Beauty Insider points do not come up

I have gone through several phone calls and e-mails to work this through but was not able to avail my situation. I have been an insider since the fall and have purchased several things using my card since then. Each time I purchased something, I would use my beauty insider card. My beauty bank says that I have 0 points. The only thing that I have ever redeemed was my free birthday gift. Why aren't my points showing up? They used to but now all I ever see is that I have 0 points in my bank. 

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I have been having the same problem. I have called, emailed and even posted in here about not getting the points after purchases. It has been OVER a month and still no answer. I am beyond peeved because the 500 point perk, which I SHOULD be able to redeem with the TRUE number of points I really have, not the 260 that I have had continually for quite a few months now, I really want and because of nothing being done I cannot get it. Total fail Sephora. You are making your customers very unhappy and nobody seems to care to figure out the problem. I have sent a representative my email and card # and nothing has yet to be done, so don't bother asking for it again. I also called over a month ago for the same issue and asked for my account to be reviewed and was told I would have an answer within 2-3 weeks, obviously  not the case.

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