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MUFE artist shadow
what are the names of the eyeshadows that come in a MUFE artist shadow sample,  Item # 1635531? I´m in love with them and really want to purchase them
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Can you gift points...
to another BI?   Thanks!
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Incorrect points received on order, can a Mod please help?
I placed an order this morning (from Canada) and received incorrect amount of points.   I was also charged in excess of 13% Ontario sales tax, so could I also receive a breakdown of the 'taxes and duties' charge?   thanks
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Thanks for the Bonus Point!
I had 44 points and placed no order, but I have 45 now.  Next time someone wants to give me a bonus, I would love to see a couple zeroes after the number.  Or, you can keep giving them to me one at a time for the next 5,000 days.  Then, I can use a big point perk in about 14 years.   Seriously though, thanks for the point.  Did anyone else get a bonus?
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Ole Henriksen 7 Days to Youthful Skin Details
Beauty Insiders! Treat your skin to a week with Ole Henriksen> *Enter code WONDERS in the promotion code box at checkout to receive an Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders 7 day sample setfree with any online merchandise purchase of $25 USD or more. The set includes 7 samples of Truth Serum™ Collagen Booster, 7 samples of Invigorating Night Gel™, and 14 samples of Sheer Transformation® Crème (0.025 oz ea). Valid while supplies last, quantities are limited. Not valid on previous purchases or purchases of eGift certificates or gift cards. Offer not valid in retail stores or at Sephora inside JCPenney. Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion codes. This offer is subject to change, alteration, or termination by Sephora at its sole discretion at any time.
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Re: VIB promos soon?
Hi jenWho! We don't release info on promos before the email is sent out. Make sure you're subscribed to emails so you don't miss out on any future promos!    Cheers! Kevin
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#MyColorIQ Foundation Wardrobe #SephoraSweeps on Twitter
Never wear the wrong foundation again. Our in-store foundation match service, Color IQ, allows you to find your perfect shade. On May 21, one lucky Twitter follower will win a five-piece foundation wardrobe personalized to match their Color IQ.   To enter for a chance to win, make sure you follow @Sephora on Twitter. Between May 20 at 12pm PDT and May 21 at 12pm PDT, tweet this sentence (and include your Color IQ in the blank): “Hey @Sephora, #MyColorIQ is _______ #SephoraSweeps.” Don’t forget to include #SephoraSweeps in your tweet. All eligible entries received during the sweeps entry period will be included in the drawing. The winner will be selected at random from the pool of eligible entries.   Don’t know your Color IQ? Go in store to get matched, or use our reverse look-up tool online ( by entering the foundation you currently use.   See official rules below>
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Wedding Problem!!!!
I have dry,oily, and a lot of blackheads on my face. And I have to go to a wedding next month, I need fast results. What would you recommend. I need answers, quick.
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New purchases not added to Beauty Bag
I just bought a few things in store today and only 3 of the 5 items were added to my online beauty bag. Is there a way to add my other purchases?
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Rouge E Mails
Im VIB Rouge since last year but from the beginning of 2014 all sephora emails state my status as VIB ,I contacted FB team many times and every time I was told that request is send to IT team for correction but it never changed I always find about rouge promotional codes on BT when either the code has been expired or I had already placed an order....Isn't it funny that I don't get advantage of Rouge only perks even a single time...Can I expect it to be fixed any time soon or you'll also give me a false promise???
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"Please Enter a Valid URL" error every time I try to post - No urls included!?
Perhaps you can help - for the past few weeks I've barely been able to post on BT, I write out long answers to posts, etc. but when I try to click the red button to post, I get an error.   It always says Please enter a valid URL.  But I'm not even posting URLs, and no outside links for sure.   Occasionally I try to link to a previous thread, say if the question is about contouring I might link to the Beauty Talk previous threads on contouring.   But really - it doesn't matter at all.  Even if my post has no URLs and nothing that could possibly be construed as a URL, I still get the error.    If I try posting a link to previous BT question, and even if I delete that part of my post, same error.   I'm using Chrome as I always do (as my browser).   Can anyone help?  Thanks.
