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I am looking for a foundation that does not accentuate my 45 year old fine line and pores.
My t-zone is somewhat oily and I wear glasses.  I don't want a heavy foundation that cakes because of the oil and my glasses.
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If your skin is oily, are you addressing oil control via skin care products?    While primer and foundation formulas can make a difference on skin, skin care concerns ... see post
skin concerns
i have pretty normal skin not allergic to anything not oily not dry no acne and pretty much great skin . lately i feel like its been dull cause i dont drink so much water or take vitamins so i was wondering how great would the boscia tsubaki oil be ? i used a sample and liked it but want to know if its really effective in the long run and if there might be anything better?  
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Hi, Ana1995! The Tsubaki Oil from Boscia can be a wonderful addition to a skin care regimen that may be needing a hydration boost with a touch of brightening benefits; h... see post
Moisturing super dry skin
After i get out of the shower i have SUPER dry skin.  I use neutrogena face wash i the shower, which helps with acne/breakouts.  I haven't found a moisutrizer that works.  I put nothing on my face and two hours later my skin is super oily.  Not sure what i should be using for a moisturizer or facewash.  Before having kids about 2 years ago i use to use marykay and it seemed to help. 
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Looking at reviews of the yellow wash, the formula may have changed from what I remember (which was still a drying formula), but seems like everyone is experiencing seve... see post
Has anyone ever shopped at
Skinstore before? 
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Understandable, I'm picky where I order too. see post
Need opinion on mia or other device
Up until 3 months ago I had ideal skin. A zit once and a while but that was it. But then I broke out with dermatitis and its been a long recovery.    As it stands I have a fine forehead and cheeks, my chin area and AROUND my nose like the bottom where the nostrils are is very dry and keep breaking out and it feels like a vicious cycle.    Normally I have a somewhat oily forehead, and chin. Then a very oily nose. And the rest dry. So with that. I am wondering what do you think would be best for me?    Mia? Mia 2? Mia 3? The Olay brand of this kind of thing? Or one of the Clinique brands of this?   Any advice would be great. Thank you!
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You're welcome. This sounds both frustrating and painful. If you think your toothpaste caused this issue, it could be contact dermatitis. Nevertheless, if you are having... see post
Effective cleanser for sensitive skin?
Hello!  I'm looking for a gentle but effective cleanser for my sensitive skin, i'm currently using the Caudalie instant foaming cleanser.  I love the smell but it's not really doing its job; I feel super clean afterwards but I think I have more breakouts than ever and i've had two styes!  Granted, this is not necessarily from the cleanser but it is really the only thing that has changed in my routine.  I would really appreciate some suggestions as it's so hard to pick just one from the many options Sephora offers.  It is really important to me that the product isn't tested on animals.  It doesn't necessarily need to be all natural, just good for my skin!     For some reference, i've tried the Ole African Red Tea cleanser (broke me out), the Fresh soy cleanser (didn't feel clean/cleansing), and various cleansers targeting towards acne (not using them anymore as i've found them to be ineffective and full of harsh chemicals).    Thanks in advance!  
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I switched from SK-II oil to Clinique's Take it Off Balm and can second that it's absolutely fantastic for removing make-up without scrubbing, which I can't do with my s... see post
Skin Care Products for 30 Year Old
Hi, I'm looking for a line of products (day/night time moisturizer and eye cream) to target the problems that typically develop when someone hits 30 (dullness/uneven skin tone, fine line etc). I generally have normal skin with very few dark spots/marks.With respect to the eye cream- I do have very dark circles... Any recommendations would be grea
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Hello- I am also 30, and just bought the Drunk Elephant kit with 3 items in it during the Rouge sale. So far I have been using RetinA Micro (prescription) and a gentle c... see post
Evening out skin tone? Redness, etc
Hi, I'm trying to feel more confident without foundation.  I don't have acne or anything but my skin is very, very uneven.. especially compared to the skin on my neck/collarbone area.  I have redness around my nose and cheeks that bothers me and also some discolored spots.  I really want the skin on my face to be even or atleast look better than what it is! lol   Any product recommendations would be awesome! I've been skimming through the posts about this same topic but I'm looking for some more recent suggestions
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Oily skin and bumps caused from foundation. Help!!
I have an oily t-zone and therefore contouring my nose is difficult as product slides off (TMI). What is the best product to contour your nose if you have an oily t-zone?   My second question: I have some small bumps from a reaction to my foundation. These bumps don't seem to go away at all despite cleansing. It's not acne, just skin-colored bumps (not milia either). Just seems to be a reaction to my foundation but the reaction hasn't cleared up as it should- just a few bumps not in a cluster either or in abundance anywhere on the face. The bumps are just here and there. What product or cleanser would I use to get rid of these bumps? Would I need to exfoliate more or stay away from exfoliating etc? Any suggestions?
