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I'm looking for a lightweight serum to layer on underneath my tinted moisturizer, something that will add just a touch more hydration and make the tinted moisturizer go on smoothly. Preferably oil free, so the moisturizer doesn't slide off. Any suggestions?
Hi my name is Sarah and I'm 16 years old. I'm searching for a good moisturizer. I have normal skin I would say and don't have a lot of breakouts. I currently own the clinique dramatically different moisturizer lotion but it's almost empty and I want to try something new. I hope someone can help me? And I was also wondering if I could use the drunk elephant framboos glycolic night serum, or am I too young for that product?
I'm having a lot of issues lately with my skin. I have combination skin where my forehead, sometides around my nose and sometides my chin get really oily and everywhere else is dry/normal. When I put BB/CC cream or any foundation or concealer on my skin is so dry at first and it looks terrible and CARE and then after about an hour or two its just so oily, there's no in between. I've tried so many products and I don't know what I"m doing wrong. I wash my face properly, exfoliate 1-2 tides a week, tone, put eye cream on, use the Clinique dramatically different lotion whats for combination/dry skin... I pride my face with prider oil, use a setting spray and apply everything in correct order with a beauty blender. My concealer and other products are expensive, not the cheap stuff and it still looks terrible. I'm so frustrated with this I feel like i just shouldn't wear makeup at all since it looks either way too dry/CARE or way too oily. is there anything i'm doing wrong or not doing at all?
Hi there,   I am on the hunt for a new face moisturizer and eye cream. I have pretty normal skin. Sometimes I have clogged pores, but I wouldn't say I am necessarily acne prone. I've been using a face wash with a low dose of benzoyl peroxide, and it seems to be doing the trick. I want both the eye cream and face moisturizer to work for day and night. I also don't want the eye cream to cause milia or the face moisturizer to sit too heavy on the skin. I am only 21, but I still want products with anti aging benefits as preventative measure. Have you used any of these products/which would you recommend the most?    1. IT Cosmetics - Confidence in a cream  2. IT Cosmetics - Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream 3. Fresh - Lotus Youth Preserve face cream  4. Fresh  - Lotus Youth Preserve eye cream 5. Dr. Jart+ - Ceramidin Cream or Gel-Cream     Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I plan on buying products this weekend!
I am looking for a good skincare regimen. I have an oily T-zone, with overproduction of oil on my upper cheeks where my pore are enlarged. I have blackheads on my nose and cheeks and will get bumps along my jawline and chin.  Currently, I am using the PTR Purifying Cleanser, and the Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation moisturizer. 
The difference between Clinique custom repair serum and Clinique repair wear laser focus?
Best overall moisturizer and serum for normal skin but wanting to brighten plus minimize dark spots and acne scars?
Hello! I have combination skin - oily t-zone and dry cheeks - and I breakout pretty much all the time on my nose, above my lips and on my chin. I also have loads of tiny bumps under my skin in these areas which makes finding a good foundation hard. I find it hard to find skincare and makeup that works for me, and I don't want to keep spending money on products that aren't working for me.   Currently, I use Philosophy's Purity cleanser (which seems to be working well), Alpha-H's liquid gold, Mario Badescu's toner mist and a moisturiser from the Body Shop. Makeup wise, i'm missing a primer from my routine, but I use Nars Sheer Glow as a base, which sometimes breaks up around my oily areas, especially in the summer.    I'm looking for some suggestions for: - a face mask - a primer - anything else that you would recommend for my skin type.   Thanks! xo
Hello! I am in desperate need of a new moisturizer. I used to use the bare minerals moisturizer, but since they have changed their formula, my skin has felt more oily than usual (especially my forehead). I have found that gel-based moisturizers don't work for my skin at all and I have recently been using the moisturizing bomb from belif, but am not facing the same issue. Are there any moisturizers you guys would recommend trying? My skin is pretty normal in general. As it gets colder it get feel a little dry around my cheeks and it usually only feels oily if I've been lazy and haven't washed my face in a couple of days.
I would love to branch out and integrate more Korean skin care products into my routine like essences etc. but I tend to stick with mostly organic lines. Are there any Korean brands or products that are mostly free of carcinogens?   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! <3
Hello!   I really need help choosing skin products. I am all over the place and just want to try everything but not sure if its right for my skin!   About my skin : Very large pores!! Tired looking under eye/cheek area "chicken looking skin" under eye Combo skin - I noticed my skin only gets very oily when I have foundation on (?) but feels dry after washing face What I want in a skincare routine: I am in my late 20's and want to prevent wrinkles! Want skin to look very smooth (blurring effect!!) Make pores look smaller Something to make skin fresh, uplifted and awake   I been using Stri-Vectin for 3 years, looking for something new that will fit my skin care concerns.   I appreciate any help I can get! Thank you!  
I am looking for an everyday moisturizer. I have combination skin and now that winter is approaching, my skin tends to get a bit more dry and dull. I have used Belif Aqua Bomb and was not impressed. I was also recommended Origins Drink Up Intensive, HATE fragrance BUT did leave my skin very soft. Its a mask but was also told I can use a little everyday. Just looking for a simple affordable moisturizer.   Any suggestions?
I was using Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum last year and my 16 yr old daughter fell in love with it because it's so lightweight on her face.  She hates the feeling of any moisturizers on her face or skin.  But unfortunately the Vinosource is out of her budget.  Do any of you know of a product that is similar in that it's lightweight and doesn't feel like your skin is coated with moisturizer?  thank you!   BTW I would say she has normal skin with a few occasional breakouts.
