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I placed order with WRONG address and WRONG items
I placed order last night. Unfortunately my address was not correct and the item I ordered was wrong either. I emailed customer service, but did not get any response till now. I also called several times, and waited online for MORE THAN 50 MIN, but NO ONE answered. I want to cancel this order, can someone help me with this? Thank you! Spoiler (Highlight to read)      
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SofiaBai / NEWCOMER / replied
I called again, and this time I already WAITED FOR ONE AND HALF HOUR! Still no one answer  :(   see post
Q. Status: Unsuccessful Authorization
My order status is now Unsuccessful Authorization. Yet I'm pretty sure my credit card has been charged because my bank has this kind of cosume reminder service. I'd like to know what is going on.
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A. It means they've cancelled your order; you'd need to contact customer service to find out why. This happened to me and I didn't eve get a cancellation email. see post
Epic Rewards No Response
I wrote to on August 20, and received an auto-response that night saying they were looking into every case and I should expect a response by September 1st.    It's now August 31st 3:20 pm ET, and still no response. I have to say I'm pretty disappointed, because I did say in my email I would've still purchased all my things at Sephora, but I moved up my purchases to coincide with the points event, and use them for the epic rewards.   Could someone please get back to me?
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Nea312 / NEWCOMER / replied
I sent an email on August 12th and was told  I would have a response by sept 1st. i have received 2 automatic responses.  Frustrated VIB Rouge client!!!! see post
Epic Rewards Email-No Response Received
Sent my email 8/14 and a follow-up email 8/24 as that was the 10 days. NO RESPONSE to either email. As they said they would reply to all people by 8/31/15 whats the deal. I am still unhappy with Sephora for all of this. The fact that I have to post in a public forum to get a response is crazy. Especially since every time I post I just get snarky comments from other users and no help from Sephora.
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I agree. I think a class action lawsuit is required. I didn't even know about these emails. I suffered from the bad role out, both times, just like everyone else, but di... see post
Epic rewards have not responded to my e-mail
I sent my e-mail on August 12, 2015 with my beauty insider number, and e-mail address included but I haven't gotten a reply. It said that they would reply within 10 business days. It is now August 31, 2015 and I have not received any response than the automated response.
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It is now 9/2/2015 and I still have not received an e-mail response. see post
Sephora Canada everything seems to be sold out all of a sudden, anyone else?
Hi everyone, I'm assuming many of you have noticed but the items that were erroneously marked as out of stock have been corrected and you should now be able to add these... see post
Exchange without box?
I bought the perfect brow pencil the other day and realized i wanted the brow wiz. I have my receipt but i threw the box away. Can I still exchange it?
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Hi Jordan28k,   Generally most stores will accept these returns provided that you have the receipt, however, returns and exchanges are ultimately up to the discretio... see post
Beauty Insider Points
Hello, I bought something a few days ago and noticed that I did not get any points for it. I have my receipt. I think they typed the wrong email. May I please have my points?
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Hi Jordan28k,   Sure I can add the points for you! I will send you a private message to help you out with this. see post
Points for a Recent Purchase Not Received?
Hi, I recently bought an eyeliner 4 days ago and I gave my beauty insider card to get scanned at the register but I didn't get the points for it when I logged on here. What can I do to get the points and what can I do in the future to prevent this? 
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pepsicray / NEWCOMER / replied
Hi there.    Im having a similar issue; I made a purchase at my local sephora on Aug 28th, and the points haven't been updated.  see post
Ruined Palette
A recent order arrived with the Kat Von D Sinner palette destroyed as shown in the photo. Unfortunately the black shadow covered everything in the box including the Kat Von D Saint palette and the three cologne samples. The only thing that escaped the mess was the sample of YSL Tint-In-Oil because it was in a plastic bag. I actually made the mistake of opening the box while it was sitting on my bed so I even have a big blotch of black eyeshadow on my bedspread but that's my fault for ope ning it on my bed. Packing this up to return will be a real mess so I wanted to know what you want me to do. Thanks!
