*Complain...Sephora at South Center Mall

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I went to Sephora at South Center mall today to exchange the eyeshadow because I ordered it online but when I opened it, the shadows failed down. So I went to the store and grabbed the new one and told the stuff that I would like to exchange it... She told that I had to pay $4 or something more because I bought it when it was on sale (last week). Her voice was so angry and she gave me a dirty look. Like "wtf" look. So I said It was not my fail at all and I wouldn't keep unperfected and damaged item. Then she got angry and ughhh really rude. The manager came and the way she looked at me was just like that staff. I mean why? because I didn't dress up? So disappointed. Luckily, after discussed for 25 minutes they finally let me exchange the item. I was going to buy other stuff but I was not happy so I just put them back and walked away. Really feel bad Smiley Sad 

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Hi Chayaya,


Sorry to hear this. I will send you a private message right now to get some additional details from you regarding the matter. Please respond when you can. Thanks!

Whimsically yours,
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