No Emails Issue - This Should Be Brought to Sephora's Attention
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After skimming through the posts on this site, I see that I am not the only one with this issue.


Here's my scenario: I've been a Beauty Insider since 2008 and have had the same email up until Dec. 2010. I changed from Yahoo to Gmail. Since the changed two things happened: I became a VIP member and the emails stopped coming. The catalogs stopped coming in the mail also. I've emailed Customer Service a few times and have spoken with a Sephora rep in the store. Each time they reset my email and said I should be fine. Yet I am still not receiving emails. The only thing I received from Sephora was the Chic Week coupon which seemed like it was only for VIP members but in fact was for anyone who is a Beauty Insider ( I saw online ads on nearly every beauty blog and YouTube). 


I feel like I have missed out on major news, deals, sales, and other perks Sephora has to offer; especially since being VIP means you're getting "the best" deals than if you were a Beauty Insider. I do believe that this issue should be brought to Sephora's attention. A simple "reset" of the email or calling the 1-800 number will not work. I hope that whoever sees this post informs the key people of Sephora that there is a problem with email subscriptions and it's not just one or two people but many.


Thank you

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I've had the same issue, only for years and years. I had to contact them several times last year, and I don't think I've even received one catalog in the mail this year (and it's August). Do they even make them anymore? I do get emails, but mostly the ones that tell me to go shop because they're things in my cart. Nice try, Sephora. 

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