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Can I please get a response to my problem. I have already PMd the order number though it appears in the original post as well. Thank you! see post
Epic Scam Epic Rewards
Hello, I am a professional make up artist and VIB ROUGE member.  I was excited when I found out about the quadruple points and epic rewards, so much so that I spent about $3000.00 online stocking up on items for my professional kit.  I knew the date of the epic rewards opening up to the customers (VIB members and Beauty insiders) and called in advance asking for the specific time that they would start offering the rewards.  I literally stayed up for 24 hours, thinking that they might open it up at midnight.  I called and got their voicemail saying what their business hours would be, and that is when they would be available to talk to an actual person.  I called the minute they opened on two separate phones, to insure that I spoke to someone ASAP.  I got through, I again asked what time they would be offering the rewards.  I was told that it would be somewhere between business hours and that an email would be sent out.  That's fin, ok.  I am obviously signed up to receive sephora emails and my phone alerts me every time I get an email, the same way it would if I receive a text.  I literally had my phone in my hand ALL DAY.  Around 6 p.m. I called the VIB rouge phone number to see what was going on.  I got the message that all epic rewards were gone.  I spoke to a woman and she CONFIRMED, that they "FORGOT to send me an email."  I told her that was fraudulent and that I had received emails from Sephora that day about new fall lipsticks etc.. that it didn't make sense.  She again confirmed that she did not know why the email just simply was not sent to me.  So I was not even given an opportunity to participate.  This is completely false advertising.  I am curious if this has happened to anyone else?  I also expect this to be made up to me, of course the supervisor never called me back, like I was told.  I also coincidentally did NOT  get the email about receiving a $50.00 credit as an apology.  I have given Sephora so much business over the years.  I have worked internationally as a professional make up artist, I have worked with numerous celebrities, photo shoots, tv shows, runway etc.  I have literally done several clients make up and given them a face chart with every item used, written down and told them to go to Sephora, where they purchased EVERYTHING!!!.  I even have a beauty blog where I write about my favorite products and let people know that they are available for sale at Sephora.  I feel completely unappreciated as an excellent customer, and am absolutely livid!  I would like to hear about other peoples experience with the epic rewards program?  And who are these people that actually received one of these alleged rewards, as all I have heard is people writing about their experience of calling in or ordering online immediately only to be told they were all gone.  How many so called rewards did they actually have?  One of each?  It sounds extremely suspicious to me.  Thoughts? I can give you my website if you like.
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BEAUTY WHIZ shadow1021sqsq / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
Same here!! Been a loyal customer for years! I had over 2000 points, and emailed on 8/11. I didn't get a response! see post
Hi, my order says unsuccessful authorization, I would like to know what is going on?
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kerplonk / NEWCOMER / replied
I have the same problem as well! Didn't even get a cancellation email and only found out when I went on Sephora to check the shipping status on Sephora. I'm not sure wha... see post
Can I return a 500 point perk online?
I got a 500 perk from a physical shop last week on vacation but have since returned home and realized the perk made me break out badly even though the sales associate said it won't! Can I return it online and get my points back? Please help!
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Hi luciole,   studz is correct, you won't be able to redeem it through the mail if you got the perk at a store, but there shouldn't be any issues with returning it t... see post
unsuccessful authorization
I've placed an order on the 12th and I didn't receive any email regarding my tracking number. So I checked my sephora account and it states that my order is "unsuccessful authorization" and my credit card bill was pending its transaction but the process never went through a week later when I checked. Should i reorder my products to try again ?
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Hi angiefrenchie,   I'll be happy to look into your order. I'll send you a PM shortly w/ more info!   Always, Danee see post
Damaged perfume roller
Please help me with this.. I received my package this evening, only to find that the perfume roller I ordered arrived completely damaged! The glass was broken and perfume was spilled all over the other contents in the package. There was certainly enough bubble wrap in the box so I'm unsure as to how it happened. I also believe that the damage occurred days before it arrived because the box and the other items in it are already completely dry. Will it be possible to return this item at a local sephora store and exhange it for a new one? Many thanks.
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Hi Paula914,   I'm so sorry that your perfume arrived damaged! You can definitely bring it to your local Sephora with your order invoice where they can assist you wi... see post
My order is unable to be processed but I was charged for it 4 times.
  I've been trying to make a purchase online but it keeps saying " We're sorry but we are unable to process your order with the information provided. Please verify your billing information and try again." yet I have been charged for it 3 times on my bank account. How can I complete my purchase and remove those transactions?
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Hi sienaheidemann,   I'm sorry for any inconvenience! You are receiving that error message because we were unable to verify your payment information. In order to suc... see post
Did not get my points.
I recently shopped at Sephora but I didn't get my points, even though the employee supposedly looked me up and gave it to me. But my profile shows the points were not given to me. I have my receipt. Please help me get my points.
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hamletlove / NEWCOMER / replied
I am having this same problem! I recently purchased two things from Sephora on wednesday, used my beauty insiders card and was never credited any points. see post
Flash shipping...a total waste of money
I'm so disappointed with flash shipping.  I paid 10 bucks under the guise that flash shipping meant actual 2 day shipping.  I ordered something on Friday and it won't be delivered until Thursday.  Why did I shell out money for this supposed perk, if it's taking even longer than free ship?  I love Sephora but this is seriously a dud.  Taking out the weekend that's still four days!  Ridiculous.  Sephora needs to sort out their shipping if they're going to charge for this supposed perk.
