Return Policy for lightly used brush set

I purchased a brush set in store, but it did not have all of the brushes I need. I used the brushes twice. I just received an e-mail from Sephora with a new set that has exactly all of the brushes I do need. Would I be able to exchange the set I bought for the new set?

I bought the set less than a week ago. If this is not something I can do, I understand. I am just curious if it is because this new set is perfect for me.

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Hi vngars,


I would recommend contacting your Sephora and explaining the situation to them. They shouldn't have a problem at all accomidating you with a return/exchange for another brush set that better suits your needs :smileyhappy:. Just be sure to tell them what you're looking for exactly so that they can help you find that perfect set!

Whimsically yours,
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