V.I.B points have NOT been applied to my account and I have reached the amount necessary.

I was just reviewing my V.I.B status and it states that I have 112 points away from my membership, but I knew that was not right. I went over my entire account and calculated my points twice just to be sure and I have spent 350 dollars in 2012 and have yet to receive any sort of notification or perks via e-mail. I'm also just confused that my account still states that I need to spend 112 more dollars, I was sure to add everything up and did not include tax or shipping so that was Not the reason, I used only the base prices for each item and checked everything twice just to make sure. I have been watching my points carefully with each order I make and each purchase in store, everything is recorded in my account but It doesn't add up on Sephora's end. In fact, I think it said 112 away before my last two purchases were even made, so something is not right and there has been purchases that are not being added towards my status. Could somebody explain this to me?

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Hi littlewing206,


I'll send you a private facebook message to discuss this with you in more detail. Please reply when you get a spare moment. Thanks!

Whimsically yours,
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