$20 off $50 nowhere to be found....

Will sephora be sending the $20 off $50 to our email? Because I have not been recieving anything in my mail for the last few months. Can someone fix the mail subscription for me?!?!


Re: $20 off $50 nowhere to be found....

I haven't even gotten an email for it or anything! I'm wondering if it was only for certain people? :smileysad:


Re: $20 off $50 nowhere to be found....

I haven't received it yet either. Hoping it shows up soon!


Re: $20 off $50 nowhere to be found....

they should be coming in the mail and in emails. i haven't gotten an email yet but i did get a mailer in the mail the other day~

if you don't end up getting it in the mail or in an email by December 4th you should try calling sephora or sending a private message to one of the Mods here on Beauty Thread

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