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Hi guys!    So um, I'm kinda embarrassed to admit that I need a new face cleanser and I am fully unprepared to make this decision for myself. Frankly, I generally use whatever comes across my desk but it seems that I have run out of EVERYTHING and I have no backups (the horror). So I figured I'd ask the experts.   I need something for combo / oily (not sensitive) skin, non-foaming that I can use w/ my Clarisonic. Obvs has to be sold at Sephora.   And while we're at it, what's your favorite moisturizer with SPF? (ya know, cuz, summer).    Thanks loves!
Beauty gurus...needing some help here!   This is my freshly washed face....freckles, redness, and all.  I've been having major redness/flakiness around my mouth in the corners, all the way to my chin.   My nose, however, is an oil slick. I moisturize like crazy with either First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream or Glamglow Volcasmic Mattifying Moisturizer.   My makeup routine or products seem irrelevant, since my skin is already red and flaky before putting on foundation, though most any foundation I use seem to slip all around my face and create an oily nose but flaky, dry mouth. Tips? Tricks? Recommendations? 
i don't have an acne prone skin but if i get a zit it will last forever and it's very annoying and i have no idea what to do about them... can somebody help me please...    
hello all! i am on the lookout for the perfect cleanser! for the most part i have pretty normal skin, but lately it has felt dry and i've been peeling on my nose, which is quite strange since i have always tended to be more oily around my nose. i don't know if the cleanser i'm using (ole henriksen find your balance oil control cleanser) has dried out my skin since i use it morning and night. HOWEVER my skin feels so clean and refreshed after using it. any other cleanser recommendations ?!?!
What is the best product for blackheads and big pores? 
So I have 2 girls 13 and 14yrs old. They always see me using skin care items and they are starting to get interested taking care of their skin. Which is good because I didnt do it when I was their age 😬 I want to ask what brands are good for teens for a face moisturizer?  From sephora or any drugstore brand 😊 Thank you in advance!
I use the Origins Vitazing moisturizer every day instead of foundation - it gives me a perfect smoothing look without a 'foundation-y' look and it's low maintenance and doesn't make me break out. But Sephora has been out of the Vitazing for weeks now, and I'm running out!    Is there another lightly tinted moisturizer that would be a good substitute? Any suggestions? I've tried Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer which I didn't care for (too sunscreen-y smell and too tinted), and Dr Jart's BB cream which looked fabulous but made me break out something awful. 
Hi,   I am in search for a good cleansing oil that removes makeup and is good for sensitive skin. Any suggestions? What do you think about Tatcha and Shu Uemura? 
Hello,    I'm fairly new to skin care and for a long time, i only used soap and non-scented lotions on my face and it was good enough for my dry-very dry sensitive skin.    I now use the fresh soy face cleanser and lotus youth preserve face creams and lately i've noticed that i'm oily around the t-zone and i've had the or four pimples on my forehead this past month which is very unusual. I've thought about whether it's the products, the birth control or if my skin is just changing. I stopped using the face cream and any moisturizers all together for my t-zone but i still get oily after a few hours.    What's going on with my skin and how do i control the oil?         
I purchased the Ole Henriksen Brighter Truth Brightening Essentials Set and have been using it daily for a month now. I've noticed that it seems to have caused my skin to breakout in blemishes. I usually use products for Combination-oily skin, and the sales person told me to give this one a try. Should I be using a different collection from Ole Henriksen?
Hello, I have sensitive skin and dry to normal combination.   I am looking for something that I won't break out with and I'm finding a hard time doing that. I am also looking for something to hydrate my skin and remove the imperfections and brighten it up a bit. So far I've tried Ren and Olehendrikson and none seem to do the job, I end up getting a few red spots and pimples   Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I will be going to Hawaii for a month and I think that due to the humidity I will need a primer to ensure my makeup has some staying power. Right now I am using the NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and it lasts for me without any primer until about 3-4pm when applied at 7 am. I am in between choosing three different primer options at the moment. Any thoughts on the following:   Sephora Collection Beauty Amplifier Ultra Smoothing Primer   Cover FX Calming Primer 388019   NARS Pore & Shine & Control Primer 415963   Or any other recommended primer? I do have oily skin when it comes to the afternoon and more dry in the morning.        
