peel mask for sensitive skin

I've never used peel mask before. I have combination skin, recenlty my nose becomes pretty dry. 2 sides of my nose has dry patches and flaking. Can I still use peel mask? I really wanna try one Smiley Sad any recommendation?

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Hi Trucie,


I second Janines suggestion! The Kate Somerville is amazing. It removes dry skin and helps really clean out your pores.

<3 Melissa

Re: peel mask for sensitive skin

I'm a combination skin gal too. At any given time I'll have 1-2 masks that I fluctuate between. Usually one for hydration and one for exfoliating over the course of a week.


Fresh's Rose Face Mask is a refreshing treatment that will leave your skin fully quenched. It has real rose petals in it too, which I find to be a nice touch. This is an ideal mask to use to prevent your skin from feeling dehydrated.




In terms of peels/exfoliating I've been a loyal user of ExfoliKate for several years! It works SO well and a treatment only takes 2 minutes. The fruit enzymes essentially scrub away at dead skin leaving your complexion radiant and baby smooth. Make sure to only use this product twice a week max, trust me it's easy to get addicted to.



Whimsically yours,

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In addition to the Exfolikate that Janine posted, Kate Somerville has one formulated for sensitive and delicate skin that doesn't contain the cinnamon as a stimulant and anti-oxidant.


The delicate formula contains sage to soothe, along with the papaya and pumpkin enzymes, along with the fruit sugars to chemically exfoliate and even skin plus microbeads for a gentle polishing!



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