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Hi raych86,   I'm so sorry for any confusion! You pay a one-time fee of $10 which then qualifies you for free Flash free shipping for an entire year. Please keep in ... see post
I didn't get an epic rewards store credit
I sent an email about the epic rewards way before the deadline, and I still haven't received a response or the store credit that everyone else is getting bummed....
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Hi knadala,   Emails are still going out! Tomorrow is the last day to receive a reply, if you don't receive a response by the end of the day tomorrow please let us k... see post
ABH World Shadow Couture World Traveller Palette not available in Canada?
Over the weekend there was the glitch affecting the Canadian website, and it's fixed now but it appears the ABH Shadow Couture palette is "not carried" anymore? I know it was limited edition, but I checked on the American Sephora website and it's still available there, wondering if this is another glitch?
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Hi beautyaafg,   Please keep in mind that we have a separate Distribution Center for our Canadian website. Inventory on our U.S. website is entirely separate from th... see post
How to link VIB card to my online acount?
I'm a VIB member but none of my purchases or points from that account are showing up on my online account. How do I connect the 2? 
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Genoveva82 / FRESH FACE / replied
Me too add my VIB see post
Out of stock / points rewards
Why are so many items out of stock on the Canadian site? Not to mention the very minimal sample choices! I know the Sephora team is working hard but it's super frustrating when we Canadians have to play the guessing game on if items we saw 1 day will be in stock the next day!        On a side note,   how often does Sephora have the 2X, 3X, 4X rewards promotions? I always end up missing it!
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Hi there, this issue on the Canadian site has been fixed! There was a glitch over the weekend that made it appear that the vast majority of items were out of stock, but ... see post
unsuccessful authorisation
i placed an order about a week ago. i got an email saying that my order was received and money was taken from my account. i have not received a shipping email nor has my order been cancelled, yet my order status says "unsuccessful authorisation". i would like to know what is going on. i have sent multiple emails to sephora  and have not had any reply
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Hi Emily,   I'll take a look at this for you and send you a private message regarding your order! see post
Beauty Insider Card in Passbook for iPhone
You can now add your Beauty Insider card to Passbook on iPhone! We're excited to try the new features - how about you?       Passbook FAQ Q: What is Passbook? What all can it do? A: Passbook for iPhone and iPod touch is a feature of Apple iOS 6. Passbook has a variety of passes including gift cards, loyalty program cards, coupons, airline boarding passes, and event tickets. See for more info. Add your Sephora Beauty Insider card to Passbook to earn and redeem points in store, instantly view your Beauty Insider point balance and receive notifications about qualifying rewards. Add your Sephora gift cards to Passbook to easily store your gift card information on your mobile device. As you use your gift card, the balance will be updated to reflect your current balance.   Q: How can I add my Beauty Insider card to Passbook? A: Update your iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 6: 1.    On your iPhone, Go to Settings > General > Software Update to upgrade to iOS 6. 2.    From the Sephora To Go App for iPhonehttp:// or, tap the top Passbook banner on the home screen or tap the bottom Passbook banner in any Sephora email. 3.    Sign in or sign up to be a Beauty Insider. 4.    Follow the steps to add your Beauty Insider card to Passbook. Now you can easily access your Beauty Insider card and view your real-time Beauty Insider points in store, plus see upcoming perks and benefits on your iPhone.   Q: I don’t know if I am a Beauty Insider. How can I get an account? A: Go to and follow the steps to sign up.   Q: I have added my Beauty Insider card to Passbook, and I have made a purchase, but I don't see the points updating. How do I get my points to update? A: Click on the link or banner on the back of the Beauty Insider pass, then sign in.   Sign in to Sephora to Go App for iPhone or to trigger your points balance to update.   Q: How can I add my Gift Card or eGift Card to Passbook? (eGift Certificates cannot be added to Passbook.) A: First, Update your iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 6: 1.    On your iPhone, Go to Settings > General > Software Update to upgrade to iOS 6. 2.    Follow the instructions to upgrade to iOS 6 Once you have iOS 6, you can add any physical Sephora Gift Card or eGift Card with a 16-digit gift card number and 8-digit PIN to Passbook.  1.    Get Sephora to Go App for iPhone or, and select “eGift Card” from the home screen.  2.    Select “Add Now.” 3.    Enter the Card Number and PIN from your gift card.  4.    Enter your valid email address.  5.    Select “Add to Passbook” when your gift card is validated. 6.    Select “Add” in the upper right corner to set up your eGift Card in Passbook when the Passbook preview of your gift card is displayed. 7.    