hello ladies...ii need some help from you..mine is dark brown skintone and combination skin..please prefer me which type of makeup products should i use for face  make up
I've got combination (oily tzone, pretty much dry everywhere) and acne prone skin. I have a mattifying moisturizer for the day (Mural Oil-Free Mattifier) but now I need a moisturizer at night that won't clog pores but will also hydrate overnight. I've tried a ton of oil-free moisturizers that feel like they're clogging my pores and when I wake up in the morning, doesn't hydrate my dry areas. Suggestions, anyone?   P.S. I'm trying to avoid moisturizers with a bit of acne medication on them as I am already using topical creams and they aren't hydrating enough for my already kinda dry skin
Since the ole Henriksen aloe Vera deep cleanser has been discontinued *tears* i am looking for a new cleanser to use both in the morning and at night. I have normal to combo skin - my skin can be oily on some days and dry on others - i get these bumps on my face i'm not even sure what they are and i have large pores. I want a deep clean! Any recommendations?!
I'm in my 30's and need to update both my AM and PM routine but I feel overwhelmed looking through all of Sephora's products and reading reviews.  I have combination/normal skin and my main concerns are anti-aging and fine lines - I want to make sure I'm doing what I can now to prevent these in the future.  I was also looking at getting a new cleanser (Boscia Black Cleanser) and was wondering if it's recommended?  Any suggestions??
We're told from an early age to start protecting our skin, but what exactly does that mean? I'm in high school, so I don't need to many fancy skin treatments, though I still want to keep my skin in top condition. Here is my current skincare routine:   Morning: FAB Cleanser Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Origins Ginzing Eye Cream   Night: FAB Cleanser Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel   Any suggestions for different products or additions to my routine?  
I originally posted this in the Products section but I'm not sure it was the right place, so am reposting here:   I'd like to hear some recommendations for a VEGAN face wash you use that is similar to Philosophy's Purity: not an oil or milk cleanser, not foaming, but somewhere in between like Purity, that doesn't dry out your skin but still cleanses well. Thanks! ETA: I'd like to find something that Sephora sells, if possible. And I don't even care if it's all-natural or organic, just as long as it's vegan. ETA: Answered here if anyone would like similar info!
Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil.png
Can someone tell me the difference between these two? I've been using the C15 oil and I just want to know if the new one can work for me as well.
Hello! I'm looking for the perfect cleanser. I wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis and as a result I need something to really deep clean my pores, but something that won't strip my skin - I have slightly sensitive skin that's combination. It definitely has its dry areas, but I can get oily especially when I wear makeup in the t-zone. My ideal cleanser would lightly exfoliate, but nothing too harsh. Suggestions? Thanks!
I am 40 with combo normal to oily in the T-zone skin. I have a tendency to get dehydrated skin, as I have allergies and take meds everyday. My skin is sensitive, and I also have mild rosacea/acne prone. I don't use primers as they tend to make me break out. I find that anything too active is a no go for me.  I recently had a terrible experience using Clinique's Moisture Surge - Hello Roscaea. Like the worst flare I have ever had. This is what I am using and it doesn't irritate my skin. I have some holes and am looking for some help please, thank you in advance! From Sephora or not, I have tried a lot of products and I really want my skin to be calm, glowy and just look good!    Morning: Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Milk Toner? Serum? Moisturizer that can prep skin for makeup.? SanRe Eye Candy   Night: Tatcha Pure Camellia Cleansing OIl Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser with my Clarisonic Toner or Essence? Sunday Riley Luna Korres Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream Some nights I mix in Cliniques Smart Treatment Oil in my Moisturizer for an added boost SanRe Eye Candy   Mask: PTR Rose Stem Cell Mask (Any Other Suggestions for pores?)
