Coupons(still be honored

Can ones coupon still be honored if its one day late after expiration? I had the 15% off coupon and I was super busy with work and finally had a free day but it was the saturday and the coupon expired that friday.



I am talking one day after expiration , not 2 days..

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Hi lovemesomerain,


I would recommend contacting your local Sephora immediately to see if they are willing to honor your coupon as a one time courtesy. Hope this helps Smiley Happy.

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Every store is different so I'm not sure but at my Sephora I have brought a coupon in a few days late and they honored it.

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lucky time i i will get my items and get in line and when i get to check out  I'll ask right there if my coupon can still be honored....(they'll see my high points). I was all  set to purchase my certain items.

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