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Q. Loyalty Reward email??
Am I a beauty insider but why didn't I receive any Loyalty Reward email? 
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Q. order unseccessfully authorization
Both of my order shows the statue: unseccessfully authorization, and I didn't recieved any canceled order emails. what's wrong? what should I do?
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Q. Terrible VIB Rouge Customer Service?!?! Frustrated.
I am so beyond frustrated with Sephora right now, and I have never had this problem. I need to know if anyone else has!   On December 1st, 2016, I became qualified for VIB Rouge. I was super excited and accepted my welcome kit! My status under my account changed to VIB Rouge and told me I would be rouge until 12/31/16. I then spoke to my friend who is a manager at Sephora, who told me if I waited until January of 2017 I would have been Rouge that entire year AND All of 2018. So basically since I purchased a month early, I lose out on an entire year of Rouge which everyone knows is not an easy status to obtain.   My friend than began to inform me that if I call customer service, they will honor it and extend me until 2018 since it was only a month early. I was thrilled! So I called the "exclusive" Rouge hotline to speak to a customer service rep. When she answered, she was at first polite, but shortly grew impatient. I repeated my question about 6 times, and she told me that she couldn't understand what I was saying. I asked if I could speak to someone else, and she grew nasty with me. I have never hung up on a rep before, and I finally did. So I picked up the phone and called the number again. This time I have reached a completely inexperienced woman. I asked her the same question over and over that I asked the other rep. She put me on 4 holds because she didn't know the answer to anything. All I simply asked is if they could honor the extra year of VIB since it was only a month early, or if I could possibly return my items and status and wait until January to purchase. This is not the route I want to take since these are gifts for my mother. The woman finally informed me that her supervisor would not honor it. So I asked if I could speak to him. Note: I have 1 friend who does and another who does not work at Sephora, whom have both had these honored in the past. I have been on the phone for over a half hour and have barely spoken to anyone.    As I am on hold waiting to speak to a supervisor, I want to ask if this has ever happened to anyone else before? Have you guys had trouble with the customer service reps on Rouge or even the regular line giving you so much trouble and not a bit of understanding? I hope this issue can be resolved. I would hate to cut ties to Sephora since it is my favorite store, but I am just disappointed as a whole.
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Q. Sephora Play Box
I know birchbox allows you to "gift a subscription". Is that possible with the play box? Is there any other box around the same price point that is worth a present?
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THANK YOU SEPHORA!!!!!! I'm so grateful for receiving and email with the extraordinary redemption's date and time a few days before the event that way everyone has an equal opportunity and you can't hide behind your "computer glitch" excuse! I called at 9am because i have yet to receive an email and the nice lady on the other end of the "VIB concierge" line ( fancy word right? makes you feel special for spending thousands of dollars yearly) informs me that they will be sending them out shortly however the UD vault was all gone....... i don't comprehend?!?!?!?!? Why are you going to send me an email that advertises something you do not have? Last time i checked consumers are protected by laws and regulations against false advertisement! I am so disappointed and upset with this company and now i can see why they have such bad ratings. I don't want any of your points that you are offering to sweep this under the rug whats the point of them anyways? Not like i can get anything other then a deluxe sample! I have pro discounts to a few companies but i chose to stay with Sephore because of the point system and for moments like this when i will be able to redeem extraordinary gifts. I can not believe the store that i once loved and obsessed over could do such a thing! Sephora has the best customer service in store and on the phone but after hearing how they pick and chose how they reward has left me furious! It is unethical and unprofessional! I requested to speak to a manager and i hope my issue gets resolved because if it does not i will go as far as i have to, to get justice and to be heard!
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Q. How do I tag a post?
Just want to know how to tag a post.   Thanks,   MissFluff♥
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Q. Missing beauty insider points on 25th of December 2013
Hi, I purchased something from sephora but the cashier forgot to scan my beauty insider card even I presented it to her. How can I earn those points back?
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Q. BITE Beauty The Lip Kit: out of stock
I was just wondering if there was a way for me to check if any of my local stores had this in stock or if it will be back in stock online.    
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Q. Dimensions of SEPHORA COLLECTION Tough Love Studded Compact Mirror?
I'm really interested in the SEPHORA COLLECTION Tough Love Studded Compact Mirror (Item # 1508910) but I have no idea what size it is! What are the dimensions of this mirror? Also is either side magnified? Thank you so much for your help!
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