Can canadians use gift cards online?

If I am in Canada, Why can't I use my gift card online? The lady at my local sephora store said I could.

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When u ask any Sephora associate about redemption of the 'Gift Cards' in Canadian Sephora store at Coquitlam Center, Coquitlam, BC Canada they tell you that you can INFACT use it online for my orders.  When my mother asked if I would have any problems redeeming my gift cards the associate simple said 'NO'.  Now the Sephora store at Coquitlam Center in Coquitlam, BC Canada DID NOT carry what my daughter uses and she CAN NOT use the gift cards I bought for her so I am out the $100.00 and she is out the $100.00 gift!!!  NICE SEPHORA, way to rip people off!!!  NOT Impressed at all!!

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Would like to buy my DIL`s gift cards for online shopping for Christmas. Are you any closer to solving this problem in Canada. I honestly am not sure why this is so difficult for your company. You are loosing a lot of revenue to other online beauty stores.