Can I have a replacement for the birthday gift of the "Cookie" shower gel?
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I sure appreciate your gifts! You make feel like I have another friend. I am a diabetic and asking you to change the Birthday gel gift to a flower/herb smell as sweet things tend to destroy my will power which works 24/7-and make me cheat! I am not kidding. I hope this can be done. I really don't want to give away my gift!!

Thank you for considering the idea.

A. Zelko


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Did you look at the birthday gift for guys?  In the past, Sephora gave nice moisturizer and skincare items to guys that would certainly be unisex, so you could try that route. They won't substitute another item for the lady birthday present, I would have loved that myself as I dislike food scented bath products.

P.S. Don't put personal info like your email address in posts, if someone wants to contact you they can use Sephora's personal message system. Guard your privacy, spam is a pain!!!!

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Hi ncartiste. Prettyinpa has a great point! You can see what your local Sephora is offering for the men's birthday gift and choose that instead. I'll be sure to forward your request to offer something different for the women's Beauty Insider birthday gift. Smiley Wink HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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