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Hi. I'm looking for a new skin care routine and I'm torn between the Fresh Umbrian Clay collection and the Laneige line for combination to oily skin. My cheeks are usually very dry and my t zone is oily so I'm not sure what products would be best. Any suggestions?
Hello! Please help!  I'm 24 and have normal skin, I think it is a little dry, but I've been told its normal by my dermatologist. I have some flakiness around my hair line, on my earlobes, and on my cheeks. I have little to no acne, (some mild acne scars from my teenage years, but nothing serious). I have bought and tried "skin care routines" before and I think they made my skin worse. They made them more dry, and more irritated. Im looking for very healthy, hydrated, and easy to work with skin. Right now makeup looks god awful on my skin, exposes and enhances my dryness and you can see more clearly the cracks in my skins, especially on the bridge of my nose, my cheeks, and in between my eyebrows. I don't have a set "skin care routine" because of lack of knowledge, there is so much out there that Im just not sure what will ACTUALLY help, without wasting all my money.  I use a mild cleanser (Cetaphil)  in the morning to wash my face after I work out, and if I put on makeup that day, I use Purity to wash at night. The only "moisturizer" I use that seems to help aid my makeup wear for the next day is a simple bath and body works lotion. *cringe* I know... I have yet to try a moisturizer that I can use at night and in the morning that will actually hydrate my skin and prep it for the day, with or without makeup.  I have no idea how to really treat and care for my skin, Im not sure the order of things, or what products I'm supposed to use to help my skin look its best, with or without makeup. Please help me better understand what I need to do to help my skin stay hydrated and look its best! Thank you !
hi       i tried to start a complete skin are routine . i bought revitalift loreal face wash, day and night creams . i started having breakours had pain for them .i had these pim ples on cheeks, sometimes around lips , on forehead, chin even under nek area . i am in doubt about my skin type now. these products are for all skin types that i was using . now i have stopped using anything . i need a guidence so i can restart my skin routine.  
I have tried so many. I'm struggling to find a moisturizer I love and that does not cause breakouts. I break out mainly on my cheeks, chin, and jaw/jawline. 1. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel: This doesn't feel like enough hydration. I love the texture, I love the feel. This used to be my HG moisturizer but as I've gotten older it's just not enough. 2. Clinique Moisture Surge: Feels too silicone-y/plastic-y. May have caused breakouts. Belif Aqua Bomb: This is not oil-free and I think was causing me breakouts. 3. Boscia Black Hydration Gel: It was okay...but a skin rep at Sephora told me that using charcoal daily is not good for my skin because it pulls out impurities??? 4. Boscia Sake Balm: Soooo sticky. Weird/goopy texture. Returned. 5. Sunday Riley Tidal cream: Latest one I purchased. Has a lot of fragrance in it and I am afraid that is causing me breakouts/small bumps. It's $65 dollars and honestly has not wowed me in the last few days I have been using.
I recently purchased it because it said it was good for brightening benefits. My concern is that I may be too young to be using it because of the anti-aging benefits. Is that true? And at what age should I start using products for anti-aging benefits?
Hi everyone- so I need some desperate help and advice...I have combination skin that I have been trying to tackle with blemishes that I can't seem to avoid.  Using cleansers with salicylic acid dries me out. But I have been using the clinique acne gel spot treatment for flare ups. I have tried the Ren clarimatte cleanser and the Ren clay cleanser and was that happy with the results.  I tried the Boscia warming cleanser and that did not seem to give me the results I wanted either.  I am now on to the GLAMGLOW supercleanser and I have only been using it for just about a month and I don't seem sold on it either.  I don't know if I am over doing it for my skin or not. Should I try to FAB red clay cleanser or a Murad one? Should be trying something more gentle and no so focused on acne/blemishes?  Also what kind of moisturizer would benefit me the most as well? I have been using the Ren clarimatte gel moisturizer and I do like that but is there something else that would help me...Please help!
 hi iam acne prone and i am looking for a moisturizer that will help me with redness and oiliness and not break me ou
How to get rid of them and smooth out my skin!? Spoiler (Highlight to read)      
Hi, I am desperately searching for a good moisturizer but I'm struggling with finding one. Something you should is that I have combo skin and I am bellow the age of 18, any recommendations? Thanks!
Am looking for a moisturizer that fits my needs and preferences, but don't know where to start...   I have combo skin - some normal, oily and dry patches.  I really like gel textures - my current moisturizer is gel. I would be willing to try a gel-cream one though.  Preferably under 75$ as I am a college student, lol.   Thanks! 
any tips for finding the right shade for my foundation? Thanks    --Also any good brands for dry skin?/ 
I am looking for a new moisturizer for my skin (mainly at night but sometimes day as well) Currently I am on a new routine from my derm to hopefully get my skin in check..... Clyndamycin lotion in the morning, adapalene gel at night, and spriolactane(?) every day   I use fresh soy cleanser in the morning, and as a double cleanse if i wear makeup after using nude omega jelly or algenist genius oil cleanser   Other than that- I have stopped using all other skin care products in hope that this routine will work! Let me know if you have any suggestions I can add to maintain moisture yet keep oil from the clyndamycin at bay- and generally keep my skin clear, smooth, and happy!
