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So I have the Sephora app and I have an account where I put things on my shopping list and ya know whatever. Then today I made my first purchase of $50 so I should get 50 points because in the store I signed up for a card but I accidentally gave them an old email that I read deleted not the one I have under my Sephora account. So I tried to make an account under that email in an attempt to get the points. It told me that it was already registered and I confirmed it with my birthday and it logged in I guess, but still said 0 points I don't understand where my points are

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Hi. Can you please help me. I just went to Sephora store today and purchased a lot of stuffs. I did give the lady my beauty insider card. However, I don't see any points when visited the website check my point. Is there any way can you please help. I have the receipt here with me. It also happened the same way when I purchased the makeup train case on the website. I did not get any points from that order neither. 

Thank you.

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