SiJCP return policy?

Hi all,

I had an interesting experience today at my local Sephora inside JC Penneys, and wanted to see what others thought.

I make almost all of my purchases online, and up until today, if I ever needed to make a return, I drove the hour to my nearest Sephora store. I never had any problems returning items with the packing form there, even when I made returns months after purchasing (I tend to place multiple orders a month so often I wait to make the drive until I have multiple items to return just to save the gas) or opened (yay for discovering allergies).

I recently discovered that there's a SiJCP about 10 minutes from me, so I decided to make my return there today. I returned my item with the packing slip, as I normally do, but the woman asked for my ID, and rang it up as a return without receipt without even looking at the packing form except to type in my BI number. I was just wondering if this is standard practice at the SiJCP when dealing with online orders? Because she didn't scan the receipt, the item I returned didn't get rung up as bought on sale, and so I got back more than I paid, which I'm fairly uncomfortable with. Not to mention I feel like I'm being tracked for making a legitimate return. Definitely makes me not want to go there again, even if it saves me the time in traffic...

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