HELP! I'm struggling to find a product that can help my combination skin, i get some really dry parts and some really oily resulting in blackheads!    Any suggestions of helpful products?!    Thanks. x
i'm almost 45, looking for a retinol product to add to my evening regimen.  I have normal/combination skin.  I use Clinique and PTR right now.  I have minor breakouts every now and then, when I'm stressed or overtired mostly. I've done some research but can't make sense of what I should be using.
Hello, I need a good night cream and an eye cream to help dimish my crows feet.  The night cream just something to help keep me hydrated at night...I am in my early 40's.   Thank You!!
Hi ! I'm 24 years old, have oily t-zone/combo/acne prone skin. I have my breakout under control, just the regular one during that time of the month. I normally use the Neutrogena morning burst face wash but it contains salicylic acid, which makes my skin dry and my face overworks, making it oilier in like 3 days. I want to change my cleanser, add a charcoal mask and use a moisturizer (which I've never used because I've always thought it would create more oil on my face). I use Clinique's dramatically different moisturizing gel for combination to oily skin before I apply make-up (this gel was recommended by a Sephora employee). I was thinking Origins checks and balances frothy face wash, FAB face cleanser or   Glamglow Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser. Another person suggested Philosophy's Purity made simple but I've never used any of their products. For charcoal mask, the white one from glamglow or the Origins one (or the set Mini Mask Marvels?). And for moisturizer, I only have in mind FAB's ultra repair cream intense hydration. I would like something sensitive, that's not too harsh on my face and doesn't make it oilier than it is. Plus, I live on the Caribbean, so if there's a moisturizer with SPF, better. I don't need something super hydrating, I would prefer something light.    Please help ! If you have other recommendations besides these 3 lines, let me know all about it     P.S. just found the Boscia Charcoal pore pudding intensive wash-off treatment. What do you think comparing it to Glamglow and origins?   Thanks in advance! 
Anyone have any recommendations for a daytime & nighttime LIGHTWEIGHT conditioner? You're more than welcome to throw in some recommendations to foundations if you'd like as well My skin type is slightly oily/combo but it's always all over the place so I'm up for suggestions!   Thanks in advance!  xoxo
Hey there, so recently I've been in sort of a rut.  I'm 16, I've never had any sort of acne and my face as always been smooth and clear. I do have rosacea, but its never been a problem, until now.  In the past few weeks I've noticed a few pimples on my chin, no biggie. Then the next week, along with those pimples, there are soon many more! one under my nose, chin, forehead, everywhere. Im so confused! So, I switched facial cleansers and only started using moisterizer in the morning. I also put all sorts of pimple popping creams like epiduo, burts bees blemish stick, and none other than toothpaste. I put on epiduo one day while i was in the sun and came back with darker dry patches, the acne is gone but they hurt so badly! my skin has never looked worse. and the nose pimples hurt so badly and my whole face is red and patchy! its awful and i don't know what to do. Im willing to spend any $$$$. I just want my normal skin back! plus these are huge red pimples, i don't know how to get rid of them! also, my nose is always shiny, but I'm starting to think that my face is so dry that its producing more oil than it normally should. I started using my old products again, starting with the red clay face wash by first aid beauty, and then the ultra repair cream. my skin is not getting better and the ultra repair cream feels like its just sitting on my skin and not doing anything. please, HELP!     Products I've been using before it happened: SKIN RESCUE DEEP CLEANSER WITH RED CLAY- FIRST AID BEAUTY BELIF- THE TRUE CREAM MOISTURIZING BOMB   after it happened: AINT MISBEHAVIN- MEDICATED AHA/BHA ACNE CLEANSER  AINT MISBEHAVIN- SKIN CLARIFYING & MATTIFYING SUNSCREEN   now: SKIN RESCUE DEEP CLEANSER WITH RED CLAY- FIRST AID BEAUTY FIRST AID BEAUTY- ULTRA REPAIR CREAM
I'm a dark skinned african american and i realized my face is in two colors. one part is darker than the other. what can i do to make them blend to one colo
Need a good cleanser and moisturizer. I have oily skin but dry flaky skin around my nose and eyes.
Looking for a nice cleanser that removes makeup. Pretty flaky in some places but oily at the same time!
plese suggest a face cleanser for combinational skin which is available in india
I am 24 and have combinational skin I am looking for a hydrating moisturiser with sunscreen for my skin please suggest me a moisturiser best one which i can easily find in india
Hi everyone! I'm on the hunt for a new foundation. I love my smash box foundation but i want to try something new because it's been sticking to my dry patches recently. I generally have combination skin, but I've noticed it's been really dry the last couple of months. I would love a foundation that is medium coverage and will not stick to my dry patches and make my skin look flaky, while also giving a luminous finish. I absolutely love the glow/Dewy skin look especially since my skin is so dull in the winter. Thanks for your help and suggestions!
I want a good facial mask...I prefer clay/mud masks...any good ones you might recommend/suggest for me?  I have combo, sensitive skin.
I am falling in love with FIRST AID BEAUTY...what are your favorite products from their line?  I HAVE sensitive combination skin type....Thanks!!
Ok, so technically i have combination skin, and i am having trouble finding a good cleanser that won't break me out. But, here is the catch, i cant use foaming cleansers as they really disturb my skin, and i really dont like the soy face wash by fresh. What are my options?