Hi. I'm in need of a new skincare routine. I've noticed my skin texture has changed. Maybe some enlarged pores, uneven texture, and dry patches on cheeks and chin. I'm usually combination skin. I do have hormonal breakouts and am in my 40's. I also want to prevent fine lines. I was wondering after reading reviews for all, which brand might be the best? Drunk Elephant, Alienist, or Sunday Riley? I was leaning more towards DE. Any feedback or any other suggestions would be great. I wash my face now with Cerave. I haven't found anything else to clean the makeup off my face. I was using Philosophy moisturizer, but after 2 jars realized it was not performing miracles. My derm has me using PCA strength serum at night, but I'm not really sure that's working either. Thanks!!!!
Hi, I was using AmorePacific spf 50 balm as a sunscreen, do you recomment a different brand? I love AmorePacific but I don't know if I'm getting the right amount of protection. I know it reads SPF 50 but I'm not sure if this is true. Also, I have a combination skin and I need something that won't clog my pores.
I am 26, and am usually pretty awful about taking care of my skin. I never really had an acne issues as a teenager but recently have had really troubled skin. I get oily in my t-zones and am dry elsewhere. I suffer from milia, not around my eyes but most often on my cheeks. Also heavy black heads on my nose and chin, with some in my cheek area. I do own a clarisonic pro which I use when I remember. I live in Florida so I get decent sun exposure. My skin isn't overly sensitive but can be with really abrasive products. Hoping for some good suggestions for a full skin care regimen... i.e. cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, weekly mask, etc. Anything to help and start preventative work as I get older!
what is the best skincare routine for a 35 year old? I have some blackheads near on/near the nose and dry skin in spots and also some wrinkles appearing on my forehead/near eyes?
I've been using Pure Perfection for almost a year now and I love it! However, I'm also interested in trying some other Ole moisturizers (especially Express the Truth and Nurture Me), and I see almost all of them have great ratings. Has anyone tried different moisturizers from the line, and if so what are your thoughts on them?
Hello!  I need something to get rid of the sun spots on my face and other discoloration/redness/blotchiness.  I still have some pimples and blackheads on my face so I would like whatever I use to take care of all of it. I also have some acne scars.  I am 30 years old with fair skin.  What would you suggest I use?
HELP! I'm looking for good skincare products. I have combination/oily skin. I tend to breakout a lot on my nose and around my temples. I'm usually oily in my t-zone. I use a drugstore acne facial wash twice a day but when I use it around my nose gets dry and some other parts of my face so sometimes I switch back and forth from acne wash to just a regular facial wash. I also crease a lot on my under eyes whenever I'm using makeup. OH! and I get a lot of blackheads on my nose. I'm being a tad bit needy lol, I'm looking for a good facial cleanser, good moisturizer, face masks and also maybe under eye care.   
So the thing is, my nose is always dry and flakey for some reason, while every other part of my face is fine.   I need help finding a good face cleanser and moisturizer that will help prevent the dry flakes appearing on my nose.   Any good suggestions? Can be from Sephora or drug store.    I have tried using facial oils as a moisturizer and they dont seem to help so much, so im thinking something more cream and thick?
Here's the lowdown: I don't have TONS of breakouts at a time, but it seems as though they are consistent no matter the common culprits--hormone fluctuations, dietary inclusions/exclusions, etc. I have begun to notice it flares up when I am under intense stress, though. I need to find a cleanser that will help rebalance skin that's under a lot of stress often. Also, I sweat for a living basically, so I typically do not wear anything on my face during the day time other than a bit of concealer if needed, eyeliner, and mascara. Otherwise, moisturizers and serums/treatments tend to just get worn off quickly.   Here's what I use currently: Morning- First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanser with Red Clay / Evening- DermaDoctor Ain't Misbehavin' AHA/BHA Cleanser with my Clarisonic    I've tried a number of cleansers on the market, and most of them for the recommended 6-week or longer period to see a difference in use, but none have impressed me (other than DermaDoctor Ain't Misbehavin') enough to buy a second bottle.    Any recommendations on cleansers you've tried and noticed a significant difference in your problematic skin?    THANKS Y'ALL!!
I am looking for a good sunscreen that is not heavy and won't get me any breakouts, so while searching online I found this one that people say that it's really lightweight. Do you think it is worth the money? If not, which one would you recommend?   PS: I used the past months the Neutrogena one, but it started irritating my skin and giving me breakouts.
Hello guys, how are you? I just want to know a tip for me to know how to pick the right foundation shade when I shop online?  
i have a combination skin but it is really dehydrated at the moment i do have  small and medium sized  pimples on my face (mostly on cheeks) i was looking for skincare products (cleanser , moisturizer ,....etc ) any recommendations ???
I've been recently looking into the Clinique Custom Repair serum however its very expensive...Any recommendations for a serum for my combo/normal skin?
This is my first time doing a post on Sephora   Any-who,   I am 23 year old who lives in Georgia. A couple of years ago my skin had change out of no where! I have psoriasis on my scalp, nose, eyebrows, ears and also my t-zone. I did read on psoriasis on how it can trigger your skin by stress and diet. I'm working on those but as for right now. I want regimen for my skin. Any suggestions?
  Here my current face wash by philosophy.    This one was recommended to me   
I have combination skin, oily nose and chin and dry cheeks and forehead, and I was just wondering if anyone can recommend a foundation to suit my skin that gives a lasting matte finish?