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Sephora, please start having a tag added to the items which are cruelty free. It would be helpful for those of us who love our furry friends and choose to support companies which care.

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Your private label brand is not cruelty-free if you sell in China, it's disingenuous to claim otherwise.


I agree! It's important to promote companies that choose not to test on animals. Urban Decay and Too Faced are the only companies sephora carries that I know bear the leaping bunny symbol. I would be buying so much more sephora if they promoted cruelty free products better, and if their products got the leaping bunny (the most rigorous cruelty-free standard) I would be much more likey to buy.

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Below is our statement on animal testing in international markets:


Sephora does not test Sephora Collection or Sephora Original products on animals, and we do not ask others to do so on our behalf, unless it is required by law in specific countries where we operate. We want to see the practice of animal testing ended entirely and we are a strong advocate for the development and implementation of alternative methods.

We carry over 200 other brands and we cannot guarantee that all the products from these brands are cruelty free. To view a list of brands that we carry that do not test on animals, please visit this Sephora Advice page:

<3 Melissa
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I agree! That would be so helpful!!

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Urban Decay's products are not tested on animals and most are vegan. If you type in "vegan" in the search box, you'll be shown pages of products that are cruelty free.

I would also suggest going to where you can find out what companies do and do not test on animals.

Thanks for caring, good luck!

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The statement the Sephora representative posted here is misleading. Sephora collection is not cruelty free, they test there products on animals so that they can profit from selling in china. They say "we do not test on animals" and follow up with unless it is required by law, china is the only place that does that, and Sephora lies to customers about the animal testing policy to expand there.

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Sephora brand is no longer cruelty free, they started selling in China. What a dissapointment..

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@Nwgirl, Thanks for the feedback! Our private label brand Sephora Collection is cruelty free along with many others.


For a list of other brands we carry that do not test on animals, please call 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672) or email Thanks!

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