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I'm scared to try the false eyelashes, since they can make your lashes fragile, not to mention expensive. The serum to help in crease growth is known to change light colored eyes brown (I have blue/green eyes)Can anyone suggest what can I do to make eyelashes longer and natural looking?
Hey Beauties,   I just got the Bareminels Brightening Serum Foundation with SPF 20 and definitely NOT IN LOVE with it. It was recommended to me by a SA. I was looking for a product that I could wear daily with SPF. I'm just wondering, am I better off with a moisturizer? Or are there better foundations for combo skin that wouldn't look bad on me? My skin tone match is 3Y09.    Thank you!
I have an EXTREMELY oily forehead and t-zone area, but very dry cheeks (probably due to acne products). I feel like my current moisturizer doesnt help with the dryness of my cheeks at all, so when i wear makeup it looks flaky and gross. However, I also don't want a moisturizer that will address the flakiness but will leave my oily parts looking super shiny and oily throughout the day. Any suggestion for a moisturizer that helps with both of these problems?!
I received a Clarisonic PLUS as one of my Christmas gifts. I've read about the cleansers that came with it and they don't tend to get high ratings. I take 22 different meds/day and my skin is dry & a tad oily in the T zone. I'm 45 and I've bee using various top brands, but I ran out and thought I sh start anew, especially with the Clarisonic PLUS. On top of which, the PLUS can be used on your body, so can I just use my normal Bath & Body Works products?
I am a huge GlamGlow fan about to open my first Brightmud package after trying several samples and liking the results. I rotate my GlamGlow masks weekly and I was wondering if anyone had Brightmud usage tips to share.   I was wondering when you do a brightmud treatment, do you use eyecream after or just use the treatment alone? How often do you use it? I do get multiple uses from one single cell for both eyes, do any of you do the same?   Thank you.
Hello, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin since I have religiously stuck to my skincare regime for the past 5 days or so but does anyone else sometimes feel it hard to do so? I know many of you have families and such/work etc and are tired at the end of day or even get busy in the morning. For myself I've been experiencing a lot of pain due to my disability and and at the end of the day I just am about beat. lol But let me tell you my new years resolution has become stick to my skincare regime because I feel like I look amazing! My skin looks brighter/feels smoother/almost no breakouts. And yes I know some of you are like duh but who else feels the struggle with me?
There was a post long ago that had to do with beauty tricks and secrets that I can't find, and I had a great discovery today, so I thought I'd start a new one for 2015. I was changing my Clarisonic head today and noticed some residue stuck in the plastic and wire part under the head. It wouldn't come out with a brush because I couldn't get the brush to bend under there. I spied my Water Pik on the counter and thought "It gets out stuck food in tiny spaces between my teeth, let's give it a try". And wow, did that thing work!  My Clarisonic is squeeky clean with no effort! Have you used a household item for beauty needs that isn't readily obvious?
I have relatively normal-dry skin. I say dry because after washes my skin feels like chalk and during the day it doesn't every become 'shiny oily'. I am having this issue around my nose area and under my eyes, it looks malnourished, dry, speckled, dark, pink with visible pores, just all over looks horrible! I use vitamin C by bath and body works which is alright for the first couple of hours until the morning or next following wash. I only wash am/pm so to not overdraw. I also have some blemishes that have formed a scar and was wondering if there is aNYTHING i can do to diminish it at all, i popped that one until blood came through and it ending up scaring over the spot and now looks terrible, I have a feeling I can still save it though.    What I want to know is if I should start using some clay masks, or AHA creams, or deeper exfoliants to my skin. I am worried that I will only ruin the balance my skin has. I have never suffered from acne, but during school and stress I am not experiences the odd ball pimple or two. But when they come through, they're screaming "HELLO IM HERE, look at me!!" yeah...I am just tempted to squeeze out the stuff and then put on toothpaste.   Are there are promising home remedies you know of? Will applying a warm washcloth before scrubs be beneficial and then finishing with a cold press? I like natural remedies first before I begin a whole regime that I can't go without.  Also, would it be fine to sleep with Palmers cocoa butter? It seems to leave my skin super soft in the morning.
I'm looking for a new skin care routine. I'm 20 years old, and have combination skin. I typically have dry skin, but after time (with and without makeup) I become very oily. I am currently using all drugstore cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliates and masks. Any suggestions?
