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I have combination skin and NUDE Purify works awesome as a moisturizer.  However, I really just can't afford it.  Any suggestions?   I have tried Seaberry Oil from Fresh, I think it is way too oily...    
Okay,   So I have combo oily/normal skin (oily only in t-zone) and it's some-what acne prone especially with hormones and stress. I also have those annoying little red bumps on my forehead that aren't really pimples but I'm not sure how to get rid of them (if someone can tell me how I'd be forever grateful.)   Any-way I've been looking for a day time moisturizer, and right now I'm finding that my moisturizer seems to sink in but a few hours later my face will be greasy in the t-zone and especially on my forehead. Is that because I need to find a good exfoliator or something else?   Which brings me to my second issue, I need a good exfoliator that is chemical instead of mechanical because I feel the mechanical does nothing for me.   Cleanser I use: Philosophy Purity Made Simple  And I also use Josie Maran Pure Argan oil   Moisturizers I've Tried: - Clinique Dramatically Different Gel moisturizer - Bosica Self-Defense Vital Antioxidant Moisture SPF 30 - Purity Made Simple gel moisturizer (drugstore)   I would prefer something non scented as well.   Exfoliators I've Tried: (most have been mechanical) - Mario Badescu Strayberry exfoliator  -Some drugstore St. Ives one   Again I am looking for chemical not mechanical.     On a side note, and recommendations for night-time moisturizers and eye creams would be appreciated.    Thank you so much in advance.
Can somebody weigh in regarding the differences between the three Clarins skin oils, other than what is available in the online description? I'm having a hard time choosing between the three. I have very sensitive skin, oily nose, dry cheeks, large pores here and there.
Hi,   I'm looking for a sunscreen that I can wear while running- lasting anywhere from an hour to three hours of wear with sweat. Any suggestions?   Thanks!
Hi. I have combination skin that gets oily on my forehead and nose by midday. I also break out at times. Which Smashbox primer would be better,  Smashbox pore minimizing primer or photo finish light? I have tried them both but am thinking the pore minimizer might be drying out my skin and I feel with the light one my makeup starts disappearing after awhile. Thanks.
I have combination skin with blackheads. I've been using the Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell cleansing gel with a Boscia Konjac sponge for several months now. However, I've been noticing that the skin on my cheeks and chin have been getting drier lately. My nose and forehead continue to be oily. The dryness is to the point where I have to put on a face lotion or cream as soon as possible where as before I could wait until I was ready to. I'm looking for recommendations for a new face cleanser. I also plan on getting a Clarisonic when the sale starts on Sunday. I'm hoping that will help with finally getting rid of the blackheads.  
I've been using Kate Sommerville for my eye cream for about a month now but I don't feel like it is working. What has worked for you to reduce fine lines? In addition I am seeking day/night moisturizers to address dark spots, and occasional black heads on the sides of my nose. Thanks.
Hi! I have combination oily skin and am 38. I would love to find a moisturizer with spf that I can wear during the day. I currently use Dior Hydra Life creme. With the 15% off it's okay if it's a high end brand.I want my skin to feel soft and look dewy. Thank you!
Has anyone tried either of these moisturizers and can compare them? Or has even tried one of them? I've been using the Amore Pacific one (I got a sample) for a few days and it seems okay but hasn't really been doing much for my skin. Also I broke out a lot the next few days. (Not sure if because of the moisturizer or because of my hormonal acne). Also the fragrance is SO strong, which isn't supposed to be good for skin. I haven't tried the Belif one though.   I want to get a sample of the Belif moisturizer but I was going to wait until the VIB sale to order. However you can't use a promo code and get a deluxe sample at the same time which sucks… and they don't sell it in store. So I'll either have to make another order or just buy the product.    I have combination-oily acne prone skin, fyi.
I've found my favorite moisturizer with SPF for winter, but now I'm looking into summer options. The ones I like only have SPF 15 and the ones with higher SPF don't really moisturize or have skin benefits (mostly just water + silicone + sunscreen). So, do you know of any good moisturizers that: - have SPF25 or more - is good for combination skin in the summer, as in light cream (or lighter) consistency but still hydrates   Right now I'm looking at AmorePacific Natural Protector SPF30 and PTR Max Defensse All Day Moisture Defense SPF30. Any thoughts on those two or recommendation for better/your favorite?   ps. Also would love recommendation for serum loaded with antioxidants.
I am looking for either the new bare minerals or the lancome Nude foundation in a slightly more peaxhy -pink shade...beige is too yellow and I don't want it too dark.
I am looking for a good cleanser- not too basic but something that will clean and clear everything out of my skin without drying it out- nit really concerned with actual breakouts but if it would help with overall texture of the skin that would be a plus....... Currently using a sample of ren cleansing balm- any opinions on this are also welcomed!
