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When I log into my account it says IM a VIB, but I haven't received any Sephora emails besides the ones to confirm an order in months, I check my spam folder and added sephora to my contacts but nothing.  I made a new email address and changed my account to the new one and still nothing :smileysad: I haven't gotten any emails letting me know IM a VIB or promos or anything. Is there anyway I can find out about VIB offers and promos so I don't miss out?

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Hi Thaniabun,


I am so sorry that you have not been receiving our VIB emails! I will send you a message to help and to research this further. Thank you for your patience:smileyhappy:

<3 Melissa
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I have been a VIB for awhile now and I have not gotten any emails about promos or events. I checked my account and everything was up to date. Help please too :smileyvery-happy: Thank you!
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@Amy421 Sure! I will send you a message.
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Same here. :smileysad:

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Hi, I am a VIB customer in Canada, I haven't received my VIB sale email yet. I Googled that people like me should log into our Sephora Beauty Talk forum. So just now I logged into this forum for the 1st time which needs me to input a nickname....seemingly I should get my email now....but what if I don\'t..should I walk in the purchase? Given that you will have my info on your system....
Thank you very much!
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me too :smileysad: can someone help me out
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@Mstars- I'll message you to help with your subscriptions!
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I never receive emails regarding the VIB sales as well. If anyone can contact me, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!
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@Hellosno- I'll message you now to check your subscriptions:smileyhappy:
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