I am a 2Y04 skin color match. What shade would I be in the 8 hr matiffying compact foundation by Sephora?
I tried this gel once and it gave me horrible, itchy hives. However I really liked it as it made my face really smooth. That was over a year ago and I'm really tempted to try it again - is that a bad idea?   And how can I figure out what I'm allergic to in the ingredients? My friend also had the same reaction, so I was wondering if anyone allergic to this cream (or the lotion version) knows why.
 I am looking for second cleanser after clinique take day off balm or the one I can use in mornings.Looking for something gentle .I have oily/normal skin with pores around nose but break out very easily. Earlier I have been using Korres milk protein in morning it was Ok .Want to try something new 
I am pretty skincare stupid. Over the past year, I have been trying to step up my skincare game. I would say that I normally have normal skin with an oily t-zone. Recently, in the winter months, I have been fighting some dry sections, but my forehead is still oily.   Here is my current routine: AM - Cleanse, moisturize, eye cream PM - Cleanse, FAB Radiance Pads approx. 3x week, moisturize, eye cream   I have tried to skip the morning cleanse but I haven't had good results.   In the past 3-4 days, I have been a little sick and dried out, and have used either Glamglow Thirstymud Mask or PTR Cucumber Gel Mask before bed. I find that I get more zits when my skin is dry, I think certain areas end up overcompensating for the dryness.    The only time I've used a toner was in college when I was starting using Clinique and bought the whole 3-step system. I think I used the #2 toner for combo skin, but I'm not 100% sure. I found it too drying, and haven't used a toner since. Any suggestions for a new toner to add to my routine?   I barely know what serums are, but I am certainly open to suggestions there as well. I have no idea where to start.   My only concerns are fine lines on my forehead and between my eyes. I also have dark circles under my eyes and my eye cream is targeted to help with that.   My products: Cleanse - FAB Face Cleanser or Clinique Facial Soap (I'd like to try to move to a cleansing oil and plan to buy one during the skincare event) Moisturizer - Clinique Dramatically Different Gel or FAB Ultra Repair Cream (I've cut back on the FAB because I think it may have been causing some of my recent pimples) Eye Cream - Shiseido White Lucent Dark Circle Eye Cream
Hi ladies and gents,     I'm looking for a clay mask to love, and was wondering if anyone has any experience with either of these?   I've tried the Origins Charcoal mask and it wasn't to my taste, it left my skin feeling uncomfortably tight and dry, as well as sort of itchy.  So, with the skincare promo I thought it might be nice to try some new masks.   The thing that intrigues me most about the NUDE mask is the purported mousse texture, while the Dermadoctor one to be honest is only because it has the word amethyst in it (I know, I'm an easy mark!)   Anyhow, any anecdotal experience with either would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!     
Happy new year Beauties! So new year, new me and all that. Anyone can recommend a good mask for sensitive combination skin for pores? Thanks!
Hi Ladies! I need help in incorporating the masks in my daily routine. I have a combination of oily T-zone with dry skin in the other parts of my face. I have currently changed my routine from everything Vichy to now, FAB face cleanser, FAB facial radiance pads and FAB ultra repair cream because I have bad break out issues now. I have been using FAB for about a week now, it helped me a little bit I think but there's no significant changes as of the moment. I wanted to incorporate masks but I'm not sure how to change my skincare routine. My sister gave me the PTR Skinstant Magic Trio and I bought the Glamglow Gift Sexy. Since these are a lot of masks, how would I know if the masks work? And how long should I apply it? Thank you so much for your expertise.
Hi everyone,   I am 30 years old with combo skin (oily t zone and dry cheeks). I also have sensitive skin with mild rosacea. I am looking for a gentle cleanser but one that removes make up (not stubborn eyeliner necessarily but at least foundation). Boscia tsubaki cleansing oil gel was recommended to me by a SA at sephora. I love the feel of it but it leaves me with a face full of makeup (my makeup doesn't budge). I am now using it in the morning only but need a suggestion for the evenings. Can anyone help? 
I am 51.  Recently my eyes both bottom and especially the top are severely swollen.  On the top, they are so dry they are cracking (gross, sorry) along the edge.  What is the best product for this. I haven't changed anything with my moisturizers or makeup.