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Question about anonymous reviews
I'm seeing that all of my reviews are showing up as anonymous, even when I am signed into my account. I know that this question has been asked before but the answers seem to have been given in pm's. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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Sephora at the makeup show NYC 2014
I just noticed that Sephora is listed as an exhibitor at TMS NYC 2014. Can you tell me what kinds of products you will have there? Will it be many different brands or will it be primarily the Sephora brand? Will you have cosmetics, skincare, and tools/brushes? Is there any point bringing my Sephora rouge card with me to TMS NYC 2014?
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Sooooo Painfully Close....
Hey ladies, can you believe it? I'm at 1921 hearts! 2000 is sooooo close I can almost feel it!
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Q. How do I tag a post?
Just want to know how to tag a post.   Thanks,   MissFluff♥
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Status Upgrade
THANK YOU to which of the mods upgraded my status to Hall of Famer. It took me a bit to realize it had changed, nice to see it.
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Please Remove These Posts.
If a mod is available, please remove my posts - In Store Sample Rant ! and Can I Become A BI Again ?.   Thanks. 
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Q. Missing beauty insider points on 25th of December 2013
Hi, I purchased something from sephora but the cashier forgot to scan my beauty insider card even I presented it to her. How can I earn those points back?
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Smashbox masterclass palette 2
Hi there,   I just got my palette in the mail and am quite disappointed. I opened the box and before even opening the palette up already saw some loose powder around it, when i opened it fully i saw that a couple of the pans are basically half way popped out, the gels appear to have a very weird almost frozen bubbly consistency and overall looks like the palette was either used or damaged upon delivery. I did swatch a couple just to see if i like the quality, other than that the damage is pretty apparent, i think, in the photos. Was wondering what can be done in a situation like this.  
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Linking my Beauty Insider card to my account online
I am also trying to link my beauty insider card to my account online. Please help! Thanks! Samantha
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Is Sephora going to discontinue guerlain ?
So I noticed that many of the Guerlain products are no longer available at Sephora. Also the new collection is missing (only a couple items are available) Too bad I will have to buy them elsewhere. I really wanted to buy compact meteorites.  
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Q. BITE Beauty The Lip Kit: out of stock
I was just wondering if there was a way for me to check if any of my local stores had this in stock or if it will be back in stock online.    
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Is there a BT Mod Who is a Facebook Mod?
Do any of the BT Mods manage the official Facebook page as well?   Before saying message Sephora's page...I can't. The message option is gone, so is the posting option. I've rarely interacted with the page, and I may have to just to keep my friend code :/
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VIB friend code
Anybody can share a VIB friend code by email? The one that I can bring to store to use.  Thanks!
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Trouble sending code to a friend
  It keeps telling me I am not registered as a VIB in the system but I am and have been since like August. Please help! If it make a difference I am using the generic form ( that was posted as I didn't get an email myself
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Giftopia Gift Wrap option
When ordering, I can select either the regular box or the red drawstring bag but there's no giftopia choice. When I click on Learn More there's super cute giftopia giftwrapping.   I'm in Canada, is this something not available here? Do the USA folks see a giftopia choice?
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Discount for Formula X for Sephora The System not applying in cart.
Hi Sephora,   I'm trying to purchase the Formula X for Sephora The System set but after I add the system and then the nail polish color I want to my cart with my VIB code, it charges me for the nail polish. If I take off the VIB code it doesn't charge me. Why would it do that? I didn't enter a code to get the nail polish color so I am not using two codes.
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Anyone use BT on Android device?
I got just a tablet and was checking out BT with it, but while I can view the BT forums like normal, it won't actually let me sign in to post anything! Anyone else have the same experience, or better success than me?
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