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Does anybody have an eye cream/treatment serum they can recommend for the cross-hatching under the eye area? Cross-hatching looks like little "x's" and are very fine. I've started noticing these under the eye area lately. I was told in Sephora that Origins makes an eye cream that mentions cross-hatching in its beneficial uses. 
I recently moved to TN from MN, and the humidity is seriously clogging my pores and causing me to breakout on my chest and causing white and blackheads around my nose and chin. Is there any products or remedies I should try to clear this up?
A month ago I posted about how I'm searching for new skincare products since basically all of mine either had or were about to run out. The suggestions were SUPER helpful, and I've implemented some of them since then. I was able to pick up a small tube of my regular moisturizer (Clinique Dramatically Different Gel) so I could continue with that and just focus on finding a new cleanser. I'm still using the Korres Wild Rose at night. No toner since it's all gone. And I'm only using my Clarisonic twice a week now, and the Korres Pomegranate scrub once a week. (And I've been using these for a while now.)   As for cleanser, I've been using some different samples lately (deluxe, so I could use them for a longer period of time - Ren Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk, Origins Checks and Balances, and now Philosophy Purity Made Simple.) My skin doesn't feel "off" when cleaning - it feels fresh? It feels much better with moisturizer, but it isn't uncomfortable if I don't use any (and that only happens very rarely.)    I've been paying more attention to my skin lately and I'm wondering if maybe it ISN'T oily, after all?! I'm really only getting oily on my forehead & nose lately. And even then it isn't too bad. My cheeks don't really get oily. In the morning, it just seems to be my nose that is oily and I suspect that has something to do with using the Wild Rose cream at night. If I'm consistent with cleansing/moisturizing, my skin doesn't really get any dry patches, though. Although my chin can be a little iffy (that's where I tend to get blackheads/breakouts).    I started breaking out after using the Ren for a week, and that's continued with the Philosophy one too. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'd like to find something I can use consistently, but I've thought I had oily skin for so long and now that I'm not sure, it feels overwhelming and I'm unsure of what to look for!    ETA: My skin is also a bit uneven with freckles/discoloration. I like my freckles, and I know sunscreen is important with this. But I just want to keep my skin healthy. 
What is the best product to remove eye and face makeup at the time? I  recently bought Dior cleansing oil and it do not remove mascara and texture is too sticky for me. I want to find a better product to replace it. Thanks for your suggestions
Hello, I love the thristy mud as well as the super mud and have had GREAT results from both but worried that my skin is on the oily side and acne prone. Anyone with my skin type have feedback on this mask?
Right now I have quite a bit left in both jars I am using. If I were to purchase backups for 4x points, would they still be usable months from now if I keep them in the box and sealed? Has anyone done this before?
I'm trying to decide between the 3 types of cleansers from Boscia but have trouble doing so.  I've heard great things about the black detoxifying cleanser so I was about to order them but they have "less great ratings" than the clear complexion or the other white cleanser.    I have combination acne prone skin, a bit sensitive, some pores kind of skin, and I'm planning on using them with my clarisonic   
Whenever I put on foundation (any kind), YSL, Chanel, Tarte, NARS, Bobbi Brown, Urbay Decay, they all make the begging of my eyebrows look bumpy and maybe a little dry. You can't see it unless your up close. Of course I can see it with my magnifying mirror after I had applied my foundation. I have dry/combination skin, nothing out of ordinary. The skin around my cheeks and chin can get a tad "dry" not dry in a sense of flakiness or irritation, just a bit dehydrated (nothing a little moisturizer won't fix). My forehead, and nose can get oily as the day goes on. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. I use the NYX matt spray and that keep me less oily (really impressed with this stuff!). Any suggestions on what will make my foundation around my eyebrows look smooth? 
I was wondering how much time is needed in between applying lotion and sunscreen to make sure all of it is applied correctly.
I've recently been on a hunt for a clay mask to combat the pores, black heads, and deep cleansing and have fallen in love with the results Boscia's black mask gave   but I've found the peeling off process to be very irritating and reddening (?).. but otherwise its "just right"  does anyone have tips/tricks to use this in a less irritating but still get as much benefit? 
I've got really fair skin that has a LOT of redness.  What skincare brand/products would you suggest?  Thanks!!
I am in search of a skin care routine that will even out my skin tone (redness in my cheeks I have had all of my life as well as acne scars). I am interested in finding a routine that includes all of the works (cleanser, toner, serums, etc) for what might work for my combination skin. I am in my mid-20s and concerned about aging so I would like the moisturizer to include SPF for day wear.
I received a sample of Josie Maran Oil, I believe it was the newest one (The Citizen one?) and I think it felt too heavy and was hard to distribute. Is there a lighter facial oil that moisturizes but isn't heavy? My targets are dryness, skin complexion and eventual acne.
I have combination Dry/Oily Sensitive mature skin. Since menopause I'm having to change everything . It's been overwhelming.   There are areas on my face that I'll have to dab heavier moisturizer on some days. I just need something that I can put all over my face & add other creams/lotions on specific areas as needed.    
