NAKED 2 at Sephora?

Today, Urban Decay relased their NAKED2 palette.. (I'M SO EXCITED!!) But, I realized, Sephora didn't have it yet.. Do any of you know when Sephora will carry it?

                              -dramysmile :smileyhappy:

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The million dollar question!!!  My little sister and friend work at Sephora and both had no idea about this palette until today which tells me that we might be in for a wait...   :smileysad:     


Hi ladies!


We just received word that the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 will arrive online at December 27 of this year and will be in stores, January 26, 2012. Hope this helps! :smileyhappy:

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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I'm a little bummed that Sephora won't be carrying it until at least the end of the month, what with the $20 VIB gift card promotion only running until the 13th. Naked2 is going for $50 so it seemed meant to be! :smileyhappy: Oh, well.

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