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Thank you Lisa4040! That makes sense! I probably need to set my face lightly as well, as you do. NYX does make amazing products drugstore or not! Thanks for your suggest... see post
Which one is better? MUFE Matt Velvet+ or Too Faced Born This Way?
Hi guys!   I have combination skin. My T zone gets really oily easily even though I use mattifying primers, and my cheeks tend to get dry. I am interested in buying a foundation that will suit my needs but I am not sure which one's the best for me.   Also, I heard other people saying that I might be oily but have dehydrated skin, how can I solve my problem??   Thanks in advance!    
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Oh, that is a bummer! My skincare routine is pretty low maintenance, actually. I use drugstore products to cleanse and moisturize, and then the Fresh Rose Mask. The drug... see post
Easy, simple face wash?
Hey everyone! So I'm looking for a facial cleanser, that not only removes makeup, but is made with good ingredients, BUT, it has to be from the drugstore... I don't have the extra money right now for a higher end face wash, (hoping to get Purity made simple from Philosophy when I have more cash!) But I need something now to hold me off until then.. I have tried Neutrogena deep cleansing face wash( cant remember the whole name...) I like it a lot, I've used it for years, along with switching between that and Purity, from Philosophy,  but the Neutrogena one stings my eyes if I try to clean off my makeup while washing my face... I hope someone has a good recommendation! Thanks!! PS. (If it helps any, I have combo skin )
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Oh wow that's cool! I didn't know that... thanks:) see post
Products for textured skin
Hi everyone!I need some product recommendations for uneven, textured skin. My skin is completely clear, but it has bumpiness and a rough looking texture on cheeks and forehead. It's not like little pimples or distinct bumps-more of an overall roughness and bumpy texture. I am looking to try a new skincare product, preferably some sort of oil or moisturizer rather an a whole system because it is likely I won't stick to it then. My skin type is dry except for my nose, which is always shiny.  Thank you!
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hey cupcake. i agree with GC below, introducing an acid as your method of exfoliation should help with texture. i like starting people on the FIRST AID BEAUTY facial rad... see post
Cleanser suggestions, please!
Hi BTgals,   My skin's been misbehaving for the past couple of weeks now and I am desperately trying to find out why. Here's what happened: I used to have quite dry, dehydrated skin but I got into a proper skincare regime about 6 mnths back and that helped a lot with the dryness. My skin is now more on the normal side, but I still take care of the dehydration.   Breakouts were never a problem for me but of late, I have been having a few of these medium-sized pimples on my face that have whiteheads but just sit there for weeks. I have a problem of hyperpigmentation, so they invariably leave a scar.    I'm desperately trying to narrow down the causes (I know that they might be internal too) by first looking at my skincare products. A couple of things I've discovered are: - My skin breaks out more when I use my fave hydrating mask - the Origins Drink Up Intensive. This used to be a fave of my dry skin but right now, looks like my skin is producing enough oil on it's own so I should leave this one out.   -  My cleanser isn't working properly, which is why I am posting here.  I use the Clinique Take the Day Off Balm with a washcloth. However, I've noticed that if I use a cotton ball with a toner (non-alcohol)  across my face after I cleanse, some grime/dirt still appears. And I only single cleanse, so this dirt may be clogging up my pores.   I do not want to use a harsh, stripping cleanser, of course, but if any of you have any suggestions for a good cleanser normal, dehydrated skin, then pl let me know! I really need one! Also, if any of you have experienced anything that I am going through now, do share. Sorry for the ramble!
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Thank you tziptora. It is really  frustrating to deal with breakouts, for anyone, really, and I appreciate you sharing your story. I do believe some of it has to do with... see post
Luna Mini??
Hey Ladies!!   Im looking at getting the FOREO Deep Cleansing Essentials with Magenta LUNA™ Mini.  However I'd love to know who here uses one and well your thoughts on it     Thanks guys!   
