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When you purchase something from, you are allowed to pick 3 samples. Most samples I can't use because they are perfume (which I am allergic to) or have oil in them (which will make my skin break out). I would really like to see Sephora have samples of perhaps eyeshadow pigments or lipstick/ lipgloss/ lip-balm. 

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I AGREE!!!!!!!  More variety of samples, please!  


Since most of them are indeed fragrance (10 of 12 today) and 7 of the 10 are for men, I am not ordering!  I purposely delay my orders until there are primers, moisturizers or make-up AND they are suitable for fair, sensitive skin.  


Granted, I have come up short as items I really wanted were out of stock next time I checked, but I am sick of wasting my freebies - there should at least be a "gift to womens shelter" option or something so if you choose not to sample, something can be given to less fortunate (they deserve Sephora, too!)


Sephora, oh Mother Ship, please hear our pleas!  :-)

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