any. Thats why I order ofline more then in the store becuse you can choose samples and you can also click on weekely specials and get promotional codes for additional free things. As far as emails go I get tons of emails probably atleast one every day or two I think alot of the times they will have in small writing at the top or bottom with a code to get additional free items with orders online but as far as you were saying free stuff I do feel like they did less then last year. The biggest problem I have had was the holiday gift cards tons of people I know said they got theres and I have never gotten mine this will be my second holiday season being a VIB so we will see. OHH and for the friends and family many said they never got anything about it I actually did but I guess people have been saying its like an actuall sale for friends and family memeber and thats why people arnt getting informed. If you have a facebook you can add sephora as a like and they sent out the code

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Sign on to your account and make sure your email AND mailing address in present. VIB invite come hardcopy via snailmail:smileyhappy:

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I also never get any emails.  I do occasionally receive mailers.

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You've gotten more than I have. No emails, no 10% off....nothing.

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When I first became a VIB I had the same predicament. As a regular BI, I always received emails, then when I became VIB, suddenly it all stopped. Somehow there was some error in my email info, even though I had previously NEVER had issues. Anyways, I had to contact customer service multiple times. I even posted my problem on the Sephora Facebook page. You're definitely not alone, I had multiple comments from women experiencing the same thing. After it was fixed, I finally got all the offer emails.


About the emails, there's a VIB email once a month usually, but they have skipped a few. Also, the offers are usually online and instore, but there's ALWAYS a limited supply. So, if you see an offer, pounce on it quickly because its usually sold out within that weekend (emails are usually released on Fridays). I've been a VIB since it first began and they've definitely improved on their offers these last couple of months.


In terms of discounts, those are usally early access to discount offers. For example, last April they had a 15% off sale. VIBs got notice a week earlier than BI's. My fave discount is the $20 holiday card which is higher than regular BI's $15 card.


The Friends and Family discount that you mentioned was NOT advertised through email. It was spread through store associates who gave out card to F&F and mentioned online. Sephora always has discounts around the same timeline every year. So that's the reason why so many people were mentioning it on beauty blogs and Sephora's Facebook page. Although it would've been great to be notified about it, Clearly, it wasn't a VIB or BI event so, it didn't obligate Sephora to send out emails detailing it. Plus they made the offer available online to everyone to use. FF2010 for 20 % off, ends Nov. 3


I'd advise you to keep an eye out in your emails and especially keep an eye on the Sephora Facebook wall. When I had email issues, the wall was how I stayed in the know about discounts and events.

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