Missing samples :(

 I had three samples checked off on the packing list, but my box only had one. One of the samples was a big factor in my ordering since it was something I wanted to try. Not even any subtitutions, just the one sample was in there Smiley Sad  Never had this happen before. I have had a subtitution in the past, but never just samples left out altogether.

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I haven't had any problems with my samples from Sephoras.  However; I no longer order from Ulta because of missing samples.  To me, the samples; especially deluxe samples and those that one orders with Beauty Insider Points, ARE part of the order and need to be treated as such.  If it says on the invoice that it is in the box, it should be in there.  And, if the original item is not in there, then I expect an appropriate substitution.

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