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I switched to the Foreo Luna mini a few months ago after using the Clarisonic for 3 years and it died on me. My skin was over-cleansed while I was using the Clarisonic ... see post
Camouflage - eczema and spots
I have bad eczema around my my eyes and above my upper lip - my skin is dry in general but I still get lots of spots. Have you any ideas as to how I can cover my eczema with makeup without making it look worse? Also what do you think I should use on my face that help the spots without drying my skin further / on my eczema that won't encourage spots? Thanks
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Hi Bert84,   You may want to try addressing the eczema through skincare or prescription medications. Your doctor will be able to provide treatments that will help wi... see post
Hey guys! My skin is acting up again and therefore I need some help/advice with of the skincare products and what I should do to improve my skin.    Skin condition current: Dry combination. Very dry, flaky chin but super oily in the T-zone and on the nose-cheek areas. Sensitive. Acne-prone. Hyper-pigmented. Irritated easily    Skincare routine:  Face wash: La Roche Posay Effaclar for Ance prone skin (used it in the summer, loved it! Improved my skin a lot) Toner: Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Turbo Line Smoothing Toning Lotion Moisturiser: La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Hydrating (new, doesnt do much so maybe that's why my skin is acting up)    My skin is getting more pimples and underskin acne (kinda like sebaceous filaments) recently and I don't know why. Maybe it's because of the new skin products.    Please help! I do appreciate any advices. Thanks!! 
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I have sensitive dry/combo skin as well (and rosacea!). For over a year I had issues with constant cystic acne in my t-zone and dry patches on my cheeks! After much tria... see post
Tiny bumps under the eye and on the nose
I don't know what to call these - they seem like raised bumps on my skin, and look really prominent if I have a base (foundation, BB cream) on. They never develop into full blown acne/pimples - I have them under my eyes (closer to the cheeks/nose) and all along the bridge of my nose. My skin type is normal - dry, and feels like normal at the moment. I'd love to hear of any ideas that you may have about these annoying bumps that never go away! 
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Hi Flyte, I think you got it right, identifying the issue (milia in this case) really helped me figure out ways of dealing with it - thank you :) see post
The Basics
Hi Everyone! I currently use NUDE Fizzy Wash every other day and couldn't be happier with the results so far! I also use a Neutrogena wash as an everyday cleanser but am skeptical of its effectiveness. I have combination type skin, sometimes overly oily, other times I have dry spots. I often breakout on my chin and cheeks and am also concerned about clogged pores.. In addition to my semi-regular NUDE wash, I am looking for a nightly wash or cleanser and a mask to use occasionally. Thanks for any advice!!
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Hi leximann,   For clogged pores, I highly recommend the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores and for acne I recommend the Peter Thomas Roth... see post
Sephora no longer selling the Dr. Brandt's Crease Release?
I had been waiting until I had a 3x points code and now I can't find it on the it coming back?
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Advice: Flaky skin around tip of nose/ upper lip area?
What's a good way to get rid of flakiness in these areas? I've been lacking on my Clinique 3 Step routine recently, but any time I use liquid foundation those areas are usually flaky and there's quite a bit of dead skin. Should I just exfoliate more? Sheet mask? Any advice? I'm a combo skin, my T-Zone is oily in the forehead area, and sometimes a little flaky as well.
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I've actually been told the DD lotion is meant as a base for moisturizer.   The toner I rarely used, always irriated. see post
A Couple of Skincare Questions - Eye Cream & Acne Cleanser...
I have a couple of skincare related questions.   First, can eye cream be applied over the whole eye area, including the eyelid/crease/brow bone area, or just the under the eye area?   Also, I don't have acne prone skin, and I never really get more than two pimples whenever I do happen to have a breakout, but I do have a fair amount of subclinical acne on my forehead, and I was wondering if using a cleanser that is designed for acne prone skin (like the Murad Clarifying Cleanser) could clear up what I do have on my skin and also be good for preventing any future breakouts?   Thanks so much for any and all responses! :-D
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This may or may not be relevant to you, but when I used Thirstymud as my evening moisturizer every night (winter holidays in a much dryer climate than normal for me), I ... see post
So tired of my skin!
OMG!! I have had it with my skin!! I have Combination skin, and about two months ago I switch skin care from Rodan & Fields to Ole Henriksen and Origins skin care line. Reason for switching was because it was to harsh on my skin and it was always over compensating and my skin was crazy greasy and my pores just enlarged (so gross). well now All my 30 year old acne is back. I am at a loss, what am I missing?
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I have strong opinions on skin care....let's start there. But if I were in your shoes..I'd stop most things, start drinking vegetable juice and a lot of water and clean... see post
eye cream
Hi ive just turned 30 and im after eyecream advice, i have used a range from creme de le mer to clinique. Im only noticing lines when i smile so after something mainly hydrating??
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BEAUTY WHIZ daisygrace88 / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
If you are looking for a hydrating eye cream, Eyevage is a solution for you. Eyevage is an eye cream developed by leading dermatologists for reducing under eye bags and ... see post
I need advice on under eye cream.
