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Extremely poor customer service
I am avid and frequent shopper at Sephora.  I just had a very disappointing experience with an online order.  During checkout, the website clearly indicates that gift packaging is FREE.  When I confirmed my order total, however, I noticed that I had been charged.  Not only was I charged for the gift packaging, there was also a Duty charge.  I have placed online orders on Sephora before, and I have never been charged for either gift packaging or duty.    When I called the customer service hotline to rectify this matter, the associate seemed completely disinterested in helping me.  Both her and her manager vehemently stated that gift packaging was not complimentary, and there was nothing they could do to help me.  I would have gladly sent her a screen shot as evidence.   I have had minor issues with online orders from Sephora before, but they were always resolved quickly, efficiently, and in a friendly manner.  Never have I received such poor customer service.
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disappointedVIB / RISING STAR / replied
Poor customer service. I placed an order totaling over $200.  A long-standing VIB customer, I sent an email regarding the error asking that it be rectified.  No respons... see post
How do I use my gift card online?
I'm trying to place an order online and I was given a gift card that I'd like to use but there doesn't seem to be anywhere for me to enter it. When I enter it in the promotion box it says error. 
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danaasaur / FRESH FACE / replied
I'm shocked to find that this is STILL an issue in 2016 considering the first time I tried to use a Sephora gift card online was about 5-6 years ago, waaaaay back in hi... see post
Hi. I have given wrong shipping address. My order number is 2193002482. Items haven't started to send yet i guess, cuz i realize it when i just finished ordering!!! only few minites ago. Please help me to edit shipping address. This is very urgent. thanks. 
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xiaoxi / FRESH FACE / replied
Hello,I also write a wrong address, actually, the address is right, but zip code is wrong, it should have arrived in April 1, but I checked the tracking number, it still... see post
How do I add my beauty insider card to this account?
Sammygola / FRESH FACE / replied
Hi, I have over 500 point on my beauty insider card, but it currently says I have 0. How can I transfer my points online? Thanks!  see post
Unauthorized CC- but I was charged with no record of order
Placed an order, and I forgot to change my billing address.. Anyways, they said I needed to fix it but they already charged my card. I don't want this on my card twice- but there is no record of my order.
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Hi liaalk,   I'll take a look at your order and sent you a private message shortly!   Always, Danee see post
Your order has been cancelled
Hi i buy from And I've paid $258.58 ,then after hour they send to me : "Thank you for shopping at Your order -...- has been cancelled. For your own security and protection, we have cancelled your order because we were unable to confirm your payment information. ...We are currently unable to process payment with international credit cards. Please visit our Sephora store on to place your order. Thank you for your understanding."   What can i do ,I can't call them Pleas HELP
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At0707 / RISING STAR / replied
can someone help me? i have the same problem too and customer service hasn't even responded to me see post
Return without return form
I recently purchased something online and I'd like to return it. I don't have the order summary or the return form. How do I go about returning this?
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Hi punkinhat,   Yes, simply include a copy of the order summary inside of the returned package and print the return label directly on our website to ship the items b... see post
I JUST placed my order 5 min ago. Can I still cancel it?
I am closing this thread. I'm sorry if we missed your post! If you have a similar issue, please create a new thread under the Customer Service board. Thanks! see post
Items not in purchase history and points not updated.
Some of the items I've bought are not showing up in the purchase history and the points with them are not updated.
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breshna / FRESH FACE / replied
I also have the same problem but I had a beauty insider account and I went to the store for my very first purchase and got my card but my points weren't updated and toda... see post
My Order Was Charged Twice
Okay, so I just placed an order for some stuff and when I checked my bank account online, I saw that Sephora charged me twice! Is there a way to fix this or get a refund back for the second charge or something?
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crazysaf / FRESH FACE / replied
They just charged me twice for the same order...IS this something that always happens? I'm gonna give them a call tomorrow and they better refund me or I'm never buying ... see post
how do I become a Sephora pro?