I am only 30 and i have not shown any first signs of aging (wrinkles, sagging, bigger pores etc). The cream actually helps to control facial oil production. It moisturizes but not overly. But is it ok to keep using it when i do not have any signs of aging yet? Thank you.
I am looking for any type of skin care advice and products for my normal/combo skin. It's more on normal side since I only have a slight shine on T-zone, no dryness on cheeks.    I heard Neutrogena one is good but don't know which one to choose cause I want to go for either daily moisturizer or for sensitive skin (with spf of course)   Any advice on toners, cleansers, moisturizers for my skin would be highly appreciated!   I am 19 y.o. so don't want anything harmful for my skin.
I am currently trying to figure out how i get that smooth hydrated skin ive been wanting forever!  I cant seem to figure out exactly what products to use or what issues my skin is having..... I seem to have combination skin but more on the dry side (for example i have been wearing makeup all day and only a little oil shows on an oil blotting sheet).... my dry areas consist of around my nose,chin, and cheeks- my skin is not smooth to the touch, yet it is not breakouts that are making it bumpy- when i apply makeup it looks dry, cakey, and not glowing..... and i can see tons of little white dots or plugs in my skin   my routine consists of.... clarisonic with cashmere brush head- maybe every other day peter thomas roth gentle complexion correction pads- 1 a week dr jart water sure gel moisturizer dr jart water fuse sleeping mask- 2 a week ole henriksen- walnut scrub- maybe 2 a week cleanser- currently a sample of ren cleansing balm but not sure if its right?? also have fresh soy cleanser..... topical retinoid cream from dermatologist- every other day at night '   any suggestions???
I have been wanting a toner that really works.i do have acne prone skin..and im fighting acne scars too so i cant decide between fresh toner or murad essential c toner..also if you guys have any suggestions on which one is your most tried and trusted toner...that would be awesome!!!
I saw in a product review that Sephora was going to stop carrying S&G products. Is this true?!? If so, where else can I get them in the US?
I have tried so many moisturizers in my life but I can just never find the perfect one. I am seriously willing to pay anything for a moisturizer that will ACTUALLY control/get rid of my oil and rebalance my skin while hydrating at the same time. As long as it's worth the money. I went to Kiehl's and they used their moisture level checker (or whatever) on me and I got a pretty bad score. Of course I don't know if it's reliable since it seems pretty gimmicky but my skin does seem pretty dehydrated.   Background on my skin:  -VERY oily in the t-zone, relatively normal around the cheeks -slight dryness/flakiness around the mouth area in the winter -very acne prone, blackheads on nose   Currently, I just use toner and moisturizer in the morning. I got three samples from Sephora (Ren's Clarimatte, Kate Sommerville's Oil Free Moisturizer, and Origins Zero Oil Moisturizer). I have been trialing the Ren moisturizer for a few days now and I've noticed that my nose and mouth have become horrendously flaky and dry. Not sure if it's due to the moisturizer since it's always been dry, but it's been more so lately. I will be trying the other 2 samples in the next few days though. At night, I use my Clarisonic, but my routine is the same (plus the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum, which seems to be working well).     So far from Sephora I've tried: Murad's Oil Controlling Mattifier (didn't really control oil well) Hope In A Jar (too dewy for daytime) FAB's Ultra Repair Cream (also too dewy for day time, didn't blow me away) Embryollise Lait-Creme (slightly hydrating, but too dewy for daytime) Clinique's Dramatically Different Gel (gave me hives ) Tarte Maracuja Oil (didn't really help my skin)   The ones that were too dewy didn't seem to make a huge difference either when used at night, and if it made a difference, it was too small to notice. Also, my skin doesn't seem to absorb any of the more rich moisturizers… it just sits on top of my skin.   I also currently have La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo+ at home, but I don't know if that's supposed to be used by itself or with another moisturizer.   ALSO open to face mask/exfoliator suggestions or whatever! Any help is seriously appreciated because at this point my skin seems like a lost cause      
Hi I was thinking of getting a night cream but then I realized that I have the GlamGlow set with the thirstymud. Can I use that as a night cream?
does Boscia cool blue hydration essences works???
I am interested in Bare Minerals, but ready or heard somewhere not to use powders if over 50? Any insight here?
Spoiler (Highlight to read) I have been using my Mia2 for a very long time. It's still working but seeing the new Smart Profile, I am curious to see if anyone who previously had a Mia2 converted to the SP.  I have been using my Mia2 for a very long time. It's still working but seeing the new Smart Profile, I am curious to see if anyone who previously had a Mia2 converted to the SP. 