I've tried all kinds. I don't have dark circles (most of the time) but I do have bags under my eyes. I've found that under eye cream seems to work better than a concealer (probably because I don't have circles as I mentioned before). I am 30 years old and have slight wrinkles so I want something that won't settle into my wrinkles. I'd also like something that will actually last longer than a couple of hours or something I can reapply over makeup. Any advice? TIA
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BEAUTY WHIZ daisygrace88 / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
You need to use Eyevage cream for your problem. It is an eye cream which not only reduces the dark circle but also helps with the under eye bags. It also reduces wrinkle... see post
Skincare routines, what do you actually need?
I'm new to these boards, so I'm sorry if this has already been covered!    I'm a bit overwhelmed trying to pick a morning/nightly skincare routine. There are so many different products you can use, but what do you think is actually necessary?  I've also noticed that a lot of you ladies will only use some products every few nights, why is that?  And how do you determine which products are not for daily use?    I have normal to dry skin, and I break out on my chin when I don't wash my brushes every week.  I'm 27 so I've started to worry more about anti aging products.  Right now, I wash my face at night only, I have a serum I use in the morning as well as night (is this necessary?), and I use a day cream or night cream.  Am I missing anything?
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Thanks, Darkiceis! You know it's my pleasure to always share what I know! Never know who it may benefit! see post
Skin Help !
Hi Everyone!   So, I have a wedding to attend this weekend. I recently went tanning a few times to get some color before. (I know it's not good) and it has caused my oil/combo skin to be a bit more dry in some places.   Well here is why I need your help! I have been looking so dry on my cheeks and chin under my makeup. While my T-Zone is still on the oily side! What will help me ASAP.   I started using, The Regimen Kit Combination/Oily, by Mario Badescu last night. I used a night cream moisturizer last night by this brand also called Seaweed Night Cream  to help get moisture into my skin, it felt somewhat better.   BUT when I put on my marc jacobs foundation and make up for ever smoothing primer this morning I felt like you could still see the dryness on my cheek and unevenness.   & I am still unsure of a primer. I haven't found my HG! I have acne marks in my skin and indents on my cheeks/forehead that causes it not too look very smooth.    I hope I can find some products that I will fall in love with! I need to look amazing for the wedding!   Thank you in advance!
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Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist
has anyone with combination skin tried the Tatcha mist? I get oily around my nose but and normal/occasionally dry on the cheeks. The packaging is gorgeous and I'm a sucker for pretty purples. Just wanted to see what a non dry skinned person thought. 
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Thanks! If I do get it maybe I'll keep it for a refresher on no makeup days.  see post
Need Moisture Recommendations!
Hi Ladies!   So, I am testing Boscia Clear Complexion Moisturizer right now. But, I am looking for recommendations from you all from experience!   I have combination skin. Pretty oily around my nose, forehead and chin. Recently, I have been kind of dry on my cheeks. Looking for something to balance it out.    I am using Marc Jacobs foundation and don't have a set primer right now. (Trying out some different ones). I also have been using the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel Moisturizer, but was told to just use it on my oily spots, because my cheeks are dry right now and it was looking dry under my foundation.   I know this is a lot of information, but I need help choosing a moisture for day/night to keep my skin hydrated so it doesn't get dry and flaky and doesn't cause it to create more oil. And doesn't look oily under makeup!   Thank you!