I am looking for a new skin care routine / products for 30's combo skin (leaning oily).   In the past ive used Mary Kay and Clinique products. I dont like Clinique's moisturizer at all.    I currently use the Boscia konjac sponge with my cleanser and like it alot, but I haven tried any of thier other products.  I am also intrigued by the Fresh line. .... Im just starting to learn more about skin care and my options, so any suggestions and advice are very welcome.   At minimum I want a cleanser, exfoliant, a toner, and a moisturizer.  Im an interested in possibly pursuing other products as well.   Also, is it best to stay within a singke product line or mix it up?
I am looking for recommendations for my friend who is getting married in May. She doesn't really have a skin care routine (just washes with a Clean and Clear foaming wash and goes to bed...), and she wants to amp it up to have glowy skin for her wedding. She has normal skin and doesn't really suffer from breakouts (lucky girl!).   I have my own AM/PM skin routine for my combo/oily/acne prone skin, but it would be too intense for her.   So I would love some suggestions for a cleanser, an exfoliator, and a moisturizer for normal skin and the routine for which to use them. Drugstore, high end, or a mix of the two would be fine. Her biggest issues are dullness and some blackheads on and around her nose.    Thanks in advance!
My skin is so wierd. I have dry flakey patches, but once i apply foundation, I get very oily. How can I solve this issue?
Hi Beauties,   I want to try some of the NARS skincare line but wanted to hear what people thought about it. I have combination skin with acne that will pop up if I use the wrong products. I take an oral medication for acne so I can only use products for very sensitive skin.   I've been eyeing the Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer: moisturizer-P377864?skuId=1478346   and the Multi-Action Hydrating Toner: r-P377869?skuId=1478296   If anyone has used these products, what do you think? How are they on dry skin, acne-prone skin? Thank you in advance!
Hello! My name is Emma and I am 19 about to turn 20 in February. I have normal skin and I am looking into a great skin care routine. I rarely ever break out and when I do it is only one pimple at a time. I do however have white heads. I normally just use drugstore products but now that I am almost 20 I want to treat my skin better and give it some love. I am looking for an every day cleanser, moisturizer, toner, and anything else anyone recommends. Thank you for your help!
I'm new to Sephora, and need a skin care routine.  I'm 20 and I just use drug store face washes for breakouts.  I have the combination skin type, I don't wear concealer/powder makeup and I don't want to start.  Just looking for a good product to keep my skin smooth, clear, and healthy. Help please!
I am just wondering about certain products. I have been using the three little wonders for the past 2 years, including the pure truth youth activating, but I still need a little more boost into my complection. I have been hearing crazy good reviews about Perricone md, the blue palsma, cold plasma, and the C ester serum. I bought them recently and now I am wondering If I can be able to use them in conjunction with the Ole Henricksen. If I cant use them both, which one has more benefits because I dont want to keep perricone if its not worth the money. ANy advice will be helpful.
hi I have never really used a primer but would like to try - mostly to hide pores. I use Laura M tinted moisturizer as foundation. I have tried Smashbox and it made my face all blotchy and oily. I tried MUFE #7 and I found it made my pores stand out. Any suggestions? My skin is dry but is oily by end of day - so I would say it is a combination. Thanks!  
*just the three toners I am debating between, the lancome, Clarins, and caudalie.   Please feel free to give me any advice! THanks
I am 24, with acne prone (still), combination skin. I also have red cheeks and nose (not rosacea) meaning anything with salicylic acid to treat the acne inflames my cheek. I've tried to find the best skin routine for years and I can't seem to really find anything I stick to or keep coming back to. Any mix of drugstore or sephora-level product recommendations would be appreciated!   My skin isn't necessarily oily anywhere, but due to breakouts I classify my skin as combination.
Hi! I have combination skin and I am looking for a good moisturizer with SPF. I would like the SPF to be at least 25, more would be better... I just don't know which one to try. I'd prefer one that isn't tinted or anything.   I currently use Hope in a Jar but I'm almost done with it, and want to replace it with something with SPF.   Or should I just use a 'regular' moisturizer over or under sunscreen?   Thanks!! 
Recommendations for combination skin night routine products? I'm 38. Considering sos serum, boscia makeup remover, glam glow cleanser, kate sommerville exfoliate. Need a good night moisturiser. Currently use dior hydrate on eyes.