Hi there,   I am on the hunt for a new face moisturizer and eye cream. I have pretty normal skin. Sometimes I have clogged pores, but I wouldn't say I am necessarily acne prone. I've been using a face wash with a low dose of benzoyl peroxide, and it seems to be doing the trick. I want both the eye cream and face moisturizer to work for day and night. I also don't want the eye cream to cause milia or the face moisturizer to sit too heavy on the skin. I am only 21, but I still want products with anti aging benefits as preventative measure. Have you used any of these products/which would you recommend the most?    1. IT Cosmetics - Confidence in a cream  2. IT Cosmetics - Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream 3. Fresh - Lotus Youth Preserve face cream  4. Fresh  - Lotus Youth Preserve eye cream 5. Dr. Jart+ - Ceramidin Cream or Gel-Cream     Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I plan on buying products this weekend!
I'm having a lot of issues lately with my skin. I have combination skin where my forehead, sometides around my nose and sometides my chin get really oily and everywhere else is dry/normal. When I put BB/CC cream or any foundation or concealer on my skin is so dry at first and it looks terrible and CARE and then after about an hour or two its just so oily, there's no in between. I've tried so many products and I don't know what I"m doing wrong. I wash my face properly, exfoliate 1-2 tides a week, tone, put eye cream on, use the Clinique dramatically different lotion whats for combination/dry skin... I pride my face with prider oil, use a setting spray and apply everything in correct order with a beauty blender. My concealer and other products are expensive, not the cheap stuff and it still looks terrible. I'm so frustrated with this I feel like i just shouldn't wear makeup at all since it looks either way too dry/CARE or way too oily. is there anything i'm doing wrong or not doing at all?
Hello, I'm 23 and looking for either a serum or oil that'll help with subtle acne scars, redness and anti-aging. Thoughts?!
Hello everyone!    Recently, I have been getting more and more into skincare. I've been using Olay Complete moisturizer for years, but I am finding that in the harsh Canadian winters that I experience, it's not quite good enough.    During most of the year I have oily skin. In the winter I have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks, tip of the nose, and chin. I am looking for recommendations for a very hydrating winter moisturizer for oily/combo skin!   Also, I am looking for a product that de-puffs eyes in the morning. I don't have dark circles or bags's just the puffiness that is the issue.    Thanks so much!
Hello all!   I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a good daytime moisturizer that will really sink into my skin, and not just sit on top of it! I recently bought First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream and was really excited because of its great reviews, but it feels like it just sits on top of my face and never really dries/sinks in. I will probably keep using it for a night moisturizer, but I'm looking for something that will sit well under makeup in the morning.    I also have rosacea and very sensitive skin. I would consider myself somewhere between dry/combination skin because I have very dry cheeks and dryness from rosacea, but at times can get oily in t-zone.    What is your favorite??
Hello,   I am going to be 19 years old this February. I would honestly classify my skin type as normal. It rarely gets oily or dry. I do have breakouts occasionally along my jawline and forehead.   My night time skin care routine begins with me removing my makeup using a neutregena makeup remover. Then, I wash my face using philosophy's purity cleanser (1 to 2 times a week I'll substitute this step for an exfoliator.) After cleansing, I sometimes apply a mask (I do this about 2 to 3 times a week). Then after that, I tone my face using a glycolic acid toner. I then apply my serum (I use a vitamin c serum currently but I'm going to get a retinol serum soon and then I will just use either serum every other day and switch them out.) I then moisturize using an origins moisturizer. Then I apply tea tree oil as a spot treatment to my acne (I heard that oils need to be applied after moisturizer??) Lastly, I spray my face with a little rosewater.    So, my daily skincare routine is basically wash, tone, serum, moisturizer, spot treatment, and then rosewater.   My questions are:   1.) Is this an effective skin care routine for my age? Am I using too much products? I know it's a lot, but I want to ensure I have healthy skin when I'm older. 2.) Should I substitute anything out or add anything? Is there any products that anybody recommends?  3.) Lastly, does spraying rosewater at the end of my routine actually do anything? I honestly can't tell if it's making a difference.