E-mail, E-mail...Where for art thou E-mail??

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I've noticed that I haven't gotten a single Sephora e-mail in well over a month. I'm thinking something happened to my email preferences when I had them link my account to a new card in store a little while back, because I went into my account settings and saw that I was unsubscribed. I changed my status back to subscribed, but that was weeks ago, and I still haven't gotten any e-mails. I know that there have been ones sent out (about the new perks and such) so I know I'm not crazy! I don't want to miss anything (especially any VIB offers). Would someone be able to help me out??


Re: E-mail, E-mail...Where for art thou E-mail??

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Hi Colorobsession I'll be happy to help you with that.  I'll send you a message with more info :smileyhappy:

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