Limit on the number of returns?
I have heard several people now mention that Sephora stores will no longer accept returns from them for "too many returns". I have scoured the website and my receipts to see if there is anything that indicates that there is a limit to the number of returns a person has but to no avail. What exactly is Sephora's return policy regarding the number of returns a person can do? I know for one, I get a lot of gifts from people from Sephora and I do return some of them because they are not what I want (mostly unused) and I do return some items I've bought that just don't work for me. One reason I like shopping at Sephora is the return policy but if they are going to limit the number of returns, that would be nice to know and it should be clear on their website what the policy is. Thanks!
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Speaking from a retail background; many stores which allow returns or exchanges without a receipt will do so in good faith for the customer. Someone who has been refused for a return will typically be for a reason. ie. An associate saw the customer pick the item up off a shelf and then walk to the counter to make a refund with an old receipt. Or someone who is in the store often but never seems to buy something yet has items to return often and claims the purchase was at another location, or a gift.

An employee working in a good environment, for a company which makes them happy will watch out for the company and will feel a sense of guilt if they allow a customer to make a return when the situation makes the associate uncomfortable knowing or 'feeling' the product was not attained honestly.   

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