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I just opened a Beauty Insider account today and made a purchase but when I logged online with the same information, it reports that I have 0 points. Can I get some help please?!

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Points can take a day or two to show up. If you don't get them in a day or two I would suggest calling or letting some here or on Facebook know and they can add them manually for you.


Hi Joceex,


As Apocalyptica stated, the points for online purchases generally show up within 48 hours of placing your order, or once it is shipped out.  No need to worry, the points for your online orders will automatically be added to your account.  You are always welcome to contact us via phone if your points are not updating properly at 1-877-SEPHORA, and one of our Beauty Advisors will be happy to assist you Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

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