Missing points and some existing points don't count towards VIB
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I've been trying to get some help on another account for missing points and the fact that the majority of my points don't count towards my VIB status. I just started shopping at Sephora in February of this year so every purchase I have made should count.


Ever since the website changed over my points have been screwed up, going from the wrong number to 0 and back to the wrong number again. I don't have all of my receipts [I won't be throwing out any more from this point on because of this issue] but I went through all of my products and added up the amount I should have.


How can I make sure that my points are fixed and actually count towards VIB? How can I prove what I have purchased because nothing, including purchase I made last week are showing up under purchase history any more. Even when my card gets scanned the points never get added and even after calling customer service I still don't have the correct points....


Edit: Also, sorry this apparently didn't go into the proper section even though I clicked "Customer Service".

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