I have not been getting promo codes in my email..

I have not been getting promo codes in my email. This has curbed my purchasing from your site. I was getting them on a regular  basis. I've seen similar questions posted and the advice is always check the email address you have registered. Well duhh!!! So what's the deal. I was really into your facebook and had a word or 2 with a bratty girl. Surely I'm not being punished!! Since the 2 did happen or start/end at the same time. I'm an adult and will no longer participate in the mybook Sephora, but have checked for offers and truly missing the emails. Thanks

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I don't think that your missing promo codes has anything to do with your episode on Facebook, sometimes things really are coincidental. 


Try calling Sephora Customer Assistance at 1-877-737-4672 and they will work to straighten out your email issues.


I didn't get email when I was using an AOL account; when I changed it to another provider I started getting them.  Sephora has no way of knowing whether what they are sending is reaching you.



@Diantodote Sorry to hear you haven't been receiving our promotional e-mails. Smiley Sad :smileysad:We would never stop sending them because of an incident on Facebook.  Sometimes emails can get caught in your email provider's spam filter. To avoid this, try adding Sephora@shop.sephora.com to your contacts. I've also refreshed your subscription settings and you should start to receive our promotional e-mails within 10 business days.


I've never got a promo code Smiley Sad

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The first time I became a VIB I never got any emails.  I knew I was about to go on a shopping spree so before I did I changed my email for my Sephora account.  When I did that and got VIB again I finally got my emails!!!


I've seen all the posts on their facebook too and it seems like they have some major glitches that even the employees can't fix because before I changed my email I tried to have them fix it 3 times but it never worked!  Gotta take care of things yourself sometimes!

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