Cannot reply to posts

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I see other people have had the same problem.  When I try to reply to a post I get the message:

Sorry, unable to complete the action you requested.


I already tried logging out, clearing cookies and browsing history, and logging back in and it didn't help.


I use I really have to download another browser just to use the forums?  That seems kind of silly.

Re: Cannot reply to posts

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Hi Tanyab84,


I just wanted to let you know that we have confirmed that this error happens on older versions of IE! You will need to download the newest version of IE or use Firefox or Chrome like Kevin saidSmiley Happy



<3 Melissa

Re: Cannot reply to posts

Hi Tanyab84! Sorry to hear that!  That's very strange.  I can't think of any other trouble shooting other than to try in a different browser.  I use Chrome and everything always works for me in regards to  You might find you like it better! Try that and let us know. 




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