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Why cant store credit be used online ? I dont understand, the money goes to Sephora regardless, and there are so many items that are online only. I know i cant be the only one that hates this, it makes me sooo mad becuase i hate going to store when i can place orders online from home. but then if i ever return something without a receipt i get stuck with store credit that just sits in my wallet forever. is sephora ever gonna change this ??

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It's absurb that we cannot use our store credit online.  Especially for us, VIBs.  We spend all this money and attain this elite status with Sephora and are forced to spend uneccessarily.  If corporate could rectify this issue it would speak for the company's integrity and concern for their consumers, especially their "Very Important Beauty" consumers.


Totally agree it is ridiculous you cannot use these online. NO OTHER RETAILER I SHOP AT DOES THIS!!!! Had my online order all ready to go and now I have to drive over an hour out of my way and hope that they have what I need. Thanks a lot Sephora only have this card from a gift and this reinforces why I do not shop at Sephora. Was excited for my freebie little samples and hoping to have a better exerience, guess not. 


Agree with everyone here. I am sure we are not the only ones.

Sephore, please change your policy and system so that customers can use their store credit online. Hope to see this change soon! Thanks! 

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I agree, I have to drive 40 minutes to the nearest Sephora only to find out that they don't have the items I need.  The items are online, but I can't use my store credit.  This makes no sense.  Sephora please change this crazy policy.  It would be great if you'd also open a store in Folsom, CA @ the Palladio shopping center.  I love the in store customer service you get at Sephora.  Ulta is terrible and I avoid shopping there as much as possible.  The prices at Ulta are even higher the Target.  


this is ridiculous, i have two small kids and I cannot go to the mall just to use my store credit.  I've done it before and it ended up being a nightmare with my toddler trying to get out of the stroller crying and wanting to touch everything in there.  I shop online, I should be able to use store credit as payment online!


I am in the same situation. I shop online and only at checkout did I find out I cannot use my store credit... are the stores a different company or something? I can use my VIB discount in the store but cannot use my store credit online - what gives?


Such a bummer… people have been requesting that this policy be changed for over TWO YEARS now yet nothing has been done. I returned something at the store yesterday (which isn't very close to me, of course) and the girl asked if I wanted store credit or to have her put that amount on a gift card. Of course I said I didn't care either way, assuming they were the same. 


I just tried to place an order online now and it won't let me use the store credit! It would have been nice to have been notified of the difference between the gift card and the store credit.


I was even more irritated when I called their customer service number and got someone I could barely understand who seemed irritated that I was even calling. 


I used to LOVE sephora, but I have to say I am very disappointed with them today.


I agree.  I found out during checkout and am feeling shorted.  I didn't realize this, or I would have made sure to bring my receipts with me when making returns.  Very disappointing.  


This is insane!!!!! I have over $100 to spend and what I need is online. I would have fought for the cash back in my account had I known this. 


I didn't know that you can't use this darn store credit until I had ALL my items in my online cart! I asked the lady to add my credit when returning something on a existing gift card that I had and she told me that I couldn't do it. So I'm walking around with 3 cards and these gift cards are worthless when you HAVE to be instore and you are walking in the store knowing that they do NOT have what you want. This has to be legal or something... with holding your money like this. Like everyone else this is totally ABSURD! I'm going to shop here less because of this, cause whats the point of having a return policy?!


Like everyone else, I too hate dislike this policy. In particular, the product I want is only available all year long, ONLINE. Meaning, I cant use my store credit towards that one that I need the most right now. :smileysad: Please Sephora, can you change this policy. It would be so great if you guys can integrate a system, that can keep track of store credits to be used online to purchase items. I am sure everyone who is experiencing this issue would be at ease, knowing they are able to use the store credit towards their online purchase !


This is so disappointing! Sephora is the 1st store I think I have ever encoutered where I cannot use store credit online.  I am VIB and have been for many years. The product I want is only available online currently and not in the closest store, which is about 25 min away from where I live. Please change this policy!!!



I'm so shocked I can't use my store credit online. My nearest Sephora is 2.5 hours away...that's a 5 hour round trip for makeup.  I'm trapped now, as I already spent the money so I might as well use the credit, but I'll be changing my shopping habits in the future.  The VIB status really has done nothing for me, as the rewards are pitiful for the amount of money spent.  My dollars go much further at Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.  This store credit policy is just the final straw for Sephora.  Can't believe this thread is 3 years old and the company has done nothing to change it.


Sorry 1117!  Store merchandise cards are not able to be used on  I am sorry for the inconvenience and will be happy to forward your feedback.


I actually had this happen to me about 2 months ago, before I discovered the wonder that is sephora online. I bought about $200 worth of stuff in store, then realized all the promos I missed out on. So I went back, explained that I'd like a gift card to use online instead of the credit back on my card...the employee mistakenly said I'd be able to use store credit online. Went home, found out that I could not...schleped back to the store and asked for a manager. After explaining nicely that I intended to make purchases online (and brining all the receipts and cards involved), she happily fixed the problem. So, if this happened to you recently, the manager for sure has the power to fix the problem!



This is insane. What kind of company ignores comments that have been going up for two years?! Ulta has the same producst with 90% less hassle. What I want is not in stores!!!!


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This makes me SO MAD!! I spend so much money at sephora, and what I want is online only. What am I supposed to do? I'm really not happy. May stop shopping here until they fix this. Just ridiculous. 

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I couldn't pull my receipt up in-store because the wifi was really bad so I opted for the "gift card" as the sales associate called it.  She did not mention that it can only be used in stores.  I found what I wanted--which is conveniently NOT in my local Sephora--put it in my shopping cart…and I can't buy it.  I kind of understand why this is the only option, because it was purchased in-store, it prevents fraud, et cetera et cetera…but this is kind of absurd.  Please rectify this issue.

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Aside from the fact that, without a receipt, you are forced to take store credit that cannot be used online, you can't even pull up your account in-store or VIB information on past orders to prove your purchase instead of a receipt! They only other thing they would accept was the email with a bar code and that email has long-since been deleted. Why is Sephora so behind on this technology? When I use my VIB account, receipts and order information should be accessible by me using the app or my VIB account information in my iphone Passport or by the person who is processing my in-store returns when I give them my email address. Anthropologie does this and it's genius. I don't have to carry paper anywhere. I am so disappointed that I now have to go back to the store and pray they turn my store credit into a gift card so I can shop online. Overall, Sephora is missing the boat in more than one area of customer service. 


Additionally, has anyone else noticed there are fewer promos available on the app than on the web site? Why in the world... I don't know. Sigh. 

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Please change your policy Sephora!  This is so frustrating!!! 

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Thank you for your feedback, Allyvak! We will be forwarding it to the appropriate contact in our organization!

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I always recommend Sephora to friends & family - boosting about their great customer service & return policy. Or at least i used to, until i learned more their policy on in-store vs online store credit. As everyone mentioned above it is ridiculous that in store credit cannot be used online and online store credit cannot be used in stores. This is a HUGE miss Sephora, and I really am disappointed. Until this is fixed I will be shopping elsewhere. 

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