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BEAUTY WHIZ daisygrace88 / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
Dermaxsol is a moisturizer with SPF 30. It is suitable for all types of skin. It will keep your skin hydrated, won't let your skin dry and is quickly absorbed in the ski... see post
Skincare in Late 20s for a Normal Skin Newbie
Thanks to some new revelations about my health and some new medications, my oily, acne-prone skin is normal and mostly blemish free for the first time in my life at almost 27! I'm feeling awesome but also kind of lost. My skincare routine no longer revolves around my acne and I'm not really sure how to address some new problems. My skin seems a lot thirstier and less elastic than it used to be, I'm assuming because it is no longer covered in an oil slick. Even though I've always had fine lines around my eyes thanks to genetically crinkley eyes, I'm starting to notice more lines with staying power around my mouth and on my forehead. I'd love to add in or swap out some products for this new skin to keep it healthy, bright, and to keep the aging process at a appropriately, slightly slower pace. I was thinking of maybe adding a serum or swapping out a cleanser or moisturizer? But I'm open to suggestions!   Routine as follows! Any help or advice would be much appreciated!   Evening: - First Aid Beauty Cleanser or Boscia Detoxifying Cleanser - 3x a week Clarisonic - trentinoin cream most nights on my acne prone areas (forehead and chin) unless I am dry/irritated - Amore Pacific Sleeping Mask (which I love)  or Shiseido Refining Moisturizer Enriched (sometimes feels a little heavy/greasy for summer) - Clinique All About Eyes   At least once a week a clay mask or more recently various Tony Moly sheet masks.   Morning: - Rinse lightly with water - Various SPF - I bought the sunscreen kit this year and still am working through some samples - Sometimes also Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel because it doesn't do much anymore and I am trying to finish up my bottle. - Clinique primer and light makeup    
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Thanks! I'll definitely check out some of those products! :) see post
Best Primer for Smashbox Studio Skin Foudation
Pantone Color IQ: 3Y04 / 2Y03 (I've been matched to both at on point or another) Skin Type: Combination Personality Type: A (Extremely picky) I, like many, am on what seems like a never ending quest to find my perfect, holy grail, end-all-be-all, go-to foundation...and I think I've gotten pretty close. I went to Sephora for the umpteenth time looking for the right "face makeup" after having been given samples of Tarte BB Primer, NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, and Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation. I was given those three samples after describing what I wanted: a medium/buildable coverage base that felt light on my skin like a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. I also told them that I loved the Buxom Show Some Skin Foundation (I had gotten a sample with an order a while back) but the color IQ-er said that even the lightest shade was too yellow. SO I was given those three samples and sent on my merry way. After trying out those three, I wasn't totally in love with any of them... I LOVED the way the NARS Tinted Moisturizer went on immediately, but it was oily/shiney/almost gone by lunch time.  I tried adding a couple different primers under it and that helped marginally, but I couldn't get it to really last all day which I need because I work retail. Some days I don't get a break and when I do, it's certainly not to re-apply makeup. This was a bummer because I really did love the look shortly after applying. I hated everything about Tarte. The only thing they got right about recommending this one was that it felt light on my felt like nothing was on my skin but it also looked like nothing was on my skin. If I wanted that look, I wouldn't wear makeup. Marc Jacobs Genius Gel was alright, but it oxidized really badly on me and after a while looked quite patchy (I also tried Marc Jacobs Marvelous Mousse and it was a tragedy...My skin definitely produces oil o my t-zone but it's combination and the dry parts of my skin hatedddd the mousse. They looked drier and cakier and this was almost impossible to blend.) I've also tried Laura Mercier's Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer (both with a primer and without...also added her setting powder) AND Trish McEvoy's Tinted Moisturizer...both were the same story as NARS' the look, it just didn't last. much as I wanted to love tinted moisturizers for the natural, glowing, my-skin-but-way-better look they provided, they were always gone by lunch time mostly because my t-zone is so oily. Enter SMASHBOX STUDIO SKIN! I tried this one at the urging of a Sephora salesperson...I insisted that I would look cakey, fake, flat, didn't want a foundation really wanted to try to stick to BB or tinted moisturizers...but she assured me I would love it. I tried it the next day with my usual Smaxhbox Light Primer & a MUFE full cover foundation brush. As I suspected, I didn't love it. It was too much coverage, I looked chalky almost. Especially around my nose. My nostrils looked like they had tiny cheetah prints of foundation...Surely this was not the "hydrating" foundation my Sephora saleswoman raved about. I googled it and saw that people were saying how much better the Studio Skin foundation was when applied with a beauty blender. I've never owned or used one of those but thought why not? I'll try it. So, I bought one and WOW what a difference!!! The Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation looked exactly like I wanted it to. Amazing. My-skin-but-better. I don't know if that means that the beauty blender is amazing or the foundation is amazing or any rate, I liked the foundation SO much better applied with a beauty blender. (I'm almost done rambling, I swear, and will get to the "question" part of this post) My one and only complaint about the Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation is that once it sets, it does look sliiiiightly flat...a little one-dimensional and does still "cake up" a little around my nose/nostrils. Am I using the wrong primer? Like I said, I've been using Smashbox Light (the white formula) because of the oil control it provides but I wonder if its drying me out TOO much? And maybe that's why it clings/gathers/goops up around my nose and why the other parts of my face look a little dull? Bottom line--my question is this: how can I simultaneously brighten/illuminate my complexion AND control the oil that my nose produces? Could I possibly use an oil controlling primer and mix a little illuminizer in with the foundation? OR should I get a luminizing primer and trust that the foundation would do enough oil control on its own? OR is it possible I'm using the wrong foundation all together and should look for a foundation that will provide radiance/luminosity and pair it with an oil controlling primer? Okay....I've almost confused myself with this post...I guess
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The Smashbox Studio Skin foundation dries to a soft-matte finish, so when you said it dries flat, that's because it's definitely not going to give a dewiness or satin fi... see post