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When I log into my account it says IM a VIB, but I haven't received any Sephora emails besides the ones to confirm an order in months, I check my spam folder and added sephora to my contacts but nothing.  I made a new email address and changed my account to the new one and still nothing :smileysad: I haven't gotten any emails letting me know IM a VIB or promos or anything. Is there anyway I can find out about VIB offers and promos so I don't miss out?

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Hi Thaniabun,


I am so sorry that you have not been receiving our VIB emails! I will send you a message to help and to research this further. Thank you for your patience:smileyhappy:

<3 Melissa
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I also have never received a VIB email. I also found out by logging in. My sephora emails tell me i am a beauty insider, but the site says i'm VIB? confused.

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I also stopped receiving from sephora for a couple of months.  Anyway for this to be fixed 

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The same thing has happened to me. I became a VIB about a month ago, but  never got an email confirming it. I only found out by logging in. I tried emailed customer service two times over the past 3 weeks, but have not gotten any response. I also never got the 10% welcome coupon. I'm very happy I'm a VIB, but wish I would have gotten the email saying so last month haha. Can anyone help me?

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I've also been cut off from all emails, notifications and even "snail" mail...I don't receive anything at all from Sephora. I just posted another thread question, if I get an answer, I'll see if I can share it with you. I've tried many many times by phone and online help to get it fixed...still nothing. Sorry to hear youre stuck too :smileysad:

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me neither.. can someone help me out too :smileyhappy:

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I have not been receiving any VIB emails and consequently have not benefited at all from the VIB progam. I have not been given any offers, promotions or freebies this calender year and am very disappointed by the program. Can you please assist me in refreshing my email notifications? Thank You

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Yea I've been a VIB for almost 2 years now and I haven't received an email in close to a year! Nothing has changed on my part, my email address is the same. Why can't Sephora get it together?!!! I just saw a review about a Stila palette that was a VIB exclusive and I never got notification! I'm actually really angry about the lack of communication we receive! Better yet DON'T receive!


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