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I forgot to show my beauty insider card at checkout. Is there any way I can still get my points? 

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Hi Kerstind,


We certainly can add the points from your recent purchase!  I will send you a private message for the details :smileyhappy:


xo, Mia

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could you help me too? :smileyhappy: thanks!
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@nadineee Sure! I'll send you a message.
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Hello! I've just checked my points online and I've noticed that a majority of my points are not appearing despite the fact that I show my card whenever I make purchases in store. Could you help me too? :smileyhappy:
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@mztu - I will send you a message to help also :smileyhappy:
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me too, please!! I just noticed my recent purchase isn't included in my points or purchase history. (I did hand over my card at the store, too...sniff...sniff)
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@Lippyhoarder I'll send you a message to help.
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I forgot my card too! Would appreciate your help!
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@MIchelMarrano I will send you a message to help :smileyhappy:
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can i also have that link please
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@R3dd3vil I'll send you a message to help :smileyhappy:
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