I just graduated form Empire beauty School and I get my license in cosmetology next month.I really just want to be a makeup artist.I live in Chicago.The fashion and beauty industry isn't that major here.Any advice     -Up&Coming
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armygirl126 / FRESH FACE / replied
can u msg me to at i would like to know how to apply for my discount since im a cosmetologist.   thank you very much see post
missing samples
hi, i received an order today and none of my samples were in the box, including a deluxe sample i had ordered with a promo code. the invoice is not initialed and nothing is checked off on it. i am so disappointed! they were especially good samples too that i was so excited to try!    
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This I'm my 3rd order this month that had all the samples missing from it, yet everything is checked-off. Beyond frustrated having to complain over and over again about ... see post
returning used products?
i've heard people say in reviews that they've tried something & didn't like so they will be returning it. so.. you can return a product once you've used it? does sephora just toss it then?
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I cannot find a local store that caries Laura Mercier.  If I purchase and the color is wrong can I return it? or can I order a sample?  thanks, Karen  see post
Link Beauty Insider card with my online account
How can I link my Beauty Insider card with my online account?
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linmay529 / FRESH FACE / replied
 I need help with linking my card and online account as well! Thanks! see post
Unsucessful authorization?
hi my order has unsucessful authorization as it's status, but the funds have been held from my account? i used a mastercard in australia to send to a US address. I can't call sephora either because my phone won't let me call your number because i'm in australia :/
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bmacw / RISING STAR / replied
hi miabt i placed two orders before placing one recently and they both have been unsucessful authorization. the shipping and billing adress is for the united states. ... see post
Using gift cards online
I placed an order on tonight.  When I got to checkout, and after much frustration, I realized you can only use one gift card per order.  I received two gift cards for Christmas and wanted to place one large order.    I called Customer Service and the rep I spoke to was awesome.  She was very sweet and helpful...can't say enough good things about the experience.  However, with the growing popularity of gift cards, I sincerely hope that can fix this issue and allow more than one card to be entered at checkout. 
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renee1148 / RISING STAR / replied
you can use 2 gift cards..what you cannot do is use 2 gift cards and the beauty insider loyalty max is 2.  you cannot use 3 gift cards. I can combine my loya... see post
No order confirmation, but charged! Help!
I placed an order on today and after I clicked place order, I got an error message saying my information is incorrect, so I double checked it and placed the order again and received the same error message.  I checked my account orders and it says I have no new orders placed.  I checked with my bank, and I have two charges from Sephora that are processing.  I am confused about whether the order went through or not, and if I did I only intended to make one order, and if it did not, why am I getting charged?  In need of help! Thank you!
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NeutralCentral / FRESH FACE / replied
This happened to me as well ! I placed an order and it was cancelled but i was still charged. I email about 3 times and have not gotten any response.   Hel... see post
sephora charged me twice for an order
i placed an order online not too long ago, and it shows that one order was placed on my sephora account. however, my online bank statement shows that i was charged the same amount twice. is this normal? how do i get this fixed?
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I'm going through the the same mess! Ordered on Novemeber 25th no order is the system yet nearly $400 was taken out of my account and I have an authorization number from... see post
Lost package and no money back
I placed an order on Nov 8th. The order number is 22****4719. On Nov 14th UPS noted that they delivered the package to a woman but actually I didn’t receive it and didn’t know who she is. My husband reported to Sephora and the customer service helped us to file a claim to UPS to invest this case a day later. It needed 8 business days to process. We understood and trusted Sephora would help us figure out the issue. We were too naïve. Nobody gave us any feedback until my husband call them again. The result was that UPS said they have delivered the package and Sephora can’t refund or resend the package again because it is worth $640.67. We requested Sephora to open a new claim to UPS again. It took another 8 business days and we didn’t received the call from Sephora for the resolution. Called Sephora again to ask update on Dec 11th, they said UPS stated that Me and my husband acknowledged that we received the package and Sephora won’t responsible it and won’t submit the claim again. My goodness, it was ridiculous and unreasonable. If I had received the package, why I still make noise here?? We called the UPS directly, they always asked us to contact the shipper. I am so disappoint and angry. Sephora phone customer service didn’t take care of me and didn’t help anything. Sephora and UPS passed the buck each other. Who cares about my package? It has been a month since I made the order from Sephora, I still haven’t received my package or refund the lost. I am really frustrated about this shopping experience on Sephora online. What should I do now to get my lost back?
