Missing points and some existing points don't count towards VIB
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I've been trying to get some help on another account for missing points and the fact that the majority of my points don't count towards my VIB status. I just started shopping at Sephora in February of this year so every purchase I have made should count.


Ever since the website changed over my points have been screwed up, going from the wrong number to 0 and back to the wrong number again. I don't have all of my receipts [I won't be throwing out any more from this point on because of this issue] but I went through all of my products and added up the amount I should have.


How can I make sure that my points are fixed and actually count towards VIB? How can I prove what I have purchased because nothing, including purchase I made last week are showing up under purchase history any more. Even when my card gets scanned the points never get added and even after calling customer service I still don't have the correct points....


Edit: Also, sorry this apparently didn't go into the proper section even though I clicked "Customer Service".

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yeah there was a period of time when that happen to me, too! and I end up with negative balance for a while cuz I redeemed a 100pt perk when I apparently don't have 100pts (I did but it messed up). Lastly, the pts displayed on my sephora.com account was different from the pts Sephora store told me I have at the register. Have you went to a physical store and ask them to check how much points you have? it may be correct while the website one is wrong.


You can email them, or call them, which is faster. If you ordered online, then aside from receipt you probably still have the order confirmation?


I gave up and almost stopped shopping at Sephora, but then the website and store pts matched. Since I didn't remember how much pts I was suppose to have, I start anew.

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I didn't know that we could check out point total in store. Sadly the closest one to me is a JCP Sephora and they said they don't have access to any of the Sephora system so I doubt they would be able to check for me. Would it be possible for me to call another store and ask if they could check?

As far as buying, most of mine has been done in store with only ordering online once, which I do have that receipt. I've also spend a fair amount of money already so starting over really isn't an option for me at this point. I really hope that they can fix this issue for me or I will probably end up thinking twice before spending this much money with them in the future unless its an exclusive product.
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But they have to be able to give you your 100pts or 500pts perks right? Sometimes the salesperson is lazy and say they can't check (read: they have to scan an item and your BI card as if you are buying it, then they see your total pts).

What happened with me was my web pts was fixed at 120. When I buy more, it doesn't show. When I get a 100pt perk, it's still 120. When I go to the store, however, they say the my pts that they saw increases when I buy, and decreases when I get 100pt perks. I think I got two 100pt perks due to my pts from online, and the web displays 120 still, but when I go to store, they say I have -80 BI pts.

Aside from that, I can't help you anymore. =/
Good luck.
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