Korres Sleeping Facial Suggestions

I want to order one of the Korres Sleeping Facials but I'm not sure which one to get.  I have combination acne-prone skin (oily/normal during warmer months and normal/dry in cooler months.)  

Since I have acne scarring on my chin and jaw line I was leaning towards the Wild Rose Vitamin C.  But since my skin is also on the dry side this time of year I thought the Yoghurt one might be better.  Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Korres Sleeping Facial Suggestions

I'm on the dry side of combo and when I use retinol it likes to get even dryer. I haven't had issues with with Wild Rose. In fact I find it to be really moisturizing. There are nights I think I need it, but I wake up feeling a bit greasy. Not a huge deal, because it goes away as soon as I wash it. 

Re: Korres Sleeping Facial Suggestions

Hi kalex!


The great thing about the yoghurt sleeping facial is that it is safe for all skin types including oily or acne prone- its super hydrating but wont' feel extremely greasy. 


I've tried both and currently use the Wild Rose Vitamin C sleeping facial- my skin is similar to yours as well, oily-normal but I can have dry cheeks especially during the winter. I've used it every night for a week and my skin feels softer and amazingly enough, no breakouts! My pores will get clogged with nearly anything so I've had a great reaction to this and will continue using it to help fade some discoloration I have on my jawline as well.


Try out both at a store if you can, a little sample will help you figure which texture you like better. Smiley Happy





Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Korres Sleeping Facial Suggestions

I have not tried the new Greek Yogurt facial, but I have used the Wild Rose one since it came out, and I love it! I have combination skin prone to breakouts, and I find that it works really well. My whole skincare is Korres. I use the Wild Rose moisturizer as well in the day time, and I have noticed that together they have really helped acne scars on my chin. The facial definitely hydrates, but never leaves me greasy. I wake up with super soft skin.


I am going to try the Yogurt one next because I also get dry skin in the winter. Korres skincare is amazing! I am sure both are equally as great!

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