What do you ladies think of Chanel's Le Lift cream? My friend, who has incredibly flawless skin, said she is using it. She is my age between 20-24 years old. I just envy her how perfectly clear and clean and uni-toned her skin is.    
I have heard great things about the GlamGlow cleansers and was wondering if they would work with a Clarisonic? I'm particularly interested in the black exfoliating cleanser. If they do not work, is there any cleanser you can recommend that works well with the clarisonic
Hi Ladies - I used to use Rx retin A, but it's now too expensive with my current insurance.   So last year I switched to trying all kinds of retinols, retinoids, and other retin-y skincare products OTC, mostly from Sephora.   I liked several, but of course nothing with results that approached my Rx (Retasphere not bad, Algenist I liked the combo of acid and retinol) -- but then again, none of the side effects either.  Even with the supposedly "strongest" of these ingredients, I got smoother, clearer skin with less lines and more even tone -- but very little in the way of side effects.  Maybe slight dryness but nothing like the flaking/peeling, dryness, etc. that I had sometimes experienced in the past with Rx.   This month I tried Poetry in Lotion at the suggestion of an SA when I said I wanted to step up to something stronger.  After using it a few nights in one week (two or three), I noticed some dryness and flaking (not extreme, not a huge deal).   Now, my question is - do we think that means it's stronger and it will work better?  Or just that I had a worse reaction to it, but it's unlikely that it's doing more "work"?   I like retin products because they help me with occasional breakouts (less), and they help keep my pores clear of blackheads and SF, and they help fade marks from previous breakouts.  Plus keeping those early signs of aging and small wrinkles (or in case of forehead, creases already!) at bay.   TL;DR: Does more dryness and flaking (totally tolerable, just a bit!) with Poetry in Lotion over previous retin overnight treatments mean I'm getting "better" results/stronger treatment and it's worth it!?
Hey ladies! I have a quick question, and I was hoping you all could help! I have combo skin with dry patches on my cheeks, and am acne prone on my chin. I use the  Dr Dennis Gross peel once or twice a week, , and follow it with fresh seaberry oil. My cheeks are still pretty dry the next day. Is it okay to follow the peel with a Sephora Honey or Pearl sheet mask? I just don't want to over-process my skin, but I do want to mousiest uprise more.    Thanks!
So I spoke to my sister this afternoon and she complained that she's breaking out really badly and can't figure out why, since she's washing her face and hasn't been wearing any makeup lately.  She DOES tend to sleep in her makeup, which she knows is a big no-no, but that's not where the problem is.  My sisters and I were blessed with clear skin (aside from the occasional zit), so the fact that she's breaking out horribly (other than being 30 and possibly being a hormonal shift) is not normal.   She said she's washing her face in the shower, which is fine, except for the fact that she has hard water.  The hard water doesn't help your skin.  Then she says her skin feels greasy all the time lately too.  She currently uses the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser and from what I experienced when I used it, I'm getting the feeling it's stripping her skin of moisture and  lipids....which is obviously going to make your skin overproduce oil to counteract the loss.   So, does anyone have a good suggestion for a cleanser she could use?  She can't use Josie Moran at all.  Clinique maybe, but this is difficult since she has such sensitive, dry skin like I do.  A lot of cleansers I would suggest for her won't work for skin like they have on mine.  I do plan on getting her a Mia for her birthday in April though, so if she wants to continue washing her face in the shower, that'll help.
I was looking for a new daily cleanser.I was using Murad Daily Cleansing Foam but wanted to try something new.Has anyone used the new Glamglow cleansers?I believe the black one just came out and couldn't decide between that one or the white one.I have combo skin, pores, blackheads, whiteheads on chin and those darn smile lines.Any help is appreciated.
Hi, I'm looking for a great cleansing oil that can remove all my makeups, including waterproof eye makeups. I've tried Tatcha Pure Step Camellia Cleansing Oil and absolutely love it! However, the problem for me is that I don't wear makeups everyday, I usually only wear makeups at weekends. Since Tacha would expire in 6 month after opening, I won't finish one in time and it would be a waste. Now I'm looking for a cleansing oil that is great at removing all makeups. If nothing as great as Tatcha, then at least something close to it Could you give me some suggestions? Thank you!   Did anyone tried both Tatcha and Shu Uemura? What do you think?
when I use Clarins hydraquench cream which is for normal to dry, I start to have acne all over my face.    and then I changed to Origins make a differnce plus rejuvenating treatment. It was light texture. the acne seems gone away. it was okay but start to very dried my skin.    So, I got a Ole Henriksen Sheer transformation recently. It still make my skin dry and very flaky.   Please recommend a good moisturizer for me thank you