Sephora employees rude every time you return?

I honestly never post on here, or go the extra yard to complain about customer service but I have had it with Sephora employees acting like they own the store! I am a VIB Rouge member, so It is shown that I shop at Sephora frequently. Every time I go to Sephora to return something ((Which isn't often maybe once every few months)) they made me feel like a criminal, as If I stole the product or something, even though I have my receipt and I always return products I did not end up liking in It's original package, barely used, and within a week. I honestly get scared to return something because I know the kind of attitude I always get.


Today particularity I went to simply exchange a foundation I had bought three days ago, which was too dark for my complexion. I even had the foundation which I bought swatched on my skin tone by the Sephora employees which picked this color out for me. The lady at the counter was eager to help me, but as soon as I mentioned the word "Return"  her attitude took a U-turn and rolled her eyes at me. I wanted to tell her why I was returning my items, but she didn't ask me a thing, nor did she offer me any help in finding items that would be right for me. She told me "you do know all these items returned go to waste right?" in such a snobby way. I simply told her I only used one application, and Iater on today I found out returned products become testers. So she obviously made a reason to make me feel bad. When the painful transaction was finally over she simply stared at me. When I looked back she said "What do you want now?". No "thank you" or "have a good day". I wish now I asked for her name but I was so eager to get out of there. They make me feel as If I'm a criminal or stole the product. I only buy things online now && even pay extra for shipping despite their being a Sephora 5 miles  from my house to avoid their TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. 


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Same thing happened to me today. Maybe they lose personal sales with each return, which sounds more like bad company policy producing negative employee behavior. After returning an item today the sales representative simply left my receipt on the counter and looked at her register. I wasn't even sure if the transaction was over. Makes you feel like a cheap hooker.


Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?

Hi zenyaxarabpride, I'm so sorry to hear about your recent visit to the store! I am sending a private message to help. 




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