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i just called sephora today and they said they lost my package  and they filed a claim and it will take them 1-8 days to hear back from them.  i ordered because of the s... see post
I have the VIB card, but when I registered my email, my status didn't register....
I went Christmas shopping at Sephora a couple days before Christmas, and earned a VIB status in-store, and got the card and everything, but when I tried to register online just now, I was prompted to sign up to be a Beauty Insider, which I thought I was before I was VIB anyway? I'm really confused about what's going on? Can someone help??
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nubia25 / FRESH FACE / replied
I am having the same issue and I was wondering if you were able to link them up  see post
Canadian beauty points
Hello, I've been having this issue since always. I've contacted support on two occasions about this but did not get a definite answer. Under earning points it says that I suppose to get 1 point per 1 dollar spent.  Some how, when shopping on Canadian site I never get 1point/dollar. Just as now, I spent C $125 (before tax) on Josie Maran Argon Oil, but got only 96 point (I had 78, and now have 174).  Please don't tell me that there is nothing wrong with my points because clearly I get much less points than I should (according to 1 dollar =1 point principle). Can anyone explain what is going on with Canadian points? Why am I not getting 1 point/dollar? Thank you.
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Melanie16 / RISING STAR / replied
Hi Laura, I know this is an old post but I have similar issue and was hoping you could help. I am less concerned about having received points in US dollars (although tha... see post
Returns by Mail
Hey Sephora,    I sent out a return about a month and 1 week ago and still haven't heard anything about it. I'm getting a little antsy now about how long it's taking to process. Is there anyway to check on the status of the return?    
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That happened to me awhile ago - returned around $100 by mail. I had the tracking #'s (2 packages) and I kept calling because it took so long (normally it's never been m... see post
I can't add my beauty insider card to my online account?
I've had a beauty insider card for several years, but I'm making an online purchase for the first time and there's nowhere to add my card so I can get the points. I thought I used the same email when I signed up!    Also, I just received a VIB card and I was wondering if there was any way to combine that account with my old card.
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ahoychloe / RISING STAR / replied
I'm also having the same problem :/ see post
Forgot to use points card, can I still claim purchase?
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Nazmin / FRESH FACE / replied
Hi I need help doing this too. see post
Status: Unsuccessful Authorization
    Hi,   I placed an order on the 23 of April, and payed  with a credit card, and shipt it to my friends location, but the order states is: Status: Unsuccessful Authorization   So what does this mean???????
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jisk / RISING STAR / replied
My order also says Unsuccessful authorization. What do I have to do? see post
Charged twice for an order
The website asked me to verify my card information and charged me twice for one order. How do I fix that?
