Sephora app for Android customers?

Are there any plans to release a Sephora app for Android phones?  I just switched from iphone to Droid, which has been awesome, but I do miss my Sephora app.  Made ordering and researching my products very efficient.  Thanks!

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It's long past time for Sephora to get with the Smart-Phone World!  I don't have an iPhone and I never will!  I prefer my Samsung G-S3 thank you very much!  But I do shop at Sephora along with thousands of other NON-iPhone users. 


I find it strange that no one has come up with a DROID App for Sephora yet ?!?...unless Sephora is locked into some contract with Apple allowing only an iPhone App for x-amount of time???  If that is the case...that didn't work out well for Sephora in the long run...!

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