I totally missed out on the deal - I saw it on site before they e-mailed it but I stuttered buying it...   So question is, what's you're favorite sunscreen? It doesn't have to be in the kits... just in general
Hope to hear some recommendations of detox face masks low and high end. Looking for a line up for a blog post with a detox story. Thanks so much in advance!   I currently have Skin Authority and malin+goetz in rotation. Wondering what else is out there that gets good feedback.
Hi,   I'm looking for an oil free moisturizer and cleanser for sensitive/combo skin.   Preferably I'd like to find a cleanser that isn't overly drying or moisturizing.    I normally use Body Shops aloe gentle foaming cleanser and their vitamin e moisturizers. However, I've developed a form of dermatitis and my doctor said its due to the heavy moisturizer.   Help?
So this is my lovely boyfriend, and for the sake of our cosplays/costumes for a convention in August he has agreed to wear foundation.     His cheeks are normal, but in his t zone he gets really oily. Plus, his cheeks occasionally get and stay red out of no something that can cover that just in case would be nice. I have dry skin so I have noooo idea what brands to even start looking at when it comes to primer and foundation. So I've come to you ladies and gents! Plus, what are some good blotting papers? I've heard those are good for oily people, but again, opposite end of the spectrum so I have no real idea. 
i would like some recommendations for my oily skin     not so expensive please    doesn't irritate or dry skin (dry patches) cleanses + exfoliates  brightening + cleans pores     
Alright ladies (and gentlemen), what is your holy grail AM eye cream? I am looking for super moisturizing without burning. And, I'm looking for some dark circle diminishing if possible.
Hi   I am turning 30 soon,so looking for a serum to add in my routine that can help prevent aging.I tried OH truth serum but did not like much and I thought it gives me breakouts.I also tried FAB radiance serum as well and I liked it bu I am not sure how effective it was but atleast did not break out.My skin is normal with lil bit oliy T -zone and I get breakout very easliy as soon as I switch product   I have been using Korres milk protein foam cleanser (Can't find it anywhere ,so purity made simple for now) and Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet .    
Please let me know what products you (teenagers) use/used that cleared and kept/keep your skin clear! I don't have acne, but I usually have a few "pimples" or red bumps around/on my nose!! Thanks!!
I am looking for parabens, sulphates free serum for night routine for my dry-combination skin, i am 25 years old, suggestions please...   I am considering OLE HENRIKSEN Truth Serum® Vitamin C Collagen Booster,  any one here used it? is it good for my skin?  any other serum suggestions?
I know I am supposed to moisturize my neck, but I can't get myself to use my expensive face moisturizer on it. (it's a lot of surface area and I would go broke) It is not a problem area for me, so I have been using less expensive drugstore brand face moisturizer on my neck and chest.   I noticed that Sephora sells numerous neck creams but they seem to be more for firming, and are pretty pricey also.    This got me wondering... What do you use to moisturize your neck?
I've never used self tanner before and was hoping some of you would give me insight into your routine.  I was planning on showering and exfoliating. I wasn't sure if I should moisturize as the video I've watched says apply to "clean, dry skin".but I've heard some people say they moisturize their elbows, knees, feet and hands.  Should I do that?  Should I moisturize the rest of my body as well?  What about the type of moisturizer - thin, lotion type for quick absorption would seem best to me.  Then I was going to apply the self tanner, wait for it to dry and go to bed.   Finally, I want to protect my new tan so not sure if there is any specific sun protection I should use or would just regular sun block be OK or will it take my tan away?
Hi im 13 and i want to take care of my skin just so i don't break out soon or anything like that i don't have pimples or acne just a little bit oily in the nose are what is a good cleanser and moisturizer for my skin thats gentle 
     I've been trying to think of a gift that might not exist or is rare in Canada.. preferably an eye cream, night cream or something for woman in her early 50s.  She's just my former landlord and don't want to spend too much, but not something too cheap so I can show my appreciation  She has combination skin..
Hi! I'm 23 years old and I'm looking for a new skincare routine. I have combination skin (oily T-zone with a occasionnal pimples) and I don't think my skin is very sensitive. However, I've read that toner are better without alchool...  Which brand should I try? I've heard about CLINIQUE, Origins and Boscia. Does anyone knows which one is the best?
Hi   All of sudden I am starting getting bumps with white point in center and some becoming full acnes on my face .Attached is pic for reference.Any suggestion .
Hi, guys! So, I'm in need of a mask or cleanser that will help clear out blackheads or minimize them. I have them pretty bad on my nose and I get a few on my cheeks near my nose. My skin is normal, not oily, not dry. It's also not very sensitive.  I've only got one mask that actually pulls the blackheads out, and it's Glamglow. The only problem is if I use two times in a row, the mask doesn't work the third time and I have to try something else. After using other masks, it works again two times and then I have to switch again. One other mask that helps a little is the Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Cooling Masque. It helps but not that much. Other than that nothing else really has any effect on them, though. I've tried Exfolikate, but it dried out my skin and left the sides of my nose raw and my skin isn't even sensitive. It also had no effect on my blackheads. I've tried the Boscia Luminzing Black Mask and the Purifying Pore Strips and neither of those do anything but pull off dead skin.  Sorry that's so long Thank you so much in advance!