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veeii / FRESH FACE / replied
Seems so that this TWICE charge isn't going away cause it's happening to me right now. I've never had this problem before... Fix this now please. see post
Beauty Insider Card in Passbook for iPhone
You can now add your Beauty Insider card to Passbook on iPhone! We're excited to try the new features - how about you?       Passbook FAQ Q: What is Passbook? What all can it do? A: Passbook for iPhone and iPod touch is a feature of Apple iOS 6. Passbook has a variety of passes including gift cards, loyalty program cards, coupons, airline boarding passes, and event tickets. See for more info. Add your Sephora Beauty Insider card to Passbook to earn and redeem points in store, instantly view your Beauty Insider point balance and receive notifications about qualifying rewards. Add your Sephora gift cards to Passbook to easily store your gift card information on your mobile device. As you use your gift card, the balance will be updated to reflect your current balance.   Q: How can I add my Beauty Insider card to Passbook? A: Update your iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 6: 1.    On your iPhone, Go to Settings > General > Software Update to upgrade to iOS 6. 2.    From the Sephora To Go App for iPhonehttp:// or, tap the top Passbook banner on the home screen or tap the bottom Passbook banner in any Sephora email. 3.    Sign in or sign up to be a Beauty Insider. 4.    Follow the steps to add your Beauty Insider card to Passbook. Now you can easily access your Beauty Insider card and view your real-time Beauty Insider points in store, plus see upcoming perks and benefits on your iPhone.   Q: I don’t know if I am a Beauty Insider. How can I get an account? A: Go to and follow the steps to sign up.   Q: I have added my Beauty Insider card to Passbook, and I have made a purchase, but I don't see the points updating. How do I get my points to update? A: Click on the link or banner on the back of the Beauty Insider pass, then sign in.   Sign in to Sephora to Go App for iPhone or to trigger your points balance to update.   Q: How can I add my Gift Card or eGift Card to Passbook? (eGift Certificates cannot be added to Passbook.) A: First, Update your iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 6: 1.    On your iPhone, Go to Settings > General > Software Update to upgrade to iOS 6. 2.    Follow the instructions to upgrade to iOS 6 Once you have iOS 6, you can add any physical Sephora Gift Card or eGift Card with a 16-digit gift card number and 8-digit PIN to Passbook.  1.    Get Sephora to Go App for iPhone or, and select “eGift Card” from the home screen.  2.    Select “Add Now.” 3.    Enter the Card Number and PIN from your gift card.  4.    Enter your valid email address.  5.    Select “Add to Passbook” when your gift card is validated. 6.    Select “Add” in the upper right corner to set up your eGift Card in Passbook when the Passbook preview of your gift card is displayed. 7.    Exit the Sephora to Go app and open Passbook to view your Sephora Gift Card in Passbook   Q: I have added my Gift Card to Passbook, and I have made a purchase, but I don't see the balance updating. How do I get my points to update? A: Flip the Gift Card pass and drag down on the card to refresh your gift card balance.   Q: Can I add a plastic Sephora gift card to Passbook? A: Yes, you can add physical Sephora gift cards and any eGift Card with a 16-digit gift card number and an 8-digit PIN to Passbook.    Q: Can multiple people save the same gift card to their Passbook? A: Yes, the same gift card can be saved to Passbook on different phones. Note: Your gift cards have cash value and should be safeguarded as such.   Q: I want to purchase a Sephora Gift Card that can be added to Passbook. How can I do that?  A: You can purchase an eGift Card that can be used in store, online and via mobile from the Sephora to Go App for iPhone or 1.    Tap the eGift link from the home page of the Sephora to Go App for iPhone or 2.    Select the gift card design, amount, write a message (optional), then provide your gift recipient’s email address to email the eGift Card. 3.    When the recipient receives their gift, there will be an option to Add the eGift to Passbook. 4.    Tap “Add to Passbook” to easily view your current gift card balance and use in store, online and via mobile. Note: Sephora Gift Cards, eGift Cards and eGift Certificates have no expiration date, cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash and are only available for merchandise purchases within the United States or Canada (in store only).   Learn more>    
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Hi all!   We have reported the issue to our technical team and they are currently working on getting this fixed! You should all be able to add your Beauty Insider ca... see post
How to redeem Birthday Gift in-store?
My birthday is on Sept 23 and  I didn't get a postcard in the mail, all I got was an email telling me I can claim my birthday gift. Do I have to print the email and show it in the store? 
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Hi K819,   No purchase is necessary to redeem your birthday gift in store! Please just be sure to provide your Beauty Insider card or registered email address in ord... see post
How long does it take for a return from sephora to show back up on my debit card?
I just returned CC cream today and the money is still not in my bank account. I thought it was right away. How long does it usually take?
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Hi @Onceuponatime45,   I just sent you a private message with more information :) Please check your inbox.   Always, Danee see post
I can combine my two beauty insider cards?
I just realized I have two different numbers for my online beautyinsider account and my physical beautyinsider card that I use for in-store purchases. Would it be possible to combine these two cards? Thanks
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Song820820 / RISING STAR / replied
Hi there, I have the same problem, I have 2 different bi card and I want to combine them, could you please help? Thanks a lot! see post