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When I log into my account it says IM a VIB, but I haven't received any Sephora emails besides the ones to confirm an order in months, I check my spam folder and added sephora to my contacts but nothing.  I made a new email address and changed my account to the new one and still nothing :smileysad: I haven't gotten any emails letting me know IM a VIB or promos or anything. Is there anyway I can find out about VIB offers and promos so I don't miss out?

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The same thing has happened to me. I became a VIB about a month ago, but  never got an email confirming it. I only found out by logging in. I tried emailed customer service two times over the past 3 weeks, but have not gotten any response. I also never got the 10% welcome coupon. I'm very happy I'm a VIB, but wish I would have gotten the email saying so last month haha. Can anyone help me?

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@Mzanners I will be happy to take a look and will send you a message.
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I have been a VIB for over 6 months - I have never received an email and only one got a VIB coupon. I hope someone will fix this for me as well.

Yes sephora can send me emails and my address is correct :-)
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@Stc19 I sent you a message to help :smileyhappy:
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I quit receiving the emails a few months ago – I wasn't sure why. I received them for ages & months ago – they stopped coming. They aren't in the Spam folder… I posted a question about this earlier.

I am curious if anybody that posted here started receiving the emails again? I hope so! :smileyhappy:
I am with all of the ladies above...I want a welcome email or something
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My mom just became a VIB member – & she receives the emails , but I don't. (They did tell me about a week or so ago that it would take up to 10 days to fix things. I hope so! I feel completely out of the loop lol) I stopped receiving emails around same time the site was redesigned/right after that - it was about that long ago.

Have any of y'all started receiving emails again?
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@lilydonyayeva and @Ailish I'll send both of you a message to help :smileyhappy:
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