Exit the Sephora to Go app and open Passbook to view your Sephora Gift Card in Passbook   Q: I have added my Gift Card to Passbook, and I have made a purchase, but I don't see the balance updating. How do I get my points to update? A: Flip the Gift Card pass and drag down on the card to refresh your gift card balance.   Q: Can I add a plastic Sephora gift card to Passbook? A: Yes, you can add physical Sephora gift cards and any eGift Card with a 16-digit gift card number and an 8-digit PIN to Passbook.    Q: Can multiple people save the same gift card to their Passbook? A: Yes, the same gift card can be saved to Passbook on different phones. Note: Your gift cards have cash value and should be safeguarded as such.   Q: I want to purchase a Sephora Gift Card that can be added to Passbook. How can I do that?  A: You can purchase an eGift Card that can be used in store, online and via mobile from the Sephora to Go App for iPhone or 1.    Tap the eGift link from the home page of the Sephora to Go App for iPhone or 2.    Select the gift card design, amount, write a message (optional), then provide your gift recipient’s email address to email the eGift Card. 3.    When the recipient receives their gift, there will be an option to Add the eGift to Passbook. 4.    Tap “Add to Passbook” to easily view your current gift card balance and use in store, online and via mobile. Note: Sephora Gift Cards, eGift Cards and eGift Certificates have no expiration date, cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash and are only available for merchandise purchases within the United States or Canada (in store only).   Learn more>    
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ItsGabs19 / NEWCOMER / replied
I recently became a VIB. My Beauty Insider will NOT add to Passbook. I have also tried shutting down and rebooting my phone, deleting and re-downloading the app and si... see post
Still no response to my Epic Rewards email
Hello,   I sent an email regarding the epic rewards on August 12 (15 days ago) and received back an automatic email saying I would receive a response within 10 days, which obviously has not happened. I sent a follow up email the other day, but I'm not sure what else I can do. I still want to love Sephora but this lack of customer service is making it very difficult. Others are saying they received $50 gift cards, which I think is awesome, but I'm not sure why I haven't even gotten a reply yet. Could someone please look into this? Thanks!   Best, Allison
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Hi allijoy,   I'm really sorry you have not yet received a response! We are still in the process of sending our responses out. You will receive an email no later tha... see post
VIB Rouge Disappointing Visit /500 pt perk missing items
I recently visited my closet Sephora (45mins away) and was very disappointed. There were no 500 pt perk sets available at the register so I asked the associate to check in the back. She did & found a L'Occitane set that I took. However upon opening the set only 2 items were in the box and maybe a small handful of the shredded black filler. It was almost like a return that items were missing from.  Also on the trip I renewed my VIB Rouge status & was told there was no renewal gift.  As a VIB Rouge customer I find this totally unacceptable that you wouldn't reward your loyal customers with a renewal gift?  I walked out very disappointed. How is it we spend $$ into a company we love but I personally sure didn't feel very much love in return. 
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Hi Kelly,   I'm sorry to hear about the disappointing visit! I'll send you a private message to assist you further. see post
VIB to VIB ROUGE Status Update
Hi there- i was hoping someone can help upgrade my account status.  According to the total amount of my purchases I have already reached VIB Rouge status. A couple of my purchases, a SA forgot to log in my account so I had to call the customer service number to add them but for some reason unless manually totaled it doesn't recognize it. According to my purchases I have already spent $1061 prior to taxes. Please help. Thanks!   nhel 
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Hi Nhel,   I apologize for the delay in responding to your message! It looks like you have already been assisted with your upgrade over the phone. Please let us know... see post
Q. UK shipping?
The only place I can buy the foundation I need is here, this is due to the product being Sephora's own airbrush foundation. Is there any way this could be shipped to my location? As it is apparently unable to be sent here to England.
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A. Hi lucybowling,   Smallbeary is correct - there are certain items that cannot be shipped internationally (including aerosols), unfortunately! I apologize for the inc... see post
MUFE foundations discontinued???
I had just decided to use my $50 Epic Rewards credit on an MUFE foundation, but every single shade of every single liquid foundation they make is sold out! Does anyone know if MUFE is discontinuing them? Or if Sephora is just not stocking them anymore?   So sad, because I had finally found a great colour match in the HD foundation :'(
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Hi missestella,   If you were shopping on the Canadian site over the weekend we experienced a technical error that caused items to be marked as out of stock when the... see post
return by mail
Hi,   I've sent out the package and it was received within 30 days of purchased, but I didn't get any email or anything since then. Can anyone help me take a look? Is there anything I can do now?   Thanks!   Moira
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Hi Moira,   I will send you a private message to help you out with this! see post